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James Begins His Damage Control; Hopefully HoH Results



Well that was an interesting double eviction.  I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll go with Michelle. Calling out Paulie in her first speech then Nicole in her second was funny but sad because she was certain she was leaving. Her face when Bridgette’s name was called was priceless. Next, I’ll go to James who actually stuck to his plan of voting out Zakiyah. I have to be honest, I really didn’t think he had it in him. Of course watching him immediately join the guys conversation and throw Natalie under the bus after Corey won HoH was discouraging. Paulie – still a douchebag. Have a hard time even looking at him at this point.  Finally, what kind of weak performance was that during the HoH and PoV?  2 questions for the HoH? Seriously? And Corey of all people won??  Bizarroland.

Again, nobody had the round trip ticket, and last week is the last time it can be played. I am curious why they’re having an episode next Friday night, but I’m sure we’ll find out as it gets closer.

Anyway, I have my strawberry lemonade and I’m ready to go….

  • 7:45pm – Turn on the feeds and James is still throwing Natalie under the bus to Corey. “If you guy want to get rid of her at any point, don’t think I’m going to put up a fight”.
    • Meanwhile Michelle and Paulie are talking in the HN room
    • Michelle is saying how Zakiyah said ‘hell no’ to hanging out with Paulie after the show, and how her (Z) parents are probably disappointed in her
    • Nicole and Victor join the conversation and Michelle is talking about how betrayed she felt by Z
    • Michelle reveals she created that fake alliance called “The Advancement”
    • They all talk about how Z was playing both sides of the house and how she cuddled with him (Paulie) for strategy
    • He tells the room “we boned last night”
  • 8:00pm – Natalie joins and the house shit talk is all focused on Z.  I guess they have to get it out of their system because they couldn’t prior to eviction like they’ve been doing
    • Paulie mentions 4 or 5 times they did it (boned?)
    • Natalie and Paulie apologize to each other over last night.  Great, we had 2 days of fun and now this bullshit is back
    • I’m kind of glad the house is back to boringville for my vacation. I would have cried if this stuff happened next week
  • 8:20pm – Paul is trying to solidify a 4 person alliance with Victor, Nat, and James in the kitchen
    • Paul mentions how Corey beasted the competition tonight. Showed his cards
  • 9:00pm – Feeds down, possibly for HoH
  • 10:00pm – Feeds still down for HoH
  • 10:10pm – Feeds back, Victor is new HoH.  This should be interesting
    • victorhoh
    • Paulie is talking about strategy and Victor randomly talks about how he may get a letter from his sister. lol
    • Paulie is upset because James apparently called out Paulie for him (P) making decisions
    • Victor wants to put up 2 girls this week
    • Paulie is telling the guys that he doesn’t really believe Michelle and Natalie about the things Z said about Paulie
  • 10:30pm – James enters the room and the conversation changes a bit.
    • Anyway, I’m tired, and the house is going to sit around for the next few hours waiting for the HoH room then people will pass out. I don’t see any drama tonight.

Overnight in the morning!


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  1. Damn it Steve, now I need strawberry lemonade… Do you deliver to Seattle by chance? 😉

  2. I hope like hell Paulie used a condom last night or he may just be a daddy nine months from now.

  3. JD

    We don’t get to go on vacation with our favorite blogger. We need the excitement here. Sadly it’s back to the Paulie show. Lames is kissing up because he made a move against the Godfather. Maybe Lames should now be called Fredo. It’s just a matter of time before he gets whacked for his disloyalty.

    • There’s an old story about how when Stalin was dying one of his trusted people was by his side, the second he was thought to be dead that person started yelling at him how was despicable and he was glad he was dead, then he was told Stalin wasn’t yet dead, he immediately fell to his knees begging forgiveness and kissing Stalin’s lifeless hand. When Stalin lost died moments later he immediately stood up and spat on Stalin.

      That’s James to me.

      BTW, I had to look it up, the person was Lavrentiy Beria.

    • NKogNeeTow

      JD, yes it is back to the Paulie Show….but only in HIS mind. He STILL thinks he’s running the house…and the other side of the house is letting him. I think it’s a pretty good plan. James, Nat, Michelle, Paul and Victor have banned together and plan to get him out….either by directly on the block or by backdoor. But they decided to just let him believe that he is still in control. They intend to get rid of The Godfather, Bambi and RatCole.

      I have to admit, that after the last 2 nights, I have a whole new respect for that side of the house and have “flip flopped” on how I feel about them. In my eyes, they have now earned the right for me to use their real names again. So, from henceforth, or at least until they revert to stupidity again, I shall now refer to them as: James, Natalie, Michelle, Paul and Victor

      However, the bad side of the house , shall retain their appropriate names until they redeem themselves. Until then, I shall keep referring to them as: The Godfather, Ratcole and Bambi.

      • JD

        @nkogneetow You’re so awesome. I throw my line out and you always reel me back in to dry land. You’re correct. Paulie’s fire may still smolder but he’s not the bright fire on the throne he once was except his mind. I hope now that there is a new power things will continue. This house flip flops like a fish out of water anything can happen between now and next eviction. Makes me so nervous. Thanks for keeping me grounded.

