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Big Brother 14 – If Dan Doesn’t Win, Is BB14 A Fail Of A Season?


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As much as I’ve been against the veterans returning to the house, especially after the annoyance last season with Rachel crying every other day, I have to say two people made BB14 very fun to watch this summer.  Those people were Mike Boogie or Dan Gheesling, both veterans.  Due to the manner in which they returned, this allowed for them to bond with newbies instead of instantly forming a power alliance from day 1.  It also didn’t hurt they chose people like Boogie and Janelle who had a negative history together.

I want to sympathize with the newbies and say they had an unfair advantage, but they didn’t.  In BB13, they easily had a huge unfair advantage from day 1, but Dan has been near the exit more times than I can count on one hand, yet nobody pulled the trigger.  Dan could have been gone before the coaches even entered as players, but he somehow dodged that bullet a few times.  He was a target of Frank’s for weeks, and even when Dan was hanging from the ledge of a cliff, Frank decided to pull him up and give him another shot.   If and when Dan ends up bringing Ian to the final 2 despite multiple promises to bring Danielle, she’ll be the fool, not him.  I don’t care about swearing on things, I think that’s completely overblown and I bet half the people who complain about it would piss away their dignity for a legitimate shot at life changing money as well. (look at what people have to subject themselves to on fear factor for a much smaller prize)


Now that I’m off my high horse, it’s back to the question at hand.  If Dan ends up making it to the finals (which is very likely), will the season be considered a failure if he does not win the grand prize?  I know it will certainly leave a bitter taste in my mouth to see the jury hand $500k to either Danielle or Ian if Dan is sitting next to them.   Don’t get me wrong, Ian is probably second deserving in the house and has been since Frank left, but there is nobody this season that has been able to manipulate people and control the flow of the game the way Dan has.  Not even close.  Every HoH that wasn’t Franks was basically run by ObiDan, and even Frank’s final one was controlled by him.

What are your thoughts on the season if Dan doesn’t win it all?

Moving on, I’m sure many are wondering where the house stands right now.  Well, Dan actually convinced Danielle to drop during the endurance competition last night and will automatically advance to the final part in the 3-part HoH competition.  Next up, Ian will face Danielle most likely tomorrow in a physical competition, and the winner of that will square off against Dan during the live 90 minute finale on Wednesday.  On that night, the HoH winner will then pick the person he wants to sit next to in the final 2, and the jury will likely vote for Dan to win it all.

Like I mentioned above, follow me on twitter for any random updates, but I will also be updating the blog after part 2 so we know who will square off Wednesday night.


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    I disagree that the jury would vote for Dan, there is just so much bitterness towards him, and the way they perceive that he has played the game, plus they may not want to give him a second 500,000 just because. Personally I hope that the final two is between Ian and Dan, they both played the game, where as the game played Danielle. I just think it would be a shame to see her win after making so many poor game moves.

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      He is a dirty player and should not win. Ian should win!

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        how is he a dirty player? When Payton Manning does a play action fake( pretending to hand the ball to a running back) he is not considered a dirty player, he is faking out the other team, which is part of the game. for better or worse, lying and manipulation is a part of the game.

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        Great point Brad!!!

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        Brad that was a horrible analogy lol. But to go with it, P. Manning didn’t swear on his wife, the bible and his dead grandfather when he did the play action.

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        Not too rleevant to compare BB to football. It’s like Probst told Russell in Survivor, it’s not just making it to the finals, it’s also how you get there. You need to MAINTAIN enough relationships to WIN. I pray to God Gheesling does not.

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        Dan isn’t a bad guy, Frank was feeble minded, Dan recognized that, took advantage of that and that is why frank is in the jury and Dan is still in the game

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        I find it hilarious that people are still saying ” but he swore on this”
        It’s a game people. You’re the same types of people that would be crying like that crybaby Danielle instead of trying to convince Dan or Ian to take her to the finals. It seems that this game is just way over some people’s heads.

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        The people that are angry that Dan used the Bible to swear on meaninglessly, are those who don’t take the Bible lightly. We are shocked that Dan, a Catholic school teacher, thinks he can. Swear on your wife and don’t mean it – that is between you and her. Swear on the Bible (this being the word of God) and don’t mean it, God would like His Word with you in His office. It is a personal slap to all Christians who treat the Word of God with reverence in their lives.

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        Big Brother is a game, the Christian religion is not a game. Dan betrayed his faith. I’m pretty sure there is no “time out” from Christianity.

        And it’s not JUST a game. There is $500k at stake. Granted, lying is permitted and 14 seasons in, really should be expected at this point. But still, I’m not impressed with lying as a strategy. It seems like the easy way out to me.

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        I have to agree with Lance…this is a game..just a game and you have to give Dan credit..

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        Let’s not be quite so condescending! You are absolutely right this is a game and sure enough and we all know that. Equally we are all entitled to an opinion. Dan has worked his magic and dodged hoops and bullets throughout.. I don’t think anyone is denying he has a strategy like few have had in the past.And most of it very clever 🙂 Some people see in black and white game play and win at any cost. Others who are just as great a fan of the show see this from a more emotional or ethical standpoint. Dan is good, he knows it and he appears with his wild eyes to take far to much pleasure in his ability to twist minds.. past the point of clever game play but seemingly to the point sheer pleasure. He gets off on it. And I believe this is where he loses many people and their respect. Let’s leave the Bible where it should be at the door and pick it up when they leave. Dan did not bring that bible for any other reason but to use it for all the wrong reasons. Right or wrong, game or reality noone will tell me that he even himself isn’t worried he has gone too far in America’s opinion.. I think he is young and his actions this time around may follow him once outside the house. Frank was my favourite.. for me with choices so limited I would like Ian to win and only because he is believable and likable.. two qualities I guess are underated in this BB game.

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        Apparently the people that comment on here are also feeble minded because if you do not get that when Dan swore on the bible he was telling the truth, and I am a CHRISTIAN and am not horrified that he was telling the truth. It is a game and he was brilliant and get over the bible swearing because he was telling the truth. It is not different than an actor in a movie or tv show or soap opera where the players swear on the bible or are you condemning them to hell also or is it just Dan who was telling the truth? It is time to move on!!!

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        Sorry but one more comment for Ian fans who want to condemn Dan. I guess you think it is fine for Ian to make racial slurs or disgusting sexual gestures on live feeds or make derogatory remarks about women or Frank who called jenn dirty brown water trash and cheated but oh no lets condemn Dan who only told the TRUTH when swearing on the bible. HYPOCRITES!

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        Frank was not only feeble minded (LOL), but he sucked at the game. He talked about every other player horribly and laughed and tried to egg Boogie on about sexually assaulting Dan’s wife, he was a horrible bully and had ZERO social game and he CHEATED with the approval of BB production. He should of been booted a long, long time ago.

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      IF DAN DOES NOT WIN BB 14 then YES it will be a total failure. The other players that producers cast were to say the least not the brightest crayons in the box, and almost every players move, Ian included, were at some point orchestrated by DAN. Dan deserves to win and it is sad that these jury members are so hate filled and sore losers that they will not vote for the BEST PLAYER EVER ON BB!!! It would of been a total failure and viewers would of been turning off their tv sets in droves had it not been for Dan and totally believe that Dan’s funeral saved the season for BB!! DAN DESERVES TO WIN!! Best player ever!!

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      Danielle should be considered this season’s Britney. Thinking she has a solid alliance and then getting blindsided at the end like Britney did in her first season

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    I would like to see Dan win the season. I know he has done stuff that is not right but isnt that part of the game?? He has played the game from the get go. He deserves to win but i think the jury will be bitter towards him and vote personally and not who played the best game.

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    I think you are 100% correct. As much as I don’t like Dan this year, he has played his game (and everyone else’s for that matter) like a pro. He is always two steps ahead and covers his tracks perfectly.
    Do I want him to win? No! but I don’t want any of the other people in there to win either. Since I have no decent choices on my pick to win, I have to go with Dan for his gameplay.

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    Dan loses to Danielle, total fail.

    Dan loses to Ian, totally justified.

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    I just don’t understand how anyone could hate Dan and disagree with the way he’s played the game. He’s still there-isn’t that all that matters? Everyone is always saying that they know they can’t trust anyone but they all fall for dans lies-doesn’t that make him a phenomenal player. Who cares if he swears on his wife? What are we, 5? I doubt she’s going to care when they’re now a million dollars richer because he won 2 seasons. I’ll be so disappointed if he doesn’t win-he is a master manipulater and it’s only a game.

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      Agreed. His wife has even said on their blog that she isn’t upset at him for his “swears” that he playing a game, and she’s proud of him. As much as I’d like to see either Dani or Ian win, I still think Dan deserves the win. When you are up against everyone, at one point or another, and still manage to not only last in the game, but probably make it to the final 2, well you deserve it.
      Also, I don’t think anyone that’s left doesn’t deserve to be there. They are in the final 3 based on how they played, even if most of it is Dan, Dani won when she needed to, and Ian won win he did. I think they all deserve the chance, the question left if which one of these three can get the votes?

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        Well, she married the ‘mist’

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        Sure, Dan has played like a coach. Where the team runs interference. But, he has made everyone else take the blood on their hands, and has hidden in the corner, never been nominated or taken off. Shane was right, he ‘s a dirty player. Can his wife be proud of that, and, swearing on the bible, his wife,, whatever. On bbad Dani said she threw part one of the comp to Dan. What is wrong with her? Does she really hate Ian that much. I hope Ian wins HoH , and gets rid of Dan.

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        No one hates anyone as far as I can see. They’re competing for a HALF MILLION DOLLARS. Know why I’d hate Ian? Because he could beat my ass in the f2. Ultimately that’s all this comes down to. On a personal level they all seem pretty okay…you have to remember, these people have known each other for all of 3 months. They all have an agenda and that is simply to win.

        Viewers really seem to keep forgetting that fact. “Dirty player”? No, highly strategic player. Why would Dan hold these houseguests to some higher standard when he’s playing for his life, his family, his financial wellbeing? Screw all y’all I’m playing for the money. If you don’t have that in mind when you enter the house you’re on the wrong show.

