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Big Brother 14 – Jenn May Learn, The Less She Speaks – The Better

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Putting Jenn up as a re-nom in place of Frank may have been the best decision Shane made all year.  Not because of the entertainment value between Dan and Boogie (although that’s certainly a bonus)… but because we have now realized how Jenn remained in the house as long as she has.  Her gameplan of blending into the walls worked perfectly until this point because it was able to mask her completely terrible social game.

Jenn has managed to go from being one of the most secured pawns in years to potentially going home simply because of her efforts to campaign.   To be fair, most pawns are generally told that’s what they are by the HoH shortly after they’re nominated, but that’s Shane for you.  He would find a way to talk himself INTO a ticket even if an officer just wants to give him a warning.

Boogie has 48 hours left
Watch him scramble for votes here


This week Jenn has been huffing and puffing about being nominated, while everyone else around her is just like “omg, like what’s wrong Jenn? Like, everyone gets nominated at some point, gawd just deal with it!” until finally Joe of all people sat her down and told her he’s almost positive she was just a pawn and tried to explain why. I’m not quite sure she really listened at the time, but she has calmed down a bit since the talk and things may be settling in for her finally.  It’s too bad, I was really itching to see Boogie instigate and argument between Jenn and Joe because that would have been the funniest thing I have seen all week.

Speaking of Joe.  This guy is something. Right now here are his options:

a) Side with Dan/Shane/Danielle/Britney and be the 5th wheel in a very tight alliance with 3 strong competitors.

b) Side with Boogie/Frank/Ashley and be the 3rd/4th person in a tight two man, loose 3 person alliance.  In addition, one of those people is a restaurateur and Joe is a chef.  Then factor in how incredibly weak Ashley is in competitions and you see top 3 with ease.

I understand the risk/reward in siding with Dan versus Boogie.  It’s the short-term gain, long-term loss.  That’s fine with Joe considering he has said quite a few times he doesn’t care if he wins, he basically wants to be on the show as long as possible (ie, to promote his cooking agenda).  That leads to the confusing part, because Joe is passing up an opportunity to open some doors in the real world, but he isn’t even thinking about that option.  What is he really thinking?  Does he have a plan, or is he really just like a dog who is loyal to Shane regardless what danger it puts him in?

Also, Joe has promised all day that he’s going to cause some scene with Boogie by telling him he’s not going to work with him, but where is it? Is this guy all talk, or is he really going to do it?  Stop dancing around and create the stir you wanted to make because I can only watch Britney eat so many chips before I feel like puking.

Keep checking the live feeds tonight because he said he’d be doing something before the end of the day.  My luck, it will happen while I’m watching Teen Mom.

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  1. Jumpin Jack Flash
    Comments (1)

    Joe is such a jagoff. Jenn is a female jagoff. Hopefully they will follow Booger right in line, and not miss a beat. Then I hope Dan goes next. After that, I don’t care who wins. I’d prefer NOT to see “Fatal Attraction” Danielle win, and I really don’t think she has a shot, not with the jury thank goodness. She’s too unpopular. Frank, Shane, or Britney deserve to win. They’ve at least played their hearts out. That’s all I have to say about a season that sucked eggs anyhow, worst season ever, and I’ve seen ’em all.

  2. Comments (15)

    I CANNOT watch Britney any longer! Why does she always pick her face? It is crazy, I have never seen anyone rub, scratch, lick and pick at their face as much as she does. AHHHHHH!!! Vote that troll of this show!

  3. Comments (17)

    i miss BB12
    the Sabutor , brigade ,Brandon & Rachel ! <—- one of the best season of Big Brother (:


  4. Comments (216)

    Who is this “Jenn” person of which you speak.

    You have to think the producers are doing everything they can to talk Joe and Ian into voting Jenn out. From a ratings standpoint, it’s a no brainer.

  5. Comments (1276)

    I am not saying I’m buying Ashley’s melt down when Jenn told her flat out to go “suck it”, but I’ll admit, I can’t stand seeing anyone cry. And if Ashley was faking it, then at least she managed to get tears (unlike Janelles attempt). I’m seeing this part about 1:25am-ish.
    I’m just waiting to hear Boogie and Frank turn it into the others made Ashley cry. They were there, but they didn’t chime it at all. And while Jenn was harsh about it, she was honest about how she fealt, and it’s hard to feel too bad for someone (Ashley) when the reason they are actually crying is because they feel guilty, about something that haven’t even done yet.

  6. Comments (11)

    Ashley is on the wrong team….they chose Boogie/Frank/Shane/Dani/Dan/Brit (The same ppl who was against them) over Janelle who was actually working to keep them in the house. Boogie is only being nice to her bcuz he wants a vote and Jen needs to suck it up and play a graceful pawn! Danielle is back to square one – only this time it’s with Jen (Replacing Janelle) and her she didn’t tal kto me…she is mad at me drama.

    I don’t get why ppl say that if Boogie leaves the house will be boring….THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!!!!! Do ppl realize the chaos that is building in the house since Froogie’s nominations????

    It’s going to be hell in that house….Jen after Danielle….Frank after everyone who votes out his showmance (Boogie), The entire house after Frank, Ian after Joe and vice versa, and finally BLOODBATH IN THE BB14 HOUSE.


    • Comments (216)

      But which is more interesting? A House with Boogie or a House with Jenn?

      Those rifts are there and will remain. If they don’t get Jenn out now, she’ll collect $50k and continue boring America until the baseball playoffs.