  4. I am soooo disappointed in Corey he had the perfect opportunity to get a Big Target ie., Paulie out & he chocked, probably on Nicole’s spit they have been swapping back & forth UGH!!! Might as well make the check out to Paulie super ugh!!! Unless someone with a backbone ie.., Michelle, Victor, James, Natalie or maybe even Paul Wins this upcoming HOH PLEASE!!! Possibly the last chance here so Super dee Duper Please someone (Hopefully Nat or Meechie bc they WILL put up 2 Boys Yea!!!) Win & smartly backdoor (like dumbo Corey should have) Paulie!!! & Be the ★★★ of the Game!!! Let’s Start playing some Real BB!!!★★★

    • Hi, Angel. I wish I could say that I’m disappointed in Corey, but he was as spineless as expected. He literally consulted with the Executives and begged them to tell him who he should put on the block. *sigh*. Sadly, I am now Team Michelle because Paulie is unbearable and everyone else is just coasting. I love that Michelle was able to bring some excitement and balls to the house this week by calling out everyone! Team Meech!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Tam: It was so funny to see them scrambling after Bambi won the HOH. And did you hear what The Godfather said? Bambi kept asking him who to put up. He (TGF) said he’ll just let him decide, since he didn’t want to make them think he was running the house (that was a jab at Bridget and Michelle)….but then he slyly steered him towards Michelle and Bridget. Yeah, he still thinks he’s running things…lol

        And YES, Michelle was a BEAST last night. Once she knew she had gotten under his skin, she messed with his head ALL night. It was hilarious! Every time he would die down a little, she’d say something to get him revved back up and then laugh at him. I was waiting for Jokers to say that he was going around punching walls…lol. They even got in a few shouting matches between rooms (they were yelling at each other between the walls). The more crap she said to him, the madder he got. Reading Jokers last night was better than reading any best seller novel! He started his rant around 2am (BB time) and it went on until 6:30am (BB time), until everyone went to bed. I’m hoping everyone will send Michelle the Care Package this week to keep her safe and to piss The Godfather and The Rat off (she told Bambi that she really needs that package this week, no matter what it is).

      • caRyn

        I think it might have been a jab at the DR also. Paulie may have been told to cool it from someone in the DR or maybe Paulie didn’t want viewers to see him in that “type of way”.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Angel: Vic plans on putting The Godfather and Bambi up, or possibly RatCole with him as a backdoor. Thank God Paul convinced Vic and James that if they don’t get him out this round, they may not have another chance…and thank God it resonated. Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the plan doesn’t backfire or that everyone stays on board.

  5. I hope like hell this ruins Paulie’s life. I don’t know his career I believe he is an athlete. But I hope the negative publicity forces him to live at home in his mom’s basement until he dies. He’s a dick, a real life C**t and he deserves to castrated. I don’t know that I’ve ever disliked any houseguest more in the 12 seasons I’ve been watching.

  6. Paulie May miss having Z hang all over him. I hope Nicole has to start sleeping alone because Corey is spooning Paulie.

  7. Wow, what a f***ing scumbag Paulie is. Is he seriously telling everyone that he “boned” Z five or six times?? He’s an arrogant, low-life, piece of trash. I couldn’t stand Z, and to some extent I guess she brought this on herself by being naive and insecure enough to have sex with trash bag like Paulie, but not even Z deserves to be degraded and humiliated this way.

    • Seeing Z barely form her sentences with Julie, I now see this was way above her abilities, poor thing.

      She gets a bad rap by the viewers but she appears to be a naive child who fell for a boy with a slick game. She noticed the signs but ignored every red flag rather than exercise any critical thinking skills to stay firm on her own two feet. Poor Z simply laid like a rug dependent on Paulie. Z never once attempted to come up with her own strategy and engage in game talk that did not involve Paulie. Da’Vonne warned her about Paulie using her.

      When Z sees all of this at home, hopefully a light bulb turns on.

      • Colby

        She did stumble through the interview, but I think she was either trying not to cry or just really really nervous. I’m not sure which. She did get blindsided, so she may have been trying not to cry.

      • NKogNeeTow

        There is nothing poor about Zit. She might not have known he was playing her, but she said more than once that she was playing him….just didn’t say it to his face. They deserved each other as far as I’m concerned. Maybe now that they’re separated, she can come back down to earth with the rest of us. She took pride in latching on to the best looking guy in the house, who also seemed to be running it. He paraded around the house like the king and she acted like the queen. Once she got in deeper than she expected, she wanted a real relationship and he just wanted arm candy. Maybe once she looks back and sees what a fool she made of herself, next time she’ll make better choices in men….or at least pick a real one.

      • @ BBLove,
        Agreed, Zakiyah looked like she was mentally drained sitting in the eviction chair in the house, and also when she was talking to Julie. Zakiyah could barely form a whole sentence when talking to her. And while she is a pretty girl, she looked completely Washed Out!

        Ya know the Big Brother House is not for the Weak At Heart, or Mentally Weak. Not only are you on National TV, you are also on Feeds 24/7. A lot of folks have lost their Jobs by stuff they have done, & said in the BB House. I just don’t think Zakiyah came into the House to Play Big Brother, she came in to find Love, a Husband, and a Baby Daddy.

        The Question is…Is Pauline ALL of that for Zakiyah, when they are both outside of the BB House??? Lastly did any of y’all know that Paulie is the Older Brother at 27, & Cody is 25? Cody acts Older to me!

      • JD

        I think Z was just at a loss for words. I think she was shocked and believed Paulie when he assured her she was staying. I think Paulie was a little discombobulated wondering what the heck happened. How did the kool-aid effect wear off?!?!

      • Amazing isn’t it? The inability to form coherent sentences coming from a woman who – supposedly – has a master’s degree.

        Of course, Paulie isn’t much of a prize, either. A young man who doesn’t want to kiss his showmance on live feeds – out of respect for his parents – has no problem boasting about “boning” her five times to his fellow houseguests. It truly boggles the mind.

      • I’ve read somewhere that Z was in an abusive relationship, which can explain how she is with Paulie. The way he undermines her and belittles her at times (again, from what I have read and seen), it strikes me as a bit more on the abusive side. Paulie just seems like an abusive person in general.
        Her being in a past abusive relationship would also explain why she still foes back to Paulie. I feel bad for the girl, and I’m glad she’s away from him. I cant wait for her to leave the house and get a talk from her family and friends, who all hate Paulie.

