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Izzy Gleicher’s Eviction And What It Means For The House

September 16, 2023 | 55 Comments
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Author: Mike

The house was turned upside down earlier this week. In case you missed it, Cory and America flipped the vote to send Izzy home. The move severely weakens Cirie, the dominant player this season, because Izzy served as an informant to Cirie’s masterful social game. 

Thursday night opened in typical eviction night fashion. Julie Chen Moonves welcomed viewers to Big Brother while hinting at a potential shakeup in the house. The intrigue of the episode starts when America reveals to Cameron that his riff with Red was actually because of lies coming from the power trio of Felicia/Izzy/Cirie. As the episode progresses, Cory gets on board with America’s desire to evict Izzy. 

The show pins Cory as the catalyst to get Izzy out. 

For anyone who watches the live feeds, how involved was America in the process? I know there was a heated argument between Cory and Jared that showed how sloppy Jared has been playing, but does Cory deserve all the credit for launching such a big move?

Cory convinces the majority to vote against Izzy (in the episode), resulting in the minority (including Jared) to then vote with the house. The Big Brother and Cirie Fields superfan met Chen Moonves on the heels of a 8-1 vote. Jared does end up winning his second HOH of the summer after the show went off the air. 

This was the best HOH reign of the summer. It provided excitement for the non-live feeds audience in an otherwise dull season. It shook up the house enough to where the outgoing HOH isn’t going to be Jared’s target. Jared, emotional and fiery, will target Cory or America before Cam. Let’s rewind a second before discussing Izzy Gleicher.

If Cam put up Cirie and Izzy, it gives Cirie a chance to save herself via the Power of Veto without anyone thinking twice. By putting Izzy and Felicia on the block, it forced Cirie to show her cards to the rest of the house. Does she save Felicia and break Izzy’s heart (I could see a world where Izzy self-evicts at that point)? Izzy was having a tough time in the house this week despite Cirie consoling her a few times. Betrayal by the Fields family would be very tough for her.  Or, does Cirie save Izzy, thereby ruining her relationship with Felicia? Felicia has spilled enough beans that she could go on to drag her former allies until the eviction ceremony. 

Cirie was going to be the replacement nominee if anyone, such as Veto winner Jared, used the power to save Izzy or Felicia, which is why the exterminator kept nominations the same. 

Felicia knows that Cirie was more loyal to Izzy after this week. It will be interesting to watch the season’s oldest competitors play without Izzy. 

Izzy was great television. It was her gameplay that ultimately brought her down. In an interview with Big Brother alumni Derrick and Cody, Izzy admitted that immediately pinning herself to Cirie and Jared based on their mother-son relationship was a mistake. She could have kept her knowledge to herself and then weaponize that later on. 

Fellow houseguests were able to pick up on when the New York City native was insincere or outright dismissive. Red told Cam that Izzy sounded disappointed when she said “he won” after Cam emerged victorious in the “Sludge Stackers” Veto competition. 

Amidst the scramble to change votes, Izzy laid into Cory very… ungracefully. She said America was using him and he shouldn’t trust her. Suffice to say, all Izzy did was push Cory away and accelerate her own eviction. 

She said she would come back and I’d be curious how Izzy 2.0 would play. 

What are your thoughts? 

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