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Big Brother 14 – Opinion Poll, Dan: Snake Or Genius

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Tonight’s episode on CBS heavily focused on the gameplay of Dan, which made me think of this thread.  In the opener, it showed him make a final 2 pact with Frank, only to later show him say he’s not loyal to him at all.   Reading the comments on the blog, people seems pretty mixed about his gameplay this season, so I decided to put things to a poll to see for sure.

Dan was originally given a bad hand as he lost the initial competition and was forced to enter the game a person down from the rest of the teams.  This made him a very easy target for the other coaches as it would have taken just two evictions to completely remove him from the game.  That was going as planned when Kara was evicted putting Dan in a very vulnerable position very early in the game.   He decided his best course of action was to play the wounded duck role and appear very harmless.  He had a weak competitor in Danielle remaining, and he wasn’t exactly burning up challenges.

This allowed him to buy him enough time for Britney’s team to blow up and change targets in the house, which of course eventually resulted in the game reset that gave him a completely new life in the house.

Now, I’m not going to go through a week by week diary of Dan’s season, but this is someone who has essentially done and said anything to remain in the house.  This is Dr.Will, Evil Dick caliber that viewers tend to respect, yet there is still a lot of hostility against him for his recent betrayal of Frank.  While I can understand the frustration for Frank fans, playing the multiple final 2 card is done in every reality show every season.  Some are good enough to do it under the radar, some get exposed and removed.

I also understand using the bible to his advantage, but if Frank leaves the house, it is just as much his fault as it is Dan’s.  You have to be a Big Brother fool to try and get someone out of the house all season, then when that player is on the brink of elimination he makes a final 2 deal.  Classic rookie mistake for someone who claims to be a huge fan of the show.

My opinion of Dan, he’s playing a fantastic game and it’s almost shocking to watch on a weekly basis.  If he votes out Frank tomorrow, I will label him a snake because he did swear on the bible for a final 2 deal, but if he votes Joe, yet allows the rest of the house to vote out Frank, that’s keeping his word and a brilliant game move.    Players who can manipulate others to do their dirty work are typically the best players, and if Frank goes home from Ian after a 2-2 tie vote, Dan deserves to win it all.

What is your opinion…

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  1. Comments (28)

    Dan the dirtbag needs to go 2nd elimination Thursday nite ….bringing a bible into franks hoh room throwing his quackpack under tha bus an lying to frank about going final 2 with him if you ask me thats just going to far….

    • Comments (1)

      I despise Dan, not a genius but a rattlesanke.

      • Comments (2)

        Not a genius? He won BB 10 with a vote of 7-0 and he’s about to win BB 14 with a vote of 7-0 against Daniele lol

    • Comments (9)

      Hey joe is this all you talk about how dan used a bible. Give it a rest. You do know its a ganme right. What would you have done to stay in the house if you were dan. I’d love to here what you have to say because there is no other way Dan would have stayed if he didn’t do what he did. So what he swore on the bible and he told frank the truth. His F2 deal was a handshake. So let’s here your genious plan if you were in Dans position.

  2. Comments (1)

    In fairness if he plays the split onto Ian…Than what else can you say except PURE genuis.. It means he officially played all sides and can cast doubt next week. You can say snaky for that but at the end of the day, he played a genius move last week which is just disgusting and the house will be too shook to vote proper on the double. Dan will weasel thru again 🙂

  3. Comments (13)

    The most appropriate option (and one that is missing from the poll) in my opinion, is “Desperate”. Dan is playing a desperate game.

    The difference between a cool and collected player like Dr. Will and Dan is that Dan ACTS like he’s cool and collected. He isn’t. His tactics have been elaborate.

    His most recent use of shock and bewilderment ended up a lucky save, but it wouldn’t have taken much of a momentum shift to knock him out of the game after what he pulled on the house. In fact, without Frank still playing, I’m pretty certain Dan would have been gone long ago. What Dan doesn’t realize in all his elaborate schemes is that he may need Frank’s target to remain in the game. What he did was so high risk and high profile (again, out of desperation IMO), that once Frank leaves, Dan could end up public enemy number one.

