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Big Brother 14 – Coaches Competition, The Queen Wins Again

big brother 14 janelle wins coaches competition

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In what likely will be the last coaches competition before those same players are playing to save their own bacon, Janelle went 2 for 3 this season and continued her reign as competition queen.  Granted last week she was handed the win by an overconfident Boogie, but a win is a win.  (side note: I’m sure Dan threw this one too)

Her pick to save this week is Wil who may end up dying his hair even more blonde to honor his coach because she likely saved his butt this week.  Wil was without a nominee, and now Shane has to talk to the rest of the house to get ideas who to put up tonight.

It’s going to be an interesting night to see who it put on the block now.  I thought for sure we’d see Frank and Wil on the block, but now Shane is talking about Ashley and Joe.

Check out the live feeds to keep up with who is going up…

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6:30pm – Players are scurrying to try and talk to Shane before the nomination ceremony, but it sounds like Frank and Joe are going up.

So what I’m gathering is someone from Janelle’s team is clearly going to be the target, but they’re going to try and play it so it’s not so obvious they’re targeted.  This means a Frank and Joe scenario.

In addition, it’s weird watching these coaches work for the players now knowing there is like a 99% chance they’re going to be competing against them next week.

ashley talking to shane
Hey guys, got any more weed duuudes?

6:40pm – Ashley is now up talking to Britney and Shane while looking stoned of course.

6:48pm – Feeds are on trivia, time for nominations.  Expect Frank and Joe.   Sign up to the live feeds to see for sure

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    Putting up Ashley and Joe was the best thing Shane could do with the nominations. I haven’t been watching Big Brother for very long, but I have already decided anybody can win but Joe. A coworker at Dish recommended the show to me and now I’m completely hooked. I won’t be able to watch tonight’s episode live, but my Hopper will record it for me with PrimeTime Anytime and I’ll be able to watch it tomorrow morning without having to wait through the ads thanks to the Auto Hop. I cannot wait to see what else can happen this week, especially once the coaches enter the game!

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