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Big Brother 14 – HoH Round 2 Is Complete


I know updates have been slow since the endurance competition on Thursday night, but the reality is the house is slow right now.  You have ObiDan working his Padawan Danielle while simultaneously keeping his alliance with Ian together.  He’s making sure both sides are covered heading into the live show on Wednesday night, so regardless who wins HoH, he’ll find himself in the f2 where he can spray his mist on the jury for his $500k prize.

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Dan won the endurance competition, so he gets an automatic pass to the final round of the 3-part HoH competition, which will air live on Wednesday night.  This means Ian and Danielle were squared off to fight each other for the chance to compete against Dan.  The competition was going to be a physical challenge, and it sounded like it was a big one as it took quite awhile to build.


Well, the results are in…

Ian won part 2 of the competition, and he will face Dan on Wednesday night.  The winner will be guaranteed in the final 2, and he will choose his competition.

Now, it’s time for the mind tricks to take place.   Dan already had a plan for this before the competition even began, and discussed it with Danielle to prepare.  Should she lose, Dan was going to visibly celebrate with Ian “exposing” his f2 plan in front of her.   That apparently happened because once the feeds went live (around 9:05pm bbt), Danielle could be found screaming at Ian.  Dan’s plan is for Danielle to intimidate Ian for a few days with empty threats about how she’ll taint the jury and not vote for him if he takes Dan to the final 2.

At first it didn’t make sense, why would Dan want Danielle to scare Ian into taking her to the f2?  It’s simple, he (Dan) thinks Ian will feel so secure about their alliance, that he’ll actually be willing to throw the final 2 and let Dan do the dirty work by eliminating Danielle.  It’s another ‘out of the box’ move that I don’t think even Ian will expect, and it’s quite possible it may work.  While Ian is saying he’s not going to throw the competition, based on how Dan has worked the house all season, I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see Dan win the HoH, and then give one last blindside.  This time, instead of taking Ian to the finals like he promised, he’ll take Danielle and likely have a better chance to win it all.

Sure, Dan can still outright win the HoH, but against Ian in a trivia style challenge, that is going to be a tough task to accomplish.  It’s almost guaranteed Ian can make it in the final 2 if he plays things right, and it’s also possible Dan’s plan could backfire and Ian will be too scared to take him to the finals.

I’m not sure how interesting the feeds will be this week, but I do know Wednesday night is going to be a very entertaining finale.


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    Dan might not even be in the F2. It may very well be Danielle and Ian. Perhaps Dan won’t be picked and IAN will have the LAST LAUGH!

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      This would be a fantasy scenario, but Ian thinks he has a better shot against Dan. One strategy Ian could use to beat Danielle if he did take her would be to really emphasize the ruthless, over-the-line play Dan has employed, hurting people to the point of emotional breakdowns, etc. and then say that he wanted to make a statement that one did not have to be so dirty to get to the final two. He knew that taking Danielle was riskier to him, but he employed a ‘kindness’ move, letting her win something while cutting Dan (which would be popular w/ the jurors). Then, he could make a case for out-playing Danielle strategy-wise, including letting Dan believe Dan was a lock to be picked. This scenario could cause Ian to win the game. However, I don’t think Ian would take that risk.

  2. RAY

    I don’t know about this ‘out of the box’ scenario, if it was all an act, then Oscar for Dani, for those tears were real and her mumbling of sadness and anger to herself in bed to carry out this big plan with Dan would be a little bit over-kill self-delusional.

    I think she is very scare that she blew it big time and Dan who I believe is still leaving his options open, really is the Devil Dan everybody he has betrayed have already concluded; even former Quaker Packer Shane called him a very dirty player to Julie game or not. So we shall see.

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    I really hope Dan wins it all. Danielle isnt deserving in my eyes.

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      i think Ian should win,Dan is rotten he shouldn’t get 5 cents.he has enough money.i’m hoping for Ian.danelle didn’t do anything just listen to Dan.she played in the background the whole time.

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        Dani let Dan manipulate her out of what is in her best interest at times, like throwing hook, line and sinker and letting Shane go home. For all of his creative moves, I think Dan may have overplayed his hand and soured too many Jury votes. Also, Ian would have been a vote for Dan for sure had he been put out of house by Shane’s vote during last elimination.

        I would like to see Ian win this.

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        I agree!! Danielle is a bully. Ian is right he is playing with children. Dan is rotten and doesn’t deserve a cent. Big deal he manipulated a group of naive players. Can’t stand watching Danielle treat Ian that way. She should only be mad at herself. Go Ian!!!!!!!!!

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        I agree. Dan is a rotten mean person and Dani is a puppet. No brain of her own.