    • Mell

      She did bring it on herself but I agree. Low class move. I thought he couldn’t go much lower than saying the other day that “Z is trained and michelle isn’t” but he did. He also said it shortly after trying to convince either michelle or Z that he really cared for her, blah blah.

    • Paulie is a user….corey said something about KP being in Codys shadow ……and wanted to be loved by US….sorry but KP is on the bottom ..
      of their poll Jozea and Glenn are aove………………………shit maybe vodka was a bad idea.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sorry Gerardo, I part ways with you on this one. As much as I can’t stand him, he didn’t rape her. She was a consenting adult. If she wanted to ‘go out with a bang’, she succeeded. And she knows as well as he does, about the live feeds and the 24 hour cameras. I don’t have any respect or sympathy for either one of them.

  8. I am so indifferent now. Maybe I will root for Michelle but her emotions make me want to reach through my tv set and shake her crazy ass.

    Looks like the Executives are this season’s version of the Brigade.

    The girls are low bearing fruit with only three remaining in the house. The five boys will band together and pluck them out one by one, provided none of the girls win HOH.

    CBS, take us out of our misery and make each episode a triple live eviction and yank the chain off of this season.

  9. I can’t stand Meeech! ! Crybaby and rude and mean. I like Paulie and Paul and Victor and Nicole. I hope James figures out that Nat Nat is using him.

    • I’m not a fan of Michelle either, but how on EARTH could you possibly like Paulie??? He is SCUM!

    • Deedee. Nicole is my favorite and Corey second. I’m not crazy about Paulie but he’s no worse than mich and Natalie is like Paulie says. ALL FAKE!! She went after all the cute boys in house and 3 rejected her and her last didn’t and that as naive James. I still remember her saying she was so pretty and could get any man she wanted. I think nat is a female Paulie but just hides it better. And meech is a psych case. That girl has big time mental problems!!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Like I told you last night Trudy, you need an Intervention…lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        Trudy, I know I tease you a lot about supporting The Rat so much and taking up for her, but seriously, if she’s your favorite then keep right on supporting her, no matter how many thumbs down you get (I still think you’re crazy and need that intervention though…lol). Don’t let anybody tell you who you should or shouldn’t like. DO YOU!

  10. danmtruth

    So let me get this straight . Paulie said he told Zzz he did not want to kiss her in respect to her family. Than before he finish saying that he add’s We boned last night Than goes on to point out places as he says they boned and how many times What a stand up guy To all you soccer parent’s in New Jersey here is the person who wants to be around your young kids

    • Freaking unbelievable. And I’m sure CBS will make sure none of this makes the air, so most BB viewers will never know what a low-life scum sucking piece of garbage Paulie truly is. I’ve been watching this show for 17 seasons, and I’ve despised numerous contestants over the years, but I don’t think anyone has had my blood boiling more than this idiot.

      • Jannie

        And then to hear Zzz in her eviction interview blushing and telling Julie that she would like to see that jerk outside of the house and she totally understood why he didn’t pull her from the block…pretty sad.

      • That girl is sad. I truly hope she gets whatever therapy she needs after leaving the jury house. She has some serious self-esteem issues.

    • caRyn

      He is no gentleman that is for sure. I think he said out of respect for his family he didn’t want to kiss her – not her family – but I could be wrong.

    • NK. THANKS. I don’t pay any attention to the thumbs!! I forget they are even there because for many years I didn’t register so couldn’t use them. I know my girl is going soon but she can go with her head held high. She doesn’t get personal in her game play and would never intentially hurt anyone’s feelings which can’t be said for anyone else in the house. Maybe Corey because I haven’t seen him be mean to anyone. Both he and Nicole were almost shocked out of their mind with the personal attacks that went on and have to say that so was James. These are not nice ppl in this house for the most part. Ppl just don’t come in house and completely change their personalities and how they normally act. It also kind of bothers me how many ppl in this forum act. This is a game but they talk so nasty about the players and get personal about it. Calling ppl racist, gay, whores etc. I just don’t get that!!

  11. Mell

    Well alot of wasted votes for bridge this week for acp…
    I bet nicole gets it (not with my votes) but she stays ranked high in popularity on alot of sites. I personally don’t get it. This is a huge assumption but if by some miracle all this talk tonight is fake and the newly formed crew stays together and wins hoh, it still wouldn’t have to be the paulue show. They lost bridgette but it could still be done. I’m just in denial and don’t want to let go of the bb high I had for the first part of the show tonight…I’ll face reality tomorrow!

    • Mell, I’m not giving up hope just yet. I think Paul definitely wants Paulie out, but he’s treading lightly until the HOH comp in case Paulie wins. I’m going to start voting hardcore for Michelle to get the ACP this week (although you’re probably right that it will go to Nicole). But I’m not ready to admit defeat yet! We gotta get rid of the Ultimate Douchebag, Paulie!

      • caRyn

        Paul will not forget being told that Corey is Paulie’s F2.

      • Mell

        I had forgotten about Paul hearing about the final 2 with corey so hope you guys are right! So much will depend on this hoh, more than the care pkg for sure. Even if i knew nicole was going to be safe anyway, I wouldn’t want her to get it. One small pleasure I’ve had has been watching her worry over why America hasn’t given her one yet. I want vic Paul or Michelle to get them for that reason alone! Although then we have to listen to her go on and on and say…bitty whhhhhyyyyyy theeemmmmm!

      • caRyn

        I do giggle about the care package comments that are made.

      • Mell

        You called that one apparantly

      • NKogNeeTow

        After Vic won HOH, she was in the room with Bambi, whining about hoping she gets the next Care Package….”I hope I geeeeet ittttt. I really neeeeed itttttt”. Bambi just sat there looking stupid (or should I say looking the same as usual).