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    I would like to see either an all newbie season next year or an all vet season. Considering the rants as of late, maybe they should do a good vs. evil, if it’s a vet season. But I also think that while it’s somewhat unfair to put vets in with newbies, just because the vets know better what to expect, I also don’t think they have much of an advantage. What should have happened is once the coaches came into the game, the newbies should have teamed up to get them out, that is if none of them were ok with the possibility of a coach winning in the end.
    That being said, I think BB should have put Frank in th house last year with that group of vets, maybe even Shane. Having a challage power house like him in there would have changed that season a lot. The two of them against the vest could have cleaned house, but I guess we’ll never know.
    BTW, stevebeans, i LOVE your ObiDan. I might have to use that one 🙂

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      That’s kind of what happened…after the reset the coaches got booted pretty quickly and impressively. Somehow only dan with his apparent jedi mind tricks managed to manipulate is way to the final three. Then there’s Ian who is a BB fanatic and poor, floater-pawn Danielle who couldn’t have cared less if this was BB or the bachelorette.

      The endgame is actually pretty good: a vet, an expert and a pawn. The only way this can end badly is if Danielle wins…that would be a travesty.

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        I think Dani has the votes to win over Dan. Frank, Ash, Jenn and Shane will vote for Danielle.

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        Not necessarily. Think about Dr Will…no one thought he’d win the jury over, he acted like a dick and won almost nothing. But ultimately they HAD to acknowledge the fact that he played the house like a fiddle and deserved the win.

        Against Danielle, it would be simply shameful to deny Dan the win based solely on the fact that he screwed you over. If you think you’re worth a dime you should PRAISE someone for beating your ass down as hard as Dan did and, in the end, the people who he screwed over have no on to blame but themselves. Usually by the end the jury manages to set aside personal vendettas and vote for the best PLAYER. Sure, there’ll be a few who have personal agendas but really, a vote for Danielle is a vote for empty space in the BB house.

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        If I was a player I would vote for the player that played the game the best and I would be voting for Dan to win the game, however I really think there is no way Frank will vote for Dan after the swear on the bible antics. I also think Jenn and Ashly will vote along with Frank. Shane’s vote in this case is pretty much a lock to Danielle if she was up against Dan.

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        This is an interesting point but I believe that Dr. Will and Dan did not play similar games at all. Dr. Will, the best player ever in my opinion, straight up told people not to trust him and yet he still earned their votes. Dan on the other hand has been quite the manipulator and deceiver with people who he straight up lied to.

        I get that it’s just a game but there are no rules about lies and deceit but in my my there is a difference between playing the game and playing to win. Dan is certainly playing the game but I don’t think he is playing the game to win. Yes he wants to win but at some point how he has played the game will over ride any begrudging respect the other players that he has burned have for him.

        I think he has done an amazing job manipulating the other players in the game but if I was in the jury after the blind side of Shane he wouldn’t get my vote. He’s lucky is in a house of dimwits but I would rather a dimwit like Danielle or Shane get the money than a guy lied his way through the game. There is a line and I think Dan crossed it long ago.

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        Your all forgetting this is the dumbest BB HG’s of all time, If Danielle is one of the f2 she has the votes,
        if Ian is against Dan, Ian will get the votes.
        There is only one juror who understands what Dan did andthat person is Britney, all the other HG can care less about how well Dan played them all. They only see the moral part of life that Dan violated, that blood will stain Dan’s chances of winning the game.
        I see a 5-2 vote for who ever is standing next to Dan,
        4-3 vote for Danielle.

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        “a vet, an expert and a pawn.” Okay, think you messed that statement up a bit there. Ian doesn’t fit into any of those. Dan is the vet and the expert here, and danielle is clearly the pawn.

        I would classify Ian as just another newbie. He came into the game with a strategy (ridiculous one, however), he rides on the backs of the more experienced (vets), then, once they get so far, and if they’re more aware, they try to get out the vets. Fortunately for Dan, he’s had everybody fooled the entire season. Boogie was given more credit than he should have, because we all know it was really Dr.Will that was the mastermind, not Boogie. Janelle was just too fake, and pathetic quite frankly, whilst Britney was just being Britney, and we all know Britney likes to ride up the ranks on the backs of others. This leaves Dan, who’s remained under the radar, all the while running the house from the inside out, despite what others might think.

        Although I was rooting for Frank to win because he deserves it the most, he’s not a contender and I knew it regardless because everyone shits their pants with Frank around, and would lose to him in a heartbeat.

        Dan is the next best person actually WORTHY of the win, even though he lied (part of the game), backstabbed (again, part of the game), and used props in his favour, such as the bible (awesome, use their ludicrous beliefs against them).

        Danielle: Self-explanatory. If danielle is even taken to the F2, and so happens to win, BB14 is a horrible fail.

        Ian: Slightly more worthy of a win, but not as much as Dan. He thinks he’s got the title under his belt with all these people he thinks “He” got out, meanwhile it was all Dan, which is what Dan would reveal to rake in the Votes.

        End Result: Anybody who doesn’t vote for Dan to win, is clearly deluded and doesn’t understand the game, which could include bitterness as a factor, otherwise known as butthurt. I would be really butthurt if I was Frank, but then again, Dan would’ve been out the door back when Boogie would’ve tried to convince me to keep him, If I were to be playing.

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        Remember Anthony, the jurors have no code of ethics either … they can vote whoever they choose for whatever reason – they don’t even have to understand the game (you think Ashley does?) … you may think that Dan has played the greatest game ever but then you are not voting (altho the incipient European version and BB1 – I believe – utilized the TV viewers vote to decide the winner) … so unless Dan has factored in the most important part of the game – to present the best speech of his life and acquire the majority of votes from the deluded jurors (aka ousted HGs) then obviously he won’t have played the best game … only next week will tell … sorry to burst your boils but try lying on your side … best o’ luck!

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      Christina, I think they should do a super fan bloggers player who perfectly knows the game theoretically, detail by detail scenario of evey season and let them compete with the veterans. That should be an interesting mix.

      • Avatar

        Now that would be fun to watch.

      • Avatar

        That is what Ian is. It was already made known by Ian, the show, Julie, and his family that since being a kid Ian was obsessed with Big Brother. He ran blogs on the show and has almost every show memorized. He said he can tell you every person that played in every show and in what order they were eliminated. I don’t think people are paying attention to how much he idolizes being on the show and how much he has dreamed of this.

      • Avatar

        True, he might have been a super fan, but is it helping his game? I think they could pick someone who not only is a “super fan”, like an Ian or Adam from last year, but someone who’s better at the game itself. Someone who has more insight into how the game works, and how to be more of a social player.
        Ian totally loves the idea of the show. And I think it’s almost hindered his game. Instead of thinking everything out, he’s a HUGE fan of Dan’s and lets that cloud his judgement. That’s why I think a blogger, who is a bit more involved then just watching or studying the show would be more fun to watch. Nothing against Ian, I just think they could find someone that’s a superfan, that also has the ability to be a Frank in comps and a Dan in mind games.

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    Stupid, foolish girl!!! How can she be that naive and not actually be retarded????

  8. Avatar

    Dan is the best I have ever seen in my 60 years. There is no one there that deserves that money, only him. The object is the best player wins. I hope that jury thinks about that.

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    u cant be on a reality show–a game or not and not show the real you–karma people!!!!

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    Dan has taken this game to whole new dimension … lying and backstabbing has always been part of the game but Dan is a 4th dimensional player in a 3-dimensional game – and the 4th dimension he has elected to play in is somewhat questionable regarding exercising a standard code of ethics in a civilized world … my point being is Dan is a goal setter – like coaching, he establishes his goal up front then begins to pave a path toward that goal … in BB14 he started out as a coach taking peeping callow “chicks” under his protective “mother hen” wing before quickly getting whittled down to just Danielle before the game reset … where he wholeheartedly jumped on board to compete as a peer… Danielle was a perfect fit as a BB student to Dan because she is young, emotional, naive, and most of all an attentive and devoted listener to “Jim Jones” Dan … Dan seemed to protect her from the other HGs by such acts as closely monitoring her alcohol ingestion and possible Shane penetration (heh heh) … like playing chess, at any point in the game, Dan plans his optimal move depending on the previous outcome … up front Dan knew the veteran coaches would be the paramount targets so he had to devise a failsafe plan to overcome the inevitable – that is where his 4th dimension comes into play – prevaricate and backstab at a level the game has never seen … Dan reads the other HGs like a football coach reads opponent defenses – he looks for weaknesses and holes to run through – all within the absolute rules of the game, of course … however, Dan’s big advantage is he knows the other HGs are playing a relatively restricted 3-dimensional game as if they are carrying on with everyday life – their tacit plan is to be competitive but retain some semblance of civility (Shane is a classic example) – after all, they are decent humans who know good from bad … and Dan has taken advantage of that so-called weakness (I call it unfairness) and may find out it wasn’t worth it when he goes back to his real life … Dan’s gameplay could be called genius by some and immoral legal robbery by others … however, Dan’s biggest plan is yet to come – assuming he is a final two participant – and that is convincing the bitter jurors to take another swallow of Dan the Man’s “Jim Jones” Kool-ade and take home the $500k … you gotta love this game but I can take it no longer – Honey Boo Boo here I come! … best o’ luck all!

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    As crappy as Dan’s gameplay may seem to the people as they were booted from the house I think most of them should get over it before they vote and realize that he deserves the money. He outplayed everybody. Some might not like how he did it…but what he has done is no worse than many others who have won this game. Why do people say Mike Boogie is the greatest player to ever play this game?>>> Cause he stepped on whoever he could to win his season…(like Dan).
    If it were not for Dan, Boogie, Willie and Wil (the villians) this season would have stunk.

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      No he out stabbed everybody. Not out played. Stabbed. Karma will succeed

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        No he outplayed them. He actually thought about what he was going to do and had a plan in case something didn’t go his way. He is about 2 steps ahead of everyone all the time much like you need to be in a game of chess. I may not like everything he has done in the house but who did he really need to be loyal to? I think he played this a lot like Boston Rob played survivor the last time he was on it. He had his nose into everything, had a million alliances with everyone and blindsided them when they were voted out, and you know what? He won that year and there were some pretty bitter people on that jury too.
        I hope Dan wins, he is doing what he needs to do for his family, which are the people that really matter in his life.

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    Has everyone forgotten when Dan hit the reset button and then got so excited he blurted out to Boogie how he had just saved Frank? Then he had to try to figure out how to spin that somehow? I don’t think Boogie forgot about it but apparently everyone else has.

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      Who friggin cares what disgusting Boogie thinks. His ugly butt is not in the jury and after the disgusting remarks he made about Dan’s wife with Frank’s egging him on of course he should not even be allowed on the set of BB. GAG he was NASTY!

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    Stevebeans – this is my first time checking spoilers and I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog.
    Your up to date reports are so spot on… Thank you for sharing with us.

    So now to your question regarding Dan.