  4. Comments (15)

    Dan is pretty slimy to use what he considers most sacred, his religion.
    Dan may think that he is free from guilt by swearing on the bible and voting to keep Frank. However, swearing loyalty to frank, but behind the scenes coaxing others to execute his dirty work is not the work of a good Christian. Dan is probably the most brilliant player in this game by practicing whatever he learned in bible school. Use religion to trick others into doing what you want. I love religion, there are so many loop holes, you can do some of the most evil things, but still look innocent.

  5. Comments (15)

    I am certain that Dan is also a republican!!! I think he has tea party tattooed under his sack.

    • Comments (12)

      No Dan is like Obama, and all the quack pack members are the dumb democratic voters drinking the cool-aid he is pouring out his mouth and after they all throw up they demand he give them more. Then they all drink up and walk into the mist never knowing what just hppened.
      After Frank is voted to the jury house the game is over, the remaining house guests do not a chance in hell of beating Dan.
      This group will be known as the worst bunch of competitures ever, no wonder they needed coaches at the beginning of the game.

      • Comments (1276)

        Actually, while I don’t like the political compararisons, Dan’s “mist”, “fog”, “glamouring” would be more like the Repulican campaign. As said by the Republican Polster and I quote “We will not let our campaign be dictacted by fact checkers”.
        Dan is lying, yes, but it’s Big Brother. He’s not running for political office, he won’t have the fate of our nation in his hands if he wins, he’s have $500,000. Big difference.
        Again, I don’t like the political comparisons, but I also don’t like comparing the President of the United States to Jim Jones and our citizens to Jonestown (for anyone who doesn’t know, that’s what the “cool-aid” reference refers to).

      • Comments (1276)

        oops, that should have said he’ll have $500,000, not he’s.

  6. Comments (7)

    You dan haters are hilarious. He is one of top 2 bb players of all time. Deal with it

  7. Comments (13)

    If Dan were Dr. Will smart, he’d have scooped Frank up as soon as Boogie left (it’s not like Frank wasn’t willing and gullible enough) and kept him close…just like Dr. Will kept Janelle close in All-Stars first as a target in the beginning (to keep the heat off of him) of the game and later as the comp winner (to keep the HOH’s and vetos on his side and the dirt off his hands for jury votes). Dan could have ridden the Frank wave all the way to final three and then kicked him in favor of Dani (who wouldn’t get the jury voted because, while likable, she plays like a puppet, not a puppet master).

    I’m pretty sure that was Dr. Will’s plan, to ride Janelle to the end and then kick her for Boogie in the final two. But I can pinpoint the exact moment when Dr. Will lost his shot at final two – it was when he dropped his adoring facade just long enough with Janelle in the hot tub that the two of them had an argument and his aloof, not so charming, brutal honesty came out and Janelle was shell shocked. That’s what sparked the conversation between her and Erika. If that argument hadn’t happened, I know Will would have been sitting next to Boogie in the final two. But I digress…

    Dan’s playing for the “right now”. He’s not playing for his future in the game.

  8. Comments (15)

    I don’t hate Dan, I think he is brilliant! No hate… Just illustrating the point that he is hypocritical. He will probably win, but it is sad that he uses his faith as a way to trick, manipulate, and convince others to execute dirty deeds. I am not religious, it’s just Dans actions that prove why people of faith are probably the least trustworthy people. Religious loopholes. Hey, CBS… I have a good idea, I would love to see a season of Big Brother, where the house is full of priests. Then it would be even, nobody could swear on the bible and get away with it. On second thought…

    • Comments (1276)

      Shoot, a lot of members of the cloth I have known would be the first to do it. The corruption I’ve seen in organized religion is one of the main reasons I feel I must practice my faith away from churches. So it might be the most dirty season they could cast! lol
      Let me go on record here, I AM NOT SAYING ALL PASTERS, PRIESTS, I’m just saying a lot that I’ve come across in my life. It’s a sad thing that I don’t take lightly, and I am well aware that it is not the case across the board.

    • Comments (76)

      I am a religious person and to see Dan playing this way just makes me sick!!! Hes not religious if he was he wouldnt be playing this way. And this is why he gives other Christians a bad name.

