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Veto Saturday Updates and More

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Good afternoon, everyone! It is veto day in the Big Brother house, and it is a fairly large one. If you missed the update, or the header, Bridgette and Frank were nominated by James who won my favorite endurance competition (the wall). For the record, I am very upset that they didn’t show the competition on the live feeds. I look forward to endurance competitions every year, and the fact that this was a 5 1/2 hour long one makes it sting that much more. Thanks Big Brother.

Back to the veto competition. Frank is pretty much on an island right now because his only real ally is on the block with him. Despite Tiffany telling Victor that Da’Vonne can’t be trusted, it appears he quickly joined the group in the house that is looking to eliminate Frank – yet not tell him. Frank actually thinks there is a chance Paulie, maybe Victor, Corey or Paul may play for him and use it on him if they win. They won’t. Frank is alone, and it’s must win for him or he’ll be heading home this Thursday night.  Meanwhile, James is a bit upset because he nominated the pair as a ‘house decision’ (James plays safe), yet was quickly thrown under the bus by people like Paulie who gave Frank sympathy after the noms. Quite a few people gave the impression that it was James’ decision alone, and that is because (and I quote Natalie) “they’re a bunch of bitches”.

This has James doing a bit of damage control as you can see from the image above. He sat Bridgette down and had a long talk with her about how he’s not after her, and how it was a mistake to nominate her.  That’s what you get when you do the dirty work of snakes, I guess.


  • 11:50am – Natalie is up and getting ready for the day.
  • There likely will be nothing going on from now until the veto competition ends, so I am going to run out for the afternoon. I will update this thread when I return
  • Also, vote for your favorite houseguest of the week here – I will create a new post just for that when I return as well
  • 4:30pm – No veto comp yet. Had a good day at the beach, though!
    • Veto players are Frank, Bridgette, James, Nicole, Da’Vonne, and Michelle with Natalie hosting.
    • Frank is talking to Nicole in the pantry and asking her to throw the comp.
  • 4:52pm – Frank is talking to Bridgette in the safari room.
    • They talk about how annoying Paul is and how they don’t want to be in the jury house with him (one of them probably won’t)
    • Then Frank hears Michelle talking and said that’s another one he hates.
    • Bridgette says “You don’t have to tell me. I want to take her head and slam it into the table”.. woah, that escalated quickly
    • They mention an 8 or 9pm veto. That would be an odd time since 9pm is when BBAD is on.
  • 5:07pm – Right now Frank/Bridgette is in the safari room and Paul and Victor are in the kitchen. All you need to do is watch the safari room and you can hear both rooms because the kitchen is so loud
  • 5:20pm – James and Nat are laying in the HoH bed, Corey, Z and Nicole are chatting in the Tokyo room.
    • Frank is also in the room.  Nicole is talking about that thing Amy talked about last night. With Victor being Nicole’s servant for the day
    • Frank suggests she tell him to shave his mustache into a Hitler ‘stache
  • 7:30pm – People just hanging around chatting and waiting for the veto comp. I am shocked it is this late. It can’t be a very long one, unless the plan on airing it on bbad
  • 8:00pm – Frank asks if Nicole has been called into the DR about being pulled to play yet. She says no. This wait is driving people crazy
    • frank-bridgette
    • Talking to Bridgette, Frank said he’d rather go home this week than the next few weeks. He doesn’t want to hang around jury all summer. Especially when he was there a few years ago
    • Earlier in the day, he was telling a story about how Boogie gave him his phone number before he left. He said when he got to jury, sneak out and give him a call and he’ll leave Frank a bunch of stuff in the bushes. He’ll give him updates on the house, etc. Frank didn’t actually do that, but his handler was super paranoid he was going to. He even accused Frank of jumping on his laptop when he wasn’t looking.  Frank denies doing anything with it. Said he didn’t care enough to know what was happening in the house. I’d probably be the same way. Once out, I’d be done.
    • He said if he does go to jury, he’s going to wake up early, go in the living room, turn on Netflix and have people force him to give away the remote.
    • The handler will say “Frank,  you gotta share it, bro”. Frank will tell him “make me!”…  he then says he’s kidding. He won’t act like that.
    • He called himself a ‘paper tiger’ earlier. Scary looking and acting, but really made a paper and passive.
  • 8:20pm – Frank jokes that production is taking awhile because they have to put together a big package to introduce just who Michelle is.  He said audience members are going to see Michelle playing in the veto and wonder who the hell she is
  • 8:30pm – Natalie finally called to the DR. This means veto comp shortly
  • 8:40pm – Feeds down for veto
  • 10:00pm – Feeds are still down
  • 10:40pm – Feeds back
    • It was some weird rave looking competition. The winner is….
    • girls-dancing
    • Michelle!  The girl Frank was making fun of that nobody knew.  Poor Frank. Karma is coming around a lot for him this season
    • Meanwhile on the other side of the house…
    • bridgette-sad
    • The nice part about large groups of people all gelling together is that it eventually becomes a messy divorce
  • 11:00pm – The HoH room is talking, and sounds like Frank is done.  They’re going to get Bridgette out second, unless she wins HoH of course (she won’t)
    • Note – Paul celebrating is one of the most obnoxious things I’ve heard in Big Brother blogging.  “pissed”…. “pissed”…. “pissed”  Wow this cast is annoying
  • 11:15pm – Frank is starting to get a bit annoyed at James.
    • He told James not to leave Bridgette out to dry next week. James says he won’t, but then Bridgette said James also said he wouldn’t put her up.
    • Frank tells him not to let her spend the week by herself while everyone picks on her like they’ve been all summer
    • “Everyone picks on the sweet kid all summer, and you’re like … ‘all right,  I’ll put her up because that’s what all the mean girls want’, but… pretty shitty”
    • “You could have just put me and Victor up and let me go home”
  • 11:40pm – Frank jokes about finding some special twist this week. Makes me wonder if production is going to drop hints about the twist Julie mentioned
    • Bridgette asks if his season was like this, with all the people being mean and rude. He said not even close basically
    • Bridgette said Day wants to talk to her later. Frank encourages working with her if she can and putting up boys if that’s what it takes
    • She said she heard Paulie talking about how people shouldn’t celebrate like that (like Michelle and the rest of the house), but then she noticed him going and joining them. This makes them realize they can’t trust Paulie, either.  Not like it matters at this point as they’re both walking dead.
    • Frank knew James was a douchebag from the beginning, but thought he could work with him.  He thinks Paulie is as well.  Corey is alright.  Victor is a douchebag… but one of the nicer ones.  Natalie isn’t catty, but she’s stupid and weak. Ignorant and oblivious to this whole thing.
    • “Online is probably hating on me (Frank) for shitting on everyone, but it’s true”… (Frank is right from what I have witnessed so far. I wouldn’t call Natalie stupid, but everything else sounds spot on)
  • 12:00am – Sounds like Frank is on the brink of blowing up. He could do it at some point this week, but he also may just accept his fate and it will be a boring week.  With that, I’m off to bed
  • Ooops, just as I go to shut off feeds, Nicole walks in. Let’s see how this goes.
    • Frank asks her if they have a move.  She doesn’t know.
    • Everyone was apparently cheering for Michelle, like hardcore.  Nicole said she could never do that, it was heartbreaking
    • Frank wants to approach James with Nicole and try to throw Day under the bus. He said he doesn’t want her to do it if she doesn’t feel comfortable
    • Frank is comparing Day to Janelle and how Mike was able to flip the house against her during his season.
    • Ok, that’s about it.

Overnight in the morning



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