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Celebrity Big Brother 3- First Impressions

February 3, 2022 | 24 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hey ya’ll! It’s good to be back even if it’s only for a few weeks. I just wanted to hop on here and give my impressions of the first episode and a few other random tidbits. I’m off today because of the weather & road conditions annndddd I thought I’d be watching the feeds. Since that isn’t happening, I had a little free time today.

I had a mixed reaction last night because I thought the first episode was pretty good, only to be followed by this:

Obviously, they can start the feeds whenever they want but they did a countdown to the feeds followed by a ‘check back Friday’ message at the end of the countdown. (may as well kick off the season by pissing everyone off and just get it out of the way) I wonder what happened because something obviously changed or they wouldn’t have had the countdown. Did someone quit? Technical issues? Do they not want us to know who the first nominees are going to be? Who knows?

I did see an interview where Julie said they’d already had a bit of drama in the house. She said it was over the shower and I’m guessing it was right after the hoh comp since they were so messy. She also could’ve been overstating it to get people tuned in too.

Julie’s dress didn’t seem to be a hit with the fans either but I’ll at least say, I like the knit dress idea. If this thing had slim, snug fitting sleeves, I think it could’ve worked. As it is, it looks like a holiday pot holder that got way out of hand.

As for something I did like, I like the house theme this season. I like the new stairs, the ski stuff, the clocks, the patio area…overall, I like the Swiss Chalet theme. The Swiss chocolate room is my favorite. (Now I’m wanting some huge fake ass candy on my walls)

The first hoh comp wasn’t bad either but I was surprised by it. I was surprised they did this one right out of the gate since it’s so physical. Miesha won it while easily having the worst costume for it. That ball gown had to get weighed down by all that stuff they threw on them!

Miesha seemed self aware before the game so I thought she might do well. She said in an interview, she knew she’d be seen as a threat and wanted to be careful. I’m thinking that plan didn’t stick since she won the first comp AND told Carson about having her baby on the bathroom floor. (I hope she’s social and can connect easily with people. She’ll need that to offset her physical threat a little) I laughed when she wouldn’t make a deal with Teddi during the comp. It was funny since right after telling Todrick he’s safe, she told Teddi “it’s too soon to make a deal.” (Anyone else getting Lolo vibes from her?) I’m aware she won a MMA title and had some beef with Ronda Rousey back in the day, who beat Miesha twice. That’s all I know about her.

I was also surprised Chris Kattan didn’t take the pass to sit out the comp since he’s had so many back and neck surgeries. When that fake caviar hit them, it was hard! I was glad he was already out.

He seems like the person who is the least happy to be there but that isn’t based on very much since we haven’t seen very much yet. Still, I don’t get winner vibes from him at all. I have know idea why he told Teddi he thought her name was Cruella but I liked it…

Chris Kirkpatrick should’ve done better in the comp with this in his background…just sayin’

I know Lance Bass is a huge fan of BB so maybe Chris telling the truth about being one too. (not convinced yet tho) I did appreciate him saying he didn’t want people to know he was a fan of the show.

Mirai seems pretty normal so I don’t know how they got her to do the show in the first place. This was right before she landed her triple axle at the Olympics:

I would’ve thought she could skate by for a while but with Miesha as hoh, I could actually see her going otb this week. (If I’m tossing a guess out there based on one comment during the episode, I’d go with Mirai and Teddi as noms) She’s also quite a bit younger that the rest of the cast so hopefully she doesn’t have a hard time bonding with everyone.

I liked Lamar’s costume for as simple as it was and I also like Lamar Odom.  He’s 2nd on my list for who I think could care less about being there tho. He’s already said in an interview that he’d like to get some type of endorsement or some good paying gigs just to show up at some events out of the show. (Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to escape like Metta did)

Since he’s already talked to a couple of houseguests about Khloe, I’m guessing he also hopes she’ll see him talking nice about her and run back to him when it’s over. I know CBS sure hopes there’s Kardashian talk but as I ‘don’t keep up’ with them, I’d rather hear personal stories about this pairing instead:

That’s a pic that was used for Lamars DWTS segment and here he is rehearsing a dance from his season:

I have a soft spot for Lamar Odom but I don’t see him winning the game. He had a 15 year NBA career and won 2 titles but he’s linked to a Kardashian so therefore, that’s what he’ll be know for…kind of a bummer.

