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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 9/24/23

September 25, 2023 | 37 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, I’m not sure how relevant the game talk is at the moment but I’ll go over it anyway. (I also know it’s not morning anymore but real life got in the way todqy) It will be over a week and a half before a new person leaves the house. (someone other than Cam or Jared) How many times can people changes their minds during that time? Probably alot. The plans being made may stick, but there’s also a chance they won’t.

Last night was a good episode (part of it) and we got to see some of the content we’d missed after the double. We heard about everyone arguing but last night, we finally got to see it. Do I think it was exciting enough to give up a double eviction and a week of activity in the house? No, I don’t. It was entertaining, just not a good trade off. I also found watching 2 people repeat the same comp 3 times boring.

As for the twist, I hate to break it to our conspiracy theorists about production meddling, since it was Jared who was evicted. The lack of a Wednesday episode this week has been scheduled this way all season. That means, they were always gonna do this twist and do it this week, no matter who was evicted.

Since Cameron won the see saw comp, he’ll get to decide if he’ll do the puzzle or whatever it is on the live show. He’s already decided, he’ll be doing it himself. Jared has to wait around and see if he wins another comp….by default.

Jared went thru ALL the emotions over the weekend. He came back into the house mad at almost everyone. (Understandable) I get being mad over being blindsided. I don’t get how he didn’t see it coming. His sticking point with Blue was how she didn’t tell him. (Also understandable) However, he got caught in a lie in front of most of the house and thought, no biggie? That’s without mentioning some of the other stuff he’s done. He shouldn’t blame Blue for not being able to see he was a target. In his defense, he had no way of knowing Blue spent the week trying to get his mother evicted. That was her big plan to save his game. (Haha)

After the see saw comps started, Jared seemed more checked out after each round. He went from focused to hateful to sad and finally, resigned to whatever happens. Cirie and Felicia also gave him pep talks between the rounds. At one point, he started saying he wasn’t faking it with people anymore, these weren’t people he’d talk to in real life and so on.

It’s also around the time he was an asshole to Bowie. She’d came into the bedroom (her bedroom) to grab something and said “hello ladies” to Felicia and Cirie. Before she could even say anything else, Felicia corrected her by saying “and gentleman” because Jared was laying in one of the beds. Bowie said “and gentleman.” Honestly, this wasn’t a big deal, especially since Jared calls everyone “bro.” When Blue talks to Jared, I can’t tell you how many times she addresses him as “gurl.”

I get that Jared was in a bad mood but he took it to a whole other level. Jared said to Bowie “what would you think if I called you a man? You do have some big ass shoulders though.” Bowie just said “I guess I’d take that” and left the room. This was just one example of the attitude he had towards people for part of the weekend.

Jared’s kind of a mixed bag because I wouldn’t actually call him a bad sport. After he lost the comp rounds to Cameron, he was upset, cried a little in bed, but he seemed to accept it. He said he was given a chance and he’d lost fair and square. Jared is more like someone who needs an outlet for his anger before he moves past it, then comes back around to being a good sport. He doesn’t have the maturity to swallow his need to lash out at people, even when he knows he shouldn’t. It’s immaturity. (That’s my take anyway)

Cameron handled thing very differently. Of course, he already knew he was being evicted so he wasn’t as emotional about it. He joked things off and started talking game with people. For a while, I thought he might start playing well. He reconnected with Matt, said he was willing to work with Jag and also had a good talk with Cirie, etc.

No, it didn’t last. I didn’t hear him calling people idiots (which was a nice change) but Cameron was still doing Cameron. He still talked as if he has the whole game planned out and he’s known everything that was going to happen before it happened. (He even told Bowie ‘the next 4 weeks are already set’) I mean, what? Dude, you were just evicted unanimously but you have the next month decided?

He talked to Matt about how Felicia needed to go because she’d make a bad juror. (I’ve never seen a player in Cameron’s position think they have the luxury of worrying about who’s in the jury. I also dont think Cameron would make a good juror. He can’t even acknowledge what’s happened this season) He could be lying about who he’d nom like he did during his last hoh. He also may be telling the truth. It’s the same reason he gave for wanting Izzy out and she really was his target.

He talked to Matt about teaming up. He said he wants the comp people to stick together. Cameron said he didn’t know Matt was that close to Jag. (Really?) Now that he knows, he said he’d work with Jag too. He’s also told Jared and Cirie that he’d work with Cirie if he gets back in the house. The best I can tell you is, I have no idea what Cameron would do.

Everyone was trying to cover themselves for whatever happens. Matt and Jag agreed to make something with Cameron but not give him info. In the span of about 10 minutes, they went from fake working with him to telling Cameron everything. Cameron told them he wanted Felicia out before jury and said Cory should go next. He said “America is nothing without Cory.”

