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The Long Road For Hisam

August 22, 2023 | 27 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

It’s a pretty slow night in the house, and has been a lot slower of a week than expected. We all expected Hisam to go kicking and screaming, but so far his nomination has been uneventful. He is trying to campaign while not feed into all the accusations against him of being a bully and such.

Obviously, bullying / pressuring is Hisam’s strength so whatever was said yesterday during the veto meeting, the house managed to chop off his strength at the knees. Any bullying just reaffirms what was said and gives them the motivation to boot him.

I know what you’re going to say – just let the dude go. And yea, you’re not wrong. If I’m in that house, I’m wanting Hisam to leave on Thursday just like everyone else. He’s a massive competition to nearly everyone and may as well risk battleback than him making jury and even tainting jury with his clear bitterness (spoiler – battleback pre-jury is not happening anyway, but they don’t know that. In fact, they think it is)

However, as a blogger and feed watcher, I like entertainment, and he brings it. So naturally, I’m going to hope he somehow manages to stay and keep stirring the pot. It’s entertaining to watch, entertaining to blog, and makes the season fun. With my blogging hat on, I don’t give a shit which player wins. Any of them. Well, I guess right now I’d be happy if Felicia pulled it off, but that’s about it. The rest, don’t care. Oh scratch that, Matt too. Yea, Felicia and Matt, I’d feel content if they won. Maybe somewhere deep in my dark soul, I’d actually be a little happy. If anyone else won, I wouldn’t care.

So circling back to ole Hisam, I’m going to say his campaigning so far has been absolute horseshit. He has just gone from openly threatening / aggressive behavior to just passive-aggressive threatening. He has dropped the whole ‘If I stay, I’m going after whoever didn’t keep me’ or ‘I’m going to be friends outside of the house’. It’s trash.

I think if there is one thing that would keep him is if he manages to pull Miss Felicia aside to win her back over. Felicia is deep in camp Cirie and I believe she’s a lot harder to win back over. As much as I like Felicia, she’s a reality show newbie with a big heart so he’s going to win her over long before he wins Cirie back over.

Now, He can’t do like a Dan’s Funeral type of deal, but he definitely needs to take the same approach which if people don’t remember, after Dan’s Funeral, he didn’t just shit on everyone and leave. He then went up to the HoH room and had a super long talk with Frank to pull the ‘I’m all alone, I want to work with you’ card. He pulled in one of the veto holders that week (Jenn) for a four person alliance with him, Frank, and Danielle. Jenn saved him, the rest is history.

It’s obviously too late for veto, but Hisam needs to get Felicia back on his side and then the two of them pull Cirie and Izzy into a room together and make amends. If that happened, everything else falls into place. Cirie easily convinces the house to keep Hisam and he stays to terrorize them a few more weeks.

Do I think any of that will happen? No. I think he’ll just keep going around to everyone with his ‘I’m going after anyone who crossed me’ bullshit and he’ll be leaving Thursday. But, as a reality show watcher, I’m hoping we see some exciting feeds the next 24h. Otherwise, the house gets more and more boring every strong personality they lose.

What are your thoughts? I know you likely want Hisam gone, and I get that. But would you campaign if you were him?

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