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Big Brother 14 – Live Endurance Challenge Thread


After an incredible live eviction show, CBS ended without really telling us much.  Most assumed there was going to be an endurance challenge, but as the feeds remained on trivia for hours, I even had my doubts.   Well, around 11:35pm est, the feeds went up and it is indeed an endurance challenge!  Be sure to sign up here for free to watch.

I’ll probably talk more about the show between updates, but right now Ian, Dan and Danielle are hanging from hooks and being dipped into water during a makeshift rainstorm.  In addition to that, they’re being slammed against the wall you see above.   I don’t know how much longer they can take it, but if there was an endurance challenge I wanted to see, it would be these three.

Keep checking back for updates on the challenge, or sign up to the live feeds to watch!


9:25pm bbt – Like I said, you can only resist the mist for so long.  Danielle falls, she will face off with Ian for part 2 of the HoH competition.

9:23pm bbt – Dan is trying to convince Danielle to drop, she is resisting it so far, but you can only resist the mist for so long!

9:15pm bbt – It’s down to two very wet players hanging on for a quick pass to the final round of the 3 part HoH challenge

9:00pm bbt – Both Danielle and Dan still hanging in there.  I’m still shocked Ian is out

8:48pm bbt – Ian is down, he couldn’t handle the dips in the water.


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    I know this is SICK, but I hope Dan wins it. He has worked so hard to win this game a 2nd time, and, gosh darn it, he kinda deserves it!

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    Come on Danielle. I still have faith that you can do it and start making your own decisions w/out Dirty Dan!!!..Just please hang on and don’t let him goat you into falling!!!

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      Oh well!..I guess a leopard never changes it’s spots..

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      yeah, but she’s too stupid to do that. She can’t think for herself!

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        Oh Boy! she is missing Shane so much now that she has no one to cuddle with…

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        Shane is going to dump her ass! If she wins HOH and doesn’t pick him to go. He will never speak to her again!

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        doesn’t pick DAN to leave the house!

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        If Shane really dug Danielle. ” I THINK HE’S GAY” then he should tell her to take a flying screw off! I hope DIRTY DAN falls and blows a disc! I have never hated someone so much in my entire life. To all of you who think he’s played a great game. Sorry people there is something to be said for a handshake, a look in the eyes and a promise. Being a scumbag isn’t playing a great gam. A persons word is still supposed to mean something!And Dan is a piece of TRASH. His wife is a moron to!The way they are peddling that pathetic website of their’s with their over priced
        t-shirts and his booking fee’s to coach your kid. I mean having a lying piece of dog crap coach your kid on the fundamentals of playing Dirty in LIFE and what it gets you! NO WAY! I wouldn’t let that greaseball near my kid!

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        you madz bro? lol It’s a game with a $500,000 reward… A GAME!!!!

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        Have you ever watched the great Dr. Will? Mike Boogie? Even Danielle Reyes from BB3? These are some of the best players of all time and played ruthless and were backstabbers, lyers, cheaters, and everything. They manipulated their house and ran the show till the end. Dan has had complete control in the house and has manipulated everyone to doing everything for him. Backstabbing is the game, if you dont like it, you shouldnt even watch the show or be on this website!!!

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        Your an idiot. This is a fucking game. Not the real word
        You can say or do whatever the fuck you want
        If the person being lied to buys it. ITS OM THEM

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        Get a grip! It’s a game. Must not have a lot going on in your life if you have to insult a man and his wife. I’m sure the way you are sounding off, he wouldn’t ant to be around you either. No tells the truth in there, haven’t you been watching the show???? Don’t look at his web site or bring your kid near him, who cares?????

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        I understand your point of view, but its a game. And it is not personally hurting anyone’s life besides stopping them from winning 500k< who are also trying to win 500k. Its a social game. They have talked about his personal life outside of big brother and some of his closest friends (Jerry, memphis, ect. from previous show he won) were at and in his wedding. This means they got to know Dan and he's a great person. Now the game playing Dan is evil, but if Im playing a game of chess and everyone else is checkers, then I will have to accept the fact that no one on the outside world will like me as a person. The worst thing of all is that you are taking his fantastic game play as a personal attack on your lively hood. Stop!!! A game to win 500k and you have to be the last one standing. Don't like how or what it takes to get there then don't watch or attempt to play because you wouldn't make through week one. Its not for week minded individuals.
        I Do like your name, Obama should be attacked personally because he is destroying our personal lives, unlike Dan.

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        Dude your screwed in the head. Like really you have to go that far to call him a petophile and stuff, like wow thats why American’s look like idiots in the eyes of the world. A piece of advice its ONLY a game. Wow i know there is such a thing called freedom of speech, but there needs to be a law regarding morons and how they should not be allowed to say retarded things!!!

