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Big Brother 14 – Britney Left Her Job And Husband To Come To BB!

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Ok, before I get to the recap of the day which sounds like Britney is doomed, I want to vent about this first.   Turn on the flashback feeds to 7:25pm bbt and watch Britney/Danielle argue a bit, but be prepared to have something handy nearby to puke into.

I started the season liking Britney, she was pretty funny, easy going, and seemed down to earth.  She started getting annoying the day Shane threw her under the bus and acted like she had no part in Frank/Boogie’s nominations.  The extreme pity party all night was nauseating to say the least, but I thought it was hopefully going to be a one night thing.


Ever since Britney was nominated in place of Dan on Monday, she’s at it again and if you flashback to the Brit/Danielle argument above, it’s all about her.. again. Within the first 30 seconds of the FB, she has to mention how she left her job and husband to come to Big Brother.  Newsflash Britney.. WE KNOW!  You’re not the only person in the house who left either a job and/or a loved one to come to the show.  Joe left  his children as well but you don’t hear him mention that 5 times a minute every time he’s been on the block.  Considering this is your second time in the house, you knew EXACTLY what you were getting into, so you have absolutely NO leg to stand on.

You made it to the final 4 last time, so you were one of the few people who have been in the Big Brother house nearly an entire summer.  Did you think this time would be different?  Are people supposed to forget that they left their loved ones as well simply because queen Britney left her job and husband for the summer?  It’s one thing for someone to enter the house for the first time not really knowing what to expect, but Britney knew it.

Ok, vent over…

Moving on, it appears we won’t have to listen to Britney much longer because her only saving grace (Joe and potentially Shane) have been working on a final 3 deal with Frank today.  Part of their plan is to get rid of the easy target now (Britney) and then keep Danielle around long enough to use her in getting rid of Dan and Ian before cutting their throats (Danielle and Jenn) to form the final 3 and go from there.

Thinking that over, I don’t think that’s a bad deal for any of the three.  If I were Frank or Shane, I’d pull the other aside and say “Look, we’re both beasts in competitions. Let’s get down to the final 3 and then have a battle for the last challenge.  The winner gets to take Joe to the finals for a likely easy $500k.   Or they can leave the fate in the hands of the jury and choose each other, but that’s a big risk.

Sorry for the brief update but longer rant.  Tomorrow is the final full day for Britney to try and work votes, but I can tell you that crying about her job and husband isn’t going to work.

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  1. Comments (216)

    Preach on, Beansie. I can’t freaking stand people on reality shows who complain to other people on the same reality shows about the sacrifice they made to be there.

    Too bad Danielle is too timid to respond with “well then I guess it just sucks that that black van screetched up next to you, the door swung open, and you were pulled it, had a bag stuck over your head, and when the drugs they forcibly injected you with wore off, you were in the BB House. Oh, what, you volunteered for this? Then STFU. I’m not leaving just because you don’t want to.” Maybe cue King from Platoon.

    As in Vegas, if you can’t afford to play, don’t play. But don’t bitch at the House just becuase it came up red when you put your mortgage payment on black.

  2. Comments (126)

    Big Brat Brit, morphing into Big Bitch Brit, as she is blaming Frank solely for her boot kick out the door. What about Dan and Jenn???

    Such crying baby antics is showing Brit’s true extraordinary poor loser immature qualities, what a classless hypocritical little girl.

    Get out Brit you don’t even compare to Frank in competitions, game-play, or social interaction. He has played the game as honest as possible, you have lied and connived at every turn, and quite frankly a latent brown-noser to the end.

    • Comments (11)

      Considering the fact that they have been doing it to ppl all summer, it should have come as no surprise to her.

      This is the big brother house…EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!!

  3. Comments (1)

    doesn’t matter who goes home both dani and brit are the same player…only can win endurance.

    I hope brit stays tho cuz i can’t stand dani how she always talks about herself and is so emo.

  4. Comments (1)

    Totally agree..I have been saying for weeks…Shane and Frank just need to align and rule the entire house till the end with a floater and may the best man win.

  5. Comments (102)

    She started singing this song to Shane during the Frank and Boogie noms and my response is the same then as it is now, “Nobody forced you to do that. You could have said no.”

    It’s like she’s trying to say she’s more deserving to win than anyone else. That she gave up more to be there.

  6. Comments (60)

    I so agree, liked her, firs season but Britney could have gone out with grace and tact close to how she went out the first time. But really to bring up leaving husband and job and crying about over and over.
    Im sure she is a good person outside the game but is showing signs of poor sportsmanship.
    The only way for her to stay is if Danielle has a bi polar moment and goes all to pieces.

  7. Comments (1)

    Im not saying I want Brit to stay, but it just floors me how these people won’t take advantage of a great opportunity. I’d be thinking, “Jenn pulled Dan off so those two are clearly working with Frank, and Danielle isn’t enough of an emotional wreck as she should be, so I can only assume she is in it with them. Let’s throw a wrench in their lil alliance, get rid of Danielle, and only have to beat Dan and Jen in HOH (and since both have won jack then it shouldn’t be too hard). Then, if they win get rid of either Dan or Frank, they can’t both be saved.” I feel like this game is always so full of cowards that don’t want to cause any conflict. That is why it is so easy to lose interest.