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    I was watching BB After Dark and it just so happened to be right after the competition was finished. Apparently the whole intimidate Ian thing was a plan between Dan and Danielle.

    Danielle went to the DR and came out balling. I think she’s done with all the games.

    After that Dan was sitting by himself at the table looking at the memory wall. Talking to himself he made some mention of throwing the last comp because he might have to take Danielle. Quote, “Contrary to what people believe I do have a conscience.” This is what Dan said.

    In comes another strategy. He doesn’t think he could actually evict her. He’s hoping his F2 with Ian is strong enough so he won’t have to get any final blood on his hands.

    I don’t care how he does it but I’d love to see Dan in the final 2 then hopes he win. He was my favorite player in season 10 and I’d love to see him win again. Ever since his ‘funeral’ he’s deserved it.

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      I heard what Dan said, too. He clearly said (to himself w/ no one around) that for him to win it all he’d have to be with Ian. He doesn’t think he will have the votes to beat Danielle. However, with Danielle so torn up he said he “can’t do this to her”. He was musing about letting Ian win, confident that Ian will pick him. Then it would not look like he betrayed Danielle and he still will be paired with Ian. Dan may have hatched a decoy plan with Danielle to intimidate Ian not so Ian would throw the comp. but so that Danielle would still feel Dan was scheming on her behalf. I believe Dani faithfully did her part (again) but just became overwhelmed with it all. She knows Dan is light years ahead of her and at this point she’s been used. The meltdown is real.

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        Thank goodness for this board so I can come here and find out what’s going on!! I never know if Dan is on Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C. This one Jean makes sense!

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        I have to wonder if they didn’t tell her something in the Diary Room to either let her know that her time was up or to knock off the abuse toward Ian.

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        That is what’s bugging me too. The first part of the “meltdown” the yelling at Ian was a plan, and it seemed to be going well. Then, Dani goes to the DR, and comes out visibly upset, not agree like before (which by the way, AMAZING acting on her part), but upset. I don’t know if she went in there and saying all of it outloud figured out she was getting played as well, or if she got tipped off by questions she was asked. Maybe it is all just so stressful, the ups and downs, having to trust Dan, of all people, Dan, having Shane gone, all of it.
        I think she now, no matter what the reason for her gettin there, I think she’s realized that she’s probably just sitting in the house until she gets sent out the door.
        As much as I know Dan deserves to win over everyone. I just can’t help but feel bad for her and want her to be in the final 2. She put her trust, her full trust, in someone, he’s used her emotions to get them both further, he even totally betrayed her with Shane, and she’s still trying to trust him. It’s just sad to see her hurt so bad. But I’m also someone who can’t watch someone cry without crying myself, so last night I was a total mess. lol

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        I feel for Danielle. She doesn’t deserve the emotional manipulation.. but she’ll likely be the the one out the door Wednesday because Dan will throw the comp if I had to guess. Ian will come out with the win in that case, from what I can figure.

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        I’m thinking that as well Keith. I just wish she’d go ahead and talk to Ian and let him know what he’s missed out on. Like how Dan planned the “accidentally” celebrating in front of her, so she would go off on Ian. I think that would be her only chance to save herself.
        If she did, Ian would probably just run straight to dan with the info, and then they would make her even more miserable for whatever time she has left. It just sucks.

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        Personally I know it’s a game, but Dan is a dirty player. Karma is, well you know and eventually his behavior will catch up with him. Wonder if he finds it that easy to lie outsd the BB house.

        The number of times he has manipulated Danielle is sad. I liked him in the prior season, but can’t tolerate him this season…stop being Joe…you don’t need to yell in DR room. Like Britney said….big ego..typical narcissist. Hopefully it’s his downfall and jury rules!

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        Apparently she has no mind of her own! I did feel bad for her but now I’m disgusted with her behavior towards Ian.

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      Dan keeps saying ” this isn’t real”, he’s so full of it. I feel so sorry for his wife,one day his not real self is going to screw her over. Dani has truly been manipulated by this green eyed monster,he knows how great it feels to get that kind of money, his expierence from plAying before is so unfair for newbies. Bb should only have all previous players together NOT mixing newbies with old. I hope Ian wins because he has more balls than any of them. Dan asked him to throw the comp with dani and he said No.they shouldn’t have thrown comp 1…dani will see her only trustworthy partner was Shane and she did a lot of STUPID things for Dan .

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    Danielle should be selling Dan out and get Ian to take her that way; Ian’s argument against her is that she nothing but a pawn of Dan’s. Dan wins saying they were both his pawns; Danielle and Ian have a better shot together than with either one with Dan
    Am anxious to see Britney reacitons to Shane

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      EXACTLY. If she actually wants a spot in the f2 she should also play both sides and tell Ian all about her deals with Dan so if Ian wins HoH he’ll bring her (and shock the hell out of Dan). It was the same as with Jenn! Her ass was on the line and she didn’t tell Ian anything about Dan trying to get him out. Why?? I don’t get why these people will protect him even if it means walking out the door, it makes no sense.