    BB is already on season 14 and it has been played multiple times right in front of our eyes. I will not consider them newbies anymore since they have so many reference from the past games and from memorable players, Dan included.

    So like Russel of Survivor, it was his first time to play on his season too but he already prepared his own game… You know why? Becuuse HE GETS IT! He understood the game.

    So if I play for the first time in BB, I will treat it like a business venture- the mission is to get the half million dollar. Dan is making his sales pitch everytime- to get the price. Come on now! We are in season 14, we all know now that this is nothing personal, there is no rule that you can’t bet your wedding ring or your dead grandfather just to achieve your sales pitch. Those in the jury house or anyone’s opinion here still think that it’s unethical or immoral what Dan did is for me a complete BS! And sorry, you probably just don’t get it.

    I don’t like Britney in the beginning but when she was enlightening Frank that he got played by Dan and its alright because it’s just a game. Britney, in multiple times she mentioned that Dan will win this! Dan will win this! I gained a different level of respect to Britney. (Britney is so funny as well especially the night before her eviction, where everyone in the house asked her to finish the whole bottle of wine, she was hilarious!!!)

    So in a nutshell, Like Survivor… Dan outwit, outlast, outsmarted everyone in the house. For me, he is the most memorable player on BB history even if he doesn’t win. He made BB14 bearable to watch again after Janelle was voted out.


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      That’s a great point Bluesky, about newbies. I’ve never really thought about it like that. Even if someone decided to be on BB, but had never watched the show, they have time to go back over old videos and see what the game is about. So, even if they are a first time player, they aren’t like the first season heading in with no idea what to expect.
      Thanks for that view point. I do love it when someone actually has a fresh take on things. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Yes Christina, that’s why I totally agree from George’s comments (5:43pm comment thread)
        regarding Dan playing it 4 dimensional. Dan took it way over to the next level- he has to up his game because as we all know, several played it differently…. Successful or not, familiar game or cliche game… It is still just a game.

        Their live feeds conversation if you noticed, they always reference Russel of Survivor on how ruthless his game was. He didn’t win because the jury played it personal. But boy! Russel made that season exciting to watch.

        As much as I hate Russel or even Dan’s guts, If you look at the big picture- we the viewers are also part of the game, since we want it to be extra entertaining. We yawn if we see a player who mimics the past seasons play. So as a viewer, we like to see a fresh approach everytime.

        Dan gave us a new approach. That’s why I like this blog’s title – Dan is definitely doing the mind game. The modern ObiDanKanobi.

        And please viewers! Don’t use the bible swearing as a basis to hate Dan…. I am sure he is not as evil as he is perceived.

        Hate the game but not the player.

      • Avatar

        So many people are acting like the way they play the game is a direct reflection of how the houseguests are in real life. It just makes me sick that people think it’s ok for the constant attacks on him and his personal life are ok.
        The other day someone who knew Dan, and has for years came on the blog. It was so nice to hear from someone who actually does have insight into who Dan is, as opposed to people who watch him on a Game Show and think they know all.
        What she said was “He is smart, a good guy, dedicated coach and teacher, loyal friend, loving son, brother and now husband.” But I don’t think people even care if they are lying about who he really is. They just want to attack him, and they are going to do it.
        I’ve said it before, I personally don’t swear to things like a game, but he didn’t even lie to his swear. But again, people would rather judge then go back and see what REALLY happened, instead of a short edited version that aired on CBS, you know, for a TV show, that wants the controversy to increase ratings???
        And, you are right once again about a new approach. If nothing else, people are taking the time to watch and blog, so obviously, like him or not, people are glued to see what happens next.

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      Dan was their ‘pimp’ so to speak..LOL!!!

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    I am very curious to know who will actually vote for the best game playing skills. If I were in there I would like to think that I would vote for the most strategic player but I would most likely vote personally.
    I just don’t understand where Danielles head is, I understand that we are seeing the whole picture and she is not but seriously…if a person lied to me as many times as Dan has screwed her over, his butt would have been gone awhile ago. What a season!

    • Avatar

      Probably the kind of chick who likes “bad boys” who cheat on her and berate her and yet she thinks they do it out of love. Sigh.

      • Avatar

        I still contend that the girl is going to need major therapy when she gets out…she’s going to see how little Dan thought of her and then on top of that, will see that no, she isn’t hugely popular with the fans…all the pics ppl have made of her and stuff is gonna really get to her I think…and I don’t think Shane will talk to her outside the house… But who knows. I sincerely pray that Danielle is not so messed up in the head that she tries to commit suicide once she reads all the bad stuff about her across the net. The girl seems pretty unstable and I really, truly hope that does not push her to do something drastic. She may be annoying, conceited, and pathological liar, but I don’t want her trying to kill herself…. When she reads all the fat cow comments and sees all the pics we have posted and stuff, I’m afraid her anorexia will come back (if she had it in the first place)…she seem like the type of girl that would have slit her wrists in high school…I think we should all be a lil concerned about her once she gets out, that’s all :-/ we may not really like her much, but she’s clearly unstable and needs help..let’s pray she doesnt try anything drastic after she sees all of our posts and photoshopped pics of her on other sites…my mom is a Psychologist and she said herself that Danielle reminds her of many of her patients… so, even though we can’t stand the girl, let’s just pray she gets some help once she gets out! :-/

      • Avatar

        U took the thoughts and words right out of my mouth. I was just saying the same thing to my husband late last night. After Shane left and being once again mentally manipulated by Dan which continued thru the next competition, I really feel that when this game is over (and if she doesn’t win) she will have suicidal tendencies. As much as Daniel disappoints me, I would never want any harm to come to her or any of the other house guests. What Dan isn’t prepared for is that he created this emotional mental relationship with Daniel who will want to continue it after the game is over. She will want a permanent relationship with him when this is over, so I hope his wife Chelsea is prepared. To be coninued……

      • Avatar

        WOW, I can’t even believe how tacky your post is Keith. I can’t believe you would put those kind of thoughs out there, and then try to sugar coat it with “I don’t want her to” or “I really hope she doesn’t.
        I don’t know if no-one else is reading between the lines, or why no-one else has said anything, but as many classless and low posts there have been this year, I have to say your is one of the worst.

      • Avatar

        Keith, I really hope I’m reading your post wrong. This one is really bothering me, and I’m hoping you’ll explain that your post wasn’t meant the way it came off.
        I don’t always agree with your posts, but I wouldn’t have seen you writing a post like the one above. Maybe some of the other more hatefuly bloggers, but not you from what I’ve read.
        If I am wrong, I’m sorry, it just seems very hurtful, and not at all on a game level.

      • Avatar

        Keith is just stating what most hypocritical ghouls won’t admit, that we watch these shows because it’s fascinating, albeit tragic but fascinating none the less. It’s the same reason traffic backs up when there’s an accident, you hope that no one is hurt but you have to slow down, and for a brief moment you brace yourself for a peek and you’re almost disappointed when it’s only a fender bender. Meanwhile traffic’s backed up for miles.
        When you agree to go on a show like that you’ve got to be prepared for the worst possible outcome because the odds are that at the end of it all you go back to a quite life without a pot of gold.

      • Avatar

        No, I DEFINITELY don’t want her to do ANYTHING drastic! No no no…. I don’t think she’s fat, I don’t really have issues with her. I was saying that once she gets out and reads some of these posts on other sites like jokersupdates, like all the horrible, tasteless photos people over there photoshop of her, and another site where every post is a Danielle bashing post, I hope and day it doesn’t affect her very badly. I’ve never said a mean thing about the girl, I think she’s pretty. But the way she’s talking about how everyone is going to love her and she’s going be immensely popular, she is going to be in for a shock to her system, just like all the Shelly hate last season, I didn’t like how she betrayed Jeff, but the Shelly Moore Hate page on FB was horrible and the threats…I felt so horrible for her and her family.

        But NOOOOOO…. I’m not personally saying Dani is a cow or anything like that, you are all reading my post wrong. That’s why I hate posting sometimes, because a lot of things get misunderstood when it’s words on a page. I think Danielle is a very good looking young woman, her voice can get on my nerves at times, but that’s all. I hate that everyone misread what I was saying. I didn’t mean for it to be taken as harsh. But a lot of others on other sites have said and made horrid photos of Danielle, and that, combined with how she’s going to see how Dan used her and manipulated her, may be a lot for her to handle. I was comparing it to the cases where these teenage girls bullied a girl online and said HORRID things about her, and she ended up killing herself. I was saying I hope it doesnt end up to being that bad….and she realizes it doesn’t matter what people she doesn’t know think of her.

        I hope that clears my post up! I definitely wasn’t intending on it sounding harsh…but the way it was worded I understand how it could be misread.

      • Avatar

        When I logged on here a few mins ago and read the reaction to my post, I was taken back..I personally would have a difficult time if I was in that house, thinking everyone would love me, only to get out and find soooo many hateful comments and photoshopped photos about me.. but again I’m the kind of person that wants everyone to like me. I don’t know the girl, it just seems to me that she’s like that, too….that she wants everyone to like her, and I just know how it would affect me if I had all the tasteless posts from everyone around the net…especially on jokers updates…those people over there have really gone over the top with photoshopped pictures of Danielle. And I think it’s atrocious.

        I just don’t want any of you to think I’m a mean guy. I’m not. I’ve never said a mean thing about anyone on the show… I was simply relaying what others have said, and in no way do I think it’s OK to create media that humiliate someone like they’ve done to Danielle. She’s a very pretty girl and not fat at all….if her body type is considered fat then I guess we’re all fat. So I hope that clears up everything. I don’t want y’all to think I’m this heartless person, I’m far from it. If I was, the hateful posts about Dani wouldn’t bother me at all. But they do.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for clearing that up Keith. I’m sorry for misreading your post. I thought it seemed strange, the way I read it, coming from you. Like I said, I don’t always agree with you, but that’s not a bad thing at all. I actually enjoy reading other peoples opinions and sometimes even change mine based on theirs. I think some of your posts have been some of those for me.
        I think maybe just the way it was worded, to me at least, it looked like some of the other hateful posts that I’ve seen. Maybe I remember past years with rose colored glasses, but I just don’t remember people making the kinds of attacks I’ve seen this year. So maybe I’m just sensitive to them, and I’m sorry if I personally hurt you in any way by my misunderstanding.
        I’ve seen so many posts attacking her looks, and Dan’s personal life, it just makes me sick. I love BB, and I LOVE this site, and I LOVE stevebeans takes on the show. And I adore most of the people on here, but there have been so many that are just mean hateful people. I think that’s why I was caught off gaurd, again, with the way I read your post, coming from you. I’d expect it from some of the other idiots.
        Sorry Keith. I hope you don’t hold it against me, and I hope I didn’t cause you too much grief. Sorry

      • Avatar

        No, it’s alright Christina, I’m sorry that it may have bothered you! I agree about the hateful attacks this season. Last season there were horrible ones about Rachel that I hated because I rooted for Rachel the entire time…I tend to root for the ones that people are mean to. I used to go to bigbrothernetwork and TVGrapevine but I finally had to stop because of all the snarky editorials in their articles. And especially from TVGrapevine….a site that claims to be anti-bullying. I called them out on it a couple weeks ago, and was, of course, banned because I didn’t adhere and keep in line to everyone else’s opinion. The ultimate hypocrites. I only go to jokers to read the feed updates…and I look at the media users post from time to time because sometimes they actually post funny ones, but more and more of them are getting tasteless and aimed towards Danielle. My original post was really meant as concern for Danielle. I feel badly for her that she’s going to be subjected to the hateful things online once she gets out, and if she’s the type that wants everybody to like her and wants to be popular, she could very well get upset and I just pray she’s strong enough to shrug it off.

