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Big Brother 14 – Things Got A Little Heated Last Night

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Life in the Big Brother 14 house has been very tame this week, and I mean very tame.  The season started off with Willie’s wild HoH, then his wild outburst when he realized he was doomed.  I felt the season had the promise to be the best one yet, but then strange things started happening.

  • Willie was foolishly kicked out of his house which resulted in two strong personalities going home the same week (JoJo was the second)
  • Danielle got this crazy fatal attraction thing going with Shane
  • Janelle was backdoored and put up almost no fight whatsoever to remain in the house
  • Ian has this weird crush thing with Ashley
  • We haven’t seen someone fight to stay in the house since before the coaches entered the game
  • Now Frank and Ashley are hooking up and going to be the next “showmance”?

What happened to the potential of the best season ever?  When did this go from Big Brother to The Bachelor?

Watch Frank and Ashley make out
Flashback to 12:15am bbt

I don’t mind the occasional showmance in these houses, that’s fine and expected.  You put a bunch of people in a house together for a few months, things are bound to happen.  The thing I’m missing is the drama aspect… have these players forgotten there is $500,000 on the line?  Is money not important to them?  I’d be willing to bet each and every reader here could desperately use $500k (and if not, feel free to donate some of your money to me and my dental bills haha).

While Willie was pretty much a d-bag the way he handled losing, one thing he did show was the passion to win.  I haven’t seen a fraction of that passion for anyone else in the house so far.  Let’s evaluate who is left…

Boogie – Former winner, owns a popular sushi restaurant that he’s allowed to promote with t-shirts.
Ian – Told Ashley it’s not about the money for him.  He’ll likely make a very good living when he finishes school
Jenn – Who knows if she needs the money, is rich, is awake, is sleeping, or anything.  She has 0 passion and is rarely shown on camera
Britney – She’s kind of playing the game but I still don’t know her deal.  Is she trying to win or just have a fun summer?
Frank – Competitive guy but I don’t think he really cares about money.  Winning is more important than the prize to him.
Shane – He seems to spend his entire day trying to avoid Danielle.
Wil – Rumored to have wealthy parents and it wouldn’t shock me considering the (lack of) effort he’s given this week
Ashley – While she may need the money to pay her lawsuit, she seems to be content floating around.  Because of that lawsuit, it shows she has quite a bit of earning potential on the outside
Joe – Using the show as a stepping stone to his own cooking show. It won’t happen, but he’s trying.  He wants to be a celebrity chef more than BB winner.
Dan – Former winner, seems content with winning again or going home.  Appears to be playing, but playing for pride.
Danielle – Playing the game like she’s a high school kid with a crush on the football team’s QB.

I will boil your rabbit

So there you have it, out of that list you have Boogie, Dan and Frank who are remotely playing the game at this point, and none of the three really seem to care as much about the prize as they do pride.  While that’s a fine reason to play the game, but it’s tough to watch them play against a bunch of people who appear to be completely indifferent.

What are your thoughts on the season so far?

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  1. Comments (191)

    There doesn’t seem to be any passion from anyone to win this thing. I am not saying they don’t want to win but they aren’t doing what I would expect from people trying to win $500K.

    Step on people after you throw them under the bus. We need some fighting and hate, instead we have disagreements and dislike.

  2. Comments (2)

    Wil Heuser was a contestant on American Idol season 8

  3. Comments (5)

    Jenn and Joe, Ian are floaters..they do nothing and Wil just tosses his hair…they DO NOT deserve to win or even be there. Then comes Danielle lucked out for HOH and acted like she deserved it…NOT. Boogie, Frank and Dan deserve to be in final 3..only ones playing.

    • Comments (1276)

      You could call the POV win for Danielle lucking out, but how was the HOH win luck? Unless Hanging onto that ship longer then everyone else was luck, I’m confused. Are all enderance comps just luck? Or just the ones won by someone people don’t like? And what about Shane? Does he not deserve to be there? Hasn’t he won more comps then anyone this season?
      Don’t get me wrong, as stevebeans said, she’s playing like a school girl. She’s sad about this boy at home, she’s sad about Shane, but it looks to me that after the Zingbot, she’s at least trying to watch the Shane crush.
      No offence intended, just trying to figure out the thinking…