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        I was thinking the same thing. That Ian would only take her if 1, she tells him, and 2, he believes her. The problem is, I see Ian telling Dan what she says if he believes her or not. Then, Dani will loose any chance of having Dan take her.
        But, since Dan’s whole original plan was for her to bad mouth him (Dan) and blow up at Ian, he really shouldn’t use it against her in the end, via a reason not to take her.
        I just think that once again, like when Shane got sent out the door, Dani is screwed, for trusting too much in Dan’s plan.

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        That’s when she should of never used the veto and nothing would of changed. It made no sense to take Dan off and put up Shane. A bell should of went off when Dan insisted on her to use the veto on him. Dan played her like a musicial fiddle and she let him. Blame Yourself Daniel. You allowed it.

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        to them he is still the coach

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        There’s no way she’ll think to do that on her own. She brainwashed by Dan. If Dan doesn’t tell her to do it she won’t. Pathetic!!!!!!!

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    Hopefully after the game Dan will donate a fair portion of his $500k winnings for Danielle’s required mental treatment at Happy Oaks … and Ian will reimburse BB with his $79k total prize money for the two hammocks he wore out … ha ha … remember – it’s just a harmless game … Honey Boo Boo here I come!

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    Loved reading all your comments. What do you guys think of instead of Renegade for their name they use The “Danson” Family!

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    Last night Dan was sitting at the table, Dani was in the shower and Ian in the DR. He said looking at the wall, it would be better for him to throw the comp and let Ian win HOH. This would eliminate Dani unless Ian has other ideas thinking he can’t beat Dan. And take Dani? Are Dan and Dani really that close and heading for the f2? And it seems BB is trying it’s best to get Ian there with the comps lately favoring Ian strengths.

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      Well, the comps at the end usually are more in Ian’s favor. They are using the same types of comps that they have in past years this year, so it’s not really a matter of favoring Ian, as it is that this time of year usually favors Ian.
      That being said, I personally thought that the one from last night (if I understood how they were describing it correctly) was something that Ian and Dani were pretty well matched at. I mean, everyone thought he’d kick her butt at that last comp with her, Shane and Ian, but she won, and by a pretty good margin. I think she’s smarter then people realize. ANd I’m looking forward to seeing tonight how close they were in that comp.
      I also think it would have worked out better for the Dani/Dan alliance, if Dan had thrown the first one to Dani. He faced Ian in the Second round, and then if Ian beat Dan, which he would have in that game, it was Ian and Dani in the 3rd round. I think she had a much better shot at beating Ian in round 3, then Dan does. But I could be proven wrong.
      On a side note, I’m still iffy about what changed in Dani last night during her DR. It’s bugging me. She was fired up and all about the plan to keep fussing at Ian when she went in, and then she came out broken. I can’t wait to see her in the DR and see if she realized that she might be getting played on her own or what.

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        The BB producers are known for meddling in the game. They frequently tell the houseguests things they shouldn’t or try and pressure them to do certain things. When Ian had the veto ball thing he came out of the DR saying they were trying to pressure him into using it (probably because they knew they wouldn’t like the outcome) and let Shane get away with cheating on a veto which made Joe lose his shit.

        They could have very well told her what’s going on or to lay off Ian or something…right now Dan and Ian are the most popular people in the house with the fans so the producers might be trying to swing things in their favour and screw Dani over.

        Wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Avatar

        Very true. I really think that the turn in her attitude from going in to coming out either say that they tipped her off, or asked her questions that lead her to figure it out, or maybe with some time to talk out what was happening she realized it on her own. Either way, it sure was night and day.
        She went in on somewhat of a high, thinking she was doing a great job (doing Dan’s bidding) which she was, she really did a great acting job. But then when she came out, like I said, she was just broken. I don’t have thick skin either, so I understand how (esp at that age) she might be feeling. Not only might she have lost her shot at the money, but she also feels betrayed. Even if Ian didn’t flat out agree to a deal with her, and he did “yeah, yeah, yeah”, like he said, when I was watching the two of them talk the other day, he sure gave the impression that he wouldn’t take Dan. So, she not only feels screwed by Dan, but also by Ian.
        Ian was so sweet with her the other night, acting like he cared that she was upset, but to hear him talk to Dan about it, he doesn’t care for her at all. On the flip side, Dan seems to actually care about her (even if he’s pissed that his conscience is getting in the way) but to hear him talk to Ian, he doesn’t give a crap if she’s upset or not. That house must feel so lonely to her. Maybe I’m a sucker for someone crying, but I just hate it.
        Again, I know Dan should win. But I would rather see Dani and Ian in the finals. But that is totally for personal reasons, not for the game. So I think it will be Dan and Ian.

