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Adam Playing For Second Place – Will It Work?

It appears Adam has resigned himself to the fact he has little chance against either Rachel or Porsche in the finals as a result of him floating through a game against people preaching how they hate floaters.   For some reason, both Rachel and Porsche have said they were taking each other to the finals, and this would leave him with a big fat goose egg as a reward for spending the 3rd most time in the house this summer.


Realizing that even the $50k prize for second place is a pretty solid reward, Adam has come up with a plan to win that, and it’s so un-Adam-Like.

His plan is, on the day of the finale (so they don’t get much time to think about it), he’s going to pull each girl aside and basically throw his vote around finally (Something Kalia should have done, but chose to sleep instead).  Because Rachel wants the grand prize for her wedding, and Porsche wants to move to L.A. and get her career going (creating her own line of sweat pants?), both girls need the grand prize more than he does and could be swayed by a tactic he clearly picked up from Jeff.

Although I disagree with him, his thought is if it were those two, the votes would look like this:


For Rachel:  Jeff, Jordan, Brendon
For Porsche: Daniele, Kalia, Shelly

With that, he’s going to throw his weight around and tell them that he’s going to vote for the other girl if they don’t take him to the finals.  (Meaning he’ll tell Porsche that his vote is for Rachel if she doesn’t take him, and vice versa).

Personally, I don’t see the votes like that, and Rachel really might not either.  Rachel has played one hell of a game, and I’d be shocked if the votes weren’t 5-2 in her favor, or even 6-1.  Like her or not, it’s hard to deny this:

Rachel’s Stats:

She's played a hell of a game

Votes this season: 11
Head of Household wins: 3 times
Nominated:  5 times (removed by veto twice)

So in 72% of the votes this season, Rachel has either been head of household or nominated which shows she didn’t sit around and sleep all summer.  If she wasn’t winning HoH, she was nominated and either winning veto or campaigning her ass off.  That’s quite an impressive season, and if she’s in the final 2 and loses, there were either dumb or spiteful people in the jury.

Adam’s plan may work on either girl, and if it does, good for him.  It’s about time someone actually threw some weight around instead of just sucking up to people all season long.  Jeff was the only person in the house all season who had the guts to take that approach, so it’s not surprising his protégé is the only other one with that strategy.

I thought this week was going to be boring, but was I wrong?


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  1. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    GO ADAM GO!!! This is his best play, and it might just work.

    If your Rachel or Porsche, maybe you think you don’t need his vote, but it sure seems a cleaner path if you’re up there next to Adam (even if Rachel/Porsche makes the same threat). Why not do it? Loyalty???

    GO GET ‘EM!!!

  2. Avatar
    Qtown (5 comments)

    It’s his only option. I really want Rachel to win and I think she will either way but it’s possible she could bite and take him. If Porshe thinks( I know, I know) then it would make no sense becuse Rachel in the jury controls 2 votes so she loses from jump. Better for her to still take Rachel

  3. Avatar
    Brad (28 comments)

    Rachel has had an impressive season, just the same as the Harlem Globetrotters are impressive going up against the Kentucky Colonels.

  4. Avatar
    david (11 comments)

    i do believe adam has to do something and try to get in the finals. the girls are not fooled and his plan has no merit on them. before part two,adam told rach and porsch to compete and the best player wins. that leaves himself on the chopping block. i agree, racheal will win by a landslide if she wins final hoh and still win if porsch wins final hoh. its rach’s game, she is the best gamer bar none.

    • Avatar
      Faust (216 comments)

      Which is why Porsche should send her out of the house if she gets the chance.

      But I’m not so sure Rachel wins by a landslide if she’s up there against Porsche and Adam votes for Porsche. Danielle, Kalia, and Shelly all know what she told them she she voted them out. And Danielle has been rooting hard for her alliance in the jury house. So I think she wants to see Porsche win. And I think she controls Kalia’s and Shelly’s votes. Again, that makes it 3-3, with Adam casting the deciding vote.

      It might happen. But the safe play is taking Adam — especially if Adam plays his I’ll-vote-against-the-person-who-puts-me-out trump card.