      • stevebeans

        This is a warning, you can bash players for their game all you want, but do not make accusations like that about his person life. I deleted what you said, and if I see you say something like that again, you will be banned.

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    Come on Dan! You can do it. You’ve played this game so well u deserve to be in the final 2. Take Danielle with u . If u don’t win your player will win and be the only coach to have taken their player all the way.

    Danielle drop. So Dan can have his moment in the sun. Get another letter from home and be able to enjoy the HOH room. He’s not going to take Ian with him.

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    Dan is tha true definition of a dirt bag ..

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      Soooo well said!!!

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        LET’s SAY IT AGAIN!He’s a MAJOR dirtbag!!!!
        All the coaches I have ever had, teach their teams/players to work hard and teach HONOR and great sportsmanship. This guy is TRASH and a scumbag! Any mom or dad that would let this CREEP near their kid should be arrested for child endangerment and abuse!

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        Ur such a hater! It seems like all u can do is criticize others. Your username says it all. Nothing but negativity!

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        Once again, don’t watch the show! IT’S A GAME! How do you get through life with such negativity?

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        are you freaken glue. Like seriously you are trashing a man in his personal life who is playing a game that is designed for back stabbing and lieing. Its why we all watch it. Seriously you should be arrested for being a moron and thrown in jail until you can get a brain and stop righting stupid things. Dan should sue your as for defimation of character and harassment.

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    I agree with you joe dan is a dirt bag

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    Why the anger at Dan? Shane and Danielle were going to dump him next week.

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    Does anybody know, will there be one final POV after Dan or Danielle wins HOH?

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    Ah yes! Dan wins! Dr who????

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      Please. If Dan EVER competed with Will in the same season Will would kiss Dan’s ass to the curb.

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      Your an IDIOT!!! What 4 people on the jury are going to vote for Dan moron!!! You like the rest of the Dan lovers have never learned how to count jury votes. You morons deserve to watch as Ian wins the money! Dani wins by a wider margin IMHO. But he isn’t taking her F2. Dan = Pure GODLESS UNCHRISTAIN sack of garbage!!! If any parent ever lets thier child be taught by this sack of trash for 1 day they aren’t fit parents.

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    Dan won!!! Hahaha suckaaaas

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      I never thought SUCKASS could be the perfect response, BUT IT IS! Yeah!! Fake evil trumps idiocracy and wins the game. Thanks for the hoh updates, ya’ll.

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        LOL, you got me laughing again Vic! And again, you’re right… who would have thought “suckaaaas” would be a perfect response to anything. I have to admit, I’ve never said nor typed “suckaaaas”! The “Devil Dan” wins!!! I mean honestly, who would have thought with all of that lightning that should have been striking him for his sins, that he could have lasted with all of that water! lol
        pst, Vic, I have a secret… don’t tell anyone, but I wanted Dani to win, but it’s actually more fun to see everyone get so mad about Dan winning!
        OK, I’m finished poking the animals for the night! 😉

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        She was too dehydrated to win this one. Your recreated Dan Diatribe was so spot on. you should entitle it, The Man With A Bag Of Dirt. ‘night, kiddo.

      • Avatar

        Gee, I just can’t figure out who’s giving the one thumbs down. lol

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    Why is Ian so upset. He is walking around and cursing. He is saying this game is so @@#$ ugly!. Something about the game being a joke on him…

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    Come on People!! Whether it’s Big Brother — Survivor — Bachelorette or Bachelor Shows — That Racing Show where they can make teams go different ways in each of the missions — People go on these shows to win. You can’t tell me if Mike and Frank would have still been playing the game that they wouldn’t have been doing some of the same things. Mike did it the last time he was on the show. IT’S A GAME!!! It’s not part of who you are. Every single person who has watched the past 13 seasons of Big Brother has seen the same type of behavior from the winners and/or losers. Ian said he learned from the best — Mike. And he beat the best. He lied to many of the house guests also. What Dan promised Dani from the beginning was to bring her to the final two. And I believe that is what he is going to do because he knows he won’t be able to beat Ian. So yes, he lied to Dani, but he also came through on his promise of bringing her to the final two!! AGAIN, IT’S A GAME — NOT A WAY OF LIFE!!!!

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    If if wasn’t for dan Ian wouldn’t be there. He should be thanking dan.

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    I love dan. hes truly fought and did what it took to stay in the game. And he has been 100% true to Danielle from day 1

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      I love Dan too and would love for him to win, but tonight just proved once again he wasn’t true to her…he lied right to face and then he tried to turn it around and say it was for her. And we all know cause he said it..he did for himself!!!

      • Avatar

        I actually think that what he did (his vote to evict Shane) was partially for her. Danielle would never win against Shane in the final two.