      • Avatar

        After Ian was so nice to her she went to dan and said something like if that little prick makes it to the final two, blah blah blah. That seemed mean. Dan also talks trash to Ian about Dani and about Ian to Dani….they all do it. The fact is, they’re all rivals in the end and especially at the final three, I think the pressure, frustration and anxiety comes out in how they talk.

        Tonight in the DR Danielle hinted she might not take Dan. That would be something.

      • Avatar

        Ian has been winning me over. IMO, Neither of them would be there without Dan’s shenanigans, but Ian is the only one who seems to acknowledge that. Dani/Shane would have been gone long ago due to the’couple’ target. Hard to tell what’s real or fake with Dani and Dan right now. Dan/Ian, I’m happy if either wins. I heard Ian say finale is Thursday. They’re in for a surprise.

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        I got a kick out of Ian scolding Dan in the bedroom because of how he had reacted to his win and pissing Danielle off…. he said, “I don’t need to be babysitting two Ian’s for the next few days!” Too funny!

      • Avatar

        I may be giving Ian too much credit, but his callousness toward Dani in front of Dan may be part of a strategy. Ian may gamble and take Danielle and shock Dan. Remember he was walking around muttering after Shane’s eviction, “to be the best you must beat the best”. So it’s in his advantage to make Dan think he has no interest in her. He has repeatedly told Dan that Jenn would pick Dani over both of them, and he did not hesitate in telling Dani his intention was to pick Dan should he win HOH. Both Ian and Dani have used the same strategy of letting Dan think they trust him, but both have independently said they don’t trust him.

      • Avatar

        That could be true. But what I thought he meant by “to be the best you must beat the best” was that he had to beat Dan in the finals. I don’t think he’s seeing that getting Dan out would be even bigger, and could even win him an extra jury vote. I think he wants to beat Dan in the 3rd round, and then beat him in the F2. But I could be wrong. I would certainly rather it be your take on it Jean.

      • Avatar

        Wow, I thought of it the same way you did, that he meant beat him in the finals, but if he were to take Danielle and cut Dan, that would be something else to put on his resume at the finale (“I took out the biggest threat in the house, who took all of you out”)…but yeah, i think he meant at finale night too…

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    That had to show Boogie reading Dan that Bible verse. Now it’s more ammo for the Dirty Dan Bible thumpers.

  10. Avatar

    Idont believe any of danis tears because she has been acting since the funeral to everyone, even shane. She is a snake and all of the tears are fake. Her and Dan have gone to way to far and should just play with their game skills. I hope Ian wins to spite them for playing dirty.

  11. Avatar

    I dont wanna wait clear til Wednesday to find out.

  12. Avatar

    Its driven me nuts that they keep “throwing” comps to Dan after what he has done. Ian claimed he threw it to dan on the endurance part and then he talked to Danielle and she dropped off right after he backdoored Shane and she put her trust in him again… I dont get it? After Danielle said in the DR she was a dumbass for always falling for what Dan tells her… And did Dan and Danielle forget the RESET button was pushed so he isnt a coach anymore and they all began playing for themselves? Dan keeps throwing around im here to coach u. And she seems to believe it…

    • Avatar

      I totally agree with u. Why the heck would they want to through the comps. Let Dan win on his OWN!!! I really hope Ian dosnt do that. for petes sake play an Honest comp!!!

    • Avatar

      I know!! That irritates me too, why would she believe that he is there only to bring her to the end, as her coach, where there are no more coaches left, and by the way, they all know that Dan pushed the reset button (I don’t think they ever found out about the other 2 pushing it), so how could she be that dumb to believe he is there as her coach, when he is the one who pushed the reset button, she’s so gullible it hurts!

  13. Avatar

    One other thing: I don’t think at this point Dan will throw the competition. Dani asked him if he would, and this probably takes some of Dan’s sympathy for her away. Also, Dani told Dan that Ian was talking s**t about Dan, which may make Dan reconsider how much he trusts Ian. Either way, Ian seems best-positioned at this point and the one of the three most likely to make it to the final two.

    • Avatar

      But then Ian probably ran back to Dan and told him everything he had just told Danielle, including the bad things he told her about him. Other’s have spoke of the same thing, how players always run to Dan and share information, yet they don’t share anything with each other.

      Right now Ian needs to keep reaffirming to Dan that he’s taking him to F2 so Dan will think he’s safe and be more inclined to throw the final comp. If Ian cozy’s up to Danielle at this point, Dan will think something is up and try for the win.

