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Big Brother 14 – Shane Makes A Huge Move, Destroys His Alliance

August 17, 2012 | 19 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

After driving in the slow lane while stopping at every rest stop and checking out every tourist attraction last week, the Big Brother 14 house stepped on the gas tonight and is flying down the highway.   All this happened shortly after the feeds returned from nominations, as right away Boogie and Frank were hammering Shane for his picks. It has been non-stop since then, so crank up the flashback around 7:45pm or so and watch the events unfold. Don’t have the feeds?  Click here and get them for 3 days free.

Watch the house erupt here – 3 days free

Here is a summary of the night so far (and it’s still going)…

Feeds return – Boogie and Frank are up in the HoH room and lecturing Shane on his pick.  They play the “We’re not mad, buddy… let’s right this ship” card which Shane falls for completely.  He ends up completely throwing Britney under the bus and made it seem like the decision was all hers.   Boogie sniffs out the weakness and pounces, really making him doubt his own nomination.  The conversation went fairly well for the pair nominated, and in addition the wheels were in motion for a wild night ahead…

Shane tells Britney what he did to clue her in.   The conversation is brief as it’s now her goal to clear things up with Frank and Boogie.

On her own, Britney approached Frank and Boogie in the shoe room while they were clearly still upset.  She essentially jumped into the lions den to try and make amends.  The conversation didn’t go as smooth as Britney anticipated as both were hammering her for what seemed like a solid half hour.  They called her out for manipulating Shane’s votes this season, and basically controlling his game (she is).  In order to get out of the situation, Britney ends up throwing Dan under the bus.  This makes the conversation turn a bit more civil as they all discuss how Dan is really controlling the game right now and they should get him out.

That conversation breaks up and Britney heads into the arcade room to vent to Danielle.  Frank and Boogie head to the kitchen to eat while still being angry at Dan now.

Shane comes into the arcade room, Danielle leaves and promptly runs to Dan to report everything Britney was saying.  Meanwhile, Britney lectures Shane for a very long time.  She continues to act innocent when he finally asked “Why am I the one getting blood on my hands for you guys” (or something similar).  She just throws out how she left her job, left her husband and joined Big Brother but didn’t expect this blah blah blah.  I’m guessing her thing for the rest of the season was the innocent coach who (pushed the button) was thrust into the game and now has to play.

Britney is not too happy with Shane

In addition to that, Britney completely mistakes being told she’s been controlling Shane to being told she’s some Big Brother super genius.  Through the rest of the night, she goes off on rants to anyone willing to listen making fun of her own season in BB12 while acting like she sucks at the game.  Of course, she continues to mock how people think she’s a genius controlling every aspect of the game, and she also controlled BB12 and just wanted to go home in 4th place.  Little does she realize, just because she was played in BB12 doesn’t mean she couldn’t improve her game this time around. Everyone agrees she was bad in BB12, but that doesn’t mean she’s not making Shane get blood on his hands now.

Needless to say it was a wild night in the house.  Between the nominations, and those thrown under the bus, we went from a quiet week or two with floaters being picked off to the game back at full speed.  “The Silent Six” is no more, and I doubt “The Quack Pack” is either.  Dan is trying to figure out how he’ll get out of this situation, Britney is losing her mind, Shane feels alone, and Boogie/Frank plan to hound Shane into nominating Dan should one of them win the veto.

If Frank, Boogie or Shane win the PoV tomorrow, Dan may need to hire bodyguards to surround Shane because it’s going to be a full onslaught by Mike and Frank for 48 hours.    Watch the feeds, they sucked last week, but they are great now.

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