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Big Brother 14 – Danielle Finally Tells Shane About Her Job

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While Frank may be running around all week thinking it’s going to be a 4-0 vote to keep him (it won’t be), there are other stories that are somewhat interesting.  The Live Feeds have been a bit slow due to Frank thinking he’s very safe, and any time Joe is on the block that’s generally a week of no campaigning right there.  Needless to say, as a blogger I’m glad it’s already Tuesday so Thursday can get here quick.  This has a big feel of the Wil/Joe week where the biggest excitement was whether or not someone caught a fly.  Hey, I guess not every week can be thrilling and entertaining, right?  My only frustration is that with only roughly 10 weeks a year, every freakin day should be a live feed paradise for us.  Is that asking too much?

Seriously Big Brother, have a winter edition too.  The ratings may not be as high as one of the billion CSI / NCSI type of shows, but at least we won’t feel jipped when 2 weeks in a season are very boring to watch!

Ok rant over.   The biggest news of the day, it took Danielle over 50 days to finally reveal to her closest ally in the house (Shane) that she’s NOT a teacher but actually a nurse.  His reaction was about the same as some random person sitting next to you on an airplane just confessed a pointless lie after 3 hours flying for fear of you judging them. You can see it as 12:56pm 8/3 on the flashback feature, but it’s mostly entertaining how little Shane actually cares about the situation.  It’s like he’s in jail and just waiting for his release date but playing nice to his cellmate so he doesn’t get shanked.   (two metaphors, one paragraph… I rock)

Anyway, the live show should be another pretty decent one, although I’m not sure if it’s possible to compare to the last double eviction episode.  There will be some drama, but with Frank likely gone right away, the following competitions won’t be as intense as they were.  Sure, they’ll still be entertaining, but the reality of it is that someone like Joe or Jenn will end up hitting the bricks that night as well.   That leads me to a suggestion a commenter had, let’s play a guessing game…

and another one…

Keep in mind, for the second poll there is a very strong chance Frank won’t even be there, so voting for him may be pointless but you can still take a gamble and think he’ll survive the first eviction.

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  1. Comments (2)

    Has Dani ever told the truth twice in a row to the same person at the same time at ANY point she’s been in the BB house? I’m just really curious.

  2. Comments (316)

    The last time they had a Winter addition of Big Brother was season 9 and that was a huge flop!!! However, I am really hooked on this show so I hope they have it anyway! I confess, once the show ends for the Summer I have huge Big Broher withdrawal LOL! Anyone else?????

  3. Comments (28)

    Hope dan goes in 2nd eviction Thursday he’ll do anything for money an thats not good money is not everything really………

  4. Comments (1276)

    Does anyone have any guesses as to what kind of comp the next HOH will be? I’m just trying to get a feel for who has the best odds next week.

    • Comments (528)


      • Comments (1276)

        Who do you think will pull this one out? I wanna say Dan or Dani should be a shoe in, but it almost seems like it will be a crap shoot???

      • Comments (528)

        Besides the lunkheads who never seem to win trivia, it’s almost always a crapshoot. It depends on the trivia, questions, topic, luckt gueses, how much sleep they got the night before. Sometimes I’m shocked at who wins those comps.

      • Comments (1276)

        I know, it’s so hard to tell. Personally I’m hoping that Dani steps it up, she’s been pretty dead in the water as of late, and pulls it out. If she doesn’t get some more wins under her belt, and she does make it to the final 2 against almost anyone except Joe, I think they could beat her.
        Shane is due for a win too. But for some reason I’m thinking it’s going to end up with something crazy like a Joe, or another Jenn win (that comes out of no where like the last, she seems cool as hell, but damn).
        I don’t think Frank not being there is going to hurt the show at all. If for no other reason then now is when people are really going to have to turn on each other. The lines get drawn when you are down to the last few.

      • Comments (528)

        You know what? I kinda think it might be a Jenn win as well. Just to add more BWUH?? To the table.

  5. Comments (123)

    Hey, u forgot to mention what Dani said to Shane when talking bout her being a nurse…this Danielle is so super Crazy…she said the wildest thing she seen as a nurse was when a woman came in with a potato in her vagina that had started to sprout, LOL….can u believe that….☺….

    • Comments (1276)

      I’ve heard horror stories like that, but I could never figure out if they were urban legends or not. That was a pretty gross one, but unless some of my nurse friends have lied to me about stuff they’ve seen, I’d guess she could have seen it. Either way, EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  6. Comments (11)

    She’s probably making that up like everything else lolol

  7. Comments (1)

    People are mad at Dan for all his “Lies”. Everyone knows from the time people enter Big Brother,they’re there to “Play the Game” — and win the money. If they say they won’t tell an lie or make more than one alliance in the game, then they haven’t planned their game well enough before getting on the show. Dan has done a fantastic job. He has continually been thinking two sometimes three moves ahead of everyone else. Frank was enraged — said he won’t forget what Dan did to him. If Mike and Frank had stayed in the game and had the chance to do the same thing to Dan, you think they wouln’t have done the same things Dan had to do to stay in the game? there’s no doubt in my mind. Dan just beat them to it!!!

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