        BBJunkies is the only BB site I have on my bookmarks…. I didn’t even know about this site til a month ago.

      • Avatar

        I’ve read some harsh shit on here, but this is over the top. Too sad.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Vic. I was starting to think I was the only one who read it that way. I couldn’t believe more people hadn’t commented on how out of line it reads, at least to me.

      • Avatar

        No, I saw it, too. It was like the “Ian needs a psychiatric intervention” post. I don’t know who some of these people think they are but they need to stick to posting about gameplay and stop playing Dr. Phil.

      • Avatar

        Sadie, be sure to read what Keith wrote as follow up to my questions on the post about danielle. He really wasn’t trying to attack her at all.

      • Avatar

        Sorry Vic, it looks like I misread the post. Be sure to look up at Keiths response. I feel horrible.

      • Avatar

        I didn’t misunderstand. I knew he wasn’t putting her down for being fat or whatever. It just made me realize how inappropriate people can be anonymously. Posting about a hypothetical suicide of a player, saying over and over that someone is a monster who would hurt children, etc. It’s a sad world, very upsetting.

      • Avatar

        At least you didn’t read it the way I did. But I’m glad he cleared it up, I was shocked reading it, but knew it seemed out of place (from prior posts of his).
        And you are right, the posts people have been putting out there (obviously not Keiths, but others) are just so hateful and cruel. I hope that for anyone getting out of there, when they see the nasty hurtful comments, they will also be sure to read the ones of support. And know that chances are, the people making the kinds of attacks that you listed and others, are probably either miserable people who just want to makes others miserable as well, or think that way of themselves, so they are projecting onto the poor houseguests.
        I’d just like to see how those people would handle people saying about them the kind of nasty things they say. Grrr

      • Avatar

        Wow, Vic, what sites are they saying Danielle would hurt children? That’s horrible! I’ve read where people have talked about Boogie in that way, is that who you’re referring to? I am not sure why anyone would think Daneille would harm a child…I don’t think she’s capable of hurting a fly, like I said, I can see how some may dislike her…when I say “we” I meant we the fans…. I personally don’t have anything against her. But go over to jokers updates…you want to talk about cruel and unusual….they are realllly bad on the Danielle hate there. You may have seen some of it over there. It’s terrible!

      • Avatar

        I’m pretty sure he was talking about the horrible comments some were making about Dan.

  15. Avatar

    You should make an instagram page.

  16. Avatar

    Dan, lying on BB14, by putting your hands on the bible and swearing on your wife, parents, grandparents to win money on a game show… WOW thts new low for anyone. feel sorry for all the boys you teach. your teaching them anything goes as long as it a “game”, can’t stand you, hope you lose in life… Karma for you and your family!

    • Avatar

      Now you’re not even making since. If you’re upset at him for “Swearing on your wife, parents, grandparents” then why are you wishing bad Karma on him and his family?
      People need to seriously get over it. His wife isn’t upset about what he did, I as a Christian know that a persons life isn’t messured by one act, but the whole of their life and therefore am not offended, so why are people taking his actions as some kind of personal attack on them?
      I will give you one thing Joe… at least you didn’t say “dirtbag Dan” again, so thank you for finding something else to say.

      • Avatar

        By using the Bible as a prop is offensive to true Christians. Swearing is one thing, but by using the Bible as a prop is another. The Bible is sacred. That’s the difference…Just saying!!!

      • Avatar

        As I’ve told you time and again “born2shop” a “True Christian” wouldn’t judge as much as you do. And trust me, you don’t have to “just say” it anymore, we ALL know that you only have about 5 things to say, and all of them are about how Evil Dan is.

      • Avatar

        Right on, sister. Yeah, I just dated myself.

      • Avatar

        lol Vic!!!

      • Avatar

        If you watched the show properly, you would know that he didn’t lie when he swore on the bible. He swore on the bible when he was telling Frank about the Quack Pack, and yes he did in fact tell the truth about that. Yes, Dan did lie in other cases, but that is the game. Big Brother tests the social game of people, may it be through manipulation, lies, deceit. If you don’t like it why are you even watching it? Go do something else, no one is forcing you to watch. Without manipulation or lies, Big Brother would not be as big as it is now.

      • Avatar

        Please stop coming off like you are speaking for every Christian in the world because you are not speaking for me and I am a Christian. I do not believe he took the bible in there as a prop as I take my bible with me every where that I go and definitely when I travel. He got caught up in the moment and once again when he did swear on it he was telling the absolute truth about the QP. So stop speaking for all Christians everywhere because the majority of us can differentiate between reality and fantasy, and those of that can love Dan and appreciated his GAME PLAY for what it was.

    • Avatar

      Hmm, I’m pretty sure something in Christianity goes against your post, something about treating people with how you would want to be treated, not wishing harm against others, etc etc.

      And hell, I’m atheist (With 4-years of christian education). Religion is just a social construct to impose rules and doctrines that uphold the status-quo, as well as sustain any institutions that benefit from it.

      Actually, If all you religious people actually read the entire Bible, rather than just cherry-picking the favourite scriptures, you would see how contradictory, convoluded, delusional, and ludicrous it all seems. It doesn’t take a person with a high IQ to read these texts and conclude what is most obvious and rational. In short: Religion is like Santa for Adults.

      Aside from that, his wife really doesn’t give a crap he swore on her life, because hell, DAN IS GETTING $500,000 (Assuming the Jury isn’t completely Bitter and has only a few brain cells left after getting the boot), and she get’s to Share that goddamn money.

      I don’t care who it is, if someone were swearing on my life in order to win $500,000 which I get to share, I’m down. And really, his grandfather is dead. Not looking down on him with his white robe with a discerning look on his face. Plus, if heaven is so wonderful, why in the hell would he be focused on Dan when he’s in paradise. To add to that, even if it *somehow* were preposterously true that his Grandfather were dead and looking down on him, he would want what’s best for Dan.

      And what’s best for Dan? That damn $500,000. Settle down with a family, I’m sure his grandfather would’ve loved to see that.

      So, we’ve got your argument: “Swearing on religion, your wife, and your dead grandfather is morally wrong.” Well, religion is completely absurd and if you fall for it, hey, Dan get’s further. His wife doesn’t care, she isn’t dying, and she’d love the money. And his grandfather, if anything, would want the best for Dan, which is the damn prize money.

      Therefore: butthurt Joe is butthurt; obvious hater is obvious.

      • Avatar

        I think when you swear something and you mean it, but then circumstances change and you break your word, well – I think that is not just permissable, but acceptable.

        I think when someone swears something to someone, but doesn’t mean a word (like in a game of BB), it is permissable, because they are not really intending the promise; it is a part of their strategy to go farther in the game. There is a game that a LOT of christian circles play called, “truth, truth, lie”, where people say three things (2 truths and a lie) and the others try to guess the lie. If Christians want judge how someone plays BB, maybe they better think first about their own lives.

        I think people in the BB house should presume that no one, ever, is telling the truth, and then work from there.

        I say, “If it happens in the BB house, then no harm, no foul!”.

      • Avatar

        lmao! Okay, thumbs up! 🙂

      • Avatar

        Remember Anthony, the jurors have no code of ethics either … they can vote whoever they choose for whatever reason – they don’t even have to understand the game (you think Ashley does?) … you may think that Dan has played the greatest game ever but then you are not voting (altho the incipient European version and BB1 in US, I believe , utilized the TV viewers vote to decide the winner) … so unless Dan has factored in the most important part of the game – to present the best speech of his young life and acquire the majority of votes from the deluded jurors (aka ousted HGs) then obviously he won’t have played the best game … only next week will tell … sorry to burst your boils but try lying on your side … best o’ luck!

      • Avatar

        Tell that the the Muslims who are in the news now…

      • Avatar

        Sadie, I wouldn’t ask for any kind of explanation from born2shop. I mean honestly, does it even matter what she’s saying? She’s just trying to find a talking point.

      • Avatar

        I dunno, man, sometimes I just want a glimpse into these people’s minds to see what they’re thinking. I mean – I’m watching a show here. For entertainment purposes. I have no idea what some other these other people are watching but it can’t really be Big Brother O_O

      • Avatar

        Well, don’t look too hard, you might get sucked into their way of thinking… and then how would you ever forgive yourself??? lol

  17. Avatar

    I can’t wait for Dan’s speech. Final two as an individual AND as a coach. He keeps telling Danielle that his speech will be about her being in the finals. And it will be. It’ll be about how even though the game changed mid season, he completed both tasks BB set down on him. Coach a player to the finals. Check. Compete as an individual for the 500K. Check.
    And because he’s so good he even gave himself another task. Run the house like a boss. Check.
    IF he is in the final two, he wins. No questions asked. If Will could win his season, then Dan will win this one.

  18. Avatar

    I agree 100 percent joe

  19. Avatar

    Joe i agree with you dude Dan sucks.

  20. Avatar

    Joe …i couldn’t have said it better lol Dan is a poor excuse of a human being.

  21. Avatar

    ObiDan! – OMG!!!! that’s so funny!!! ObiDanKanobi

  22. Avatar

    Joe i agee with you dan sucks…

  23. Avatar

    Does anyone know what’s wrong with Ian?
    He’s always pacing, rocking or talking to
    Himself!! For him to get this far in the game
    With whatever condition he has is impressive.

    • Avatar

      He told Dan, when asked, that he thinks he has ADD (Dan was thinking OCD), but he hasn’t been diagnosed.