        But it’s also partially a lie because he wanted himself against Danielle in the final two. So, in s sense, there’s some truth behind his action which, I honestly think, is what makes him believable — well, at least to Danielle.

    • Avatar

      your a dumbass! He has betrayed her trust and lied to her and put her in harms way by placing up as a pawn so many times. For all her knew someone could have pulled one of his scumbag moves!And she could ave received one vote too many!

    • Avatar

      Complete MORON. The level of emotional abuse Dan has leveled on Dani is pure unchristain trash. Do any of you complete idiots understand what he has done to this woman. Who I do not like by the way. No human being should be treated as Danielle has for a few pieces of silver! Some things go beyond TV to the essence of humanity. Dan is sub human trash!

      • Avatar

        First of all, let’s all calm down. The thing is just a friggin game! At the end of the day, a game’s a game– whether they say ‘reality’ or not, it’s really JUST a game.

        I mean, yes, Dan is very manipulative, but it takes great skill to do this — to foresee what really is going on in the game. Big Brother’s like a game of chess and since Danielle is very likeable, obviously Dan goes behind her to use this to his benefit. I mean come on, the King in the game is only as good as his army. What Dan did in this game is remarkable — He managed to build a whole army alone, starting off with Danielle, and use each player to the best of their potential.

        I mean come on, if Danielle was smart enough (which she isn’t) she would’ve seen what Dan has been playing all summer along! But nope, she didn’t think for herself, instead, she just laid it all down to Dan to play the game — his game.

        So really, let’s not point fingers on who did what, because it honestly just is a game. Let’s also not blame and point fingers at the whole ‘Christian/Catholic’ values because at the end of the day, this isn’t REALITY as you think it is. It’s a game.

      • Avatar

        Stan, your emotions are getting the best of you…your post is a perfect example of why Dan is on his way to win 500k and your sitting on your PC. All this suto outrage on how Dan is a terrible human being because of what he did to Dani…really? he has known her for 3 months. The goal of this game is to WIN! and in order to win, others have to lose! Dan is like a Long Island Ice Tea, you dring and dring and dont really feel anything untill you stand up and feel like you’ve been hit by a bus! Well Dan is that bus and just ran over his compitition!

  14. Avatar

    Dan deserves to win. He has outplayed, out schemed, and out wit all of these players. Go Dan!
    All of those whining that Dan is playing a dirty game don’t know what Big Brother is all about.
    It’s not about cupcakes and making friends. It’s a game! Real BB fans know this.
    He has played the best ever. Dr Will who???
    Danielle is only still in it because Dan and Shane carried her. I hope Dan wins it all.

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    Seriously, could someone explain the “three part” process for HOH? I guess Dan is not HOH outright. What determines the HOH then? I really want to know. thanks.

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      There are two more rounds to the HOH. Dani and Ian will face off in the next, the winner of that one will face Dan for the 3rd round. The winner of the 3rd round is HOH and will decide who they are taking with them to the final 2.

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    Danielle is so naive. Dan is using her kindness as a weakness. The funny thing is, after everything he has done in the house to the other players she still don’t see it. Wake up Danielle!!!!!

  17. RAY


    Britney in the Jury House kept harping ‘it’s just a Game Frank, so what if Dan used the Bible to lie and deceive to get ahead; it’s just a Game Frank’. Brit didn’t care if Frank sincerely in his heart as God-Fearing imperfect man disagreed with her hypocrisy. Looks now like Shane would have agreed with Frank since he just went on a simple hand shake to believe in Dan and that isn’t no swearing on the Bible and wife.

    So the counter point from Frank, ‘if you Britney cheated on your husband to further your play is that OK after all it’s just a GAME Britney’.

    Of course it’s not, but Britney walked away because Frank put her in check to shut-up, since it is obvious that Brit can not see that If it’s just a Game and if God the Creator is a throw-away to advance in this Game, then what does that say about the less important creature her husband for that same advancement.

    Brit obviously doesn’t understand the importance of God to some people and doesn’t really care; of course she has limits in this “Just a Game” and I respect them, but she refuses to recognize that others have higher more noble standards in this same Game.