  14. Avatar

    Danielle is a big cry baby lol….

  15. Avatar

    Danielle is being so mean to poor Ian on bb after dark! She just needs to get over it!! U lost and hopefully going home! The only reason u are still there is because of Dan! U never played your own game!! Team Ian all the way!!

  16. Avatar

    I agree. Dani is still threatening Ian on after dark and I believe it is their master plan to get Ian to throw the game. I don’t believe a word or tear that that she produces. She and Dan are creeps and should play the game on their own skills.

  17. Avatar

    Well tonight on the live feeds, Dani has been trying to bully Ian into either throwing the HOH to Dan (because Dan told her if they can get him to throw it, he will take Dani to F2 – who knows if that’s even true though) or for Ian to bring her to F2. She’s going around screaming at him an threatening to turn everyone in the jury house against him and making sure no one votes for him unless he brings her to F2 saying that she will vote personal and not strategic. She keeps talking like she has complete control over how everyone will vote – saying that when they jury find out that Ian cut her, that they will all be so pissed off at him that no one will vote for him…what the hell, she is pissing me off! She’s being such a bitch to Ian, i’m so disgusted with her right now. Ian seems to be standing his ground – he told Dan that it doesn’t matter how much she screams at him and how sore a loser she is, that he will not be intimidated by her and he’s going to do what he wants to do, and that’s to bring Dan to F2. I actually think, in fact, i’d almost bet on it, that Dan will throw the HOH to Ian because he knows that Ian will bring him to F2 and that Danielle will give Dan his vote because of it. The other scenario plays that Dan brings Danielle to F2 and there are so many people in jury who are pissed at Dan for playing dirty, and people who are friends and like Danielle so much that they would vote for her…Dan knows that, so I don’t think he will bring Danielle with him, but he’s in worse position if he is the one who cuts her. The only person who is sitting pretty right now is Dan because if Ian wins HOH, Dan is going to F2 and if Dan wins, he’s in F2. so i’m pretty sure Ian will win HOH, takes Dan to F2, but I really hope Ian is the one to win this game. I think that there is a chance Ian could win against Dan because I think a lot of people would not vote for dan because of his dirty play against them…

  18. Avatar

    Poor Ian has to put up with Daniel’s constant verbal harrassment is so annoying. She got played from day one and realized it 2 months 2 late!!!!

    • Avatar

      He has to put up with it, but he’s not letting it get to him, he’s better than that. She’s really being abusive towards him because Dan has her convinced that if she can intimidate Ian enough, that he will throw the HOH to Dan thinking that Dan will take him to F2 and that Dan will really take Danielle…which is not necessarily true, however, as Ian is yelling and screaming at Danielle, Dan goes into the arcade room and is all happy and smilling because he knows that the more Danielle screams at Ian, the more Ian is going to stick with Dan to the end…because he even told Dan that every moment she keeps on with her rants and freakouts, the more it hits the nails in her coffin.

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    I am disgusted by Dan’s actions. I don’t buy into “it is just a game” So is football but if you cheat like taking steroids you get suspended. And in doing so you have shown your TRUE charactor. So all these people saying it is “just a game.” What is Dan teaching his students and players. Do whatever it takes to win? Really is that what a teacher and coach should be teahing and promoting to them. That “the ends justify the means??? That is utter crap!! Is this what our society has come down to? Sell out your friends, mess with there emotions and people joke Dan needs to pay for Dani’s therapy? He won the game in BB10 not needing to pull the stunts he is doing now. So you can win this game and not throw out your moral fiber. I dont care what excuse Dan and his supporters say “its just a game” The whole thing with this game is to put stangers in a confined space and see how peoples true colors come out. GHANDI said it best is believe ” I like Jesus Christ, But the Christians not so much” What he means is why cant the Christians live what JESUS taught all the time and not pick when to follow the Bible? Yes this is a game and as Christians we are taught to live a loving, holy life reguardless if you are playing a game or in everyday life. Dan as a Catholic make me sick. He reads his Bible and then pulls the stuff he does. Dan might need to read that “whatever you sow here in earth you also sow in Heaven”. Dan will have to give an account for every action he does here on earth wether it is in a game or not. How he treats his fellow man/women he will have to give account to GOD for all things donw and said. No amount of money even if it is “life changing” is worth it to lose yourself. Unless Dan is like this in real life. Then he has bigger problems and I am glad I am not him. I have watched the show since BB2 and the 2 most horrible people are now DICK AND DAN!! Is manipulating and lying a normal thing in your life? If it is who is the one that needs therapy?? ANYONE BUT DAN FTW.