    • Comments (108)

      I totally agree! The moment someone says “trust me, I go to church! I’m a Christian!” I know they are liars. No, not saying everyone who calls themself a Christian is a liar – far from it. But the would-be con artists I have met (sob story about how they just need a few dollars for gas because of some crisis totally out of their control) have always made sure to tell me how they are good church-going people. Being a Christian (or any other religion) does NOT make you honest. Dan might be playing this game well but to me he’s a borderline psychopath if he doesn’t feel guilty about how he is screwing over everybody to win. Apparently I am too nice to be a good BB player – and too nice to root for Dan after seeing the way he plays.

  9. Comments (1276)

    I am religious, but I do not believe in organized religion. Like I’ve said all along, I would never swear on a bible, or my daughter, and I don’t really agree with Dan doing so. But, being that his swear was that he was telling Frank the truth about the QP and Ian, and not the final 2 deal (no matter how the edited CBS version might make it look to some) he isn’t breaking his word. So, for lack of a better term, no harm, no foul.
    Yes, he was wrong for using the bible, but since he didn’t lie on it, he’s fine. Like stevebeans said in the post, if he actually votes to keep Joe, then I’ll revisit my stand on this. But, if he votes to keep Frank, and the others agree to vote him out, then how in the world is this just not great game play?
    Also, no one has explained why he should honor a deal he made with Frank this late in the game, over deals he made early on? How do you decide which deal he should stick to? Is it the most recent deal wins? The first deal wins? Or just the deal with the player you like best wins? I just can’t see the logic in the argument to stick with Frank over the others. Just my opinion…
    The way I see it, the best players of BB have played one of two ways. Either like an Evil Dick, with blood all over their own hands, or like a Dr. Will, with blood all over everyone elses hands.

  10. Comments (1)

    All the people that think even after swearing on the bible and lying that way to frank is Ok because he might not vote for frank to leave. He swore on the bible to have a final 2 not to keep him in the game. He is still plotting against him. Guess what that still breaks the oth. Used to respect h as a player. That takes it to far. It’s just a game Dan

  11. Comments (34)

    Personally I think there is a major difference in the level of play this season. I’m trying to imagine some of Dan’s play if he didn’t have such gullible players.
    How anyone can over look his actions to Danielle is beyond belief. Nor do I get how people here are fine with the emotional abuse he has heaped on her. Flat out right abuse. That isn’t game play. That is when I started disliking Dan. He was playing with her emotion much worse then Shane.. who ain’t high on my respect’o’meter.
    Go and read the Divine Child website and see if Dan’s game play fits in with the school and its beliefs.
    Dan has sold out his faith. Not for 30 pieces of silver but for the hope of winning another $500,000.
    As the saying goes… we know what kind of man Dan is.. now we are talking the price.
    IF Dan were a man of his word he would have told Frank to his face what he was doing. He wouldn’t have played with Danielle’s emotions. He hurt her and badly.
    As for those pointing out the loop holes… well sorry that isn’t how it works. I am not a Christian. But you do NOT swear on the Bible and break your word. Badddddd juju dude….
    You don’t make deals until you pay back debts. That was what Dan said when he took Jenn off.
    It is FRANK who saved Dan.
    So much for paying back debts.
    Then he follows it up with its not personal its just business….
    look out Wall Street here comes DAN

    • Comments (108)

      Amen, bro!
      Although, in Shane’s defense… I don’t think he’s playing Danielle. He flirted with her and he flirted with JoJo, but so what? He never promised Danielle anything. He told her he didn’t want a Showmance. After she finally backed off I think they became friends. And now he kind of likes her. I wouldn’t expect them to end up together but they are attracted to each other and together 24/7. I do wonder if Dan pushing them together this week is just game play to him. I doubt he has either of their best interests at heart.

  12. Comments (2)

    If Dan were a snake he would have pretended to have a wife with a horrible disease to gain sympathy in the house. But since he hasn’t done that I vote genius.

  13. Comments (3)

    Dan I’s a devil. Danielle and Shane and Ian are so stupid. I can’t even watch anymore. Dan is the biggest devil there is. I won’t eat h big brother anymore. I can’t stand snakes and cheats and people who lie. DAN is the biggest snake Ive ever seen. Dan is a snake Dan is a snake may you burn in hell

  14. Comments (3)

    Burn in hell Dan.

