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Too Little, Too Late For Adam?

September 13, 2011 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Even though the Big Brother jar is just about empty, if you’re hungry enough, you’ll still be able to dig real deep and find enough stuff to spread on  your gossip sandwich to fill your appetite.  That’s pretty much where most bloggers stand now, so here I am basically holding the jar over my head and hoping any little droplets of drama fall into my mouth.


Before I begin, I do want to mention that because Big Brother 13 is ending, that doesn’t mean the features on Super Pass will be.  You can tune in after the live finale to see back yard interviews, and a whole bunch of stuff through the winter.  I’d list it all, but even the $10/month in free music you get almost makes it worth it to keep as you’re freezing your ass off this winter (unless you’re one of the lucky people who live someplace warm, and if so, have room for more?).

Get your super pass for 3 days free right here.

With that out of the way, there are about 24 or so hours to go until we find out who wins this season, Adam is still trying to put his ass in one of the two remaining seats.  He knows he’s playing musical chairs right now with three people circling just two chairs and he can feel the music stopping any second.

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I mentioned yesterday how he planned on approaching the girls with a little more of an aggressive tactic, well, that failed.  Porsche ended up feeling very threatened by his comments and said she almost feels like she doesn’t want to talk to him for the next few days.  Of course, with Rachel as the only other option to talk to, it wasn’t long before they were buddies again, giving Adam more opportunities to beg his way into the final 2 (assuming Porsche even wins).

Porsche talking to AdamToday around 4pm bbt, Adam was out by the grill with Porsche is still still pushing for the “It would be great to have two new people in the finals” approach, which is sounding less appealing now than it did a week ago when Porsche and Kalia were begging him to stay with the newbies and use the veto.   In fact, she called him on it, and his reply was “My argument with that is, nobody ever asked”.  Nobody ever asked?  Seriously?  I can count quite a few times this season the newbies tries to work with Adam, but they would have to yell in Jeff’s mouth for him to hear anything.

Adam, bro, you had a perfect opportunity to completely take control of the game for the “newbies” when you were sitting there with the veto in your hand, and the chance to backdoor Jordan waiting for you to take it.  This would have made it 3 versus 1 with Rachel sitting out of that HoH competition.  All you had to do was use the veto and you’d be going against Kalia and Porsche instead of Rachel and Porsche.   Would either of them take you to the final 2?  No, probably not, but you’d have a much better chance winning the final HoH against Kalia than Rachel.

Like I told Shelly after she took a huge gamble and it didn’t pay off.  Deal with it. You’re a good guy, seem like someone real cool to hang around with, but Dominic was right about his spineless comment.  You played without a spine all season, and it’s why you’re now begging people to try and take you to the final 2 for a pity $50k.   While Daniele may and started playing too early, you started playing too late, and it’s now costing you.

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