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Some Off-Season Changes For Big Brother 25!

July 23, 2023 | 17 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Hey guys, it’s that time again!!!! Time for some Biggggggg Brottthhhheerrrrrrrrr

It’s been an extended off-season due to the writer’s strike, and as a Big Brother fan, I say strike away! Keep striking all winter long, baby. Maybe we’ll get a Big Brother 26 squeezed in the winter when they usually do Celeb Big Brother. Speaking of the strike, I guess actors are on strike as well so that dramatically reduces the chance of a CBB and increases the chance of a BB26.

I know what you’re going to say. Steve, the people who appear on CBB are has-been nobodies who probably aren’t part of the SAG and to that, I will say – you’re right. And I don’t have a response other than I hope they realize that a BB26 season would be far more exciting than literally scraping the bottom of the barrel – nay – UNDER the barrel, UNDER the maggots, worms, and other insects for the D’est of D list celebrities. So let’s do it, CBS. BB26!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We still have bb25 to focus on, and I believe it will be an All-Star season. Why? No reason at all other than it’s the 25th season and they’re already starting to make a big deal about it by having this weird episode this week. They can’t just hype up the season and throw nobodies on, can they? I guess they could. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me. I actually prefer newbies so I’ll be happy either way.

Now, on to the site changes. Let’s see:

Front Page – I re-designed the layout a bit. Maybe it is a bit more mobile-friendly (I hope), and added a cool thing of the highlighted BB stats. You can see that at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Stats – Speaking of stats, I have stats, and a lot of them! Both the player page and season page had an overhaul and you can see them both here (season page) (player page).

For the season page, I have a table showing all the players and how they did in that season. Taking a look at BB24 for an example, you’ll see Taylor Hale won 2 HoH, 0 PoV, was nominated 6 times, yet only received 1 vote all season long. Below that on the season table, you’ll then see some advanced stats like she played in 9 veto competitions, she was saved from the block 0 times, won 17% of the HoH comps she played in, 0 veto, and won 10% of the total comps she played in. She also received 0.17 votes per nomination on average (for the record, that’s fantastic).

When you look at someone else who was nominated multiple times (Kyle), he received a total of 6 votes which averages 2 per nomination. Meanwhile, the people who were only nominated once obviously had a lot more votes per average (the season leader was Nicole and Pooch at 9).

Now, the only problem I found is that entering the data from old seasons was boring as hell so I didn’t even make it through season 22.

Speaking of seasons, you can see a list of the seasons I’ve done here

Basically, I did another complete overhaul of the site and the best part is that it looks amazing ad-free. I created a recurring payment option so I don’t have to manually deal with activating it, but I didn’t get a chance to fully test it so if you’re planning on signing up for the ad-free experience (which also supports the site), you can do it now which will give me a week or so to make sure everything is smooth. Here is the link to sign up

Again, as I say every year, you won’t gain access to any special content. My site has always been around a free model so paying for premium just removes the ads and maybe gives you a supporter badge or something. Your comments won’t appear any higher so you get the same exact experience with or without supporter status (minus the ads). I have zero intention of trying to make a site like Twitter with the haves and have-nots. This just helps me not rely so heavily on ad income which is decreasing more and more with ad-blockers.

And speaking of ad-blockers, I thought of putting one of those warnings on that many sites are doing now (you must remove your ad-blocker to visit the site), but I pretty much hate when I see them, and squeezing every penny isn’t worth the hassle.

Finally, I will be spotty between Sunday Aug 6th and Thursday Aug 10th. I’m still working at that company and they still love doing their yearly camping trips, so I’ll be at Mount Hood in Oregon during that time. I probably won’t have much access to the internet, so I hope our updaters return this season! Sorry about that, while I love this site, I need my job and can’t skip out on those trips.

I HATE that it’s early in the season as that’s the time I take to really get to know people, but fortunately I’ll have a few days of studying them before I go. Alright this was a long one. See you soon for Big Brother 25!

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Big Brother Stats

Most Votes Received

Name Wins
Cameron Hardin 14
Kirsten Elwin 13
Jag Bains 12
Reilly Smedley 12
Brandon Frenchie 11

Most Nominated

Name Wins
Felicia Cannon 8
Taylor Hale 6
Brittany Hoopes 5
Terrance Higgins 5
Xavier Prather 5

Most Veto Wins

Name Wins
Jag Bains 7
Michael Bruner 5
Brittany Hoopes 4
Kyland Young 3
Xavier Prather 3

Most HOH Wins

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Matt Turner 3
Bowie Jane 3
Michael Bruner 3
Monte Taylor 3
Cameron Hardin 3
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