  15. Comments (4)

    I think Dan should keep Frank. I only makes sense to keep him in Franks stays, it shows Jenn he and Danielle are true to their word. On double elim night they throw the comp to Shane or Jenn. Jenn wins she noms Ian and Shane. Straight up Ian goes home. Shane wins Danielle goes up Ian goes home.Shane wins Jenn and Frank goes up. Jenn or Frank wins one comes down Ian goes up as pawn a strong player still goes home. Dan’s best option is to keep stronger players in the game as targets. Keep all his alliances in the game till the end then no matter what he goes final two and wins.

  16. Comments (1)

    Did he even swear on the bible that he was taken frank to final two?? I think he swore that everything he said about the QP and the game up to that point was 100% true when he was comming clean to frank. Also, why are some of y’all so butthurt over the way people play the GAME? It is a GAME, its not real life. If you ever once thought these players would try to be respectable you don’t live in a world where money is on the line.

  17. Comments (22)

    Can you love and hate, respect and despise a player all at the same time??? : )

    • Comments (1276)

      Yes. I call it the Big Brother syndrom. lol It’s kind of how I am about Frank at this point. I can’t help but respect his physical game, I love his social, I love his heart, and I despise his hair! lol

  18. Comments (2)

    Promising someone something but lying about it is not different than:
    promising someone something but lying about it, while swearing on a Bible.
    Or from swearing on “your dead grandfather’s chain.”

    If you’re lying, you’re lying. The Bible doesn’t change that in the real world. Yeah, some of you think it’s wrong but the reality is no sort of “karma” or punishment occurs. You people who take that aspect seriously are the ones making it easy to use in a lie. Lol. I’ll swear on a Bible all goddamn day and lie. Not everyone is even Christian either.

    • Comments (2)

      Isn’t it just as “wrong” to lie period? I don’t understand why the Bible part keeps being brought up.

      • Comments (528)

        If nobody lied on BB it would be a pretty boring show.

      • Comments (30)

        Not necessarily, If you’re someone who is good with words and manipulating people, the way you phrase your arguments and everything can be made to avoid flat-out lying. As long as you don’t say something that doesn’t conflict reciprocal of what you’ve previously said, then it isn’t lying, and you’re left with the “I wasn’t lying, I just twisted my words to appear as truthful.”

        In other words, speaking ambiguously and careful phrasing can avoid the lying, all the while revealing your true intentions. That is how I would keep secrets. Don’t lie, or else people can call you out on it; mask the truth with a veil, and appear as genuine.

      • Comments (528)

        Isn’t that kind of what Ian has done? People keep calling him a “rat” but really, he was just omitting the truth. He was in two alliances and reporting what one was saying to the other but did he lie? Maybe he did, I can’t think of a time though if someone wants to refresh my memory. He play acted a little, like pretending he was mad and stuff but is that a lie? There is definitely backstabbery going on like with Boogie, etc. but again, straight up lie?

        I see what you’re saying but I can’t imagine someone getting too far without lying/backstabbing/deceiving unless they intend to float on the efforts of another person doing that which people also seem to be disgusted with. Double-edged sword.

      • Comments (1)

        This is Gdivdhbdib.

        Anthony, so what? That’s /still/ deceitful. It’s /still/ morally wrong because you /still/ know on the inside you’re lying. You’re merely splitting hairs.

  19. Comments (12)

    You people need to realize that it is a GAME!!!

  20. Comments (8)

    I literally had to stop reading the comments because they were becoming so absurd. Personally, I believe Dan used the bible because that was his way of saying this is the truth, and it was.

    • Comments (233)

      Completely agree. Calling the cast horrible names and judging them so harshly for doing whatever it takes to play the GAME is so ridiculous. If you are morally offended, stop watching. Flip over to a religious show…..why do you continue to expose yourself to such depravity? I’m pretty sure that in itself is sinful. lol. Go, Dan!

  21. Comments (1)

    When he played the first time he was completely loyal to his one partner. He has to play differently this time because people are looking for it. This is a GAME people, and he is the best PLAYER ever.

  22. Comments (528)

    Off topic, but is anyone watching the feeds? Why is Danielle for pissed off at Frank right now? I missed what happened, she keeps saying she doesn’t want to tai to him, he’s going to snap on him, etc. and everyone else keeps telling her not to do that and chill out and stuff.