    • Avatar

      Definitely Asperger’s. If you know someone who has it, you recgonize it. It’s not something “wrong”, it’s just how he is. And yes, it is impressive that a guy who has trouble with social skills (read about Asperger’s) has done so well in a game that requires social skills. I think he was really sweet with Danielle when she was crying about Shane being gone. He’s a good kid.

    • Avatar

      There is nothing wrong with Ian….he is playing the game and has taken on this poor kid with some medical issues role….it is a front for his game….when it comes crunch time, the HGs are feeling sorry for him…..Even Frank and Boogie took care of him early on because they sensed he had issues and couldnt function without some extra help….he is student of the game and has worked it to the max….he knows exactly what he is doing….just watch all of his individual interviews….he isnt stupid….he has looked slightly foolish for taking credit where it wasnt due to him….but, hey, it is a game and he is playing it very well….he has assured himself of the sympathy vote….Dan has played a ruthless game, and Ian has played one that is almost as equally ruthless in a whole different way

    • Avatar

      … Ian talking to self? … tip toeing when he walks? … continued rocking, pacing, and snapping fingers? … sorry, I didn’t notice … whatever happened to Honey Boo Boo?

  24. Avatar

    Dan really has ‘played’ the game – in fact, he has ‘played’ everyone! He has been thinking ahead, and he has been able to do some pretty amazing things. When he got Frank to get Jen to take him off the block? BRILLIANT! Convincing Danielle that sending Shane home was because his goal was to see her make it to the end of the game? BRILLIANT! Knowing when to back down (with both Shane and Jen) BRILLIANT! Keeping his mouth shut while he took all the flack for Ian – also a great game move!

    I mean from cover ups to blow ups, that guy has been the best player. He is playing a much different game than last time, knowing that the others have studied his previous game – so he adapts.

    The guy deserves to win.

  25. Avatar

    Are you kidding me? Voting for Dan to take home the money. Omg. None of them deserve to win. Dani for stupidity. Ian for narc. Dan for using a bible to get ahead. If Dan wins something terrible will happen to him. Gods watching you Dan. I can’t even stand to watch such a stupid player as dani. What the?$);(). Are you thinking? Just pathetic. I’m so sick of this boring predicable big brother. I didn’t even watch last night. It’s a kiddie carnival and Ian thinking this big quack pack was the best alliance hahahahahaha. A complete joke. Ian get over it dude. You were awarded money from boogie because frank told him to give you some of the winning money. And you back stabbed them. How dare you. Ian you are the talk of the town as the biggest sneak. Grow up. You wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for boogie. Boogie kept you there and then you narced and snuck around like a snake. You and Dan belong together. The worst alliance and cheesy people. Dan is going to hell. Dani your going to to work at a carniville. Ian you will be working at a zoo with the boars. Quack lack. Quack lack. Hehehehehehoehe. Brittany go pick your face at home. Your so gross always picking your face. Omg. What a boring season. 🙁

  26. Avatar

    Debdebb an joe i totally agree with both of you an Debdebb that was hilarious lol…

  27. Avatar

    While agree with what you said for the most part I don’t think the jury will award Dan the 500k if he’s there at the end. Frank and Shane like many of the people that are watching think Dan’s played a “dirty” game and because of that probably won’t vote for him.

    I think it’s funny that Frank says Dan’s played a dirty game even though his mentor and partner Boogie told him “This is the Big Brother house, you can bounce checks here.” early on. Seems he and other forget that.

    Since BB1 playing honest has never won anyone the game.

  28. Avatar

    KnightFire well i see where ppl like Debdebb an joe are coming from alot of ppl take religion seriously boogie said you can bounce checks in tha big brother house but he an dr. Will never walked around tha bb house waving a bible an stabbing ppl in tha back you can say it’s game play but alot of ppl take religion seriously…

  29. Avatar

    Big Brother 14 Poem

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Ian, Dan has a surprise for you
    The Quack Pack stinks
    It is so lame
    doesn’t anyone know how to play this game?

  30. Avatar

    Dan played a very dirty game. Ian should win. Yeah, it’s big brother, but Dan got this far because he was willing to do or say ANYTHING to win. I enjoyed watching him save himself repeatedly, but how he did it made me dislike Dan. Dan should not win.

  31. Avatar

    I think it would be cool if all of the jury members told Dan he was good and got their vote on live finale.. then they all voted for the other person. Yes that’s bitter but Dan would really get a taste of his own medicine.

  32. Avatar

    I can’t get over these people who are so disgusted for what they say Dan has done, preaching morality and religion, then proceed to call him names. It is a GAME people, and he deserves to win. It is a tv show. Such negativity when talking about Dan. Really? If Boogie and Frank were still left, they would be totally honest? Think not, but I wouldn’t be bashing them. Get a grip people, and use that energy that you are investing into negativity on someone you don’t know and will never meet into something constructive!

    • Avatar

      Dan told Ian “I’ll rip your face off” and said Danille’s vote will be “What I tell her to vote.” Seems he keeps HG’s he can BULLY. There is a lot of attention in schools on this subject and there is concern when a teacher displays such tatics.

      • Avatar

        Actually, Dan repeated what Ian had said to him about Brit. Ian said word for word, “I’ll rip your face off if you vote her out”. That is not a case of Dan being a bully, unless you consider Ian saying it to him first Ian bullying Dan???

  33. Avatar

    I guess all the “morality police” on this blog have never played a game of poker in which you won a hand on a bluff or got someone to fold because you over sold your 2-9 hand. Palease. I suppose if you were playing a Game of poker you would fold your weaker hand because lying is wrong and if others have a better hand the should take your money with out a fight. Rolling over is the right thing to do. I look at BB as a game of poker, and I have always respected aggressive game play over someone who doesn’t throw their chips in the pot. A hand shake with a person I’ve known for two weeks would never trump what that kind of money would do for my family. Dan has gone all in every week and deserves to win. He has made this season, are any of you talking about anything or one else? I was a fan season 10, and a bigger one now.

    • Avatar

      Well said Mel. People just aren’t getting that it’s a game. Simply put, if you aren’t willing to do what it takes to win the game, then why in the HELL would you take that much time away from your family and life to be in that house?
      Just so you know, the chances of any of the “morality police” actually having any kind of defence for their way of thinking is slim to none. It’s the same on here as it is in life and politics. People think if they just keep saying something it makes it true. The have a bunch of one liners (what I think they believe are “zingers”, but they aren’t, my 10 yr old nephew is 1000 times more clever then what they are saying) and can’t back them up. And when they get called out on their crap, they can’t prove their point.
      Sorry to rant, yet again, but I’m just tired of the lies I keep seeing people say on here. It’s just gross. And the attacks on the players personal lives, it honestly makes me sick.

  34. Avatar

    I wonder if Ian has wised up to Dan (finally). You would think he must consider the likelihood of a deal between Danielle and Dan for Danielle to give Dan the POV. Also, someone said he was making comments after the HOH comp. about how ugly the game was and that the joke was on him (was this true?). On the other hand, someone posted that he was singing the QP’s praises last night. I don’t think Ian will be so gullible as to actually throw the next comp. to Danielle. I wonder, if Ian could win the next two rounds, who would he have a better chance against, Dan or Danielle? Go Ian.

    • Avatar

      I personally couldn’t hear what Ian was saying clearly, so I would love some clarification there as well.
      As for votes, I think Ian has a better chance against Dani, then against Dan. If the jury votes based on game play, Dan is going to be beat both of them. But the jury might vote personally, which could mean that there would be a toss up.

      • Avatar

        On one hand, Ian was acting upset and mad after the competition, but then Dan said to the camera that he couldn’t believe he got both Ian and Danielle to throw the competition to him, plus Ian told Dan that he had. Why would Ian have been so mad afterwards then? He’d have no incentive to be acting because he was by himself then.

      • Avatar

        That was what I was thinking.

      • Avatar

        I saw here that after Ian fell, Dan later asked him to go inside so he could talk privately to Dani. Dani then fell. I think that was what upset Ian. Even so, he was sweet with Dani at the dinner table while she cried. His mama raised him right. Go, Dan!

      • Avatar

        I did like that part too. He was being very supportive, esp considering that if Shane was still there he wouldn’t be. And as much as Ian may want to be there, I think he would have been ok if he was gone. He does seem like a sweet kid.
        And I still can’t imagine whey Dani would fall for Dan. Not minutes after the Shane ordeal. Rather she agreed to or not, I wouldn’t have. But ObiDan, can convince anyone of anything.

  35. Avatar

    Dan should not win for one simple reason as a coach he began the game with a form of immunity in the fact that he couldnt be nominated or evicted only his players could and he lost two of them right away if it wasnt for the reset he wouldnt even still be in the game the rest of the house would have kicked out dani just to get rid of him but he got a lucky break and then i admit played a great game but he hasnt played the whole season on his own it would be like spoting the Lakers a 2-0 lead before the NBA finals and then bragging about how great they are for winning it.

    • Avatar

      … huh? … I lost you after the simple reason that Dan began as a coach … wonder if ingestin’ paint chips as a kid has affected my learnin’ ability? …. anyhoo, the Lakers are a basketball team? …

  36. Avatar

    It was mentioned Ian threw the endurance comp last night to Dan saying he had seaweed on his foot?? Danielle thru the comp to Dan also if there just going to throw it to Dan they should go ahead and let Dan chose whos hes taken so we can all watch the jury vote that person and NOT Dan

  37. Avatar

    I thought I was the only one who seemed to hear that Ian had thrown the comp.! He was asking Dan if it looked ok, he said that he wanted it to look like the seaweed on his foot pulled him off! I just about fell out of my chair when I saw that! I was sooo pro-Ian but I lately I feel like strangling him!! I mean is he really so blind as to not see Dan’s manipulations?? If it comes to Ian/Dan final two, I’d still want Ian to win.

  38. Avatar

    i agree with the fact that most likely ian or danielle will win big brother. it really is a shame though considering that dan has absolutely controlled this house and britney frank joe jenn and shane are all gone because of him. he has made the right moves at the right times and has manipulated everybody into doing what he wants them to do. i think if he wins the final HOH he should be rewarded 150,000 for being the winning coach and 2nd place assuming that he takes danielle and she wins. a lot of people think because he already won that he shouldnt win again what was the point of coming back into the game then i mean lets be real. the winner should be the best player in the game. examples of when that didnt happen were janelle in bb6 will in bb all stars danielle in bb3 and so forth. reward dan the money because he deserves it!!!!!