  8. Comments (316)

    I have a thought… How about the whole house turn on Danielle and send her ass packing??? Producers can you rig it so Brit stays please??

    • Comments (7)

      not to many agree with u lol why dont u look at the thumbs up and down on these posts comments… people HATE Brit because her act is pathetic and she played a bad game and to top it off she’s a poor sport cry baby… the majority of us want her GONE… sorry for the reality check.

  9. Comments (768)

    What’s up with Brit’s preoccupation/obsession with ousting Frank? She has commanded both of her minions Shane and Ian to make sure they oust him. Does she secretly have a thing for Frank? If it’s because she just can’t stand to be around him does she not realize that if they did evict him he would be in the jury house with her? If her hate is real I’d expect she would want him to stay in the BB house for as long as possible to be away from her! In any event I’m finding her and her laments annoying as hell and Danielle’s are pretty much on par. Jenn used to irk me but now has either become tolerable or I’ve become numb to her.

  10. Comments (6)

    What I find TRUELY sad is, if Brit would snap out of it & STOP playing the “victim”, she could make a deal with Shane, Joe & Ian to secure her stay in BB house. However, I’m afraid it might be a little too late thanks to her antics! Too bad, so sad…Bye, Bye Brit!!

    • Comments (768)

      That just shows how much ‘game’ she’s got. Get nominated… roll over and play dead even though she already had the votes to stay. You nailed it… playing the victim yet again. I have a feeling Shane was getting tired of doing all her dirty work for her. Bye bye Britnee!

  11. Comments (1)

    they keep saying frank has no social game. thats kind of hard if your on the block every week being forced to make deals and beg for votes. also he has to win every hoh to avoid being nominated so naturally he has to make at least 2 more enemys those weeks. by britnay! ian almost got dan sent home but he flipped it and now your alliance to ian will get you sent home.

  12. Comments (1)

    I’m so annoyed that Britney has given up! Honestly, I don’t care for this cast at all! They aren’t interesting! At least it was slightly interesting listening to Britney make fun of them. Dan has played all of them and he hasn’t even had to try that hard! The thing I would find most interesting is- how does Dan’s wife feels about his relationship to Danielle. I would be more than a little concerned that Danielle is a stage 10 clinger! Plus the fact she had a nervous breakdown when Dan played his “you are dead to me” act.

    Why does it not concern Joe, Shane, Ian, or Britney that Danielle went from 2 seconds from being hauled out on a stretcher to all smiles within a few hours? It will be interesting when Dan drops kicks her to the curb.

    I wish producers would just give someone a little clue to what is going on! It’s sad when the fish tank is more interesting!

  13. Comments (34)

    LOL I’ve been saying this about our dahhhhhhling Britney since the first time she showed up on BB. It wasn’t her season *shudders* she was just the flotsam that managed to get on the show. As for why they brought her back… I’m guessing its the same reason they brought back 3strikes Janelle… some people liked the two of them.
    well after the jury that is, although if you could arrange for Britney to go home early from that as well THANK GODS.
    You know her vote will be against someone not for the best player.
    Shane is simply to stupid to team up with Frank. Like Boogie said, the last person who talks to Shane is the one he will listen to. I think its because whatever else was said is gone. Here’s an idea… less cutiepie players who look good on TV and more players with depth and skills who can make a season worth watching.
    Britney and her boohoo sob story… wow so you get a shot at $500,000? Who out here in internet land wouldn’t give up a lot more then sometime away from our families for it? How many people have left their families, flown to a strange land and are risking their lives to protect our freedoms and way of life? People in the Canadian and US armed forces. Yes as you may have guessed I’m a Canuck lol. And they are doing it for a lot less then what she is making.
    Someone needs to lay it on the line for Britney. Tell her to grow up and stop thinking her high school pretty girl attitude sucks. At least Janelle could win competitions… even if one was all bump and grind and tongue work… LOL
    As for winning endurance comps… sorry hanging onto a rail for a long time when the damn rail is at the perfect height for you and you weight less then 100 pounds isn’t winning. Its a gift. Next time put the damn rails at the right height for someone 6ft tall and see what happens. Or stagger them so they are as uncomfortable for EVERYONE. If the rail is hitting Frank and Shane behind their knees then do the same for Ian and Britney. That really drives me crazy.

  14. Comments (143)

    Can’t stand brit but thought boogey was soo right, her husband has only been married to her for only like 4 months and she has spent 2 of them away from her and he is probably banging hookers. And she is going to get fat soon because she doesn’t work out and her metabolism is slowing down.

    Ps tony, I am a canuck too, u gonna apply for bb canada?

  15. Comments (76)

    I hope they get better people for Canadian big brother. This season has been sooooo boring. Another Canuck

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