    • Avatar

      Don’t forget how full of what makes roses and mushrooms grow Twitney is. She is standing there saying how loyal to Frank she was… ALL THE TIME she was going to betray him. Either she needs heavy meds, has brain damage leading to long term memory lose or she is a hypocrite. Or loyalty means something different where she lives.
      I understand the lying in the game. But afterwards, really? Wait until they see the season maybe they’ll remember how full of it they are.
      And what happened to Rat Boy’s photographic memory? FYI its not photographic its called eidetic memory. There is no such thing as a photographic memory. As for those saying he has Asperger… I admit I do not have the feeds but he can sit very calmly in high stress situations such as being on the block and having the switch up pulled on him. I think he has Asshole syndrome. Sorry I’ve been around too many people with it to believe he has anything over then being an gutless rat.
      I loved Danielle saying how proud her dad must be of her… as Dan’s mist What the heck did Shane say to Dani in the bed.. did he call her stupid or not? I replayed it 10 times and I’m still not sure LOL.
      I have totally changed my mind. I still think he’s a snake and a despicable man. But damn it Dan deserves the win. He should be writing speeches for Obama lol…
      And then Dan’s little push of his books… never knew that. But its scary how he can lie with no tells. That is truly scary.

      • Avatar

        Love your train of thought. Rat Boy reminds me of the giddy rat in Harry Potter!

      • Avatar

        Tony your are the asshole!!!! You apparently don’t know much about people with Asperger. If you did you would not be saying the things you are about Ian. I think Ian has played well under all the stress this games causes a person. People with Asperger can’t handle stress for long periods and Ian is doing very well. I have a nephew who has Asperger’s and Ian does many of the things my nephew does.

    • Avatar

      Ray, I whole heartedly agree! I was sick of listening to Britney accuse everyone of backstabbing her but she refuses to admit what she had done. She lied to Frank a few times when he won HOH and was floating back and forth trying to save her own ass. She lied first to Frank telling him that she was in an alliance with him all the while trying to back door him and get him out. Did she forget that part? She is so quick to jump on everyone else and feel betrayed but she sure tried very hard to put the quilt trip on Shane when he only told the truth and just barely mentioned that she might have helped influence him in making his decision to put Boogie and Frank up. In my opinion she pressured Shane to do all the dirty work and take all the risk while she sat pretty with no blood on her hands. And then she had the gaul to complain about being victimized and felt like she was throwed under the bus. Its about time she took some risk and let Shane sit on the backburner. She kept telling him he “Needs” to win all the HOH’s but yet she did nothing. I have no sympathy for her what-so-ever! In my opinion she should be admitting what she has done (she lied to Frank first, it was only after Dan told Frank what Britney was planning that Frank protected himself). It’s so funny I really liked Britney but I can’t stand seeing her harping on everyone about what they did to her (but yet she keeps saying..it’s just a game) and I have yet to see her admit ANYTHING she has done. If you watched BBAD she was being such a bitch when she knew she might be voted out. She made me sick. I was so tired of hearing her trying to make everyone feel guilty and bitching and whining and being sarcastic to everyone. She showed horrible sportsmanship! And if it was just a game as she NOW claims why did she make it so personal, sarcastic, and start throw things when she was in that position that Frank had been in a million times. She tried so hard to get Dan & Frank to feel bad, belittling them LOUDLY in front of everyone over and over and wouldn’t shut up. She made a complete ass out of herself. Even Danielle was getting sick of her crappy behavior.
      Anyway, I liked Britney and thought she helped make the show entertaining until she really started to show her nasty, self-rightous, above everybody and everything behavior. And about her telling Frank sorry I stole “your” floor……..OMG, Britney always demands the floor and the attention!! What the heck??? She’s trying to start fights in the jury house still crying she was the victim! What the heck was everyone else?? Especially Frank!! She’s just proving that she is a sore loser! But hey, to quote her in her own words…………It’s just a game!! Right Britney???

    • Avatar

      A man that would swear on the life of his wife on a bible is a piece of garbage and anyone that defends that is scum!This is a man who wants you to entrust him with your child. He would use his wife’s life as a pawn. Makes you wonder what he would do to your child if his own self preservation was on the line.

    • Avatar

      Boy did I start liking Frank last night!! Also my liking TWITNY is done. Wish Frank had shown the “stones” he showed in the jury house will still in the BB house. He gets more about life than Britny clearly ever will.

    • Avatar

      Oh SHUT UP and go post on some Christian message board. So annoying!! This is why Christians piss so many people off!! Preach preach preach, because I’m so sure you live your life free of sin, right? Christians who feel the need to sit and judge others are WORSE than gameshow contestants that swear on the bible.

      • Avatar

        I couldn’t have said it better my self Sadie. Stop preaching about a game holy god baby Jesus…..

      • Avatar

        Sadie I am not a Christian at all. However I believe it is wrong for someone to use their and other’s faith in the way Dan did.
        Yes this is a game but as Frank asked would it be okay to cheat on your spouse to win? So if Twitney slept with Ian to get his vote would that be okay? That was the point he tried to make when Queen Twit freaked out.
        At what point do you draw the line?
        How about cooking someone a meal with something they are allergic to. Not so badly they are at risk of dying but enough they can’t compete?
        As a society we have certain things that we agree to not tolerate. It is part of our social compact that allows us to live to each other.
        Dan went a step over the line with his treatment of Dani and Frank. To be honest that level of skill at doing it is partly what bothers people. You have to wonder how he became so damn good at it.
        Ask any police officer or judge how hard it is to lie at that level for that long without any tells. Dan maintains the right amount of eye contact, his eyes do not shift, there is no gesture give him away or any of the normal tells. It’s creepy.
        As for people being angry at him abusing their faith… think how you would feel if someone did that to what you hold sacred… and yeah even if you are not religious you have things holy to you.
        We all do.