    • Comments (528)

      “talk” to him

    • Comments (1276)

      From what she was saying last night, he won’t leave her along about voting for him. He even told her he’d “get Captain America out for her”, again, from what she was saying. He’s been playing her pretty hard, trying to play on her insecure side to get her in his favor.
      Also, from what she said, he was saying he deserved more then anyone to be there, that going out 7th wasn’t something that he could hang his hat on. That he spent 3 years of his life trying to get on the show, in turn making him more deserving (I think that makes him the opposite, because he didn’t have to leave a job/school to come on, IMO). That with all of his comp wins, if he stays he should just carve a “W” onto his water bottle. Again, dumb wording if thats what he said (I still need to go back to that part of the feeds to see) because he’s basically saying keep me so I can beat you???
      Dan had told her just to tell Frank that he had her vote, but to stop asking her about it or he might not keep it. I don’t know if she did, I haven’t gotten to catch up on the last 24 or so.

      • Comments (528)

        Ah, thank you. I caught a little of her talking about it but I can never hear a word she’s saying when she whispers, it drives me up the wall!

      • Comments (62)

        Basically everything you wrote is correct. As for an update… BBAD last night has Jenn telling Frank that Dani may not be a solid vote in part due to some of Franks actions as Christina has stated above. Frank then went and had a little visit with Dani. LOL

        Earlier on BBAD Dan and Dani had a very long convo. Everything was very low to the point I couldn’t make out much of the conversation. At 1 point I thought Dan was instructing Dani to vote Joe out tonight in spite of Franks behaviour. I’m definately not sure I got that correctly in all fairness. Until you see an action you really don’t know Dan’s true game plan. This week is a perfect example. I seriously thought the QP back together to get rid of Frank was being staged and Dan was going to instruct Dai to vote Joe out. Then Frank messes it up by getting Dani pissed off at him. Tonight should be fun. Especially the 2nd eviction :).

      • Comments (528)

        I *thought* I saw Dan confess the plan to Jenn last night and she was freaking a bit over it, saying she’s been working for hard to have his back and now this….but I missed the wh ole beginning of the conversation. Can anyone confirm?

      • Comments (62)

        I thought it was Danielle who told Jenn her vote was not solid to keep Frank. That sent Jenn to warn Frank that Dani wasn’t happy with him. Frank and Dani did have a convo after that basically Frank apologizing if he did anything wrong while still mentioning who great Dani looked! Frank just doesn’t get it!

        That said I expect the real convo of interest will be between Dan and Frank. I do not have live feed so I do not know if this has happened yet but Frank has to have the talk with Dan to get Dani back on board IMHO. Simply this has been Dan’s option all along for tonights eviction. Get Dani to evict Joe and ride his F4 deal with Jenn, Frank and Dani or go with the QP deal evicting Frank.

  23. Comments (6)

    I feel like Dan is just doing what will make him win. He does not care a/b any1 else in that process. he has said multiple times that it is not personal, but he is doing this for his wife and himself. I think evry1 in the position of winning a large sum of money, would do what ever they could possibly do to win. Frank, howevr nd i hate frank but have to admit that i feel has been the only loyal house guest this season. he has stood by his word nd i think that if he wasn’t teamed w/ Boogie but sum1 else that he could have went to the end forsure.

  24. Comments (8)

    I really have no respect for anyone in this game, except for Frank. If Danielle wins this game, I might never watch BB again. She is such a narcissistic, self-absorbed, lying, egotist. She actually thinks she looks like a movie star–Catherine Zeta Jones, in fact. Are you kidding? Shane is moronic, with the stuffed animal on his shoulder, and he does nothing but pander to Dan and Danielle. Joe is a disgusting, gross wanker, who doesn’t even wash his hands before he cooks…and he’s a chef! Jenn, well, what can I say? She’s at least a little loyal, but she hasn’t done much in the game. Dan swore on his wife, his wedding ring, his grandfather’s medal, his Bible, to protect Frank, and the moment the words came out of his mouth, he started to lobby against Frank. I can’t really think of anything lower than that. No, we’re not talking about a scouting meeting, and it is a game, but when someone gives his word and swears on the Bible, then breaks his word, it shows you what a loser this person really is–in life! Ian, the poor kid, is a nervous wreck. He definitely showed himself as a snake, but now I might have to support him, if Frank goes home. Yes, Frank has flaws, but I do think that he has tried to get along with people. He’s just gullible and naive. He doesn’t realize that he’s in a pit with snakes. Poor guy. The only reason they’ve been trying to get him out since day one is because they know that they will lose against him if he goes to the end.

