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Tuesday Feed Updates For BB25 8/15

August 15, 2023 | 31 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

As you can see, I altered the feed updates on individual pages a little so now it shows in chronological order and also just shows the updates for the day I am blogging. This is so you can go back and see the updates day by day like it used to be rather than how I had it before.

Alright, inside the Big Brother house, things are flipping and things are flopping as Cirie has taken lead in trying to keep Reilly in the house. She is done with Hisam and knows it’s simply better to keep someone who will go after him with a passion than to let her go. And in reality, Reilly so far isn’t that strong a competitor, so it’s not like she can’t be cut in a few weeks.

What is scaring the people in the house is that Hisam IS a strong competitor, and he’s also been pretty commanding, and some would say rude. He is a strong presence and Cirie is smart enough from her Survivor experience that he is far more of a danger to her game than either Reilly or Cameron. So far, Hisam has been Michael with the comps, but not as passive with his game.

As of right now, Reilly is staying and I think Cirie is too strong-willed for that to change. She has no reason to keep Cameron and she is basically running the house without being as obvious as Hisam. Ironically, that makes her the biggest danger, but she’s a seasoned vet of these type of games so she’s going to get really far by pulling strings while making it seem like it’s a group effort.

So here are the updates for today!

Live Feed Updates For 08/15/2023
08/15/23 08:15am (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie and Izzy chat in the pantry

They are keeping about keeping Reilly again, but talking through telling Meme or not.
Cirie wants to talk to the Bye Bye Bs to explain why they want to keep Reilly

08/15/23 08:28am (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
The yard is closed and you can hear building/set up etc
08/15/23 09:53am (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie talks to Matt in the pantry

She tells him that if they rally to keep Reilly, Cirie wants guaranteed protection from Matt and Jag if they win power

08/15/23 12:22pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie- Me, you, Blue, Reilly, Izzy is a good core. Jag- How do we feel about Jared? Cirie- Felicia likes Jared. Felicia will probably pull Jared. I like Jared too. I think he is trustworthy. Jag- Do you think Izzy will pull Jared? Cirie- She’s closer to Jared than I am

Providing some Twitter updates while meetings kept me busy today!

08/15/23 12:23pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Seems like Cirie has convinced Jared (for now) to keep Reilly

Cirie has also mentioned there would be more women than men if they save her

08/15/23 12:43pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie, Matt, and Izzy tell Reilly she should be acting more sad and have one more “desperate” conversation with Hisam
08/15/23 12:54pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Izzy to Felicia in the middle room

They want Bowie to eliminate Reds vote if Bowie has a power. They want to ease Meme into the plan but they aren’t going to tell Red until after the fact

08/15/23 12:54pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Izzy- You rest up because it’s going to be a big couple days.

I can’t wait for him to look into my eyes and I’ll look right back

08/15/23 02:03pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag thinks there will be a new alliance after Reilly stays

Jag,Blue, Cirie, Izzy,Reilly He wants everyone to have a partner like the cook out (hasn’t he tried this before)

08/15/23 02:20pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie and Izzy in the HOH room pumping themselves up about the flip
08/15/23 03:15pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie and Izzy pull Meme to tell her the plan, Jag interrupts
08/15/23 03:47pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Hisam tells Meme he really trusts Cam

Hisam thinks he would be a good teammate who would consult him first before making a decision

08/15/23 04:16pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Sounds like the house is going to have a bumper pool tournament
08/15/23 05:29pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cory, Izzy, and Meme contemplate if Hisam can make Reilly join his side next week
08/15/23 06:43pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Meme, Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia in the comic room

They are discussing bringing America in. Cirie says she left the ball in her court weeks ago and she hasn’t had any convo with her. They don’t want to force it. They want to use Cory to get to her (why can’t these alliances just leave well enough alone?)