      • caRyn

        I felt listening to the conversation with Nicole and Corey in the safari room was somewhat a let down relationship wise. Corey doesn’t care to truly listen to Nicole unless it is about the game. He her off and her concerns that have nothing to do with the game. He could care less if she receives the care package. Previously on the hammock a couple of nights ago he said he could care less if he got it. I don’t know that he grasp that the care package can help with the game – not just…America loves me “type of thing”.

      • caRyn

        Correction – He blows her off and her concerns that have nothing to do with the game.

    • Ditto, Mell! What is Nicole’s appeal??? Is it just because everyone else is so horrible ??? Her gameplay is nonexistent. She has been called out over and over about being a snake, but she puts on that awkward grin and HGs just tend to forget the negative things said about her. If Deny, Deny, Deny is her strategy, it’s a dumb one. But then again, these HGs are so inept, it may be a stroke of genius. I just wish BB fans woudnt help her along!

      • What does Nicole do that all other house guests don’t do more?most Hingis about her have been lies. How is she any more a snake than any other of them?? She’s not!! I hate when people say things like that and don’t back them up with examples. Just go with the crowd!!

      • The only thing I really dislike about Nicole is her voice. Other than that, I forget she’s even there half the time. She is a complete non-factor in this game, so I am indifferent towards her.

      • Mell

        I agree. I wasn’t a fan of hers in 16 but she didn’t make my eye twitch like this year. She’s just so whiny and I can’t stand Z but when she was a jealous psyco, she at least would admit it. Nicole has been in total misery simply because Nat is alive but she can’t see that.

      • Mell

        Trudy, I don’t think people think she is doing more shady stuff than other people. She just won’t ever admit it even to herself. She sees herself as the only “nice girl” and she never “says mean things.” She has obsessed over Natalie making a comment to Cory that was made in the first week of the game. She says Nat shouldn’t have told Z stuff about paulie and hurt her feelings but nicole has told james that she didn’t think Nat was genuine with him and she just wanted him to know because she cares about him. She has won 1 hoh that was decided by a group (she didnt win it without that) but calls everyone else floaters. She couldn’t get why davonne “said her name” when she was doing that to davonne on day 3 or 4. She makes fun of Nat for twirling her hair but she talks to corey like she’s 12 because she thinks it’s cute to do so. She says she wasn’t the one who threw out the cookies but more than once she encouraged Z and michelle to do it and cracked up over it. She says she won’t make fun of people but has done it repeatedly. Too many examples to list. I don’t expect her to tell everyone she’s shady but if tou can’t own it in private, then people will see you as a whiny baby instead if a conniving player….and as a returnee who already had a shomances before, she shouldn’t have lost her damn mind over a “boy” as she says. Speaking for myself, that’s why I don’t care for her.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Tamdon: You know some people have an affinity for rats and snakes…lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Trudy: How many examples would you like?

    • Hope u r right about Nicole. She got our 60 votes every day!!

      • No examples given that were any different than what others do. And her popularity on most polls very high so there is a reason for that. The guests in this house are disgusting. No wonder they can come on this show because they have no real jobs that amount to anything outside the house most ppl can’t afford to leave their life for 3 months unless they don’t have one!! Bridge and Nicole can get job anywhere anytime. Bridge as travel nurse not obligated to a place. Paul lives at home!! Family may be wealthy but he must not be. Know nothing about Corey.i know Cody always talked about big college debt and helping parents but many times they show that family they are golfing not a cheap hobby. Evidently Michelle was doing internship and just left before that was over so she won’t have job since she didn’t finish internship plus she’s has psych problems. I think James has ok job. Nat cheerleader and some menial day job so no real job for her either. Glenn was retired. Day dealer so guess she can get that kind of job anytime. Don’t even know what victor does. Don’t know what Pauli does. Wasn’t Cody a dj? Or is that Paulie. Anyway, not a very successful at life group in this house. They mostly make more money in house than they make in the real world. That’s why they are so dumb and odd!!

      • Pauli is still a DJ. Cody was in sales but after the show went into modeling and is now pursuing an acting career (has a movie coming out or is out already). Victor manages a gym but has a degree in finance.

  12. Jannie

    Gee, horrible timing for Corey’s brain cells to make an appearance. The competition was bizarre…who doesn’t know that the # of red balls point total was over 100. Like, 10 HG’s played, and they each rolled between maybe…10-25 points? It was over in two questions…sounds a little fishy. Timing has to be perfect for a live show, right?
    And shouldn’t Bunyan’s new alliance with Vic, James and Nat also include Michelle? I would think she would work well with them against Paulie and Nicole, who hate Michelle.
    And after dumb Gidget said she really wanted to win the ball pit Veto comp “because Frank won it!” I was screaming for them to get her out.

    • NKogNeeTow

      LOL Jannie. They hadn’t had a chance to talk to Michelle yet, but they did bring her into the group once they got her into the room. Paul also came up with the idea for her to keep riding The Godfather once they put him up on the block. Paul said he (TGF) is still pissed from last night and since then, he’s having problems keeping his emotions under control. Paul said once that got out, now everyone knows what his weak spot is and he wants Michelle to keep poking at it to keep him pissed so he’ll keep losing it…lol

  13. CLangley

    Soooooooooo glad I don’t have to hear Z and her baby talk ramblings ever again!!!! That girl got on my last nerve and I’m glad to see her gone. Sure she had no game, couldn’t win a comp and was a total idiot but sometimes those are the ones they drag along for the ride so I was worried she’d still be here.