      • Avatar

        I think the thing you’re missing here is THIS IS A GAME.




        Getting it? A GAME. For a half million clams, might I add. Not everybody is batsh*t insane over stupid crap like bibles and swearing, either. Dan did what he felt he could do to manipulate a situation to his favour and guess what pal? It WORKED. I’d swear on what I had to order to screw your ass over and get closer to the prize, too, it’s just words. Get over it.

        Like I’ve said before, of you can’t handle a cut-threat competition like BB than stick to Wheel of Fortune because you’re clearly not ready to play with the big kids.

  18. Avatar

    Thank you Christina for answering earlier. What I’m curious about is how the three rounds work. Does one have to win 2 of 3 to win HOH? What happens if it’s a three-way tie? Also, if one is an endurance event, and one is a mental challenge, what is the third?

    • Avatar

      part 1 is the endurance comp and dan won so dan automatically goes to the 3rd part of the HOH comp. part 2 is usually a mix of physical and mental and ian and danielle will face off in that part. then the winner of that will face off against dan in part 3 which will be the mental part to the final HOH.

  19. Avatar

    Danielle has been carried the who game and doesn’t deserve to win Big Brother and the last eviction just proves that. 100% trust in this game is stupid gameplay.

    Dan and Ian deserve to be in the final 2 and Dan should win the game.

    • Avatar

      no dan should not win the game. and he won’t, people have a funny take on scumbags that screw you over. he went too far too many times andthe jury will not forget that! They are also not going to give scumbag dan another 1/2 million!

      • Avatar

        No one wants to hear the truth. This is why the world is the way it is today..Too much denial and no common sense.

  20. Avatar

    O Lord!..Did I just hear Daniel tell Dan I threw you the comp because I care about you. At this point in the game you would think she could figure out what’s going on.

    • Avatar

      she’s a freaking MORON! her parents should be humiliated at how dumb she is.

    • Avatar

      well born2shop Dani is an innocent, not to bright young woman who is very full of herself. Then you have Dan going on and on telling her it was all for her. Classic abuse tactics. Blame it on the victim and tell them it is for their own good.
      It almost makes you wonder why he pick an all women team.
      Dan is one of Machiavelli and Rasputin’s favorite sons.

  21. Avatar

    So somehow Dan manipulated both Danielle and Ian to throw the HOH comp to him. Unbelievable! Why can”t he earn the win? Dan is manipulative but weak and still needs constant approval and forgiveness from everyone for his self esteem. Either you are an evil genius and own it or you earn the win. Cannot have it both ways.

    • Avatar

      Ian didnt throw that competition, idk where you got that from.

      • Avatar

        it was on the feeds. He pretended that the seaweed caught his foot. check jokersupate..

      • Avatar

        ….and confirmed on BBAD.

      • Avatar

        I know he said it to Dan, but I don’t think he actually threw the comp. He seemed pretty pissed off at himself when neither Dan or Dani were around. Why would he have been so upset for falling if he actually meant to do it?
        I think he just wanted Dan to think he threw it, like Dan wanted him to. Just my opinion, but I think a lot of people claim to throw comps when they simply mess up, or just can’t win them.

      • Avatar

        But that kind of endurance comp. is right down Ian’s alley. Did he give a reason for throwing it?

      • Avatar

        All I’ve heard is because Dan asked him to. I’m just not buying it. I think he actually got his foot caught on the seaweed. I could be wrong, but it simply wouldn’t have made since for him to throw it. Not if his goal is to win the game.
        Then again, it made no since for Dani to throw it either, so who the heck knows.

  22. Avatar

    Dan and Ian deserve to be in the final 2, with Ian winning it all.

  23. Avatar

    Danielle is not dumb. She put her trust in Dan since Day 1, and look where he got her. If anything, the others who had a F2 deal are dumber because they all,made those deals in the second half of the game, when he just started playing dirty.

    If it was not for Dan, she would not be in this F3, so she should stick with him into the final. I would be very happy if they were the final two. We all know the pheonominal game he played. Dani did well for sticking with one of the best BB players even after her best friends are cut short. And she is the only woman to win more than one game, so that is a big plus.

