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Big Brother 14 – Britney Left Her Job And Husband To Come To BB!

August 28, 2012 | 19 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Ok, before I get to the recap of the day which sounds like Britney is doomed, I want to vent about this first.   Turn on the flashback feeds to 7:25pm bbt and watch Britney/Danielle argue a bit, but be prepared to have something handy nearby to puke into.

I started the season liking Britney, she was pretty funny, easy going, and seemed down to earth.  She started getting annoying the day Shane threw her under the bus and acted like she had no part in Frank/Boogie’s nominations.  The extreme pity party all night was nauseating to say the least, but I thought it was hopefully going to be a one night thing.


Ever since Britney was nominated in place of Dan on Monday, she’s at it again and if you flashback to the Brit/Danielle argument above, it’s all about her.. again. Within the first 30 seconds of the FB, she has to mention how she left her job and husband to come to Big Brother.  Newsflash Britney.. WE KNOW!  You’re not the only person in the house who left either a job and/or a loved one to come to the show.  Joe left  his children as well but you don’t hear him mention that 5 times a minute every time he’s been on the block.  Considering this is your second time in the house, you knew EXACTLY what you were getting into, so you have absolutely NO leg to stand on.

You made it to the final 4 last time, so you were one of the few people who have been in the Big Brother house nearly an entire summer.  Did you think this time would be different?  Are people supposed to forget that they left their loved ones as well simply because queen Britney left her job and husband for the summer?  It’s one thing for someone to enter the house for the first time not really knowing what to expect, but Britney knew it.

Ok, vent over…

Moving on, it appears we won’t have to listen to Britney much longer because her only saving grace (Joe and potentially Shane) have been working on a final 3 deal with Frank today.  Part of their plan is to get rid of the easy target now (Britney) and then keep Danielle around long enough to use her in getting rid of Dan and Ian before cutting their throats (Danielle and Jenn) to form the final 3 and go from there.

Thinking that over, I don’t think that’s a bad deal for any of the three.  If I were Frank or Shane, I’d pull the other aside and say “Look, we’re both beasts in competitions. Let’s get down to the final 3 and then have a battle for the last challenge.  The winner gets to take Joe to the finals for a likely easy $500k.   Or they can leave the fate in the hands of the jury and choose each other, but that’s a big risk.

Sorry for the brief update but longer rant.  Tomorrow is the final full day for Britney to try and work votes, but I can tell you that crying about her job and husband isn’t going to work.

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