Matt and Jag haven’t told Cory about what Cam said. They’re still working with Blue but agreed to stop sharing info with her, at least until Jared leaves. (They’re assuming Jared will probably go) They’ve brought Blue into the thing with Cameron but she doesn’t know there’s also a 3. Cameron suggested having a new Brigade and is planning on Blue being the Britney. They’ve named themselves the Fugitives and each have their own nicknames. (It’s pretty stupid like most of the other ones they’ve created)

Everyone except Felicia, Meme and Cory have been putting in some game time with Cameron. People aren’t ignoring him and Felicia and Meme have both had casual convos with him. It doesn’t seem to help because anytime Felicia speaks to him, it makes Cameron want her out more. He even made a comment this weekend about how Meme needs to “shut her f*cking mouth.” (Meme hadn’t said anything about anything)

Cory and America, who think they have the best chance to work with Cameron, haven’t done much of anything. America’s had some game talks with him but Cory hasn’t yet. I don’t know what the hell Cory is waiting on but the game is passing him by this week. He’s not being arrogant about it. He also doesn’t think he’s in a great position with Cameron but he keeps trusting America’s read on the situation. Unfortunately, her read is very wrong.

He needs to remember last week, when Cameron was pitching to America, her game would be better if Cory left. He also told Cory, his game would be better if America left. Cory’s picked up on the way Cameron gets in a bad mood or makes snide comments about America and himself. America sees it too and they’ve discussed it. She believes Cameron wouldn’t make game decisions based off of some bizarre jealously tho. (As Cameron’ says, “Wrong.”)

Cameron talks to people as if they’re already working together in the game. Think back to the way he was with Jared during his last HOH. It’s the way he is with everyone and maybe it’s a strategy, I dont know. (Its that ‘keep saying it until its true’ thing) What I do know is that he does the same thing with America on a personal level. (He also did it with Reilly)

He acts like they’re in some kind of relationship and turns into an asshole during the moments he’s reminded they aren’t. It’s why he makes jokes to America, calling Cory her son. Sure, she flirts but America flirts with the walls too. No one takes it the way he takes it and it’s not her responsibility to fix this issue for him. (Just in case anyone thinks this should be on her)

This weekend, he told America that “the jury house was going to be awkward for Cory.” (He’s mentioned to America alot about there won’t be cameras in jury too) He never comes out and says it but he’s insinuating that he and America are going to hook up and it’s going to be awkward for Cory to be around it. This season, Cameron is the King of denial in so many areas. America and Cory just seem to be the main one. (I told ya’ll the first or second week I got beast mode cowboy and Amber vibes from Cameron and I’m still standing by that)

Yesterday, America and Cory got caught showering together. (They were wearing their swimsuits) Felicia and Jag caught them, thought it was hilarious and came outside to tell everyone.

They all had a big laugh over it but Cameron was pissed. If Cameron stays and wins an HOH, I could see this being the reason Cory’s game ends. I think It would make sense if Cameron took out Cory for game reasons. To me, that’s as simple as ‘hey, you should’ve stopped cuddling, got off that hammock and played the game more.’ To take out Cory so you can have his showmance for yourself, that’s something different. That’s just creepy.

Cory’s having America take the lead on handling things with Cam because she’s closer to him. He spent his time this weekend trying to patch things up with Cirie and Jared. The best thing on the feeds for me this weekend was Cory’s conversation with Cirie. Things like the brown sugar babes had already came up. Jared denied telling Cory about it to Cirie but she has to know he did. It’s the one thing he can’t blame on Izzy, which is what he’s been trying to do with everything else. Izzy didn’t know about it so it couldn’t have been her.

Cory was trying to lay out the reasons why he flipped to take out Izzy and why he made the decision to go after Jared. In the process of filling her in on the conversations he had with Izzy and Jared, Cirie was able to see how bad her son’s been playing the game. (She’s not going to have the emotional response some of us may want her to have because we don’t like Jared. This is still her son and this is also just a game. She may slap him up side the head after the season but in the end, they’re going to laugh about it and move on with their lives. It’s what we’ll needs to do too)

Personally, I wanted her to find out this information so she could see how her games been being destroyed lately. I wanted her to know how every move she’s tried to make has been blown up before she could make it. (She tells Jared, he tells Blue, Blue tells everyone else) If she could see that, she’d have a chance after Jared leaves. I also thought, maybe she’d realize she could still work with Cory if Jared left. (They probably won’t but they should)

Shortly before her talk with Cory, she’d also had to talk with Matt and Jag. Jag was finally able to question her about the power comp. He wanted to know how Jared knew about it before the eviction when she claimed she hadn’t told anyone. She tried to lie out of it and confuse the situation but Jag didn’t believe her. Matt doesn’t either but he wants to because he still wants to work with her.

Cirie talked to Jared and tried to get a story straight. If asked, she wanted Jared to act like Cory had said something to him. Obviously, Cory didn’t know Matt had won it. She wanted it to sound like Cory suggested that maybe Matt won it and Jared just ran with it.

