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Will The House Flip?

August 14, 2023 | 16 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Before I begin, when I was doing the live feed update section on the ‘new look’, I was having trouble deciding if I should keep it by day or have a running thread. Well, seeing as the home page AND the feed update page both have that, it made more sense to have my update posts sorted by day. So when you click on a ‘live feed update for Friday’ thread, it’ll have the feed updates for that Friday. And I also put it in normal reading order so it goes from oldest to newest rather than the newest at top.

Alright, to my post….

I think I said it in my earlier post, or I said it in my head. I can’t really tell anymore, but I did say it somewhere. Maybe I told my cat? Anyway, I said that it is no sure thing that Reilly is leaving the house this week and based on the feeds tonight, it’s going to be a pretty long week in the house.

Not that there was ever much of a doubt, but Hisam didn’t use the veto which means Cameron or Reilly will be going home on Thursday. Now that it’s locked in, Reilly seems to have upped the gear a bit because she is realizing there is a 50% chance her Big Brother story ends in a few nights (well, more than 50% if you factor in predicted votes)

Reilly has been speaking to anyone and everyone tonight, and even had a ‘makeup’ session with Hisam where they had a really long and awkward hug which Reilly reenacted to Cirie here:

During that conversation, Cirie gave Reilly some tips on doing things like apologizing to Izzy for being distant/cold early in the season and also play up whatever was said during the veto meeting today that rubbed some the wrong way.

I didn’t get word for word, but apparently, Hisam said a pretty snarky comment about/to Reilly that turned some heads and nobody was really having it. Even Hisam realized he fucked up so he immediately went on an apology tour, but Reilly has been using that to her advantage.

Izzy came over and joined the conversation, and Reilly started talking to her and the making up started. They had a pretty decent conversation, but Reilly didn’t push it too hard yet. I went to go eat and learn how to make reels on IG (seriously, I had no clue), but when I came back, Izzy was in the bathroom trying to convince Meme to vote to keep Reilly.

Meme said no, but they’d resume the conversation later. This resulted in Meme going into the storage room pacing around for like 20 minutes talking to herself kind of going a little crazy. But she managed to convince herself the plan was right and she is still leaning on voting out Reilly. Her theory is that Hisam will be powerless next week so they can get him out with or without Reilly. True, but it’s always easier when you have someone with a burning desire to do your dirty work.

I’m sure Mel will have a much more in-depth recap in the morning, I just wanted to get this out there.

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