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Big Brother 13 Finale Tonight! Big Brother 14 Next Summer!

Well it’s been a long summer, and it’s all come down to tonight.  Two former winners, and another former finalist entered the house this summer, and here we sit at the end with two “newbies” who floated their way through more than half of the season, and one fiery red head who has a passion for winning nearly as strong as her passion for her boyfriend.


Who will win tonight?  Well, that really depends on what happens during the live episode (airing tonight at 9:30 EST after Survivor).  If Rachel wins the final HoH competition against Porsche, she chooses who sits next to her, and reality is she’ll likely be choosing who is going to win $50k.  This would be her 4th head of household win to go along with 2 vetos, which would make her a lock regardless of who’s sitting next to her.  Adam can pretend he’s the swing vote, but if Rachel wins her 4th HoH, I’d almost guarantee a unanimous decision from the jury.  Worst case would be something like 5-2 with Rachel still winning.

The tricky part would come if Porsche won.  It’s likely Porsche would take Rachel because she already promised, and going back on that now would guarantee Adam won it all.  However, if she won and sat next to Rachel, you’d see a situation like this:

Rachel = 3 HoH, 2 Veto
Porsche = 2 HoH, 2 Veto



Rachel was carried by Brendon
While she was carried by Brendon early in the game, Porsche had the golden key which gave her complete freedom for a few weeks.   Both girls essentially started playing for themselves around the same time in the game.

Rachel was a target all game
I’m sure Rachel will use this line that she had to fight to stay in the house the entire season, and being nominated prior to veto 4 times definitely makes her a target, Porsche was also nominated 4 times prior to veto.   It just appears Rachel was a bigger target than Porsche because she told anyone who would listen that is the case.  The reality is, they were both big targets and both had to fight.

Rachel was loyal while Porsche was a floater
This is partially true. Rachel was in fact loyal to Jeff, Jordan and Brendon all game.  However, they were forced to align themselves early otherwise there is no way the vets had a chance.  Porsche on the other hand did float until she found an alliance that worked for her and stayed loyal to it as well.    She took a path that most players take their first time through Big Brother.  Those who form an alliance on day 1 usually don’t last very long (*cough* The Regulators).


Despite Rachel making it seem like the entire world was out to get her and she overcame such incredibly tough odds to be in the finals, the reality is Porsche pretty much had the same game as her.  The biggest difference was that Porsche didn’t cry every time she lost a competition.. in fact, I don’t think Porsche cried at all this summer.

In this situation, Rachel will still probably win.  Not because Porsche doesn’t deserve it – she does – it will be because I don’t think Porsche has enough charisma to convince the jury that she’s had a very similar game as Rachel, but possibly overcame tougher odds because she entered the house completely alone and had to pick a stranger as a partner.

My prediction for tonight:

Porsche wins HoH and takes Rachel to the final 2


Votes:  (who they want to win)

Brendon:  Rachel
Kalia: Porsche
Daniele: Porsche
Jordan: Rachel
Jeff: Rachel
Shelly: tough call – Porsche
Adam: Rachel

  • Rachel wins 4-3, wins $500k
  • Porsche wins $50k
  • Jeff wins America’s Favorite Player

CBS has also confirmed that Big Brother 14 will be here next summer, so make sure you’re following me on facebook or twitter for updates on that through the winter and spring!

Also, Survivor starts tonight, so check out my Survivor blog!


See you guys tonight when the winner is announced!


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  1. stevebeans

    Note to the person who keeps replying..

    Porsche won 2 veto’s, not 3.

    I’m not approving your comments because your language is too much. I let go of the occasional swear, but I can’t approve that, sorry.

    Stop bashing me when you’re the one who is wrong.

  2. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    Well done, Steve.

    It will be interesting to see how this all ends.

    I still think Adam could stay if he would grow a pair (of wings!), stop begging, and promise to vote against the woman who sends him out. Maybe it wouldn’t change anything, but at least it wouldn’t be pathetic.

    And now, football.

  3. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    go Porsche..

    best of what’s left.

  4. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    wow do i hate Jeff.
    What a d bag.

    stop staying porsche didnt do anyting – why? because she didnt kiss your ass ? She won almost as much as Rachel and didnt wine and cry like a child

  5. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    adam called porsche out for floating? LOL

    so rachel is gonna win…..give it porsche

  6. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    thank you Rachel…..that was cool

  7. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    adam is a loser.

    so glad he gets bubkis.

    now is a rockstar..? give me a break.

    he did nothing except float all summer.

    go back to jersey loser

  8. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    He thinks he did pretty well?

    and he thinks he would win?

    how delisional is this guy?

    how un self aware can you be?

    nice to live your life like that.

    ahhh Adam you are not loved by america.


  9. Avatar

    Thanks Steve. I’m very pleased with the winners tonight.

  10. Avatar
    Tamara D. (1 comments)

    Hey steve, I love your blog and definately will be reading it next summer. Unfortunately I dont watch survivor but maybe u should add amazing race to ur list of shows. I do however think big brother is ur mosr sucessful blog due to u have insight about what goes on beyond what the show airs. So I hope u continue this blog because I absolutely read it everyday. THANKS! Happy winter!

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