I said I could see Teddi going otb after Miesha rejected her offer of a deal but maybe its wishful thinking. I watch the housewives but have never liked Teddi. Sure, she said in the episode that she tells people what she wants to their face but on Housewives, it was never anything noteworthy that she told people. She’s boring and really stood out as someone who made up reasons to be mad at people just so she’d have a storyline…on a show where that’s common already. Here’s a real ringing endorsement from her dad:

I also don’t get her life coach or healthy eating coaching gig. I’ve read that she encourages people to eat around 600 calories a day or some crazy shit but I don’t know if that’s true. (She definitely had more than 600 calories when she came in 2nd in that comp so if she tells people to do it, no way she does it too)  She is into physical fitness tho so if she has a nice side to her, she could do pretty well. She also has the Bravo connection to Cynthia and Carson but we’ll have to wait and see what they think about her.

Todd Bridges is another one that I’m not too sure about.  He seems kind of quiet so I’m not sure if he’s social enough for this game. He’s made the reality tv circuit a little bit so he isn’t going into this as blind as some of the others. I grew up with Different Strokes and hope he does well. He’s the one I’d like to surprise me.

These last 4 houseguests have formed the only alliance we know about so far so I saved them for last. It’s the Girls and the Gays alliance and includes Carson, Todrick, Cynthia and Shanna.

Shanna was another one that I knew nothing about.  I now know she was 1st runner up at the Miss USA pageant in the nineties but after the winner won Miss Universe, Shanna became the title holder.  (Apparently, you can’t be Miss USA and Miss Universe at the same time.  I’ve tried to tell my family for years that BB is an educational program and there’s my proof since I learned something new!) She was also Playboys’ Playmate of the Month a little over 20 years ago.

She’s done some acting but most stories I found just talk about who she’s dated or married. (Dennis Quaid, Billy Idol, Oscar De La Hoya and Travis Barker) The last name is probably why she’s on the show. Travis is engaged to a Kardashian and she said in an interview, she wouldn’t want to be in the house with anyone linked to them because she doesn’t like them. (Lamar is an ex but he’s definitely linked and I don’t think he’ll want to join in on trash talking them either) Alot of fans have predicted that she’ll be the one to bring the messy if there is any.

Cynthia could also be described as boring on Housewives but she’s one I like. She has amazing style and I really hope she brought some of her wigs! (She has fantastic wigs) I also hope she got some advice from Kandi, who was on last season.

She’s friendly and at least on the Housewives show,  she tended to always be BFF’s with the messy person, rather than being that person herself. With this new alliance, that could be true on BB too if Shanna ends up bringing some drama. Since it looks like they’ll be sharing the chocolate room and they just started an alliance, maybe Cynthia can shove Shanna out in front of her as a target and coast by for a while. She said her high school crush was Todd Bridges so there’s that…

Carson and Todrick are my frontrunners for the season so far. (Obviously, that’s based on almost nothing)  I don’t know how much Carson knows about BB but he’s done tons of reality TV. He knows what production will want from him and after watching him play host as the houseguests were coming in, I don’t think he’ll have a problem giving it to them. He’s also possibly the most connected person in the house to the most amount of people. He’s done a little research or he’s a natural because he knew to cheer for everyone in the HOH comp, said he knew to lay low and he’s already started an alliance. Basically, Carson understands the assignment.

He’s done Drag Race judging with Todrick, has the Bravo thing with Cynthia and Teddi, he’s hosted a pageant which could relate him to Shanna and Mirai was a DRAG Race judge once.  It wasn’t when Carson was there but it’s material for conversation at least.  He’d be my pick to win if I had to pick someone now.

Todrick would’ve been my initial pick but I gave it to Carson since he’s older. Todrick might to be too excited and not keep his mouth shut about being a big fan of the show. He’s friends with several BB alum and he hosted about half a dozen of last seasons hg’s immediately after they left the BB house. Some of them stayed for a week or more at his home.

This wasn’t the group who stayed with him. This was at one of the after parties right after, I think. Several of the hgs are claiming to be superfans and maybe they are but Todrick is for sure a fan of BB. He’s also BFF’s with Taylor Swift and has some really good video mash ups on YouTube.

Speaking of music, didn’t the music they played last night sound like the Whack Street Boys?

At least we get another episode tonight while continuing to wait for the feeds. I think this could be a pretty entertaining cast this season. We’ll know soon enough! I’m not recapping CBB but I’ll be around in the comments.

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