  39. Avatar

    I personally don’t think Dan is as secure as everyone seems to think. Here’s why:
    Ian: I think he’s wised up to Dan’s antics and is playing low-key and non-confrontational. I don’t really think he threw the game but told Dan he did. Then, he explained to Dan why if Ian threw the f3 comp. to him (Dan), he’d(Dan)lose to Ian for throwing Danielle out. Ian was putting the idea in Dan’s head that Danielle is popular with the jurors.
    Danielle: She told Dan she felt he might throw her under the bus and that he was really playing to protect himself. Even though she’s following Dan’s instructions still in regards to what she tells Ian, she clearly has a lot of doubts about Dan, and possibly real resentment.

  40. Avatar

    Dan deserves to win hands down but won’t…if he is in the F2 he will lose to either one. I think he knows it..If Ian doesn’t win HOH, Dani wins…..I promise!! All of u think, just like me…Dan will win $50,000 regaurdless and that’s it, and be happy!!!!

  41. Avatar

    I think the perfect ending do this somewhat amazing season would be Danielle winning the final HOH and evicting Dan. The look of shock on his face would be epic.

  42. Avatar

    There is nothing wrong with Ian….he is playing the game and has taken on this poor kid with some medical issues role….it is a front for his game….when it comes crunch time, the HGs are feeling sorry for him…..Even Frank and Boogie took care of him early on because they sensed he had issues and couldnt function without some extra help….he is student of the game and has worked it to the max….he knows exactly what he is doing….just watch all of his individual interviews….he isnt stupid….he has looked slightly foolish for taking credit where it wasnt due to him….but, hey, it is a game and he is playing it very well….he has assured himself of the sympathy vote….Dan has played a ruthless game, and Ian has played one that is almost as equally ruthless in a whole different way

  43. Avatar

    Playing this game should not be an excuse for despicable behavior and a lack of loyalty to anyone!! Just because someone lied and manipulated and used people the most, doesn’t make them the best player. They all three made moves that got them here, and have an argument for winning. No one was carried. Danielle and Ian both won key competitions and made hard moves.

    Yes, Ian played Frank and Boogie, but he was always loyal to the quack pack. Dan was never loyal to anyone, even Danielle. I would hate to see Dan win. I wouldn’t want the lesson to anyone watching this show that we should reward Dan’s kind of behavior. Calling it a game as a defense for breaking promises made on the Bible and on your wife and child’s lives is a major cop out. He is a person who has no integrity and doesn’t deserve the money!

    I hope Ian wins but if not him, Danielle. Dan would be my last choice.

    • Avatar

      I completely agree and from what I am reading on my BB blogs so do most people. Ian seems to be in the lead in most polls of who should win the game and I hope he does. It’s nice to see he is pursuing his dream just being on the show. You can clearly see his emotion on how important it is for him to be on the show and compete. Dan played a dirty game which in the end can make him the winner, but it was sure dirty. But lets not forget he has already won Big Brother once and the jury will think of this when voting for him to win.

  44. Avatar

    If Danielle wins this thing I will puke. I can see it happening if she is in the F2.

    I think Dan and Ian have played a great game.

  45. Avatar

    Not much left to see at this point. Dani is such a complete idiot it’s frightening. Dan has likely emotionally scarred her for life. She watches a garunteed 50K walk out the door as Shane and Dan would have both taken her F2. Dan now puts her in jeapardy of getting nothing. Good old Dani decides to throw the 1st comp to Dan several hours after he backdoored Shane. Lord this woman has intellect barely above an ant!
    So now comes round 2 and if Ian wins just maybe Dani gets nothing. Yup if Dan’s real F2 preference is versus Ian he just throws part 3 to Ian. If he wants Dani he has to beat Ian a 50/50 proposition. Then again Dani wins would she be so stupid as to let Dan win and then watch him choose Ian? ROFL it’s actually possibible.

    • Avatar

      I dont understand WHY Danielle still listens to Dan. OMG what is wrong with that girl. I think she needs to deprogramed when she gets out of the BB house. I just hope Ian can pull this off. And why do these people let Dan tell them to drop out of the comp. Stupid Stupid, Play for yourselves and Not Dan.

  46. Avatar

    I absolutely loathe the final comp where they listen to a quote from a jury member and have to guess who said it. It’s so stupid. It’s purely a guessing game! “who in the jury said, blah blah blah blah” how he hell are they supposed to know?? No skill, no strength, no point. And it’s always one of the final comps!!

  47. Avatar

    I don’t really care who wins anymore… but if Danielle actually kicks Dan out, that would be great to see. I do hope Danielle is okay after this show ends. She is clearly insecure, and maybe a little delusional… but I remember being that age and it is pretty typical for a woman that age to be the way she is. Stupid, yes. Worrying about every tiny flaw, thinking you have to be perfect, knowing EVERYBODY thinks you are fat even if they won’t admit it. I lived it, then watched some younger friends go through the same thing. She’s not a bad person, she’s a young woman. She’s not stupid, but she is naive and immature. Hope she gets through this phase and learns to accept herself as human, not perfect. And I hope she knows that people on the internet can be total a-holes and doesn’t think they all have to like her, because that will never happen.

    • Avatar

      Now I am not condoning any denigrating comments some have posted about the displayed HGs on BB14 but if you (the HG) elect to expose yourself physically, intellectually, habitually and emotionally 24/7 in a camera saturated environment (aka the BB house) then I would hope your confidence would obviate the open-season comments you (the HG) should expect from the millions of TV/internet voyeurs … and hopefully prevent any post BB mental treatment appointments … of course deal breakers are kankles and chin picking – ha ha! …

  48. Avatar

    anyone but Dani for the win!!!!

  49. Avatar

    Does anyone know who won the 2nd round of HOH? I haven’t been on the feeds much today.

    • Avatar

      Don’t think it’s happened yet

      • Avatar

        Thanks, like I Said, I haven’t been able to watch much of the feeds today (housework and all) but flipping through them I didn’t see anything. So thanks again. 🙂

    • Avatar

      It’s not supposed to take place until this evening. Dan and Danielle are working together and pretending to be fighting. They are both trying to manipulate Ian to throw the competition and not win it. They are both obviously very worried that if he goes to the end he will win, which he will win if he does. So right now we are hoping he doesn’t fall into this manipulation and that he actually plays the game. And I think he is smart enough (he is a genius after all) to play the game and not listen to anyone else at this point.

      • Avatar

        Thanks. I knew they were trying to get him to throw it, but what I wasn’t sure about is if Dan was just trying to get Danielle to tell Ian to throw it, and Dan would be telling Ian something different. Or if Dan actually wants Ian to loose it.
        Plus, I’m still trying to figure out who Dan really wants with him in the finals. I’m thinking Dani, but I’m just not sure.

      • Avatar

        Also, it’s not that I don’t think Ian should be in the final 3, but, if Dan is so worried about beating Ian, then why in the world did he get rid of Shane?
        Like Dani pointed out last night, Dan kept saying that if Ian made it to the end, he would win. So not getting Ian out when he had a chance was a bad choice.
        I really wish I could see into Dan’s brain. Like him or not, he has been a step ahead and able to keep himself and at times Dani in the game. Basically, I’d love to know what his actual plan is.

      • Avatar

        Me too! I can’t figure out who he would take to the F2 either. I can see why he wanted Shane out because he had F2 deals with both Ian and Danielle. If he had sent Ian packing and either Shane or Danielle won HOH then they would take each other over Shane.

      • Avatar

        Dan knew Shane was better at indurance comps than Ian and that he could manipulate Dani into throwing a comp his way if needed. Dan did not want to face Dani or Shane in the part 3 of the HOH comp because if he actually blew the comp he knew they would both take each other. This way no matter who win Dan is pretty much (in his mind) guaranteed final two.

      • Avatar

        Hey Christina, scroll up to the post I made last night regarding Danielle and read my reply to your concern. It appears that some may have misinterpreted what I was trying to say 🙂

        take care!

      • Avatar

        I just got on and saw it. I replied to you. I’m sorry for misreading what you said. I don’t know if I’ve just gotten a little sensitive to some of these attacks I’ve seen lately, or what, but I’m really glad that you didn’t mean it the way I took it. I just didn’t expect to read that kind of a post from you (the way I read it that is), so it caught me off gaurd. I am sorry for my error.
        And really, I hope you don’t hold it against me. I have no problem going up against the hateful people on here making horrible posts, but I never want to misunderstand someone elses. Some of these other judgemental nasty people can hate me all day for telling them what idiots they are, but I don’t want anyone looking at you badly for my error. Sorry.

      • Avatar

        Don’t sweat it Keith. I’ve read many of your posts on here and you’ve always come across as having a good heart! 🙂

      • Avatar

        Me too. I feel horrible for misunderstanding what he was saying. I knew it was very out of the norm from anything I’ve seen him write in the past. I just kept reading it over, and I don’t know if it was something in the wording or what, I feel so bad.

      • Avatar

        That’s just the downside of text messaging and reading things online, I’ve had that happen more than once with text messaging. Dani seems likeable sweet girl… I wouldnt want her to win the game just because Dan is the one who has made all the moves this season, but she seems like an alright girl. There are so many photoshopped pictures of Dani and her pimple, people calling her a unicorn and crap and it’s just horrible. I guess it’s easy for some people to be cruel when they’re typing words on a screen, I don’t know. I just remember reading the news stories awhile back about the teenage girls in Missouri and Massachusetts I believe, where they were harassed and made fun of and bullied online, and it drove both girls to suicide. And the attacks on Danielle by others are almost as bad and these people making the attacks don’t even know her. There’s a lot of shallow people out there…hey personally I’d consider myself a darn lucky guy if Danielle liked me…lol. My wife probably wouldn’t like hearing that though! But seriously, she’s very pretty, and I’ve never understood the people on other sites that call her a cow. That’s why we have anorexic women in the first place…. if Danielle’s body type is considered fat, then our society has a major problem.

      • Avatar

        I’m almost positive Dan is going to take Dani over Ian if he wins. He made a statement to the camera when he was doing all his “shout-outs” to friends, etc. that he hopes Ian wins the America’s Choice. I think that’s because he knows Danielle will win something and Ian wouldn’t leave with absolutely nothing (it’s the human side of Dan). Also, I think he believes he’ll have an easier time beating Danielle, because he is staking his whole case on winning to the jury that he’s played the more strategic game. Danielle really has been a complete puppet to him, more so than Ian (Ian for example isn’t falling for throwing the 2nd round, and he did blindside Boogie, which is more than Danielle did. He thinks the contrast between him and Danielle will be more evident.
        What I really wish would happen is for Ian to go to Danielle and convince her that she’s being completely played by Dan, more than simply telling her not to trust Dan (which she went straight back to Dan and reported. If he can show her that he has been just as manipulatied as she has (which I think he realizes at this point)he could get her to turn on him. she’s already mad at Dan genuinely underneath the current ‘acting’. Also, Ian has to convince her that there’s no way that either of them will beat Dan, maybe by citing past BB episodes. Ian has to get Dani to think that she truly is being used for Dan’s gain, however, if Ian has a shot aty having Dani choose him in the end.