    • Lol, that baby voice thing she did was awful, wasn’t it? I cringed so hard when she asked Paulie in her baby voice if he was planning to use the Veto on her. That was probably her saddest moment in the house. Well, other than the 5 or 6 times she apparently “boned” Paulie…

      • CLangley

        Hahahaha yessssssssssssss that moment made me cringe too!!!!! Can you imagine the sounds she makes while boning??? Lol

      • LOL Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

      • @ Gerarado…
        Ikr?! Paulie tells America that he had Sex with Zakiyah in the BB House 5 or Six Times…wth?! Paulie is such the Jersey Boy Gentleman, real Men don’t Kiss & Tell. But as much as it says about Paulie, the fact that Zakiyah fell in LUST with a Dude within weeks of being in the BB House, & had Sex with him says a lot about her too!

        At least his Brother Cody was likable, Paulie isn’t! Corey mentioned today that Paulie was living in his Brother Cody’s Shadow, since he had been on BB…No wonder, Paulie is most likely the Black Sheep of the Family…Smdh.

    • NKogNeeTow

      It seems like this season, half the women in the house talked in high pitched baby voices. So annoying.

  14. Bbbonbon62

    I can not believe that Paulie was raised by the same parents as Cody and is the older brother. He is a grade A douchebag. If it weren’t for the incredible resemblance I’d call FOUL. How proud his parents and brother must be tonight. Smh

    • Colby

      While Paulie certainly takes the cake, I wasn’t that crazy about Cody either.
      I thought his involvement with Christine was wrong. And while she got raked over the coals for it (deservedly so), he basically go an attaboy, or a boys will be boys. He was never held accountable for his participation in it at all.

      • I wasn’t a Cody fan either, but compared to Paulie, Cody was a dream. I agree with you about the Christine situation, but I don’t recall Cody being a nasty, arrogant, scumbag towards anyone the way his brother is.

      • Colby

        @Gerardo I agree with that

      • NKogNeeTow

        Only thing about that Colby, is if you remember Christine was the one who kept putting her hands on Cody. He never did that to her. She was always running her fingers through his hair or rubbing his arms and shoulders. He just didn’t stop her.

      • Colby

        Perfect example!
        Boys will be boys, right? LOL
        He knew she was married. He didn’t have to sit next to her, lay on her with his head in her lap, hold her hand, etc., or participate in any of it.
        Just doesn’t rank very high on my morals chart.
        But thanks for making my point that he seems to get a free pass on it all since she may have initiated it. 🙂

      • @Colby:. You are so right. It always bothered me how Christine received all the blame and negative remarks while Cody slid by without any or at least very few. Yes she was the one who was married…but he was the one who knew she was married. Both were equally to blame. But Cody was not condescending and degrading to women like his brother Paulie is. He was likable imo.

  15. we can vote before HOH is done thinkin maybe Meech

  16. Looks like Victor won HOH. He is one of the few people who I think is a wildcard this week. I’m not sure what he will do, should be interesting to see how this week unfolds.

    • @Gerardo
      Paul & Victor Solidified their F2 last night, they want the Mighty Trio Out!…I am just hoping & praying that they stick with the Plan & put up 2 of the TRIO of Paulie/Nicole/Corey. And Back Door the 3rd Option after Veto!

      • God I hope so! You can already tell that Paulie thinks he’s right back in control with Vic in charge. He’s planting seeds about potentially backdooring Lames.

        Maybe Vic should nominate Michelle and Nat just to not raise Paulie’s suspicions, then backdoor Paulie? I’m just thinking that Paulie is so dangerous in comps, that it’s probably best to try to completely keep his guard down before they go for the jugular.

      • caRyn

        But Paulie might win the veto and not use it.

      • True, but if Paulie was going to win the Veto anyway, it’s better for Paul and Vic if he won it not being on the block, than if he won it after Vic put him up. If they put him up (or Corey and Nicole), then he’s going to know what’s going on and come after them next week if wins Veto.

      • Painter1

        I thought when Victor came back him and Paul were going to challenge Paulie,Corey,Nic. and maybe get James to help the battle would be GREAT. Lets hope they carry this weeks momentum and challenge the reigning monarchy.

      • caRyn

        True, but Victor can put up one from that side and say that they are a pawn. Give a lame excuse – Paul was a pawn and Paulie was a pawn. Victor can put up Nicole and Michelle and say Nicole is a pawn. Then if Paulie wins the veto and takes down Nicole, Victor can put up Corey. Paulie probably wouldn’t use the veto with Nicole and Michelle on the block and Nicole would be sent packing.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think one of the nominees should be The Rat, so either she or The Godfather would go home.

        Did you see her talking to Vic about who he might nominate? She was pathetic. She told him he shouldn’t nominate her because she hasn’t done anything and she doesn’t want to go on the block (hell, NO ONE wants to go on the block). He was asking her all these questions. When he asked her why she shouldn’t go on the block, the snake was dumbfounded….she was literally floundering for an answer. It was hysterical. The he asked her about the plan to backdoor him when he came back into the house….again “crickets”. He then started pressing her for an answer (I was just waiting for her to say James or Michelle). She whined “I’m thinnnnnkinnnng”. He said “Give me an answer Nicole”. She said “I’m trying to rememmmmmbbbbbeeeerrrrr”. He kept staring at her with this serious look on his face and he had a look of utter bafflement and terror at the same time…trying to come up with a name (she finally, reluctantly came up with James….no surprise there….the seed has been planted…or so she thinks). That interrogation was another moment that will go down in BB history. I was LMAO.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Gerardo: When Paul was telling James, Nat, and Mich about his talk with Victor, he mentioned that Vic said something about putting up a pawn. Paul said “F*ck that! We’re down to 8 people. We don’t need pawns anymore. You’re either on the block or you aren’t”.

        I must say, I’m liking the way the “new” group thinks. I’m liking the way they are strategizing (sp). I mentioned in the last thread that since they have seemed to have found their spines, they have now re-earned my respect and from now on, I shall call them by their given names: James, Michelle, Natalie, Victor and Paul (until or unless they revert back to stupidity). And the “bad” side of the house, I shall continue to call them by their nicknames: The Godfather, The Rat and Bambi, until they redeem themselves.

