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big brother 14 danielle

Big Brother 14 – Power Of Veto Results, Reward Week

big brother 14 danielle


It was a busy day for me and before I realized it, I looked up and it was 9:00pm (est).  Today was a pretty big veto competition as it not only gave one of the players a chance to save themselves, but it was the reward competition where they go in rounds and depending on when you’re eliminated from the game, you get to trade prizes with anyone who finished lower.

The players of the competition were:

Jenn (omg, she did something!)


Here were the list of rewards:

Power of Veto
Veto Pass (guaranteed to play in next PoV)
$5,000 cash
A trip to Hawaii
A humiltard (called a Spirit-Tard this year)
Living as a dog including a leash, a kennel and more (I believe 24 hours)

To find out who won, continue reading, but before I make the jump, I want to remind people to sign up to the live feeds to see the reaction to the winners (and losers) today.  You get the first 3 days free and it will be worth it when you hear the results…

Get 3 days free to the live feeds, see the PoV results



Shockingly, Shane did NOT win PoV for the first time all season.  He did win the veto pass which should allow him to play next week, but this is a pretty surprising development as he’s been dominating competitions.

First, the punishments…

Spirit-Tard (probably all week) – Frank!  I can’t wait to see him in that outfit
Living as a dog for likely 24 hours in the have-not room – Ian

Finally, the rewards:


$5,000 – Wil
Veto Pass – Shane
Trip to Hawaii – Jenn (omg, she played and won something)
Power of Veto – Danielle

Look at Danielle coming out of nowhere and winning two straight competitions.  She’s not only a super major threat because of that, but let’s not forget her incredible intellect that she is so desperately trying to hide by pretending to be a teacher (insulting teachers everywhere)

It will be very funny if Frank has to be evicted while wearing a unitard, I was rooting for him in this game, but now I’m kind of rooting for him to get kicked out so he has to wear that while talking to Julie.  Wil is pretty convinced he’s going home, but right now it’s still too early to tell who will even be on the block by then, let alone going home.  With Danielle steering the ship this week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shane and Frank on the block by Thursday.  You never know what she’s going to do. Oh wait, we do… whatever Dan wants her to do.

Be sure to sign up for the live feeds because you don’t want to miss Frank in a unitard!


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Update – Here is Frank in a unitard:


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  1. Avatar
    HoH8 (123 comments)

    in the POV….Ian gave up the chance on the Trip to give it to Jenn cause he got 3K and jenn got 1K from Boogie so he said they are even now….Ian also had the chance to win the POV but gave it up also… poor kid, he has alot of heart…☺…

  2. Avatar
    Jada (1 comments)

    Poo kid, seriously, he would hand over the 500k if it would make him look better! Stupid kid, terrible BB house guest!!

  3. Avatar
    NiteBoy (1 comments)

    Hey all,

    Jan and Wil were talking. Jan said that someone was happy she is on the block. Did I miss something?

    • Avatar
      HoH8 (123 comments)

      Hey…BB14 is called the season “Did i miss something”, lol…..

      What Janelle said was that someone was happy that “Wil” was on the Block…and that someone was “Joe”…now u didnt miss nothing, lol…☺…

  4. Avatar
    david lonsdale (2 comments)

    I am a big fan of frank and boogey but frank needs to go home this week so janelle will just shut the fuck up already with this frank needs to go home.and watching her suck everybodys ass that has any kind of power is getting pathtic. This season blows

  5. Avatar
    Amber (22 comments)

    or maybe JANELLE needs to go????? 🙂

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