  4. Comments (1)

    Getting very boring. Bring back Willie.
    Even the live feed is dull. Most house guests don’t seen all
    that interested in winning. Too many floaters

  5. Comments (28)

    Danielle was lucky to have a competition that favored the contestants with the least body fat, Evil Dick’s little girl would of lasted a week on that ship. It does not look as if any of the contestants care too much for money Ashley will marry and some rich guy, Shane will marry a rich woman, Danielle has all that phat nurse cash, and so on and so forth, and there is not a Rachael type in the house with their entire sense of self wrapped up in her BB performance( well that is true for Boogie, but he is the old guy, and the old guys of the house rarely make much of a dent)

    • Comments (1276)

      I guess I’ve just always looked at it as the comps are set up to work for everyone. There are comps that bigger stronger, usually guys are better at, there are puzzle comps, Q and A’s, ones like the ship (that seems a lot like the ones that Daniele D did do great in), and ones that are more luck based. Which is what helps to even the playing field. If I had even gone on BB I would have also done well at the enderance comps and Q & A’s, but if it came down to muscle, I could have never beaten a Shane.
      If all of the comps favored the strong guys, or the brains, then it wouldn’t be the same game, but this is Big Brother. It’s, in my opinion 1 part comps and 1 part social game. If you are great at comps and the social side, you can be a shoe in for the finals. But like I said, it’s just my opinion, but it’s part of why I’ve always loved Big Brother 🙂

  6. Comments (2)

    Hoping Ian wins. Getting a Ph.D. isn’t cheap and this will help a lot. Personally, Ian would also treat Ashley way better than Frank. Always go for the nice guy.

  7. Comments (4)

    so is Jeff coming in as a house guest? If so how long is this damn show going to go on? Or will they double evict?

    • Comments (1276)

      I’m guessing he’s coming back as a Host of something. I just can’t see them trying to add him in the game. They have to know that if he did the whole house would team up against him to get him out. And usually at least one prior host guest comes in for some comp. So I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on. But only my guess.

  8. Comments (4)

    I agree very boring on after dark. The most interesting thing this season was the form of the 6th sense. or the scilent 6. And the eviction of Janelle

  9. Comments (1)

    yeah i wish they let shane backdoor frank. what a fix, watchin frank win is booorrriing

  10. Comments (4)

    Ugh!! This seasons reeks! I read something about Jeff coming back, what is that all about? Is he coming to play, or host a game or something? I stopped watching the show 2 weeks ago and from reading your posts I have not missed anything. This season is boring, I almost miss crazy Lydia and egomaniac Jessie….almost. Let me know if Jeff comes back.

  11. Comments (8)

    I have no clue why, but your updates are few and far between. I’m checking out of this one, to one that is current each day. So Long!!

  12. Comments (5)

    One would expect fireworks, tears, back stabbing action, but then again one would expect once in a while a brainwave between all those boring houseguests this season. Boogie a player? When he is not snoring he is tutoring his disciple and hopes he listens. His biggest move was to manipulate Danielle which was child’s play. The girl has no clue and thinks she will be in final two. Britney had an epiphany, albeit belatedly and Dan walks around trying to be “under the radar” so no one notices him. Forget the bravado from Joe and hair flipping from Wil and the rest of them. No one is playing…The producers probably carry the show.

  13. Comments (29)

    We have been complaining about this season but yet we are still watching it maybe because nothing else is on lol… but I have to agree, I’m not impressed by the cast this season, they should bring someone back to spice it up as far as Jeff goes, I hope he is only there as a guest for a completion…… enough already with Jeff and Jordan. I do hope Janelle comes back somehow to make it more entertaining… the show is boring, everyone is just chilling..

  14. Comments (60)

    1.Jenn,Joe and Ashley are definitely high on the floater statis
    2.At least Ian is put in some sort of effort to the game
    3.Need to get Boogie out and see just how Frank would function without being lead by Boogie
    4.Boogie needs a reality check
    5.Wil is half shy of floater statis, all he does is comment on others actions
    6.Shane is to full of himself to realize whats going on around him
    7. Dan and Britney should team up a more silent alliance and walk right through to the end
    This is Big Brother – The Big Boogie

  15. Comments (60)

    Oh Frank and Ashley showmance. Perfect match
    unemployed spray tanning combo.