      • caRyn

        It is time for Nicole to go on the block because she hasn’t been. If there are clear sides to the house and Victor is on the opposite side of Nicole, why not? I did hear Nicole’s conversation with Victor. I hated that she lied saying it was James. Nicole doesn’t realize that within the game she is Corey’s number two. She may find out this week.

      • Nicole didn’t lie. James was there!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Trudy…..James was there but he wasn’t the one who came up with the idea to backdoor Victor. So yes, she did lie.

      • caRyn

        Thanks, NKogNeeTow. Nicole did lie. She didn’t want Victor to know who did say it so she said James.

  17. Colby

    Victor? Well crap! I don’t think he will go after Paulie. I think he is still of the mind set of getting all the girls out.
    But I guess we will see.

    • I think Vic wants Paulie out, but I’m not sure if he will follow through with it given all the chaos of the last 48 hours. But we’re down to 7 after this week, and after that it’s going to be nearly impossible to backdoor Paulie. They’re running out of opportunities to backdoor him, so if Vic is smart he will go for it this week!

      • Mell

        I would be afraid of a surprise backdoor tho. If he puts up two pawns and Paulie wins veto, pawn goes home. I hope he puts up Nicole and corey. If paulie wins veto he can only take down 1. Then they have the votes for replacement to be safe or put up Nicole and pAulia if coRey won veto, he would have to openly choose between them….assuming they dont go back to the boys club. Just a thought

      • Yeah, the thing is, Paulie is a dangerous player. So no matter how you do it, taking a shot at Paulie is very risky. Personally, if I were in Vic’s shoes, I’d rather put up two pawns (especially since no one really cares if Michelle goes home) and see what happens. There’s a chance that Paulie wouldn’t even get to play in the Veto comp, but worst case scenario, he plays and wins, and we send Michelle home without Paulie realizing that we’re coming after him. If Vic puts up any combination of Corey/Nic/Paulie, one of them would go home for sure, but if it’s not Paulie, then next week you’ll have to deal with him (and Vic can’t win HOH next week).

      • caRyn

        There is a good chance Paulie would play in the veto. The number of people in the house are slim pickings.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Gerardo: Paul convinced Vic that now is the time to strike at The Godfather. He said that if they don’t take the shot this week, they may not get another chance. Vic listened to him, then agreed. He is now on the same side as James, Paul, Michelle and Natalie. So as to not spook The Godfather, they decided to keep letting him think he is still in charge. They told Nat to keep Mich in check so she won’t go wild and start spouting off the plan. Paul told her to not even talk to the other side if they try to pull her in. The only thing they want her to do is keep getting under The Godfather’s skin so he will lose it like he did last night. They will use that against him when he’s nominated. Not a bad plan if it works.

    • I truly hope Victor and Paul stick to their “Backdoor Paulie” plan.. That’s the smartest move they could make in the house right now.. We shall see!!

    • Paul is right now trying to convince Victor that they need to get Paulie out this week! He’s telling Vic that this may be their only chance since he’s off his game THIS week (but he’ll be back on his game next week if he stays).

      • @ Gerardo
        If Paul & Victor are “SMART” they would put Corey, & Nicole up, and let one of them Win the Veto, then put Paulie on the Block.

        OR…Any of the other HG can win the Veto, & Take Nicole down, & put Paulie OTB. Therefore making the Back Door in affect with Paulie! This is the better option to me.

      • Shivani33

        What the hell! Victor was enthusiastic about going after Paulie only last night. Why oh why does he need to be convinced? Does he have amnesia?

      • Don’t get me wrong mello_one, I’m ok with ANY option that ends with Paulie in the jury house. I just got the vibe that Vic is worried about Paulie winning the Veto and coming after him next week, and I was just throwing out an idea that could alleviate his stress (and keep him on board with the plan). But it sounds like Vic is ok with going after Paulie this week now, so any way they choose to do it, just get it done!

      • Mell

        Gerardo, i see your point about Paulie being dangerous and if any combo of cory, paulie or nic go up, then they know. I just think with this amount of people in the house, they always get wierd vibes and a week is a long time to keep it a secret. I think if paulie won veto while two pawns were on block, vic would have to have to get fake mad at james or something to get paulie to use the veto. He could say he wants to exchange a girl with james and then after uses veto, he can throw corey or Nicole up. At least those 3 could feel sort of safe going into the comp. So backdoor could be possible. I see your point. This is my first season posting comments here. I’m a new bee and have probably overdone it tonifjt. Sorry for that. I was just really worked up and my family and friends don’t really watch bb and this is my favorite site to get updates! My spelling and my rambling have been a little much tonight I’m sure. Please bear with me. The past 2 days of bb have caused alot of word vomit for me I guess. My family thinks I’m nuts with bb so it’s nice to share thoughts and no one is looking at me like I need to get therapy. It’s great here!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Mell: Welcome aboard! My friends and family are the same way about BB. They can’t understand why the heck I watch it. I tell them because it’s the only game show I watch and it’s only 3 months out of the year (as opposed to the year round sports that the rest of the family watches). I’ll put my 3 months up against their 12 any day (I’m not a sports fan). Last night after BBAD went off, I went on Jokers. BB is on West Coast time and I’m on the East Coast (3 hour difference). The house action on Jokers was so riveting that I wound up updating and reading it all night. The Godfather(Paulie) was on a rant from 2am-6:30am, when they all went to bed…and I was RIGHT there reading it. By the time they went to bed, it was 9:30am here and I had been up all night reading and laughing out loud. Of course, you know when my house woke up and found out I had been on the computer all night with “that stupid BB crap”, I got the stink eye from everybody in the house. I had a list of things to do, but got a late start because I slept from 9:30 till 2pm, so I got a late start….more stink eye….I was so tired at the gym, I almost fell off the But like you, this is the only place I can come to discuss the show, I know how you feel. 🙂

    • caRyn

      Good thing Natalie and Victor talked it out last night.

