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Big Brother 14 – Boogie Is Confident, But Should He Be?

I wonder if Boogie showers with his hat on

After the complete meltdown on Friday night, things have since calmed down a bit in the Big Brother 14 house.  Sure, it’s still far more entertaining than any day last week, but it doesn’t top Friday night.  To be fair, the Friday Fireworks will go down in BB history as one of the more entertaining post-nomination feeds in a long time.

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I apologize for being a bit vague early in my post, if you’re just tuning in for the first time since Thursday night and want spoilers, here is what happened…

Shane won the HoH competition after Boogie went for (and won) the $10k prize while a few others instantly went for safety (Britney won safety).  Boogie was very confident with his Silent Six alliance that he chose the money because being nominated was the last thing on his mind.  He’s been in the world of Big Brother long enough to know better, so when he became upset at being nominated alongside Frank, it shouldn’t have been as much of a shock.  Look at Dan, it’s not his first rodeo and he’s been expecting to be nominated every chance someone has.

Needless to say, after nominations it was very chaotic and things were not helped when Frank and Boogie cornered Shane which resulted in him throwing his former coach Britney under the bus.  This successfully deflected the anger towards her and the three became civil once again.  However, when Britney found out Shane threw her name out there, she freaked out and had a very rough night venting to anyone who would talk to her.  During her frustrations, she managed to throw Dan under the bus by saying HE was the mastermind of it all and she apparently had no control over Shane (yea right).

Fast forward a day, things settled down a bit yesterday, but became very tense when feeds returned after the veto competition.  Frank had pulled out a win in which Joe claims he cheated during the game (not during the draw which was just speculation by a careless Big Brother updater). There is no word yet on this alleged cheat scandal, but needless to say Boogie and Frank were not happy to hear Joe went to the DR to complain about it.

Cheating scandal aside, it’s very clear that Frank is taking himself off and the pair are working to get Dan as a replacement nominee.  Very convinced that it’s happening, Boogie is already planning on how he’s going to handle Dan walking out the door, but as of 3:00pm bbt, Jenn will be the replacement nominee as a pawn, not Dan.  Sure, anything can happen in the Big Brother house, but as a personal opinion I don’t think anything will.  Shane will likely stick with his alliance and nominate Jenn, and they’ll all work to get votes against Boogie.

Sadly, Frank may end up winning HoH on Thursday, but once his shield is gone, there is nobody left in the house that is willing to work with him now.  Frank may end up being out of the house as early as this Thursday as the second eviction, or as late as next Thursday.   I say sadly because whether you like him or not, he’s a great competitor and has had to deal with quite the roller coaster of emotions this season so far.  It will be 48 days before Frank will finally be able to cast his first vote in the house, which is quite the impressive feat.

I will have company over tonight so I won’t be able to live tweet the episode, but you can discuss the show with people on my facebook fan page.

UpdateCrank up the feeds.  I guess Frank and Boogie are waiting for Joe to come outside so they can pick an argument with him.  Feeds may blow up tonight.

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  1. Comments (191)

    If Boogie gets Dan put up and voted out they should hand him the $500K right now.

  2. Comments (1276)

    I couldn’t agree more. I at times kinda like Boogie, just for the fact that he’s always playing, if he could contol his ego, at least pull it back a little, he would be much better. But, if Frank isn’t heading out, I want to see Boogie go. I did like Frank, but I HATE the way he acts towards the females. He made some comment to Ashley last night, I can’t remember it exactly, but if I had been her I would have at very least told him to go F himself, but she managed to shake it off. He thinks he’s smarter then all of them, and can manipulate all of them so easily.
    If they pull it off, and Boogie stays, just let him and Frank have the final 2. But hopefully no-one will be that stupid!!!
    Question… when is this blow up between Jerk 1 and Jerk 2 and Joe going to happen, BB time? I can’t find it on the feeds.

  3. Comments (17)

    Agreed Christina. I just want to see boogie and frank go. Frank is sooo high on himself I just feel like it’s set up for frank not to go

  4. Comments (17)

    If Booogie leaves, Big brother wont be so entertaining ! honestly .
    i love how Dan,Danielle,Shane,Ian & bitneyy are in a Alliance but eventally gonna have to turn on eachoter …

    but i still can’t picture in my head to see a menber of chill town leaving so arly ,i just can’t.

  5. Comments (1)

    Well if the ”Quack Pack” can hold it together through the double eviction then they will be good as gold…leaving them and three floaters gives any of them, with the exception of Danielle, a good chance at a half million. Personally I want Brittney to win just because I liked her on her season and I still like her. I think Janelle is looking forward to watching the eviction. This week should be interesting.