      • Avatar

        Kenny Kenny Kenny … ya ain’t got brains gawd gave geese … I just love the part “we are worried … ” – just who are “we”? … everyone on this board? … you and your mom? … jeeze louise … and when referring to Ian, “he is a genius after all” … huh? … where did you scrape that tripe from!?? … the kid is sharp but no genius … a self-proclaimed photographic memory does not a genius make … not trying to sound like an ostentatious a-hole but the little nerd has screwed up several times during off-prime time hours by incorrectly defining the difference between organic and inorganic chemistry … and he stumbled when explaining to Dan the other night why the frozen pizza container said the heating times varied with altitude (basic physics explanation) … in other words, a genius would have explained both concise and correct with no waffling … in my humble opinion, Ian has not been playing at all but merely reacting to Dan’s lead … same as Danielle – both are little kids playing in an adult game with Dan … enuff said …

      • Avatar

        why on earth would Ian through this competion. That would be totally stupid.

  50. Avatar

    I really would like to know why you feel the jury will vote for Dan. In fact most blogs on Big Brother all say that the jury voting for Dan would be a challenge. For one, most of the jury members are there because of Dan. Even if they decided to ignore fact they are there because of him and vote because of his game play, his game play was not that exceptional. Yes, I understand it takes manipulation and backstabbing to win the game at times.. and we all know he did this well. But in Big Brother history the jury also often looks at other characteristics of voting that are important such as honesty, genuine kindness, and personality. Everyone is slowly finding out how manipulative he was and how he also lied to them all. He lost everyones trust. Also, keep in mind he has already won Big Brother and that will be on their minds too. Do they want to give the money to someone who already had the money or give it to someone else who worked hard. I think, and I would bet my house on this, if Dan goes to the final two he will not win. Ian is extremely passionate, fights hard, was very honest with many house guests, and played a good game. He created the longest lasting alliance in Big Brother History. Danielle is a major floater and abides by Dan’s every move. She never plays the game for herself and this will hurt her.

    • Avatar

      Against Ian Dan would lose. Against Danielle he would win. The jury is supposed to decide who they feel played the best game as well as who they feel played what THEY consider a good game and thus deserves the money. Danielle did almost shit-all so clearly Dan would deserve the money more unless the jury is really SO bitter that they’d cheat the clear winner. As much as people claim Ian is some kind of “puppet” he in fact was just playing with a team and loyal to a partner (Dan) and ultimately helped his alliance make it to the end. Loyally.

  51. Avatar
    Debdebb and joe are retarded

    that is all

  52. Avatar

    BTW, the feeds are back up, and there are some fireworks in the house right now!!!

  53. Avatar

    Ian won part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Avatar

    Are both Dan and Danielle playing Ian right now? Already trying to work on getting Ian to throw part 3? Or is this really happening??? I haven’t seen Dani this pissed.

  55. RAY

    Danielle ‘you are dumb girl’, now she is excusing Ian of making a deal with the Devil Dan, something she has been doing all season long. Talking about calling the kettle black.

    • Avatar

      Dan does have a final 2 deal with wee Ian you pchyco! That is why Shane is in the jury. The human zit is in a place no one should ever visit. She will whine up a storm and Dan will actually avopid her. She can do nothing to get him further in the game. NEXT… to your heart ripped out! You better hope Dan gets lucky in part 3 because the mist is about to wear off on wee Ian. He isn’t throwing shit. He may lose to Dan and finish 3rd but he isn’t going to let his fate to win BB rest on Dan’s word. A couple days ago on BBAD dan and the wee fella were discussing Ians thought on percentages to win BB. To beat Dani he had it between 50 and 55%. To beat Dan 60-70%. This being only Ians opinion. Oh I want to see if Dani will go crawling to Ian trying for a 2nd F2 deal. Dan will tell her lay low and say nothing as usual!! I want wee Ian to get the HOH and decide who sits beside him. The problem is Dani has Twitny, Shane, Jenn and Dan. That’s to many votes. He still has to take Dan IMO.I’d say Ian needs a “wee” bit of luck!!!

      • RAY

        Honestly, I don’t care for any one these final 3 winning 1/2 million, but at this point the least deserving is Dumb-Dumb Danielle, especially after falling for that last Dan trick to put Shane on the block, in a judo move I haven’t seen since the Olympics.

  56. Avatar

    Dan won’t win cause he back stabbed ever member of tha jury dan will have to settle for $50,000 Frank won’ Shane won’t jenn won’t and ashley will vote with Frank lol..

  57. Avatar

    Ian really won 🙁 I hope dan beats him.

  58. Avatar

    From what I can tell. Ian beat Dani. And it appears that her and Dan had this planned in case Ian did win. She has told Ian that she’s more mad with him then Dan, and that if Ian takes Dan to the F2, she’ll make sure he looses jury votes.
    I think, from what I’m seeing so far, that they want him to feel like if he picks Dan over Dani, meaning he’d never be able to get the 500K. And Ian is already saing that he’s now going to be stuck playing for 2nd if Dani gets to the jury.
    Which opens the door for Dan to start pulling Ian down the rabbit hole, and get him to throw the comp to Dan (again). I think it will be under the vice of, “let me get the blood on my hands”, I don’t care if I loose votes, I think you have me beat anyway. But if you are the one to take me, she’ll turn everyone against you. She’ll be pissed, but then it won’t be you’re fault, it will be all mine.” I’m pretty sure this is another one of Dan’s Hail Mary’s.
    I’d like to say Ian wouldn’t fall for that, but… Dan is good. He’s got the best poker face I’ve ever seen. He might actually be able to pull it off. I’m not saying that if it happens Dan will 100% take dani, but I think he knows he has a better shot with votes against her then Ian.
    Man, I wish this had been earlier in the night. I can’t sit up all night to see what else happens 🙁

    • Avatar

      I am having a hard time reading everybody. Well, not Dan — I know he is lying. lol
      I thought Danielle was actually really pissed off and it sounds like Ian and Dan really are in a final 2 deal. After a couple of minutes of fish, Showtime opened with Ian and Danielle all dirty from some competition that apparently Ian won, and Dan was celebrating and Danielle saw him. To me it looked like the reset all over again – he forgot to play for a minute and got caught. Last night Danielle was all pissed off and telling Ian how she wanted to play Dan and send him to jury. I was hoping that was real… but it looked like Ian was just nodding along while still planning to keep his deal with Dan.
      It’s not my money so it really doesn’t matter to me who gets it… but man it would be fun to see Dan get booted out, especially by Danielle!

    • Avatar

      I agree with your assessment 100%. The real issue is whether Ian falls for Dan’s idea. I thought Ian was on to Dan, but now I don’t think so. I’m rooting for Ian, but I have to say, this was a very good strategy and plan by Dan. He’s good!

  59. Avatar

    Dan deserves to win in my opinion, he has played the entire house like a fiddle. and thats what the game is all about. he was right to play danielle the entire time, she knew what she was getting into. u cant play emotionally, u have to play logically. whatever danielle did, its her fault. the only reason she is still there is because of him. dan is an absolute genius and if the jury fails to see that, shame on them. dan and dr. will are the greatest players of all time!!! 🙂 rooting for you dan! 🙂

  60. RAY

    Danielle goes into cry baby mode again, I have lost count of her tears of self-pity this season; and she is a nurse, what a wimp she deserve zero in this game.

    Sympathy play is all she has left, I doubt cold heart Dan will fall for it, for he has to know that Danielle will beat him or Ian in F2 jury votes.

    She was so close to winning it all, but blew it when Shane got the major back-stab betrayal which she unwittingly played a key part in, it will probably go down as one of the brainless moves in BB

  61. Avatar

    so part 3 comes down to dan vs ian. im not surprised at all that ian won part 2 against danielle he is the kid genius after all. i suspect that ian will win part 3 against dan and take him to the finals. ian will win the game by a 5-2 vote. i still dont think that dan made a mistake but danielle needs to relax. if dan somehow wins part 3 he will take her but ian is committed to the new renegades. that being said i think ian wins either way weather he picks dan or dani assuming he wins. he has been the 2nd best player in this game all season and seems to have decent relationships with everyone in the jury. the difference between dan and dani for ian is that the whole jury hates dan and they like dani. so why on earth would ian take a chance against dani when he should have an easy 500K against dan.

    • Avatar

      I think Ian has a better chance of winning against Danielle than dan.

      • RAY

        I think Dani will beat either Dan or Ian, if Dan betrays Dani and does not take her, then Ian should win. I think Dan could still lose to Ian either way. But Dan is now assessing whether to throw Part 3 to Ian so he doesn’t have to betray Dani for better odds in winning.

        I am starting to feel sorry for Dani now, but she made big mistakes that really will cost her in a huge way, and she is now starting to realize it. Too bad she is a good girl, just not that bright

      • Avatar

        I feel the same way, except for the part about her not being bright. I think it’s just a matter or being young and somewhat naive and trusting too much in someone elses loyalty.
        And while I was glad to hear Dan say (after he saw how very upset Dani really was in the bathroom) that he just couldn’t be the one to cut her. But, I think that even if he doesn’t hurt her initially, by not taking her, she’ll look back at that recording of him saying he might throw it to Ian, and be even more hurt.
        I try not to want someone to win for emotional reasons, but I just don’t want to see her hurt anymore. I HATE seeing anyone that upset.

  62. Avatar

    Ian seems convinced that he will not beat Danielle, esp. with Danielle’s threats. He is mulling over (assuming he beats Dan)whether he wants to almost certainly settle for second (meaning he will either lose in a direct popularity contest with Danielle, or lose votes to Dan by voting Danielle out and having her turn herself and jurors against him) OR trust Dan and throw the competition, believing he will beat Dan and win 500K, even with a risk of a betrayal by Dan and winning nothing. This is what Ian will have to choose. Unfortunately, Dan is so manipulative and snakelike, I really think Ian might be so tempted by the possibility of 500K and his desire to feel he can trust Dan that he decides to take the risk. I so hope he doesn’t, ’cause he will lose everything!