  18. Shivani33

    Watching Victor and Paul schmoozing with Borey and his boyfriend, Napoleon Califiore, post HoH win. Paul’s face is telling a different story than his words. It’s quite pronounced contrast. He is just not buying into the boy festival. At moments it looks like it’s hard for him to control himself and like he’s ready to bite off Paulie’s head. But he keeps trying to contribute some enthusiasm as the guys gloat over getting rid of the last three females. Paulie is after James but only Corey seems very receptive. Watching this, I have a feeling that getting rid of Paulie, Corey and Nicole is still part of the plan and that Victor and Paul are pretending to be friendly until they strike and things go BOOM!

  19. I remember at the beginning of this season, Paul knew so little about Big Brother that Paulie literally had to explain to him what “backdoor” meant. Fast forward to tonight, and Paul is now taking the lead role in plotting Paulie’s backdoor this week. Talk about coming full circle…

    Paul, for all of his obnoxious ways, is emerging as a real contender for the grand prize.

  20. Shivani33

    Paul, in his casting interview, said that his Mom got him into Big Brother because she always had it on every Season. He might have known more than he wanted to reveal to the other houseguests. He said that he wasn’t obsessed with it and never tried out because he couldn’t imagine being accepted. Then he said that he was approached to try out and decided why not take a chance. I’ve read up on him a lot because of something that I’ve always seen in his eyes. It is a look that no one else in the house has.

  21. kneeless

    As annoying as Paul has been to me at times, he is a pretty strategic & savvy player. If a P is going to win I, hands down, would prefer Paul. He’s played a much better all around game than King Paulie. All his f bombs are still annoying but I can tolerate those better coming from his mouth rather than KP’s.

  22. I’m not sure exactly what Vic is trying to do with Nicole right now? Is he trying to get information from her? Or is just trying to mess with her mind?

  23. Shivani33

    I think he wanted to give her a chance and to see if she would tell him the truth. She zeroed in on one incident where there were 4 or 5 people present, which we probably remember, because it was highlighted here with pictures and James made a big gaffe which Da’Vonne caught. This was deflection. Nicole wasn’t going to tell him that Paulie and Corey and she have talked about backdooring Victor. But he knows this from other sources, specifically from Bridgette and Michelle. I think that Victor knew that Nicole would prevaricate before he asked. She didn’t pass the test. He likes her, but now he has more justification for himself if he decides to nominate her. Her loyalties are obvious and could cost her the game. She is increasingly dishevelled, depressive and uncomfortable, too.

    • NKogNeeTow

      What tickles me Shi, is that she lies her azz off, then gets worried that some one will tell or it will get back to the person that she lied on, that she’s the one that said it. Like I said, if you want to assure that someone doesn’t tell on you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! And did you hear her go after Mich when Bridget was evicted. She came at her and demanded “What did I tell you? When did I say that? I never said that”. She was livid that Mich said that she tried to make a deal with her before the Eviction ceremony (which The Rat didn’t, but since she has been going around the house starting lies on everyone else, the group decided to have Mich tell that lie during her eviction speech to throw everyone off). Seems like Little Miss Rat didn’t like it when a lie was told on HER.

      • caRyn

        Exactly, NKogNeeTow. And then what did Nicole do later the same day…lied about James to Victor throwing James UTB.

      • Nk. You are letting your bias overcome the true facts. She went up to Michelle after eviction because in her rant about Nicole she downright lied. And you admitted that. Nicole has done that to several ppl when she has heard ppl said things about her that weren’t true. I would confront someone who had lied about me because I think that’s the honorable thing to do. So you are criticizing her for confronting Michelle with her lie?? And as far as the back door Vic thing James was there so that was not a lie as you said it was. And she really didn’t like to Vic she just didn’t tell him said she didn’t remember. You can’t give her credit for remaining loyal to her alliance and not telling on them but you call her throwing James utb when she said he was there (he was) you can’t have it both ways. You are contradicting yourself. I haven’t heard Nicole lie about anyone. She’s pretty much told the truth. She’s told her alliance things others have told her but that’s all game. Plus everyone does it. And she doesn’t get personal in her game and be nasty. I’ve heard her say several times that she thought throwing away the cookies wasn’t right. Did she laugh when ppl said they did that? Maybe but that’s part of game. You can’t come down on everyone when you think they are doing things that aren’t right because then they come after you. And several times in game she’s confronted nat about things she’s heard she said and nat has lied. Nat has been jealous of Nicole since day one for no reason except that more of the males liked her than liked her. Surely you can see that. James and Nicole were very close which has killed nat the entire game. Nic has been very hurt with James because of his disloyalty. Nic was good friend to z and z really liked her and only thing nic ever said about z was that she was too jealous. Then day came in and poisoned z with lies about Nicole and ruined that relationship. Day lied!! And only thing nic did with z and mich was not tell them how a vote was going down and that was pretty petty thing to get mad about. It wasn’t as if she didn’t tell them they were going up. So if she had told them did that mean they would have thrown their good friend day utb and also voted her out?? Oh yeah- real nice and loyal friends. And Nicole didn’t know all details of Paulie and z relationship. She heard z side and Pauline’s side but he didn’t tell nic much. Nic would be shocked and horrified if she knew things z was doing with Paulie. Even when z told her she had done something stupid. My rants over. I don’t expect anyone to change their minds but I think some ppl should step back and really see what they are saying about ppl stuck in a house playing a game that is meant for you to lie and be dishonest and stab ppl in the back. I sometimes wonder if some ppl in forum talk about ppl in their life the way they do ppl in the house. I’m an idealist and that’s why I have only have my favorite win a few times. I like the ones that try to be the most honest and there aren’t many like that because those ppl don’t often win game. Jordan was my fav of all time. She also had winey voice!! Guess most of ppl here didn’t like her. She had showmance also