  16. Comments (1)

    Bring back Meow Meow! At least in Season 10 with Britney, Enzo, Hayden, and Laine they were funny. I loved watching After Dark because they were so hilarious especially Meow Meow walking around in the penguin suit and talking about how famous they were all going to be when BB Season 10 was over. My question is where are they now?

  17. Comments (1)

    It’s obvious the meds that Ashley takes affect her. If you saw the other night, she was crawling into a ball, then they gave her the meds and she was suddenly jumping around like a 2 yr old.

  18. Comments (78)

    What happened to the 6 alliances. I thought it was the best. Boogy and frank I hope win. They deserve it. Their the only honest ones.

  19. Comments (78)

    I’m so mad that boogy and frank are on the block. The rest of the house guest SUCK. They were honest and sincere. Everyone else were chicken meat. Come on, Brittany and Dan. Really,,, you only have your front people working for you. Shane and danelle. They don’t know anything. They put their trust in both of you and your both playing them. At least boogy sticks by frank. Brittany you don’t even deserve your dog. Send him to me. A dogs best friend is a honest friend. Which your not. Dan, you say your catholic, well you need to burn in hell for lying to everyone and trying to work and cheat everyone just so u can win. Shame on. Lightning is striking you now. Go boogy and frank go. Your honest you play honestly and you both deserve to win. Everyone needs to go. Including you, danelle. Thinking Shane liked you. You were just in the way and to way to big for Shane. Just wait until you get married. Maybe 300 pounds later. Thoughs thighs. Omg. Shane was probable scared. The little twirp with the gasses. I liked you at first but your just as dishonest as the rest. Specially when boogy and frank kept you under your wing and frank told boogy to give you some of the winning money. You all are pathetic. Except boogy and frank. May the best person win. Boogy or frank. They sdeserve all the money. Shame on you dan and Brittany. Shame on you. Ill be wiring for the dog in the mail Brit. And Dan I’ll be waiting for a divorce and my brother will take over or you. Because once dishonest always dishonest. Shame on you all shame on you

  20. Comments (78)

    Brittany and Dan and daneie and little twirp need to go. Shane only plays with what he’s told to do. Has no confidence at all. Brit you SUCK. DAN you suck. Danielle your way to big to be on big brother. Little twirp your way to insecure to be there as well. This s the lousiest big brother ever. You were safe when frank was hoh. Now look what you did. You guys are losers because if your just wanting money. Be honest and the money will fall your way like it did boogy and frank deserves something. Shame on you danelle. Your just mad because Shane doesn’t like you. You are a looser. The leat lied and Brit. And Dan. Your devils

  21. Comments (78)

    Shae on you shame on you shame on you. Britfarty and bad Dan and dannythe fatty and glasses the twirly. Twirp. Shame on you shame on you. I can’t wait to get britanys dog. Send him my way. I’ll be his best friend. He can’t trust you. And Dan. Don’t bet your wife on anything. It just shows you have no respect for her. You just want he money. You foooooolll. Danielle. You ame me sck.

  22. Comments (78)

    Dan,britany,danelle and Ian are all losers. All of you. The worst players ever. Ian you don’t deserve any money boogy gave you. And frank told him too. Everyone else were playing you. She’s how snart or wait smart you are. Lololololoololloolollololollll. Danelle or Danielle your pathetic. Just pathetic. I can’t stand you. Just because Shane doesn’t like you. Do u think your fine?? Not lolololololololo. I can’t stand this I’m rolling on the floor. Omg. Get areal clue fool!!!!

  23. Comments (78)

    Dan lose it britany forget it. Danelle cool it. Ian bull shit

  24. Comments (78)

    Ashley stop acting like your in pain. Your a abuser of pain meds.

  25. Comments (78)

    Ashley. You belong in narcotic row. We’re nt stupid. We know your an addicted person. Why would big brother let you on the show. It just says join the show if your in pain we will give you narcotics even if your lying. Your not in pain. Your addicted. Why go on a show like big brother and always complain that your in pain? ADDICTED. Big brother ont you see it? Come on. Being a manager or 10 years I saw it all and she is pulling one vet on you. She knew she could get pain meds. I saw her exceeding her temptation to want more meds. This isn’t addicted show I thought it was big brother. My son asked me if e could go on bb so he coud feel as good as Ashley. Not good bob

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