      • Avatar

        I agree. Although Shelly is so messed up I have no idea how genuine her hate for Rachel truly was, or how much of it was simply trying to re-direct everyone to hating Rachel as a strategy. And she was never really in Dani’s alliance until right before she was voted out when she had no choice. So I don’t think she will “follow Dani’s lead”.

        I do think if Porsche and Rachel go against each other it will be close though. I do think Rachel will win. I think everyone but Adam will vote personally, since they have been reacting emotionally and taking everything personally all season long. The talk of respecting gameplay was all self serving crap as far as I saw it, and I include everyone in that regard.

        Adam I think will probably vote based on “who played the best game” as neither have really done anything to him game wise or personally. Although he seems to like Porsche better so if he votes personally Porche could win it.

  5. Avatar

    It will be interesting to see if Danielle votes for the best player…I hope so. I never thought I would say this, but I’m pulling for Racheal. She has really played the game since Brendon left. I hope that she watches the game and sees the difference in herself with, and without Brendon.

    • Avatar

      Danielle will almost surely vote for Porsche. It isn’t even a matter of her hating Rachel.

      Porsche was in her alliance and had her back. Almost every time one lone person in an alliance survives, the jury members from that alliance vote for them.

      Yes arguably Rachel played the better game (I disagree but in the house that definitley seems to be the majority opinion). But it isn’t like if someone votes personally Big Brother will take their Jury license away and fine them.

      When you are out of the money and there is no penalty for how you vote, their simply is no real motivation to vote for someone you don’t get alone with, over a “friend” who you played hard with, just because they “played hard”.

      Would YOU give someone who treated you like crap whenever you didn’t let things go their way a half million dollars over a friend, just to satisfy your vanity that you “voted fair.”

      Honestly, I don’t think I would.

      • Avatar

        Honestly, I would vote personally but we’re not talking about me. I made that comment because Danielle always says that she doesn’t respect people who vote personally…she TRIES to give the impression that she would only vote for the best player…you know, since she is the ONLY one that respects the game. I’m just interested to see if she stands by that.

      • stevebeans

        It will say a lot about the people in the jury based on who they vote for.

  6. Avatar

    I don’t like Rachel and I mostly like Porsche (she has not been a saint either though, why I say mostly). So I am rooting for Porsche and although it is the unpopular opinion, I personally believe she played a better game.

    My only real problem with her winning in and of itself however is what happened after Jeff went home and Porsche got the HOH. Namely, she and Jordan crawled into a corner, cried it was unfair they had no one, and gave up.

    They resigned themselves to the fact it was hopeless and they could never ever, ever, ever, ever turn it around. It was too late so they were done; and as far as they were concerned it was all they could do not to just walk out, right then and there, because it was so over and hopeless.

    They decided if a contest offering rewards happened they would take them all and not try and win veto, and they will just sit in a corner and cry until they are voted out. That was basically their whole “stategy”.

    And if they weren’t yelling at or bitching to people they were wallowing in their own self pity and agreeing how there was 100% chance they could never win. It went on for almost a full day before they even came up for air.

    It wasn’t until Big Brother hand delivered a Pandora’s Box that they FINALLY had hope again and started trying.

    This wasn’t even the first time Rachel did this as she, Brendon and Jordan gave up and resigned themselves to hopelessness every time things didn’t 100% go their way starting with day 6 when Dick went home. It took Jeff or Shelly to talk them off the ledge every time. Without those too to do it for Rachel she was done and BB literally had to save her.

    Whatever she did after that to me is besides the point. Yes she played before that point. But once Jeff was gone and Porsche was out it was time to completley give up, despite the fact scenarios existed that she could still win they weren’t easy ones so cry until you are inevitably voted out was her only recourse.

    Quitters never win and winners never quit. I don’t remember an addentum to that saying being “unless someone then hands you a huge favor… then you get a pass for being a quitter.”

    Rachel is a quitter who might win because CBS wanted her to stay so they made DAMN SURE she stayed. All the stats in the world don’t change that.