    • Comments (1276)

      But that is exactly why people should be trying to get him out. Why would you target people that couldn’t beat you in the end. That doesn’t even make since. Keep Frank around, because he can win a comp without much effort, and he’ll almost for sure be able to beat anyone else with Jury votes??? That isn’t how the game is played.
      And for going back to the Bible promise, that again, was a promise to tell the truth about the QP and all that had happened up to that point, a hand shake was the “promise” to an alliance with Frank, unless you personally know Dan… how can you make a claim he’s a horrible person in real life? Apparantly the people he loves and the people he works for and with think oterwise. Don’t you think they have a better take on Dan the person, as opposed to Dan the player on BB a reality game show?
      Also, if Frank doesn’t realize that he’s “in a pit with snakes” and he really is just “gullible and naive” then that’s all on him. He’s bragged about spending 3 YEARS of his life trying to get on the show, he should know better.

      • Comments (8)

        Obviously, I want Frank to win because I like to see someone deserving get the $500,000. To me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a game. When you swear on everything that is precious to you–your family, your wife, your Bible–and then you turn around and ignore the very oath that you took, you are undeserving and unethical. It reveals something lacking in your character. Some people do believe in character. I don’t have to know Dan in the outside world to see him as pathetic. I wouldn’t want to know him. I’m not super religious, but if I swore on the people I love or a Bible, I would feel bound to that pledge. It’s a basic principle, in my mind.

      • Comments (528)

        DUDE, how many times do we have to reiterate, he did NOT swear to take Frank to the f2 or protect him. He swore on the bible that WHAT HE WAS TELLING FRANK ABOUT THE QUACK PACK AND IAN BEING A MAMBER WAS TRUE. And that wasn’t a lie. He did NOT swear allegiance to Frank on the bible!!!!!!!

      • Comments (8)

        Dan admitted in the DR that he swore on his wife that he was making a f2 deal with Frank, but that he had to break his promise.

      • Comments (528)

        Yeah, I did see that and was kinda like, what are you talking about? Because if you watch the actual event, what he swore on was he was telling the truth and it was the truth. Also, those DR sessions are highly influenced by the producers…I actually never trust what they say in there. They act like they’re flip-flopping and not sure to keep the audience guessing when in actuality they haven’t changed their position at all, stuff like that.

        Remember BB with Evil Dick, that Jen chick actually said the producers told her what to say anyhow to react right before the feed was cut. It was captured on YouTube and caused quite a controversy, especially considering how much favouritism the show had for Dick even after his terrible antics. Then she was immediately evicted.

        So dodgy.

    • Comments (528)

      Yeah, people seem to forget that in the endgame you don’t want strong players next to you! Keeping people in the game because they “deserve” to be there is stupid and naive and will lose you the game. Sure, Franks great and loyal and blah blah blah…that’s why he’s a target! Ian even told Dan to his face that, besides Frank, Dans the one person he DOESN’T want to be next to when the jury votes!

      Smartest thing you can do is bring weak players or unlikable players with you to the f2. I don’t know how people aren’t getting that. I wouldn’t suggest most of you ever play Big Brother, you wouldn’t last long, lol.

      • Comments (8)

        You’re right, of course. I would be terrible if I played BB. Does that mean that I deserve a place in the final two? Nevertheless, I understand why Frank is going home. I just think Dan crossed the line.

      • Comments (528)

        I just don’t think there are “lines” you can cross in a cut-throat competition for a half million dollars. If you’re going into a game like this, if you’re smart, you’ll check your morals at the door or you don’t need to be playing a gameshow of this caliber. Go be on Wheel of Fortune or something.

