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Big Brother Episode 1 Discussion + Feeds

August 2, 2023 | 55 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Episode 1 is in the books, and boy are emotions mixed online. Actually, it’s less than mixed. They were pretty overwhelmingly negative due to 4 people being nominated before there was even a HOH named.

Personally, I don’t mind it. The first competition of the season is usually a complete joke with half the people throwing it because they’re scared to get the first HOH, so this was a nice change. Plus, we also don’t know what powers the HOH will bring this week as they will almost certainly have some impact on the nominations.

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that the HoH will have the ability to remove two of the noms and then of course the veto competition as well. I can’t even speculate on Cory, but I’m just going to assume he died. He was transported to The Upside Down and we will probably see him rocking it out with Eddie in the next season.

Seriously though, if he’s put in a type of sequester for the week, I’m going to guess that will automatically make him safe because that would be a completely shitty thing to do. That said, kicking someone out in like the first 30 minutes was also pretty shitty (ask Jody).

And in other news, after doing the live feeds throughout the episode, I remembered how much I hate the actual system I put in place to handle that, so I’m going to have to brainstorm. Perhaps I’ll just put an automatic block in the middle of every post that shows the most recent 20 feed updates or something so I don’t have to keep making new posts and set dates on them. Ideas?

Back to the show, I will say they really dropped the ball with Cirie and the multiverse twist. Come on, CBS. Really? She’s just standing in the kitchen pouring some champagne and casually says hi? A damn portal opened up with Tobey Maguire walking on through it and all we get is standing in the kitchen like she was late to the premiere? That was definitely a major fail on their part.

The least they could have done was have her act out like she’s on Survivor and notices a strange portal on the beach and step through it when Frankie and crew did their weird beam thing. I know it’s a reality show but do they really need professional writers for that?

Shit, they even HAD the portal which was the entry to the back yard. They couldn’t have her walk in all confused wearing her Survivor gear? Alright, I change my mind, that really made this episode suck.

A few minutes until the feeds start, and once again I won’t be promoting them until they prove they’re worth promoting. I’ll obviously be blogging them here, but you won’t see any links in my posts to sign up to the live feeds until they earn that shit back.

Time for some updates:

Live Feed Updates for August 2, 2023

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