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Big Brother 14 – The PoV Was Not Used, But The Damage Done

big brother 14 danielle britney
Britney shocked that Dan doesn’t believe how close he was

I wanted to do a morning post about this, but sadly I had to go to the Dr to check on some things.  I’m getting old, that happens.. ugh. Starting to feel like Mike Boogie.

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Not to get sidetracked, last night was a pretty eventful night on the live feeds. All while Dan lay his head down peacefully for a warm summers sleep, the houseguests were stirring and contemplating chopping his head off. Well, maybe not that extreme, but the reality is that Frank was seriously considering on using the PoV on Joe today and replace him with Dan.   He’s still clearly bitter about Dan’s attempts at Frank the first few weeks, and has hinted he wanted to nominate him to begin with.  As we saw last night, Boogie talked him out of it, but when Mike is asleep, Frank’s blinky mind starts wandering.

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Up in the HoH room, Frank chatted with Ian for a little while deciding on removing Joe from the block and replacing him with Dan.  He really, really wants Dan out of the house, and was willing to sacrifice any trust built up over the past 4-5 days in order to make it happen.  However, Frank made a key mistake, he was rambling to Ian about it instead of Boogie.

As soon as Ian left the HoH room after Frank was called to the DR, he fled outside and told Danielle and Britney immediately.  Now the two girls were left wondering if they should tell Dan and let him worry or wait until after the Pov.  They’re clearly not on board with the idea, but they also didn’t want to make waves if it didn’t happen.  However, this is Danielle we’re talking about, there was a clock ticking down in her head to tell Dan everything she knew before her head blew up.

While Frank was just talking with Ian and said he probably wouldn’t use the veto, fear and excitement went through the house except for probably Dan.  Ashley, Wil and Jenn had reason to celebrate because out of thin air they decided Frank was going to backdoor Shane this week, and pretty much convinced themselves it was going to happen.  Naturally they were wrong because Frank had a different target, but hey whatever helps those three sleep at night.

Needless to say it was a weird night in the Big Brother 14 house.  Frank slept on it, and apparently decided against using it, but that didn’t stop Britney and Danielle from running and telling Dan all about the near backdoor attempt.  What this means is that The Silent Six lasted roughly 5 days before it’s starting to crumble apart.

Because Frank was heavily contemplating it, the trust dropped to nothing and I think Brit/Danielle/Shane/Dan are likely going to be back alone in their alliance… well, with a possibility of Ian tagging along.  I have a feeling this is all going to blow up throughout the week despite not even using it.  By basically telling Dan he was a near target, he should have just ended up using it.  Don’t bluff because that will get an unneeded target on your back.  Frank bluffed, and now it’s not looking good for him at all.

On a random note, here is a picture of Jenn because I only have like 2 of her

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  1. Comments (126)

    Ian you little fink, thought you and Frank were tight.

    Danielle and Britney are turning out to be little girls living in fear, they are floating without appearing to be. They might as well join Jenn and Ashley and float together, waiting for the strong to devour each other so they can zoom to the finals, that’s the only game they have.

    Janelle wondered why the jury always pick the man over the woman in the final two, probably because the jury which has women in it, know they didn’t earn the win, they just under-the-radar though to get there.

  2. Comments (1276)

    If they are smart, they will target Frank and Boogie next week. If Boogie wasn’t so attached to Frank, then they could have saved the alliance with him, but since he is, he’ll have to go down with Frank.
    As far as Danielle and Britney being “little girls”, wasn’t it Ian who ran to them with the info? And, in my opinion, they should have told Dan, either before or after the veto meeting. He had to know that Frank wants him out, or else they would have been betraying Dan. Plus, I might be totally off on my count… but hasn’t Frank only won one more comp then Danielle? She won and HOH and POV, and He’s won 2 HOH’s and 1 POV.
    And if nothing else, Danielle is playing the game. She made a huge move by getting Janelle out, if you agree with that move or not, getting the biggest female target out of the house, was HUGE! So othen then them being female, how are they these huge floaters that should join “Jenn and Ashley’? OK, maybe you could lump Brit in with them. Also, shouldn’t Ian, Wil, Joe and Dan be added to that list of “floaters’? What have they won? No offence intended, I just get tired of the female players being singled out for floating. Plus, as Boogie pointed out last night, sometimes floating under the radar can get you to the final 2 or 3.

  3. Comments (123)

    Hey dont worry bout getting sidetracked…i like when u talk bout things besides BB, lol…i been the same way…getting old also and i wanted to see my Dr in June before BB started but we’re in Aug and i still havent seen him…guess i should make a appt for after Sept 19th, lol….

    thanks for the Jenn pic…i been looking for pics of her all over the net…”The Unknown HG”, lol…☺…

  4. Comments (102)

    This is why Boogie should have aligned himself with Wil instead of Frank. Every HOH he’s won, he’s nominating people as payback for voting for him. It’s why I feel Frank is an over-rated threat. He’s gotten as far as he has riding on Boogie’s coattails, but even Boogie won’t be able to save him, this time.

    But let’s be honest, on the Sunday show Twitney was already going on about how no one could win against Frank in between boo-hooing about giving Janelle the boot. Whatever happened, Frank would have been put up, again. Shane proved he’s not loyal and will do whatever Twitney tells him to.