    She might still win, would say she is the favorite if she goes to the final 2. But you are assuming everyone will vote 100% based on “strategy points”. Juries usually vote personally, yes these players talked a good game about “good gameplay” but they all were talking about themselves when they did it. And frankly, none of them have played a very good game. Some of the worst gameplay ever this season IMHO.

    So I wouldn’t dismiss the jury voting personally since they have reacted emotionally to everything else all season long. And the vote being a lot closer between Rachel and Porsche or Adam then you think.

    • Avatar

      They have all had their little pity parties at some point…Danielle’s was pretty pathetic. Racheal did let it get her down, but she bounced back. Don’t get me wrong, I have never been a Rachael fan ever, but she has really pulled herself through this and I respect that.

      • Avatar
        Christina (1276 comments)

        RaJo really did let it get to them after Jeff left, but I think that is normal. The way I saw that was Jordan was upset Jeff left, but much more upset because she was betrayed by Shelly and even said that she felt “stupid” for trusting her.

        It also looked to me like Rachel really might be one of those people who can’t stand seeing someone else cry. As stupid as it sounds, it made me cry seeing Jordan so upset, so for someone who actually knows her I would think it would be much harder. And I think it’s taken her learning that she doesn’t need Brendon, Jeff or anyone other then herself to keep her safe, to find some courage to stand on her own. Yes she’s obnoxious at times, as well as caddy, but people like to villainies her, and she really does seem to be a sweet person.

        Dani, good lord, that girl had like a week long pity party when Dom left, and then when she was on slop and on the block. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t the only one in those shoes, but she spent days being mean to even Kalia. That being said, I’ve been a Dani fan since her first go around, I just didn’t like her game play this year, I agree with the theory that she got bored with that golden key, and overplayed.

        Porsche, I wish I could say that she has been strong, and hasn’t shown much weakness, but I didn’t see her show much of anything. I have said before, she might have had a better BB resume if she had actually played the first half of the game, but who knows, she came in 2nd a lot, she might not have done better then that if there hadn’t been a “BB twist” that made a double eviction and sent Jeff out the door (btw, why does no-one see that has BB changing the game, people just see the duo Pandora’s box as a game changer???). I haven’t seen her truly mad, upset, sad, or any other real emotion since she’s been in the house, that is unless she had an audience. And in my opinion it’s really worse to not care then to care a bit too much.

        Again, just my opinion, but I’d rather see people have ups and downs, and show real emotion, then seem like they just figured out 2 weeks ago that they were even playing Big Brother.

        Also, I think Jordan hit the nail on the head when she said Porsche was using her feminine wilds on Adam. She’s done a great job at using him whenever she could and seems to be playing him in a masterful way.

      • Avatar

        Well said on all points. I never was a Dani fan though…I was happy to see Dick win in their season because Dani was just acting like a spoiled brat. She always falls in love and loses track of the game. She even said she had told Rachael that she respected her game until she didn’t vote for who played the best game. I’m interested to see if she votes for the best player if Rachael makes it to the end. It would be very difficult to give the money to someone you dislike…I don’t know if I could do that. Can’t wait to see the show tomorrow night!!!

  7. Avatar
    Brad (28 comments)

    anyone ever notice how well cocktail waitresses tend to do on bb

  8. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (19 comments)

    I don’t think any of them deserve the $500K but if I have to pick one it is Rachel.

    The first week of the season I wanted her gone. I couldn’t stand her last season and as soon as I heard her laugh I had enough. She can be pretty mean to people.

    Adam and Porsche are there because nobody considered them a threat. All the good players got voted out and they remain.

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      I would love to see a season where everyone actually votes out the “floaters” and keeps the people who deserve to be there.

      • Avatar
        Faust (216 comments)

        Me too. The problem is that, once the house breaks into obvious voting blocks, everyone quickly realizes that it’s a good idea to vote out the people in the other voting block who have the best chance to put the other voting block into power.

      • Avatar

        I know we all like to talk about playing the good game and getting rid of floaters, but if I were playing for that much money, I would want to keep people I could beat. I mean really, how many chances do you get to play a game for $500K? And let’s face it, if you are a good competitor the other HGs will get you out as soon as they don’t need you. As viewers we want to see a good game, but as a contestant you want the money.

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