  20. Avatar

    Dani is actually happy that she is upsetting Ian while she is telling Dan on after dark. I just hope this kid has the meddle as well as the brains. I wish I could be there when Shane finds out how much she played him and cost him the game. Karma is a b—-.!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar

      …yeah, and so is Danielle! lol

    • Avatar

      Except for the fact that she wasn’t playing Shane. Yes, she said that sort of thing to help her game, but does anyone actually doubt that she has true feelings for Shane? I mean, come on, you have to see she likes him, a lot. And, while people may think she knew deep down that Dan would do them wrong, she didn’t. I don’t think she would have put Shane up in Dan’s place if she didn’t believe Dan that he would save Shane. She knew that she was good with Shane and Dan, but not with Ian.
      She didn’t want Shane to go, she got played by Dan, and Shane is the one that got sent home. If he had told her flat out that he was NOT ok with her pulling Dan off and putting him up, that he didn’t trust Dan to keep him safe, I don’t think she would have done it. But he didn’t, and she did. How is that her playing him???

  21. Avatar

    Im so done with this! I cant STAND Listening to Danielle any more its like a fly that wont go away. Poor Ian!

  22. Avatar

    Um, news flash Dani, Dan is married

  23. Avatar

    Poor Ian, she is really so dumb and bein so mean to Ian while tryin to get Dan to be sweet to her! Geez, the party os over..there os no more coaching..Danielle should never of played BB cause she still doesnt have a clue..its a game.for alot of mola
    Dumbella made her bed when she used the veto

  24. Avatar

    Nothing worse than to hear a woman yelling, ranting and raving, trying to state her case. It never works. Men tend to tune them out and go about their business without a second thought other than “she has really “pis_ _ _ me off”. So Dan, once again has gotten Danielle to do just that… really pi_ _ Ian off. Even if she gets the brilliant idea to team up with Ian and tell him that Dan is playing them both, do you think Ian would believe her? Nah, not so much. He’d know she was trying to mend “the fences”. Damage is done. Ian may be young, but he’s not that nieve. One last thought. I must say Dan has shown that he is a man of his word… the word when he said he would go to the end with Danielle and Ian. Only thing is they don’t know that. Dan has carried them both to the end. It’s time to see if he keeps his very first promise that he and Danielle will be the final two. That’s the least he can do after the rollercoaster ride he took her on. But then again it is “THE DAN Show” and he may just convince Danielle it has been nothing but a DREAM and it’s time to wake up to nothing. And the Oscar goes to….

  25. Avatar

    BBAD is not Big Brother After Dark its Big Brother All Dan.
    Dan has carried both Ian and Danielle thru out the season.
    First taking all the blame for Ian’s play of both sides
    Second manipuling Danielle’s emotions and keeping her safe.
    If final 2 is Dan and Danielle, I think Danielle will win overall
    If final 2 is Dan and Ian, jury grudge with Dan would influence which way the jury goes
    Britney stated correctly to Frank last week, its a game worth 500,000 and they got played. Dan did what he had to do to get to this point. You can not play a game with honesty and intengrity and expect to fly thru like nothing happen.

  26. Avatar

    Can someone tell me why Dani is losing it and sobbing all the time?

    • Avatar

      I think it’s a cobination of things. I think she’s mad at and hurt by Dan, aggrivated that she lost the 2nd part of the HOH, sad and guilty about Shane leaving, mad for trusting the wrong people, lonely, and burnt out.
      Plus, being in that house has to be super stressful, a mind game all in itself. Just think about how if your sick, or even just have a string of bad weather, and your stuck in your house for a few days. You get so stir crazy, and anxious, well multiply that by 2 and a half months, where you are supposed to be playing a game 24/7.
      I’m hoping that a big part of it is that stage you go through sometimes, when you are hurt by someone, and you are realizing that it’s time to cut ties with them. Game wise, maybe she’s realized that the only person actually looking out for her is her, that they are all playing against each other, and figuring out if there is anything she can do to get to the finals. I think, she has a shot, but she has to actually talk to Ian.

      • Avatar

        I hope you are right. I feel for Dani and want her to get to the F2 with Ian. Ugh I really thought about signing up for this show when I am old enough, but the stress may be too much for me to handle. 🙁

        She needs to tell Ian EVERYTHING Dan has done to her this season, and hopefully he will have some sympathy for her and try to take her to finals. He will probably try even harder to win HoH. If he wins
        and cuts Dan, he will have a huge advantage in the F2 and most likely win the whole thing!

        Dont pay attention to the line under me, I tried to delete it but it wont let me lol.

        takes down Dan, that would give him a HUGE advantage

      • Avatar

        I think if you decide to apply when you can, and you remember seasons like this, you would do fine. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and a good understanding of the game. You just have to keep in mind what you’ve seen other people do, and follow your best judgement, not someone elses.