  6. Comments (1)

    i would love to see frank and booger go home!

  7. Comments (123)

    Dont y’all remember what happens every year on Fast Forward nites…one HG u hate always goes then one that u Love always leaves afterwards…so on Thurs, the Booger will go then poor Shane will leave right after him sadly…watch, thats the way its gonna go…☺…

  8. Comments (34)

    Again I’m boggled. Frank is full of himself.. but Shane who is all freaked out over stalker Danielle but wants to massage her and that’s okay?????
    He’s playing that girl like a harp from Hell… (sorry for the Batman quote lol)… Guess that’s okay because he’s a twilight looking wannabe….
    I don’t see the feeds so admittedly I don’t see everything, however I still do not get how people see this game. Boogie is evil but Dan is a sweetie. Dan is playing the same game he’s just less honest about it. He plays kissy face to your face then stabs you in the back. Boogie is honest about it. He stabs you in the front.
    Ian is playing an awesome game. He’s feeding information with the proper spin while hiding what he is playing. He knows that Britney is so stupid she can’t think for herself so he plays her. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If he’s right about the Good vs Evil BB season Ian should rank up there with Dr Will and Evil Dick!
    If the quak pak really had a clue they would have talked to Jenn and Joe, put them up as pawns.. then backdoored Frank. Instead… hopefully Dan goes home and the final 3 is Boogie, Frank and Ian.. they are really the only ones playing the game.

    • Comments (1276)

      Even with the live feeds, Shane is still confusing. The other night he was telling Danielle to spend the night with him, then just 2 days later he’s telling Brit that she “wouldn’t leave”. Of course no one can know what he’s really thinking, but I think he actually does like her, and wouldn’t mind hooking up, but doesn’t really want everyone knowing if/when they do. She pulled back a lot after the Zingbot, but he has a way of pulling her back in, with what he says when no one is around.
      As for Ian, he is playing Frank and Boogie. He actuall is, at least for now, loyal to the “Quack Pack” (dumbest alliance name ever). He gets info from them and runs it all straight to the QP. And the info he’s sharing is what got blamed on Dan.
      The thing about Boogie/Frank that I think rubs everyone so badly is that they try to strong arm everyone. For example, the two of them can work together and share info, but if anyone else does, they are going to get “put on blast” (who came up with that stupid phrase?). The thing is, if they get away with using that double edged sword, and don’t get cut, then everyone else deserves to loose.
      That being said, I hope it is a double evict week, and somehow Dan or Danielle (heck even Ian, just for the fun of it) get HOH, and send Frank and his stupid hair out the door! (I usually avoid the hair type comments, but the boy actually thinks it’s a nice head of hair, but I’m pretty sure I saw a rabbit stick it’s head out of it the other day!)

    • Comments (11)

      I agree with Ian playing an awesome game. I smile everytime I think of the conversation at the pool table where he is saying he is really evil and Boogie and Dan are laughing it off. I cant wait till Boogie gets evicted and I hope that Ian has left him a message.

  9. Comments (34)

    I’m confused over people’s reactions to Shane not Shane. Sadly I’ve seen his type too often. As I said …his twilight wannabe self. His sister’s comment about the house being cleaner pretty much confirmed it lol. He’s the pretty boy who is used to having women at his beck and call. The type believes in the laundry fairy. My Gods he brought in hair removal cream. He’s going to miss his room mates cooking? From the letter seems like his room mate is his sister.
    How come when Chill Town, Evil Dick and Jeff bullied people it was okay? However when Boogie and Frank do it there is something wrong about it. Shelly actually was looking at doing some work on anti bullying over some of what Jeff did. I was horrified at how Jeff acted to her and to Jordan. But he’s a fan fave… so much so that Shelly, her family and co workers had death threats made over his eviction.
    Same with the love affair with Britney and Dan. They are such nice people. So why is it okay to lie to Frank? I guess if you are a fan fave you are allowed to. That makes all your lying, back stabbing and crap okay. Britney can’t win anything and Dan almost never tries.
    Jenn is almost invisible. I think she had more air time last night then in the rest of the season.
    Ashley is playing the floaters’ game. I just dislike that play style. Plus, well read up about her and the lawsuit against her. It’s interesting… and might tell you a bit more about sweet innocent Ashley.
    Joe … I still think he has a shot at a long term cooking TV spot. The Muppets live action TV show could use him for the Swedish Chef .. Bork Bork Bork

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