    • Avatar

      No, she’s dumb for putting Shane (her showmance) on the block, then dropping her mouth so low, when Dan evicted him.

      She should have left the nominations, and voted Dan out over Ian. Dan will be harder to beat than Ian, because he’s so manipulative.

      She’s dumb for trusting Dan after he belittled her in front of everyone at his funeral.

      She’s made a highschool move for falling for someone in a competition that she was competing against!

      Dan’s taking Ian with him to the finals, he’d be stupid to take Danielle, because he knows the jury will choose her over him. That’s why she’s always been the pawn.

  24. Avatar

    One thing I don’t like about shows like BB and Survivor is the players that come in wanting to play a game but don’t respect the game in the end. You have to expect there to be some lying and manipulating and alliances you don’t know about. If you aren’t the one sitting there in the end you can’t ‘be mad’ at the other person for out playing you. You don’t have to agree with the way they got there. But take out all the personal stuff…they got there and you didn’t. Respect the game and vote for who played the game the best. Not the person sitting next to them because you think they are ‘nicer’.
    I think Dan intended to go in playing a different game but when he was taking all the heat for Ian and the rest of the QP’s decisions he decided ‘if that’s how they are all going to perceive me mine as well go all out’!
    Puppets should never win over puppet masters!

  25. Avatar

    She has to be the dumbest girl ever! She handed everything to Dan- I guess she doesnt have a brain in her head, what a shame! Poor Shane!

  26. Avatar

    I like this season way better than BB13 with Cowlia not doing anything! I think BB15 should be “People wronged by Dan” season :P. There would definitely be enough for a whole house. Sure Shane and Danielle were going to dump him for final two, but they played true to their words which counts for so much amongst jury members.

  27. Avatar

    I absolutely hate how everyone hates on Danielle. Shes clearly been doing something right. Shes in the final three and won to secure herself. dan is an awesome player. Hes won before and the house hasnt got him out. He was a main target from day 1. He lost two of his competitors from the start and ever since him and Danielle have stuck together. The only two ppl who were aligned from day 1 and there in the final three. You may not agree or like dan or like how hes played but hes out smarted them all. You cant disagree. Ive been team dan/Danielle from day one and they deserve final two. Danielle even had Shane thinkin shes been mad at dan for putting her up but they would sneak amd hang out because they missed eachother.

    • Avatar

      Have you watched other seasons of BB? Danielle is the floater-pawn, there’s almost always one, who makes it to the final three. THAT’S the reason she’s there, not because she’s some kind of great player. Frankly, it could just as easily been Jenn or Joe. They coast their way through the show by following instructions and playing dumb so that when the REAL players make it to the final two, the right one wins.

      The only one of these examples I’ve ever seen ACTUALLY MANAGE TO WIN based on those credentials was Jordan. Lightning rarely strikes twice.

  28. Avatar

    Ian is a groupie and will do anything Dan tells him because he won this game.

    Danielle is just an idiot.

  29. Avatar

    Dan will not take Ian to the final two over Danielle. Hed rather Danielle win than Ian. The jury isnt gna let Danielle win no matter which of the guys shes next too. Both guys played a better game. Danielle will probably be in final two no matter what, if the guys were smart.

    • Avatar

      I’d like to hope that, if given the chance, Ian would pull a fast one on Dan and take Danielle. Unfortunately just based on his actions so far and his clear dedication to Dan, it seems unlikely. But Ian vs. Dan in the final two would be WAY more entertaining than Danielle vs. anyone.

  30. Avatar

    Come on people…all of these “competition”, “reality” type TV shows are based on one premise, that certain people will do what ever it takes to win the money. Except for the occasional freak like Ian, who claims to be there for the “experience”. That is why they were chosen to be on the show in the first place. Production saw something in their personality that indicated this trait was a primary part of their make up. They were not chosen to show us morons watching the show how to to be wonderful, righteous people. How boring would that be to watch…..
    It’s just entertainment ya’ll.
    Dan is the ultimate puppet master. He has been running the show for a long time. He deserves to win.

  31. Avatar

    With almost everyone gone from the house, production really need to give Ian a basketball, coloring books, a puppy, or something. All of his pacing, twitching, and mumbling to himself is starting to drive me nuts.

    • Avatar

      I think a rocking chair would do.

    • Avatar

      I certainly hope you don’t have anyone in your life with anything along the lines of ADHD or Aspbergers or even OCD. Lord help them if they annoy YOU. It must be really hard on people like YOU when someone else has ticks. I feel really sorry for YOU that you have to deal with other peoples afflictions.

      Ignorance must really be bliss.