      • Comments (62)

        I believe most here see Frank incorrectly because they forget the single biggest part of BB. IT IS A SOCIAL GAME!!! Brit said it going out the door. Dan says it weekly at minimum. Frank is no threat to win 500K! Jenn is no threat to win 500K. Frank only wins BB this season if Jenn is beside him or Joe. The best option for anyone to have sitting beside them on the last night is Jenn. Dan is going to have a hard time making that happen unless Shane or Ian is the 2nd eviction tonight.

        Think I’ll have a little fun and put here the best F3 combo’s for each Remaining player to win 500K.

        Dan- Jenn is obvious as the 1st of 2. Jenn can hope to only beat Dan or perhaps Joe in the final. Picking the 2nd here is really who is best controlled by “the mist” and doesn’t have a mind of thier own. Best choice is Dani IMO.

        Jenn- Her only shot is to sit beside Dan. I actually think Jenn has no chance a 500K. But has the best shot at 50K of all guests left. Take Dan and whoever Jenn best thinks will take her and not Dan to the final 2. I figure that’s Shane.

        Shane- Jenn and Joe are Shane’s best choices. Frankly I think his only choices if he want’s 500K. He’ll have to win out and be able to choose who sits beside him. As I do not believe any of the remaing HG would pick Shane to sit beside.

        Joe- Jenn and who knows. The “great chef” is seen as a convenience to keep around every week. Classic floater whose game fits squarely into how can I win 50K not 500K.

        Ian- Beats Jenn or Joe but like Shane must win out and pick who sits beside him. Perhaps a senario that has Jenn and Dan in it or Dan and Joe Ian might get chosen if Jenn or Joe get to pick and the choice is Ian or Dan.

        Dani- Last but not least Dani is interesting. I like many in the forum have come to dislike Dani and her game totally. The muppet/puppet with an ego the size of the grand canyon. That said how do the remaining HGs see her? I actually think the best F3 is her, Shane and Dan. Either would choose her over taking each other.

        By the way if Frank is voted out I think the final 4 will be Jenn, Dani, Shane and Dan. Depending who was HOH at 5 I figure the best bet for the final 3 is Dani, Jenn and Shane. Change Shane to Dan if Shane is not HOH eligible. Even though the veto winner holds the real power at 4 it is likely a puzzle/memory game which are not Shane’s strength.

  25. Comments (5)

    Dan is clearly an atheist.

  26. Comments (2)

    I think Dan should run for president. If he can talk Frank into taking him off the block (when Frank nominated him, mind you), he can talk the economy back into shape, talk our enemies into putting down their weapons (or attacking each other instead, classic Dan move), talk Congress into getting along, etc. etc. etc. He has a future in politics.

  27. Comments (7)

    Dan is absolutely one of the best players, if he can create a tie and have Ian break it by voting out frank, then he technically didnt break his word. All he said was he wouldn’t vote for frank… Dans just playing with gullible players in my opinion. Last time he played, he was loyal to one person. Now hes not, and the other ppl in the house fail too see that. goo Dan!!!

  28. Comments (1)

    Why does being a snake and being a genius have to be exclusive? I think Dan is a snake, but even a snake would have to be a genius to pull off the move he made to stay in the game.

  29. Comments (27)

    Dan is not so much a genius as he is lucky to have HGs who believe anything and everything he says. As soon as all his final 2 deals come to light. Hopefully Frank calls him out while he’s walking out the door.

  30. Comments (1)

    I think it boils down to, people like an underdog and Franks the biggest one in the house. If Frank goes home we all know that Dan gets his $500 k. Plain and simple.

  31. Comments (1)

    I don’t remember Dan promising a final 2 deal on the Bible. But he DID promise on the bible that there was a Quack Pack and Ian was in it. They then made the final 2 deal. Dan didn’t say I promise on the bible we are going to the final 2.

  32. Comments (6)

    I fell either dan or ian should win each has things going for them ian got out mike and ashley and helped get out frank and has 2 hoh’s, dan got out britney and helped get out frank and one a veto. (if frank leaves) If dan and ian stick together either one of them deserve it. We shall see after tonight

  33. Comments (42)

    Dan is a man among naive automatons – ha ha ha … like taking candy from lil babies … ha ha ha … maybe I’ll go find a cat to kick … later dewds!

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