  63. Avatar

    Honestly does Danielle think that Dan is letting her get 500.000 dollars. How stupid.

  64. Avatar

    OMG – Here’s a twist. (Just when I thought I had things figured out)Dani is so genuinely upset and crying Dan knows he will not be able to beat her with the jurors. He was musing to himself that he thinks he can only win by taking Ian! But, he’s perturbed by the level of hurt feelings Dani has (he said so)that now he’s talking about actually throwing the comp. to Ian. That way, Ian takes him (he’s confident of this) without him having to hurt Danielle. It just goes to show that there is truly a line in games involving lying and deceit. It’s not true that no one gets seriously hurt, it’s “just a game”. People really can be scarred, and even Dan doesn’t want to see this happen. Kudos to him for finally showing some morals!

  65. Avatar

    Dan may be be a great player. However, I find him to be sleaze in his personal life. If you look at his web site you can see how is selling coaching sessions to those willing to pay for it. He also video taped all that he took into the house so could sell them later. He’s also selling his books about how to get selected for a reality show and a coaching book on obtaining life’s goals. They will be available on Kindle soon according to his web site. You might think this is cool and within his purview to pursue and you might be right. I just think he has brought a whole new level of sleaze to the world and used Big Brother to do it. In Dabs case it is not just a game but a business, sordid though it maybe. I feel like he cheapens the joy of watching the show. All that being said, I do agree that he is a great player. He just cheapens the show and the experience we get vicariously by warching it.

    • Avatar

      More sleazy than the dude who used his BB winnings to start a drug ring?

    • Avatar

      I’m pretty sure all of the cast members sale their stuff after the show. The difference is Dan, being a former player, knows that if people know what they have with them when they go, might be willing to pay more for it after. Plus, he already had a website, so why not put the stuff up?
      I know people have gotten crazy amounts of money for some weird stuff, so really he’s just ahead of the curve. Also, while I’m personally not big on motivational books, they are a huge market. There are books for everything out there, and he’s making money of those books, just like anyone else who writes a “how to” book. Again, if people are willing to pay for it, why not put it out there?

    • Avatar

      You know him in his personal life?

      He enriched the show, both seasons, and is close to the only reason to watch, this season.

      Since when is running a business “sleazy?”

  66. Avatar

    For those of you underestimating Ian, look up his audition video where he talks about the alliance he came up with as a kid. Its identical to the quack pack. Ian picked every single member carefully according to his plan he came up with as a kid. That alliance lasted till the end. That alone says a lot about Ian’s game.

    • Avatar

      He didn’t make that alliance, that alliance was already formed and then he came into the room and they invited him into it. So please tell me how he made the quack pack alliance.

    • Avatar

      To say again, Ian did NOT create the quack pack. Everyone on the jury was so happy to give him the money, though, that they just said, “yeah that’s right” and nodded their heads.

      Complete fail.

  67. Avatar

    When Danielle was yelling at Ian it didn’t make sense. She tells him if he takes Dan she won’t vote for him and she will convince Shane not to vote for him. So if Ian took Danielle Shane still wouldn’t vote for him and Dan may not for knocking him out of the game.

    She should talk about him having a better chance of winning if she is sitting beside him. That is a better approach.

    Ian thinks it’s a done deal that he makes the final. Not so fast.

    • Avatar

      I think that was what she was trying to do. By saying if he voted her out, she’d turn the jury against him, she’s saying he’d loose more votes. That she thinks she can get Shane, Herself, Jenn, Joe and Ashley all to vote against Ian. And, who knows which game play Brit would vote for, it’s a toss up.
      Ian, if he listens to her, could assume, without her in the jury going against him, he would have Brit, Frank, Ashley, Joe and maybe Jenn. Leaving only Dan and Shane to vote for her.
      I think she’s trying to say, with her in the jury, he just won’t have as good of odds.
      I honestly think Dani could win in votes against Ian or Dan. Even if Dan is the mastermind behind people being there, Ian played a big role in it. He’s even taken credit in his good bye messages. I think Jenn and Frank feel more personally hurt by Ian. Really, as far as jury votes go, it could go any way. IMO

      • Avatar

        What a bitch! They shouldn’t be allowed to blackmail each other for votes, that’s insane.

      • Avatar

        I’m not claiming to know what’s in Dan’s mind (now that’s a brian I’d like to look inside of) but I think this was part of him and Dani’s plan. A backup plan for if Ian won part 2, which he did. I think it is a scheme to get Ian to throw the 3rd round to Dan, so that Dan can choose.
        But, now that Dan’s looking closer, he might have realized that Dani has a better chance to beat him in the end. So, he’s starting to second guess the plan. He wants Ian to take him if Ian wins, but, he wants to option to take Ian or Dani. Once again, he’s covered on both sides.
        i saw one person say that Dan was really pissed at Dani for being so upset. But, earlier in the night, you saw her giving him a play by play of her argument/talk with Ian, and him telling her some other things to say.
        Also, I think Dan is also looking at it as a way to secure Ian’s vote. While Dani thinks she’s cornering Ian into taking her, Dan knows that Ian is just getting pissed. So, he would be more sure to take Dan, just out of anger.
        Once again, it’s a case of Dani getting used. The difference is, she is aware of part of the plan this time, instead of being blindsided. She just doesn’t know that Dan is still not telling her his entire plan. I think this entire situation is why he wanted Shane out, at some point she’s going to have to figure it out. I just hope it’s not like Shane did, and it’s when he’s talking to Julie that he realizes it.

      • Avatar

        What a dick! Man, I’m sorry, but “Dr. Will who?” indeed. Dan is a freaking mastermind. And I really don’t think the houseguests are as dumb as people say, they’re just new to the game. This is why it’s BS mixing vetrans and newbies…especially former winners.

        Oy, I just hope Ian gets HoH and makes the best decision for himself. He’s really come far, I’d be heartbroken to see him get the boot now.

      • Avatar

        She will have 2 minutes, or less, to convince them after the final comp and Ian knows that.

  68. Avatar

    first of all, i’d like to address those people that think Mike Boogie is overrated. He’s not, he’s a great BB player. why do you think Dr Will wont come back as an HG? He would have no advantage what so ever especially against newbies who had seen him play twice and know that it is in their best interest to evict him asap. Hence Mike didnt hit the reset button, he knew that. As for who should Win BB14, Dan hands down, simply because everyone else is not deserving.. Apart from Dan and Boogie, no other house guest played any strategic game. Ian thinks he played strategically, but Dan clearly manipulated him, and he shouldnt take credit for Boogie’s eviction, he was merely a rat. The houseguest this season were tremendously stupid, i love Frank but i’d but him in that category.
    this season had potentials. Imagine if Dan and boogie teamed up as i thought they would, and then shane and frank(captain america alliance) had good alliance, and willie and will and kara( coz she’s beautiful), and den janelle maybe britney were in the game longer.. and Ian, jodi , danielle, joe , jen , ashley were all evicted .. woulda been a great season.

    • Avatar

      uh – let’s see … Dr Will’s decision to not return … well, gee, couldn’t be that he has a successful CA dermatology business to run (removing tramp stamps from Hollywood celeb’s private regions – heh heh) … taking 3 months to play a game that he already has proven himself in would not be a good decision … of course, Boogie has restaurants to run but he has help where Dr. Will is the man to see …

      • Avatar

        granted, but that is besides me point, being that, players returning with newbies is a crappy idea, and having experience in the game is a minor advantage.

  69. Avatar

    OK~ people will do some crazy things for money. Literally anything.Joining a reality show on TV and lying your way to the top is not that off the wall. Would you sign up for Big Brother and expect NOT to be lied to? Its the point of the game. Danielle lied from day 1 about something that didn’t even matter OR further her game play!!Dan’s calculated moves in this game made for some great TV. BB put Boogie and Janelle into this game so they would act just the way Dan did. Love him or hate him….the rest of the houseguests followed him EVERY single week. Dan is the man this season!

  70. Avatar

    Ok if you people really think Dan should win your nuts . If Dan teaches or coaches kids like the way he has played bb then seriously he shouldn’t be close to any kids . If Dan coaches this bad maybe he should apply to penn state university he would be great has a coach of their football team . Dan is a snake even I could beat Dan at his own game also bb needs to change things in the future if not and the ratings fall any more they will cancel it . Bb should dq people who throw the comps in the end because you have wasted your summer for what nothing . Also if the vets came back their should have been a rule that said if you enter the game because you have played and won before you will not get the grand prize your prize will be 100k only a newbie will be able to win 500k . Has for dani I feel for her really because the way Dan has used her will affect the rest of her life if and when she dates a guy she’s gonna have trust issues and that will affect her . I’ve read on one other site how a so called friend of hers spread so much crap about her that if she ever finds it and reads it I have a feeling she’s going to be issuing lawsuits to her ex friend and the reporter who went and posted it online . It’s one thing to play a game but it’s another when you go and trash someone’s name . Ian that poor kid has no chance in hell of ever hooking up with Kara that girl is out of his league ex playmates do not date nerds if you want to run in Kara’s league you need money maturity and knowledge of sex Ian lacks all three even Ashley is out of Ian’s league I’m betting he don’t have a clue about her movie career has a bdsm porn actress . The real person who I find should win is dani or brit .

    • Avatar

      Of course Dan should win. You clearly don’t have your mind in the game. You think that your perception of the best way to play this game means that playing another way is wrong. Don’t bring Dan’s real life into this – that has NOTHING to do with Big Brother.

      BTW, it’s “you’re,” not “your.” It’s “as,” not “has.” It’s “anymore,” not “any more.” It’s “there,” not “their.” This is a period – “.”

  71. Avatar

    Ian will win the HoH and send Dan packing. Book it

  72. Avatar

    Epic if Dan got evicted last and the final 2 are Ian and Danielle. Granted Ian has alot contributed to get this far. Danielle has been the rolling pawn and is definitely this season’s Porche. A floater with a purpose, Dan’s floatation device.
    Tonite should be interesting to watch. Perfect would be “TITANIC” Dan strike the eviction Iceberg and sink. Played a great game and strat but Ian put alot out there to.

  73. Avatar

    Yes, total fail and if the very players can’t appreciate that they are on the jury because of Dan, then they are not voting for the best player to win. To be a honest juror I would have to vote for the best all around player of the game and no one can deny that he hasn’t played the entire game and made some brilliant moves.

  74. Avatar

    Complete fail. The best player did not win. The jury voted with their hearts, not their heads. Kid is clearly on the spectrum and that is what pushed him to the win. All the jurors had looks on their faces like they were the Kid’s parents.


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