      • Avatar

        Sadie I have ADHD and OCD as does my daughter. Ian really does not. He doesn’t have a medical diagnoses of it. He thinks he might have ADHD.
        Most people with OCD are not willing to explain their rituals. Its too personal.
        I am as it is the only way to actually educate people.
        OCD is rated on the percent of your life it takes over. I my case it is very low as I have learned ways to cope. It is less then 5%.
        Under stressful situations my rituals do come into play. My main one is cleaning my ears. Under a stressful situation about 12 years ago I didn’t notice I was reacting, until I pulled a cotton swab away and found blood on it. I had cleaned my ears so much I rubbed the skin away.
        Now .. you tell me.. does it really seem like The Rat Boy has OCD?
        Yes rocking can be a sign of Aspbergers. But again Ian has never been diagnosed with it according to what he said.
        I do not get the feeds. So I have not seen everything. However from what I’ve seen if he has ADHD it is a very VERY mild case. Go volunteer in a classroom that has ADHD children in it. Watch as they struggle to sit and learn. Sit there holding your daughter as she sobs asking why she can’t do it like the normal kids…
        Then see how you feel about Rat Boy claiming he might maybe have ADHD.
        I know how I feel….

      • Avatar

        Yuck, like I’m actually supposed to take a post from (what I assume to be) a grown man calling another person “rat boy” seriously? Really? Is that the kind of morals you teach your daughter? Name-calling for good reason? Especially since she herself is afflicted…how hypocritical! You may have ADHD but you have a more serious case do dickhole syndrome if you ask me.

        I’m more experience personally with Autism and Aspergers and from what I saw on the feeds watching Ian, it was my initial assumption. He said himself he thinks it’s some form of ADD. He hasn’t been diagnosed and, considering how highly functional he is, that’s damn impressive. But it’s pretty clear watching him he’s doing these things for a reason and to be all, “omg that’s so annoying to me” is bloody ignorant and rude. Be lucky you don’t have to deal with it yourself and then have to worry about how you might be annoying the ignoramuses around you.

        Sucks that you and you kid have to deal with that…I would hope you would be more sympathetic as a result but I guess this just proves that no matter the human condition, people can still inexplicably be a-holes. 🙁

      • Avatar

        well said!!!!!!! Where is there anyone of us here that is so perfect that we can judge another person>

  32. Avatar

    I thought I’d check in to see how things were going, since I quit watching a couple of weeks ago.

    I’m sorry but Dan is not that great of a player. Greatness is measured against the players you’re up against, and none of them are great. And they’re not that smart. They’re not any smarter than Ashley.

    I’d like to see how good Danny Boy and his so-called mist would do against some of the players from The Glass House who were Mensa members compared to the players left in the house. It’s easy to manipulate blind sheep to dance to your tune. That doesn’t make you the best player ever.

  33. Avatar

    Why would the jury let Dani win? She does have a single brain in her head. Dani has floated behind Dan the whole game and he controls every single move she makes. Dan has put every single thought in this bimbos head and she never gives it a second thought. Ian or Dan deserve to win as they have played the game.

  34. Avatar

    I think that when the Producers look for people to cast they look for a well rounded house. They need half men and half women for starters. Usually one gay person. Sometimes they pick a religious person. They see how they think they each might fit into that particular season. Sometimes its a hit or miss and they are really disappointed with who they picked. Like Jenn for example, they picked her because she looked different and interesting. They didn’t know when choosing her that she wouldn’t add that much to the game and would be some what of a flop. Then there is Frank, he tried to get on the show for years and somehow this season they thought he might fit in. It was interesting to see him with Boogie and he yet the poor man was on the block most of the game! I bet they would have Frank back in a heartbeat, he brought excitement. They won’t ask Jenn back. Ian they thought would be the perfect bright geek. They even kept him in sneakers for the group phot shot in beginning because it added too his nerdines. The tried. Sometimes it works who they pick and sometimes not. That guy who got thrown out of the house earlier on in the game was a true bad choice. They thought he would bring life to the show..instead he just looked stupid! All new people next year would be nice, please.

  35. Avatar

    Strange comment from Frank last night when they were showing the updates from the jury house.

    During an arguement with Britney, he indicated that she cheated on her husband. Did anyone else catch that ?

    • Avatar

      No, he was using it as some kind of (completely inappropriate) analogy for the game, comparing cheating in the game to cheating on her husband. Really douchey.

