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Power Rankings: The Minutemen Lead The Charge

October 8, 2023 | 15 Comments
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Author: Mike

It’s been a wild season thus far. While the house flips on a daily to weekly basis, there are the undertones of a dominant alliance. Here are my power rankings for Week 10. 

HOH: Bowie

Noms: Cirie, Felicia

  1. Jag
  2. Matt
  3. Cory
  4. Cirie
  5. America
  6. Bowie
  7. Blue
  8. Felicia
  9. Cam

Jag – One third of the “Fugitives” alliance, Jag is positioned very well at this point of the game. He and Matt fooled former HOH Cameron into sending Meme out the door tonight instead of Cam’s original target, Felicia. I have Jag ranked first on my list, but he and Matt are extremely tight in the power race. Matt seems to be physically stronger and already has a competition win, which makes him likely a sooner target than his best buddy. Also (spoiler alert)… Jag won the POV this week and there is a wave to backdoor Cam. Unfortunately for Jag, he needs to show his cards a little bit now. Whatever he does, it’s going to annoy someone important. The easy option that delivers the least to zero blood on his hands would be to NOT use the Veto. That will likely upset current HOH Bowie. On the other hand, Jag plays the Veto on either houseguest and Cam goes up, which immediately breaks apart the “Fugitives” alliance among Jag, Matt and Cam. 

Matt – 10x Gold Medalist Matt Klotz is playing one of the least strategic and most strategic games of the summer. He is floating (no pun intended) extremely well with a veto to boot. His relationship with Cirie is strong as his tight alliance with Jag within the “Fugitives” alliance took over last week. Directing Cam’s HOH while deflecting any collateral damage to Cory and America was a sound game move. Matt knows how to be a chameleon and read people in the room. He’ll whisper against certain houseguests based on the conversation he is in. Whether Matt isn’t winning competitions more often on purpose or coincidence, the houseguests should look out the further Matt goes in the game. 

Cory – Cory and America could be in hot water this week beyond just a shower. The couple was painted as called out by Meme as she headed out the front door, refusing to hug either player. In past seasons such as Season 6, 7, 10,  and 16 to name few (you can probably throw 17 and 22 in the mix), defamation like that would see the house turn on the recipients. It does not make a lot of sense to keep Cory in the house because he is part of a showmance and the same can be said of America. That bond will not be broken for the rest of the season. Cory appears closer to the “Minutemen” (Jag/Matt) than Cam is to the duo, which has shifted Bowie into targeting the army veteran, and extended Cory’s life in the game. The youngest houseguest at 21-years-old could take the Ian Terry narrative. In Season 14, Ian collected critical competition wins late in the season en route to victory. Cory was one question away from tying Bowie and Felicia on Thursday’s mental comp. Just picture what he can do if comp beast Cam (who is also intelligent) is evicted. 

Cirie – Cirie came out of the gates fast and strong. Alongside Jared, superfan Izzy, and fellow older houseguest Felicia, the group reigned over the house regardless of who actually was the HOH. Things changed in Week 6. Burned by Izzy, Felicia, and the Survivor legend, Cam avenged his evicted ally by sending Izzy home. Cory delivered the final blow when he booted Jared a week later. Since then, Felicia and Cirie drifted apart and Cirie’s power is hanging on by a thread (or a hair off Matt’s head). So why do I have Cirie fourth on my power rankings? Cirie is smart enough to lay low and let the house fight each other. She can make it to final three. If reaches final two, she can provide great answers and an incredible speech to the jury. Remember, Cirie has been to three final tribal councils on Survivor and she won the first season of Traitors!

America – The other half of this season’s remaining showmance, America, is living out her dream. She is in a showmance, experienced life on the block, and has enjoyed the benefits tied to HOH. Her biggest flaw is her loose lips. She previously spilled beans to Cirie, whom Cory advised not trust, but did so anyway. She also instigated (though unintentionally) Felicia’s outburst following Meme’s eviction that declared Cory not be trustworthy. However, the medical receptionist understands the game of Big Brother. Instead of capturing her first competition and HOH in the pressure-cooker comp, she passed it on to Cam. The move has ultimately benefited her and Cory’s game because it, through a series of events, has ballooned Cam’s threat level so much that he will very likely be evicted before her and Cory. America, one of this season’s superfans, has played a strong game, but I think she needs to amplify her resume to stand a chance of winning. 

Bowie – Bowie won something. Her ranking has more to do with her paths forward than her gameplay up to this point. She can get second place at best. Everyone has done more within the game (except maybe Blue) at this point. Bowie is such a dark horse that she could pull off competition wins — especially in mental comps — and continue to be practically invisible in the house. 

Blue – The New York City native seems unable to pull off visible moves this season. She was largely protected by Jared at the cost of her game through the first 50 days. Since Jared was eliminated, Blue is yet to pull the trigger or drive forward moments pivotal for her game. 

Felicia – Felicia is, well, a loose cannon. She has flipped out on former allies, called out adversaries, and she won the biggest HOH crapshoot competition all the way back on Week 3 (Day 16). For reference, that was the night when Reilly got evicted on Hisam’s HOH. The 63-year-old real estate agent has made final two deals with two evicted houseguests (Jared, Meme) and her list of allies continues to grow thin. Thursday night depicted a conversation between her and Jag building a rapport, but Jag will clip Felicia before Matt and Cory anytime. She was the original target this week and, not for the fact people fear her LESS than Meme, Momma Felicia was going out the door. Felicia is another houseguest where the best placement for her this season is likely 2nd. 

Cam – Oh how the mighty have fallen. Wait, this has happened before. Cam sent Jag out to meet Julie on Day 30 (well not really).  Later. he spurred the Izzy eviction and that was good… until it cost him his BB life the following week. But then he came back as a BB Zombie and appeared to form inroads with Jag and Matt. True. Until Cam got duped into sending Meme home, which tossed out all the effectiveness of his third HOH reign. Cam is in a very tight, uncomfortable spot. He is the best physical competitor this season emphasized by his seven competition wins (three HOHs, two POVs, and won both Zombie return challenges), which makes him an enormous, omnipresent target every week he isn’t the HOH. As Steve said, Cam is already becoming Bowie’s prime choice for eviction. 

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