      • Avatar

        Thanks! This is the first season I have watched as well. So its great to see how much I know about this game already! Still have to wait for at least 5 more seasons until im eligible though 🙁

      • Avatar

        A great way to learn about it is the live feeds. While this season is almost over, you can also use the flashback function to look at the last few seasons. If nothing else, you can try it free for I think 3 days, so if you don’t have them, you might want to look into it. There is just so much you don’t see on the CBS shows.
        Now I’m making pitches for the live feeds! lol Stevebeans would be proud. 🙂

    • Avatar

      She just realized she’s on big brother and she sucks!

  27. Avatar

    While this is a game to us, Dani has been betrayed big time by Dan n I think bb14 should be worried.Nothing like a woman scorned n when she does see what went down behind her back she just might snap big time n you never know what will happen.Karma!

  28. Avatar
    Questionable Comments???

    I think its obvious the woman is a nut job. She got played and played. When she thinks she is not being played and she realizes one again oh I got played and I am a complete moron. I guess that would make me cry too. I think she knows any chance she had with Shane is most likely out the door because she truly screwed over the only person who had her best interest at heart.

  29. Avatar
    Questionable Comments???

    Oh did I mention once again she realized she got played!!! LOL!! Danielle its your own fault you said it best in the diary room about being fooled three times its shame on you!!! You have been duped about 100 times so its shame on you!!! Your a dumbass and your in the spot your in because your a dumbass!!!! Sorry very over Danielle find it very hard to believe anyone could be that stupid and then turn around and be that stupid again!!!!

  30. Avatar

    From the beginning, I picked Dani to win simply because she reminded me of Jordan and when she began to hook up with Shane, I immediately thought of Jeff/Jordan #2. Dani is totally different though and although I picked her to win, I truly hope she doesn’t. She’s moaning to Dan all the time about evicting Shane and lying to her all the time. Hello! Is anyone there, Dani! If it weren’t for Dan, you would not be in the final 3 with a potential of being in the final 2. I honestly believe she thought she was signing up for Bachelorette and not Big Brother! Please…she makes me sick. Dan took massive blood on his hands evicting Shane for her. She has to realize she could not have beat Shane should they have reached the final 2 together.

    Dan has to be the best player in Big Brother history…win or lose. I’ve never seen the level of human manipulation like that of Dan. And the jurors crying about how he’s played a dirty game!? Oh my gosh…it is Big Brother isn’t it? Did these morons think they signed up for Sesame Street? Unbelievable! In my opinion…totally unfair if Dan doesn’t win this season. One thing’s for sure though…I sincerely do not think Dan can ever come back to play Big Brother a third time. I think he would be one of the first evicted if he did.

    • Avatar

      Maybe if Shane was still here, Dani would at least be guaranteed a 50,000 check and could have convinced the jury to give her the win. Since he is not, a miracle has to happen in order for her to get a F2 alone. If she does, she would not stand a chance against either of them. Dan made this move to benefit himself, not her. He does not care for her, and its up to her to convince Ian to get on her side and evict Dan. What do you want her to do? Just sit and sob because she cant campaign against her coach who got her to this point and get evicted? Or do what is best for HER and fight for her spot? It is the F3, you cannot play for anyone but yourself, no matter who helped you get this far.

      • Avatar

        If Shane was there and he had the final HOH, he would without a doubt take Dani over anyone. You are very right Matthew. And again right with how she needs to talk to Ian. I just think at this point, unless it’s not already Ian’s plan (the whole “to be the best you’ve got to beat the best” theory) then it’s most likely too late.
        Plus, it would be HUGE bragging rights for Ian to get Dan out with the HOH. If he waits until the F2, the jury will vote for Dan to win (IMO) and Ian only gets 50k. If he takes Dani, and cuts Dan at the end, he’s going to beat Dani in votes for the huge move. Basically, Ian vs Dan, Ian gets 50k, Ian vs Dani, Ian gets 500k.
        Also, I had NO IDEA what Dan had said to Shane when Shane was on his way out until last night. I’m really glad Shane didn’t even listen to him. I’ve taken up for Dan time and again, but I can’t believe he tried to tell Shane that “she (Dani) has been playing you the whole time”. I can understand starting to worry about jury votes, but that is once again a personal attack on both Shane and Dani. It would hurt Shane if he had heard it, and it would have surely hurt Dani if Shane believe it, or just that Dan said it. I’m guessing if he was against Dani in the F2, it could have won him Shanes vote, but what about after he had the cash? Would he have then told Shane that he was lying? Or would he have let Dani suffer? Either way, I just didn’t like it. Dan says he’s not playing a personal game, but that sure was personal. He had plenty of time to come up with something more game relivant to say to Shane, since he was the only one who knew Shane was leaving. Grrr