      • Avatar

        Sadie Frank was trying to get Twitney to understand how he sees what Dan did. As he isn’t married to him his faith is as important as Twit’s marriage seems to be.
        He was asking at what point is it not justifiable by saying its a game.
        Also remember the girl who did just that? I forget her name and season. She cheated on her boyfriend during the game. They showed him and his reaction.
        Frank was using that to show how in his opinion what Dan has done is NOT justifiable by saying hey its just a game.
        Not “douchy” at all. Its a valid way of explaining your point of view … well unless you are Queen Twitney who never lies, cheats or does anything wrong including speak over others.
        OH and lastly … SHE BROUGHT HER HUSBAND INTO THE GAME OVER AND OVER. I left my family and job sob sob sob.. don’t vote me out I’m so innocent and cute and .. blech
        I just know the Twit is going to win America’s choice.. thank Gods I’m Canadian LOL

      • Avatar

        No, no…you do not compare a marriage to a game. That’s pure idiocy. I’m so sorry
        Frank felt soooo betrayed, weh weh weh, GUESS WHAT?? Name of the game. This game is set up so that people HAVE to throw others under the bus to get to the end and if you’re not aware of that than you need to try and get your 15 minutes elsewhere. Frank was aiming for a sensitive spot and it was indeed douchey. Sore loser.

        Oh and no, Brit will not get “America’s” Choice (even though you can indeed vote in Canada, btw), it will be Ian, Dan or Frank.

    • Avatar

      No but if I was Britt I would have punched him. Her cheating on her husband has nothing to do with big brother and was way out of line Letting all of America know that.

  36. Avatar

    Well I guess she didnt but it makes no sense to use that analogy with the situation.

  37. Avatar

    I dont think Danielle is smart at all ok I get hiding behind Dan and Shane to get where she is but now “throwing” the competion to Dan after everything?? Come on my 9 year old even knew that was dumb and y is Dan always saying how he “throws” competions mayb its because he really cant win so he relies on everyone else to win then sweet talks them to do what he wants i agree he did take alot of heat with the whole Ian thing and if i was in that situation i probably couldnt have kept my mouth shut but at the same time Ian takes credit for “big moves” when really its been Dan and why they cant see ( ian and danielle) Dans the biggest threat in the house and should have got him out a long time ago… I wish Frank would have left him on the block but who really doesnt believe a person when they swear on the bible? I know there is lieing in the game and u are there to Win but somethings were just uncalled for and over the top and im sure that will hurt him in the jury and one thing that most of the jurers have in common is Dans Promises… Just my thought

  38. Avatar

    Danielle will now go down in BB history as the most stupid player ever
    Marcellus finally gets a reprieve
    Not a title Danielle may want but one she earned

    Also has Frank told Britney yet that it was Dan who said she was the one who should go, that she was plotting against Frank.Wonder if she will still think it is all just a game

    • Avatar

      she knew it was Dan, which is why she was mad at him in the first place. she knew that Dan had used his jedi mind tricks to get off the block and her up. Like she told Julie in the interview, she’s pissed at Dan, but she knows he’s playing one hell of a game.

  39. Avatar

    Love Dan! But, I don’t expect him to win (bitter Jury, see Russell, Survivor Somoa).
    Danielle and Ian will both get the votes to win. I anticipate Dan to take Danielle to the end. He figures Danielle would be his best shot at the 500K (which it is), but even if he doesn’t he still gets 50K for 2nd (which was going to be more than he got from coaching because he knew that was an uphill battle for the 100K being down to 1). I think he realizes this and wants to hold true to his word at least on this of getting Danielle to the end.

    • Avatar

      I hope you are right, but he’s mentioned being so close to the $500,000 a few times now. It would be really great to see him want to stand with Dani in the end, I just don’t know if that will happen.

  40. Avatar

    the bottom line is dan has made it possible for both him and dani to get to the end.its hard to get there yourself,and he has done it for both of them. DAN IS THE MAN. he does not need to win the money he has won the game.

  41. Avatar

    Someone posted that Ian during live feeds after the competition was muttering to himself that this was an ugly game and that the joke was on him. Did anyone else actually see this happen? It’s significant, because if he really did say that, it means he is finally on to Dan.

  42. Avatar

    Dan is smart no dout, but for Danielle we are from Tuscaloosa Ala. she has made us look STUPID. Girl grow balls. Stop letting Dan tell you what to do . Do you have a brain? Use it. I hope you are never my nurse. I am a nurse myself and hope my patients feel confident in me and think I know what I am doing. Get over yourself, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To everyone you are not the prettiest in the game, and who cares if your hair is long, so is mine. Dan controls everything and everyone n the house. Ian needs 2 stop listening 2 dan and play 4 himself and win this thing. GO IAN!!! I want you to win. He deserves it, he has out played Dan as for as I’m concerned. ROLL TIDE

  43. Avatar

    How will Danielle cope outside the house? Will it ever get through her ditsy brain that she was not liked by most of America? I for one am glad that I don’t have to see her pimply face anymore. Please CBS don’t bring her back for an All Star season, as it is obvious that she doesn’t know how to play the game!! Her me, me, me attitude almost drove me crazy – yes Danielle, Boogie was right, you are fat and at the finale you were the size of a whale!!

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