08/15/23 07:00pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie- we have just as much of an chance to win as Reilly, Matt, Blue and Jag
08/15/23 07:05pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Hisam to Izzy in the living room

Izzy- tomorrow will be hard
Hisam- not really. It’s more of the same. We have to listen to Reilly bitch about wanting to stay and the sad part is people are giving her a sense of hope

08/15/23 07:17pm (8 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Make up party in the bathroom
08/15/23 08:52pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Steve checking in on a slow night in the house

Blue and Jared alone chatting about the house in the bathroom

08/15/23 09:19pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
The more Cirie thinks, the more she is thinking away from her own decision lol

She’s not really leaning on keeping Reilly anymore. Reilly is suffering from overplay early syndrome. This is why they usually wait until Wednesday night. If you make someone out to be too big a villain or tough opponent, they may realize keeping that person as a shield is way better short term than getting rid of them. Until that person coasts to the end and then wins it all (Josh).

08/15/23 09:20pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Now Izzy is trying to play 5D chess here

She is thinking if they flip BACK and leave Blue and Jag hanging (voting to keep Reilly), that makes them targets. Actually kind of smart

08/15/23 09:25pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Uh oh, Meme is talking to herself again

She is once again venting against Reilly. Just like last night in the storage room, she speaks to some people who try to get her to vote Reilly and then talks herself back into voting out Cameron. She’s actually awesome because I love hearing her inner thoughts. I call her crazy but it’s great

08/15/23 09:27pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Cirie meets up with Reilly and is basically warning her the house is once again switching

Reilly is back in panic mode. This girl has been going through some shit this week

08/15/23 09:58pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Izzy is now talking to Cory
08/15/23 10:01pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Cory feels that Hisam will target him (C) out of anyone

He says if the house flips, he thinks Hisam will kind of shell up and look into himself.

He then asks if there is a difference of him being fired up in 2 days or 5 days. 2 days vs Reilly staying or 5 days where he’s nominated and playing veto (it’s 4 days but who is counting).

08/15/23 10:11pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
I wonder if a doctor has visited the house. Cory is coughing. Hisam has been coughing all week.

It doesn’t seem like anyone has a covid because all they’re doing is coughing, but it’s still weird.

08/15/23 10:15pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Cirie called to the DR, time for another house flip

I’m kidding, but would be funny if she’s suddenly back into saving Reilly after it.

08/15/23 10:21pm (8 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Okay as I head to bed, it’s about 50/50. Let’s see what it is tomorrow!
08/15/23 10:24pm (8 months ago)
By: ShariBB25
Jag, Reilly and Matt in Have Not

discussing once again how the house has flipped and how Reilly needs to convince that side that she is valuable.

08/15/23 10:32pm (8 months ago)
By: ShariBB25
Who thinks Cirie should have been quiet about keeping Reilly

I think this vote should have been a sneaky vote to keep Reilly instead of being out in the open…just a thought

08/15/23 10:41pm (8 months ago)
By: ShariBB25
In the Kitchen

Cirie, Hisam, Felicia and Bowie are in the kitchen, Felicia is eating a healthy late night snack of salad.

08/15/23 11:06pm (8 months ago)
By: ShariBB25
Jag, Blue and Felicia on the vote again

They are running numbers and who to send home. Jag is busy doing statistical information. Felicia says she is on board to get rid of Cameron. Jag wants him gone and I am not sure on what Blue is thinking.

08/15/23 11:20pm (8 months ago)
By: ShariBB25
Jared and Cory and Izzy on the couch

talking again about the vote but Jared is saying it is stressing him out all the back and forth. He is afraid its going to make him look crazy. Izzy is saying that going back to the smartest thing that they came to agree on is that to get rid of Reilly and her army. She still thinks that is the best plan. Jared has been trying to avoid Cameron all day because he keeps coming up to Jared saying stuff about the eviction.

08/15/23 11:24pm (8 months ago)
By: ShariBB25
All the talk is about Reilly and Cameron and eviction…round and round

Little groups of people everywhere are still talking about who they are going to vote out. It is still about 50/50 with minds changing by the second…we have one more day of this and then eviction day…goodnight all!

If you would like to see more feed updates, Visit our feed update page here
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