There’s no point in going over the Jared/Cory converstation in detail. The talk they had was prompted by Cirie anyway. She wanted Jared to fix things with Cory in the event he leaves. She thought it could help her avoid being targeted by Cory. Their conversation was mostly saying they had each taken a shot at the other, they were even now and maybe they could work together if Jared stayed. (Not gonna happen)

After Cory, America, Matt and Jag just came together as a 4 to take out Jared, you’d think they would be solidifying their group this week. That doesn’t seem to be happening. I don’t think it’s falling apart entirely. I just think everyone’s waiting to see if Cameron ends up winning an HOH. For Matt and Jag, if Cameron gets power, the Fugitives are a real alliance. If he doesn’t, it isn’t. Pretty simple.

Blues still upset with Cory and wants him targeted next. Jared spent part of the weekend trying to get her to target Matt and Jag instead. Blues game has never made any sense to me but on this one, she’s correct. She should want to take out Cory but she should also want Cameron out. It’s the same for Cory, he needs Cam out more than he knows and it would also be a good move for him to get rid of Blue. Having Jag, Matt and Blue or Jag, Matt and Cameron as a trio is dangerous.

Felicia and Meme have gotten back in with Jared and Cirie, to a point. I don’t think they trust each other but have realized they need to work together. On the side, Felicia proposed a final 4 to America with Mimi and Cory. I don’t think this got solidified over the weekend but Cory did have a chat with Meme about the 2 of them working together.

It also sounds as if Felicia and Meme would like to target jag and Matt next. I’m not devoting much to them in the recap because they didn’t seem to do a whole lot.

I mentioned the best part of the weekend was Cory’s talk with Cirie but the funniest part of the weekend was Bowie holding meetings. It actually started because Jared and Blue both wanted to talk to her Saturday morning, separately. Jared was trying to mend things with her. (It was about the split vote and how Bowie was the deciding vote, they thought)

Blue actually hadn’t known how it went down during the double. She’s only had one conversation with Bowie and has been targeting her for weeks. Jag (I think) was telling her that Bowie was the reason she didn’t go home. I thnk Jag and Matt just wanted blue to realize Cirie, Felicia and Meme were trying to vote her out and keep Jared. Blue wanted to have her own chat with Bowie to thank her for being the deciding vote to keep her. (It wasn’t really a deciding vote but she was the reason it didn’t become a split vote)

After those 2 conversations with Jared and Blue, Bowie just kept the ball rolling. She had one-on-one meetinggs with everyone in the house Saturday. (Haha)

There was also an early birthday party for Cory but his birthday isn’t until Friday. They’ve had more alcohol the past few days than I think they’ve had all season. Felicia made his cake and they brought the tiny hats back. He even got a lap dance from Felicia, just like Red did on his birthday. There was actually alot of dancing over the weekend:

More dancing:

And more:

And even more:

The moment many of us have waited for finally happened…almost. Jared had already tried to convince Cirie that Izzy may have told their secret to Cory. If you remember, she didn’t buy it at all. This weekend, he finally told her he thinks Blue “may have it figured out.’ He actually tried to convince her it was because of mistakes Cirie’s made in the game. You know, like things she slipped up and said about her family and her life and the fact that they use the same kind of toothpaste or some stupid shit. I get it, kids lie to their parents. Adult kids even lie to parents. What Jared’s doing makes absolutely no sense.

We’ve said from the start, they have a big advantage in the game. Its having someone there you can trust completely. That means, you don’t have to worry if the info they give you is true or not. The information Jared gives Cirie being the truth is crucial to her game. I mean, her first response to finding out Blue may suspect their secret was to deny it. She told Jared, no matter what “deny deny deny…” Well, that approach doesn’t work if Jared TOLD Blue. That only works if Blue only suspects it on her own.

This really is turning into a reset week and not just regarding Jared or Cameron. Cory and America were positioning themselves in between Jag & Matt and Felicia & Meme. This was a great position to be in, especially on the heels of pulling off a big move. Sure, part of it happened because either Cameron or Jared is coming back. I also think it’s happening because Cory and America spend way too much time making out.

Cameron’s already looking like a good option for Jag and Matt. Felicia and Meme may be going back to Cirie, even if not fully. Jag’s still kind of with Coey and America but he’ll go the direction Matt wants to go. At the moment, Bowie appears to be the only one still loyal to the group that came together to get rid of Jared.

On top of that, I could easily see Cory leaving soon, out of nothing more than Cameron’s jealousy. I really hate redoing weeks in this game. If I want to find a positive, it’s that the house is wide open. Yeah, there’s front runners at the moment, like Matt, but anyone may team up with anyone. That keeps it interesting at least…..if we can ever get the game moving again.

Have a great Monday!


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