      • Comments (11)

        Neither to be honest with you….all boogie does is talk smack (That we’ve seen on all stars) and try to boost his ego….if you had mentioned a house with Janelle vs Boogie (Like all stars) I would see where ur coming from, but not this time around. I am tired of seeing him in the house….his tricks are old now…WE;VE SEEN THEM ON ALL STARS….AND WANNA BE DR. WILL….WAT’S UP WITH THAT????

      • Comments (1276)

        Boogie is simply annoying, not entertaining. Mostly he just makes himself look stupid trying to act like he has some street cred, which is SOOOOO obviously doesn’t. I just can’t deal with him anymore.
        Plus, if it’s for one week, or a few more weeks, it will be funny to see how Frank manages without his master telling him what to do. I’m just hoping it’s only for one week, I just don’t want to see Frank anymore, he’s a full of it as anyone. And him and Boogie are sitting up on their high horse, acting like they are playing some clean game, and that Dan is satin, but they are so nasty. The personal crap they keep saying is so nasty. They talk about the girls weight, how stupid they are, and on and on. Talk all the smack you want about their game play, but attacking their looks, get over your self. Frank and Boogie are the last 2 guys in that house that need to be talking smack about looks.

      • Comments (216)

        I don’t have the live feeds, so I’ll have to take your word on the mysogony.

        That said, Jenn is just a complete waste of space in there. They could replace her with a multicolored chair, and it would take everyone about a week and a half to notice. But she’s probably going to get to the end and collect her $50k check (plus whatever the stipend is for being in the house that many days).

        And if that happens, the Jenn/Porsche strategy will be the new Boogie/Dr. Will by next year. If you like watching paint dry, you’ll love BB15.

        But I digress.

      • Comments (216)


        In this instance, I’m going to take comfort for being so unfamiliar with the concept that I can’t even spell it.

  7. Comments (29)

    I agree Michy. Janelle was trying to keep Ashley, Joe and Will safe and they turned their backs on her. Then you have the number one manipulator Boogie and Ashley is voting for him to stay. Ashley needs to go more than Joe, she doesn’t even try to win any competitions at least Joe tries… Jen needs to go as well…

    • Comments (1276)

      I do still want Boogie out, but mostly because Frank took himself off the block, I really wanted him out this week. But next week they need to put Ashley and Frank up (if he doesn’t get HOH), and then if they have to replace one, they can still get one of the two out.
      Also, everyone keeps talking about Shane playing Danielle, but what about Ashley. She is using the hell out of Ian. She seems all hot and bothered over Frank, who might be using her as well. But she’s playing with Ian’s emotions, and leading him on. Granted, Ian is super smart, but that does not translate into common since. I just hope he ends up seeing her for what she is, and not getting hurt in the long run.
      And as much as Jenn is showing a whole new side, not always the most loved side she has, but hey, at least she’s adding some spice to the house 🙂

    • Comments (11)

      My point exactly….to think that bb14 cannot survive without Boogie in the house is LUDACRIS and IGNORANT!!!!! Shane has a lot of blood on his hands and it would be very entertaining to see him go head to head with Frank, then having to deal with his “alliance”…or at least wat’s left of it.

      Shane putting up Froogie meant war….and he made a good move since he intends to win the money. They (Froogie) were going to turn on him had they won HOH bcuz they discussed it.

      Props to Shane for making that bold move…but he needs to continue to win if he wants to stay alive in the house.

  8. Comments (17)

    All the ”Quak pack” are floating except Ian & Shane …
    Bitney & Dan are just scard to take the blood in there hand & Danille just goes whit whatever Shane wants .

    Jenn , Ashley & Joe
    there just a big waste of time in this house .. Joe is not smart at all i wish him luck , cause is gonna regret his decision big time . Jenn i didn’t even realize she was in the house till now , i shes the biggest floater of BB history … Ashley she could go far by allying whit Boogie/Frank … that is if boogie stays .

    Boogie / Frank
    Boogie is a member of ” Chill town ” if you guys never watch chill town in action , that maybe why eveyone saying his going home … you guys really think hes gonna live that early ? anything can happen … he can maybe win Pandoras box , coup d’etat or Ian & Joe are whiling to keep him.

    Frank ,tell me whatever you want but this guy has been in the block 3 in pull it off to stay in the game & won 2 Hoh ..

    while only Shane is winning for his alliance …

  9. Comments (7)

    Its Frank vs Shane … no one else deserves to win, pretty simple… any other view is based to much on personal feelings towards these contestants. I give Frank the edge because although he is heavily guided by his former “coach” boogie, unlike Shane actually has more input on who the targets are and he wanted to go after Dan and was talked out of it by Boogie (Frank was RIGHT). Everyone wronged everyone starting with Willie and his former teammates (Shane) and coach (Brtiney) put up Frank week 1 after promising him he was safe… Frank had an actual case for not trusting them, he then went on to save them not once but twice in attempts to form an alliance of the stronger players & was screwed both times. Still he sits safe in the house 2 months in after being one of the biggest targets the game has ever seen. Next he gets a shot to win HOH right after coming off the block for a 3rd time. Hey when it gets down to the real important competitions with the game on the line so far Frank is unbeatable… Shane has done great also, shockingly I feel like his social game is strong on his own which he doesn’t use enough because the constant control Britney has on him. He needs to realize that she is his biggest threat and he keeps her far too close, she has used him in this game when Boogie has never used Frank… Watch the show, if your into scumbags liars theres a few you’ll love…. but lets not call a spade a spade, If Shane wants to win I think he needs to find 2 others players in the house to team with so he can win (Boogie,Frank) because he will 100% get the votes in Jury.

  10. Comments (14)

    Poor Joe up in the HOH room promising and swearing his loyalty to Shane is hilarious. I hope the good Lord spares me long enough to see Joe’s face after Shane throws him under the bus. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

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