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Trudy: I’m not bias toward Nicole. She IS a rat. Plain and simple. And if you read my comments, you’d see that I didn’t contradict myself at all. I said that Michelle lied in her Eviction speech. I also said that The Rat lied to Victor. James WAS there, but he didn’t come up with the idea to backdoor Victor. In fact, he didn’t say anything at all. It was The Godfather who said that Victor would be backdoored. You seem a little biased yourself. You’ve done nothing short of Canonizing her. You seem to have blinders about the fact that she has told more lies in the house than anybody except The Godfather. If she’s your favorite, so be it. But don’t get upset because most of us don’t like the flavor of her Kool-Ade. You say that she lies to be loyal to her alliance, then you turn around and say you haven’t heard her lie about anything. Now who’s being contradictory? YOU can’t have it both ways. You keep saying that all the women in the house are jealous of her. What the hell for? She’s nasally, whiney, sneaky, needy, just like a majority of them. So WHAT does she have for them to be jealous of? Maybe YOU should step back and realize what people are saying about her is true. Jordan was, is and will always remain my favorite also. But she never lied to or on anyone. Oh, and her husband Jeff is my second favorite.


  24. Paulie is on another rant about Natalie’s fake boobs… Truth be told, he CANT STAND for an attractive woman to be immune to his “charm”… Natalie knows what’s up and he hates it..

    • Leah. Nat went after Paulie and didn’t get anywhere with him!! That’s one reason she doesn’t like him, Corey and Vic. They all spurned her. And Paul really started the fake tits thing although all the boys went along with it. Paulie needs to quit that comment now but truth be told he’s really saying she’s a fake person and although hate to say anything to support Paulie but he’s right about that!!

  25. caRyn

    If you are not a snake, and you are really honest and loyal, you wouldn’t have to sell yourself. You would blow off comments and be confident in who you are and you wouldn’t justify yourself to anyone.

  26. caRyn

    I cannot wait for Nicole to find out that Corey didn’t have her back. It is not looking good for Nicole – relationship wise or other. Now she needs an intervention. Moving from Zakiyah needing one to now Nicole.

  27. Funny how everyone realized there plan didn’t work and Paulie is still in control and everyone is doing damage control. Everyone is shit talking Z and somehow last week the other side of the house wanted to “blow up Paulie” and expose how he talks behind Z’s back. Smh bunch of hypocrites. Speaking of James is now throwing Natalie under the bus realizing “the house” is the 5 guy alliance. Natalie “apologizes” to Paulie I don’t know why for if she was that “uncomfortable” in the first place. Eventually Paul will be exposed for the side deals he’s making with every single person in the house, it’s just really annoying that no one in the game other than Paulie, Corey, and maybe Victor can make a decision and ACTUALLY STICK TO IT. Everyone else is so wishy washy it’s just too much. I say if I was Paulie I’d target Natalie kick her to the curb and keep an eye on Paul because it’s becoming clear that he’s going to throw a knife in his back

    • NKogNeeTow

      James wasn’t really throwing Natalie under the bus. And Natalie wasn’t really apologizing to him because she realizes his apology wasn’t sincere. That is all part of the plan they have to keep him thinking he’s still in charge of the house. Paul has come clean to his new group. He told them who he had deals with. So all cards are on the table on Paul/James/Natalie/Michelle/Victor’s side of the house. And they did blow up The Godfather’s game…now everyone knows about all the different deals he’s made with everyone in the house (they got together and compared notes…he’s still denying it though).

      The Godfather(Paulie) COULD make a decision until last night. Once he lost self control, he was all over the place. That’s when they all saw his true colors. And Bambi (Corey) couldn’t make a decision on his own if his dizzy life depended on it. As for TGF keeping “an eye on Paul because it’s becoming clear that he’s going to throw a knife in his back”….well, as they all pointed out once they realized that TGF used them to get everyone out that was coming after HIM, he used everyone in the house to get out all of his enemies, so in a sense, he had other people throw knives for him.

      Finally, if anyone needs to get kicked to the curb, it should be The Rat (Nicole). For the past few weeks she’s gone from HG to HG planting seeds and lies to turn them against each other (taking a page out of TGF’s playbook). Now she’s running scared. While she’s running, time to run her ass right out the door.

      • He only used everyone because they were willing to be used and say “it’s what the house wants” now all of a sudden they have a conscious and want to claim Paulie is so evil and brainwashed them or something? Lol please they made there beds they shouldn’t try to play victim now especially Paul and James

      • caRyn

        Did you not see Paulie playing the victim the last 2-3 days especially?! Hence all the drama in the house. Not that other people do not play victim, but Paulie is right up there with the rest of them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Randall: They didn’t suddenly have a conscience, they just all got together and compared notes and realized he had told each of them different stories. He got caught in his own trap.

  28. Well, Vic is HOH again. Ok, I guess this is not the worst thing that could have happened but bot not the best either! They need to drill in his head the memory of who back doomed him before! Maybe that will jolt him enuf to do the same to Paulie! He has no idea how big of a move that would be!

  29. Does anyone remember the story of Paulie and his ex? He said in the house one time that he had proposed to his girlfriend and then she said no and kept the ring. During his fight with Natalie, though, two former Amazing Race contestants that are friends of Natalie and former friends of Paulie said that his ex said no because he was cheating on her with five other women and she did, in fact, not keep the ring. I have no clue if it’s accurate or not, however if it is, it shows how much of an ass Paulie really is.
    The one who exposed him is Tiffany Chantell. I hope she isn’t spreading lies, but this new information brings more reason to dislike Paulie.

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