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Live Eviction Thread for 9/14

September 14, 2023 | 47 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

What a wild afternoon in the Big Brother house.

We’ve been trying our best to cover it, but Thursday is always hard because the feeds are typically down like half the afternoon so they can prep for the show. So as of the feeds going down one final time before showtime, we had Cory and Jared still arguing but everyone set on Izzy going home.

I’ve never seen so much Thursday scrambling or situations where we legitimately don’t know what will happen when feeds return. Cameron was the first I can remember who didn’t even tell the live feed watchers that he was planning something different for noms. And last week, we weren’t sure if Red was going to have the votes until midway through votes.

Now to summarize this afternoon…

Jared told Cory and Matt that Jag told him about Izzy going home. This was a lie. Jared just used Jag’s name because I guess it’s the most believable. Once he did, Cory and Matt sung like birds and confirmed it all and became pissed at Jag. One thing to note through that, Matt and Cory didn’t sway off Izzy. They just assumed they couldn’t trust Jag starting next week.

Again, Jag didn’t say anything.

Jared, Jag, Cory, Matt, Bowie, and Cirie ended up in the HN room talking more before the feeds went down. That is when Jared was trying to lay it out on the table with Cory and they went back and forth yelling at each other / talking over each other / etc. It was pretty fun to watch, but what we don’t know is the fallout from that conversation. Did Matt realize Jared lies? Did they ever make up with Jag? We won’t really know until tonight!

We also aren’t really sure who is going home. While Izzy is still set to leave, Cirie is a powerful force and the rest of the house are pretty weak, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Felicia walk out the door in a unanimous vote lol. It SHOULD be around 6-3 in favor of Izzy leaving, but we’ll just have to find out in about an hour!


  • Here we go!
  • I wonder if Matt is the first one who kept the punishment for veto despite winning the entire comp lol
  • Poor Felicia thinks the votes were going to be coming from Cirie, Jared, and Blue… ouch
  • Matt – “I think we’re fine this week” … well yea, you’re not nominated so….
  • Time for clips on the flip
  • Poor Bowie finally realizing her alliance was fake
  • Matt realizing this season wasn’t what he thought…
  • Izzy’s pitch sounds like someone who knows they’re going home

Time for votes!

Jared – Izzy
America – Izzy
Bowie – Izzy
Matt – Izzy
Meme – Izzy
Cirie – Felicia
Cory – Izzy
Blue – Izzy
Jag – Izzy

And there it is, our first full flip and they stuck with it.

On the way out, She refuses a huge from Cameron and says she’ll be seeing him soon. Same with pipsqueak (Cory)

Blue says she happily votes to evict Izzy. Umm, you were going to evict Felicia just a few hours ago. Try thinking for yourself? If voting out Izzy made you happy, why settle for Felicia?

Regarding the jury news – jury of 7 this year. Two more weeks before they can relax. I love it

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