  31. Avatar

    The best thing would be for Dani to blindside them all. Let Dan think that she is completely under his spell. This whole season she should have been using her “mist” on him. Do his dirty work and let him think he was manipulating her but have a side deal with Ian going. Bring up all of the manipulating details and discuss how Ian and her could get Dan out. I love Dan but I have to say I’m not in love with how dirty he played this game. When he got Frank out he really wasn’t thinking that far ahead. Britney isn’t that salty towards him but Dan could have at least let Ian break the tie and he could have had Frank’s vote in the Jury. For someone that prides himself on his ability to play the game, Dan just moved around chess pieces without a truly master plan to get the votes. Taking Dan out would give Danielle the “game” votes she’d need with the jury along with the sympathetic and likable ones she already has. When fully considering all of the details, no one played this game right. Ian and Danielle got manipulated by Dan and Dan wasn’t thinking long term. Thinking week to week is fine but when you start making deals with everyone and backstabbing, you have to know that at some point, your mojo is going to run out without backup thinking. Man I should play this game lol.

  32. Avatar

    I used to feel kinda bad for Danielle but now I can’t stand her. I don’t care if this is some kind of weird strategy or a nervous breakdown or what, but she’s pushing it. I think her own fans will turn against her after this display of pure nastiness. If I were Ian I would just be like, bitch, I was actually considering taking you over Dan but there’s no goddamn way I’ll let you sit next to me now. What a loon.

    • Avatar

      lol yeah sometimes I feel like she’s doing too much and nobody likes a whiner. But to give her her props, the girl has an incredible social game. Nobody would vote against her. She hasn’t really done anything to anybody as far as blood on her hands. I mean it was her own fault for putting Shane on the block and Shane was stupid for in essence, agreeing. Never pick the “coach” over the “boyfriend”. At least the “boyfriend” might be willing to spend some of that dough on you. lol.

  33. Avatar

    Wondering what reality show Danielle signed up for. Based on her over-the-top emotional outbursts, it certainly doesn’t seem like she knows she is on Big Brother. Seriously – how many years has the show been on? People like her come on claiming to be huge fans, yet they end up feeling so betrayed because they trusted someone who lied to them? Suck it up Danielle. Have a little dignity before you’re shown the door. By the way – I think Ian is a little rat as well who can’t take being called out for his B.S. (giving Frank the finger behind his back and acting like a little douche). Dan is the Jedi Master, and based on his game play, he deserves to be declared the winner.

    • Avatar

      While I see your point, I still think it wouldn’t be that hard to get hurt. While you can put up a guard, and know that you have to look out for yourself, you still need to have allies to get to the end. A perfect example is Frank, he won tons of comps, but, it’s not possible to win them all, and that is what he would have had to do to stay until the end. So, you need to have strong allies to work with.
      Dani told Dan on BB after dark that when she wanted to be on his team, and they continued working together after the reset, she thought she was going to be working with Dan from BB10, not this Dan. She thought that they would tell each other everything, and that they would look out for each other, and try to get to the final 2 (like him and Memphis). And when, if they had to vote against each other, then they would, but until they didn’t have another option, they were solid.
      Granted, she should have learned by now that no matter how many times he says he’s only looking out for her, he’s really looking out for himself. I don’t think that was always the case, I think he did want to have her and him in the end, so that he had that bragging right for the jury, that he was the only coach to get his player to the end.
      But, once he said that he wanted her to take him down and put Shane up because he “didn’t trust him” to keep him, she should have said no. Shane should have said no. He should have told her that if the argument is that Dan doesn’t trust him, then why would he or her trust Dan? That it would be a great time to prove, once again, that he is trustworthy, by keeping Dan. I honestly believe she wouldn’t have put Shane up if he was firm that he was not ok with it, and that he thought Dan was going to screw him over. It’s her fault for trusting Dan, but hopefully Shane won’t hold a mistake against her. Granted a $500,000 mistake, but still a mistake, that IMO both Shane and Dani made.

  34. Avatar

    i think if everyone voted by who played the game it still would be a gard choice Dan yes amazing Ian was played used as well as he played and used as well Danielle well she didnt win much she didnt get any blood on her hands she was just there isnt that playin the game

  35. Avatar

    Great season! glad Ian won and not Judas.
    Who votes for a Celebrity Big Brother for charity?
    I vote Screech! lol!

  36. Avatar

    This isn’t star wars lego buddy! go back to playing with yourself and your playstation…get with the program I don’t recall a jedi in the big brother house just a judas descendant.

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