  5. Comments (7)

    I miss Willie being on the show! He would have made the show a lot more interesting. I am having a hard time this year getting interested in the houseguests. Willie also had a very kind side to him along with his crazy Hantz side, which is a good mixture for reality T.V.

  6. Comments (17)

    i think Dan , Boogie & frank .. should roll together and live Britney & danielle behind even shane… Britny takes this game to emotional & personnal and can’t play for herself … i dont like the fact that if shane and danille have to make a move they have to talk to Britney & Dan … seriously the coaches game is done … if u dont want the same error of BB13 to happen this year .. STEP UP YOUR GAME ! .

  7. Comments (29)

    This Duo between Frank and Boogie is making me sick lol… seriously Frank is gunning for people who voted him out or who were going to vote him out. This year isn’t that interesting at all. Danielle needs to get over Shane, he is just not that into you. as of right now I don’t really have a favourite, I feel most of them are playing the easy game. They are still playing for the coaches. I hope they bring someone back to spice it up.

  8. Comments (126)

    I need to retract just a bit; Danielle’s move to evict Janelle from the house was statically bold and she must be credited with that great backdoor/blindside. But she did have the math on her side to see it all the way without risk.

    She needs to start gaming she claims to be smart enough and stop stalking Shane, he doesn’t seem to be that interested in her but for his game

    • Comments (1276)

      I can go along with that Ray, :-). The only part I wouldn’t go along with here is the stalking Shane, but she is young, that has something to do with it.
      I think she was a little googly eyed over him, but once that Zingbot come, she seems to have turned it pretty much off. Watching last night, it almost looked like her not following him was making him a little jealous. Which makes me like Shane a little better. I didn’t like the idea of anyone getting “Played” in that since, using someone like that is out of line, in my eyes. But if he is getting a bit jealous, then maybe he does like her a bit more then he claimed. But again, I think it took her hearing that Zing to realize how she was being portrayed, and with that came this turn.

      • Comments (126)

        Maybe ‘stalking’ was a little strong, but she has a crush maybe fading for now but that could hurt her play. Even Dan has tried to warn her of this in the beginning.

        Like they say ‘All is fair in love and war’ and in the House it could cost lots of money.

      • Comments (1276)

        very true

    • Comments (7)

      There is always risk, there are no guarantees in the game of Big Brother. Otherwise I agree with you!

      • Comments (17)

        I couldn’t agree more Judy. As far the players this year they are playing the coaches game. Danielle did make a ok move by back dooring janelle but she left bigger threats in the game they did not accomplish much frank wanted to back door her little Dan at least janelle would have stuck with them a little bit longer. Boogie will go after them sooner then later.

  9. Comments (191)

    Frank is not playing a great game but how much worse would it be without Boogies help? They should get rid of Frank as soon as possible but it may be easier said than done.

    • Comments (1276)

      If one of them gets HOH next week, and put him up, or take the risk of trying to backdoor him, I think they could do it. Say Shane is HOH, they would have Dani, Dan, Brit, and maybe Ian??? I think Joe wants him out, so if they put him up against, say Boogie, then the only votes for sure to keep him would be Jenn, maybe Ashley. But even if they don’t have Ian’s vote, it would just be a tie, and then Shane could break it. Putting him up next to Boogie (if it was like that for the vote) is best case scenario. Then Boogs would campain agaist him, and Ian would vote for him to stay, not Frank.

  10. Comments (123)

    Next week there are only 7 votes…no Tie…which ever side has 4 votes will rule…☺…

  11. Comments (25)

    Would like to see Ian go up next week, even better if it was against Britney. His arrogance is going to come back to bite him. It would be interesting to see some of the players that haven’t been on the hot seat get a taste of it.

  12. Comments (44)

    i’m starting to think Frank’s overrated , and Boogie and Dan are better off working together. Dumb move, he said it himself that he could only trust Boogie and tells Ian such a vital info. If he doesnt go home next week its because Boogie or Ian is HOH(maybe)or he gets saved again.. But at least he knows Ian is not as loyal to him as he thought.

  13. Comments (7)

    At the beginnning Of Showtime After Dark last night Booger and Frank were reading the Bible and making fun of it. Not surprising coming from Boogar but I am surprised that Frank was joining right in. Im not saying they have to believe as Christains do, but don’t ridicule another religion. I have now changed my opinion of Frank, I thought he was a class act.

  14. Comments (2)

    Danielle didn’t backdoor Janelle on her own lolol Boogie played the hell out of Danielles mind and saved Frank…. The whole plan was a devised by Boogie and Frank, Not Danielle… she was a pawn…. She only made the move because she was guaranteed to have the votes which means it was not bold or brave… Some of u are really blind to the obvious… Boogie and Frank are dominating this game right now. The only one with a prayer to win it besides them is Shane but he needs to ditch the children! So point is Danielle did nothing but get tricked into voting out Janelle (Boogies idea anyway) so Frank could stay… Any player that has only made moves there coaches have told them to are FLOATERS

    • Comments (17)

      I agree it wasnt danielles master plan. She goes with that people tell her no social game at all. I like shane I want him to win this and take Britney

  15. Comments (2)

    Also pllllleasssssse get Joe out of this house… he literally makes me want to change the channel… He is a floating, spineless, cornball with his stupid little blue chef shirt always on… pardon my language but if he’s gonna stay I hope someone at least calls him out for looking like a jackass and acting so

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