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Big Brother 14 – Eviction Prediction Thread

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It’s that time of the week that I know you all look forward to. Eviction night in the Big Brother 14 house, and of course my predictions.

First, let me recap you on the week really briefly…. and I do mean briefly….

  • Frank won HoH, debates on putting Dan up, Boogie talks him out of it, ends up with Wil and Joe.
  • Frank wins veto, talks about backdooring Dan, Boogie talks him out of it, nominations remain the same.
  • Shane worries he’s going up, Dan worries he’s going up, Ashley Jenn and Wil are convinced Shane will be put up. Never happens
  • Joe and Wil promise that they’re not going down without a fight, neither put up a fight.
  • Frank and Ashley flirt, go on a fake date that ends up in real kissing
  • Danielle is completely thrown off her game after slowly realizing she’s appearing as a “Stage 1 Clinger”.
  • Jenn continues to do her best statue impersonation.

So for anyone complaining about my lack of updates this week, that is why.  It’s been incredibly slow in the house, one of the slowest weeks I can remember in a long time.  Due to the incredible lack of fight to stay in the house by both Joe and Wil, the game basically was what Boogie said it was going to be, a week relaxing by the pool.  It’s very hard to blog about Ian reciting Big Brother 10 a few times, people swatting flies or the update on Britney’s tan.

With that said, every Thursday brings the promise of excitement in the house.  Frank won’t play for HoH which means Boogie winning is probably the only chance of another boring week.  Even if he does, odds of a double week coming up soon are high, although I don’t think it will be tonight.  Once that happens, in addition to some type of twist they’ll likely add, things will become exciting again.  Sometimes there is a lull in the house, and this week was that lull.

Here are my predictions tonight:

Votes (to go home)

Boogie – Wil
Ian – Wil
Jenn – Joe
Britney – Wil
Shane – Wil
Ashley – Joe
Dan – Wil
Danielle – Wil

Wil will be eliminated 6-2

I am guessing tonight’s HoH will be one of those weird question things where they guess what America thinks.  This means it’s another week of pure luck and anyone can win.  I will be creating a live eviction thread, so stay tuned for that.  I’ll also post on anything that happens in the house if postworthy (I doubt there will be) before then.

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  1. Comments (191)

    6-2 sounds right. Wil seems like he is ready to go and Joe is putting up a fight, but not much of a fight.

  2. Comments (1)

    I want Wil to stay and see what he does with an HOH

  3. Comments (2)

    I don’t get why Joe’s former makes would vote him out…. I thought for sure Jenn would keep him, maybe I’m readying it wrong, but I too feel Wil is going

  4. Comments (3)

    Dan/Danelle/Brittany/or Shane really need to win HOH and put up Boogie and Frank next week. They shouldn’t even bother about backdooring anyone. One of those guys has to GO!!

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