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Big Brother 14 – Shane Makes A Huge Move, Destroys His Alliance

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After driving in the slow lane while stopping at every rest stop and checking out every tourist attraction last week, the Big Brother 14 house stepped on the gas tonight and is flying down the highway.   All this happened shortly after the feeds returned from nominations, as right away Boogie and Frank were hammering Shane for his picks. It has been non-stop since then, so crank up the flashback around 7:45pm or so and watch the events unfold. Don’t have the feeds?  Click here and get them for 3 days free.

Watch the house erupt here – 3 days free

Here is a summary of the night so far (and it’s still going)…

Feeds return – Boogie and Frank are up in the HoH room and lecturing Shane on his pick.  They play the “We’re not mad, buddy… let’s right this ship” card which Shane falls for completely.  He ends up completely throwing Britney under the bus and made it seem like the decision was all hers.   Boogie sniffs out the weakness and pounces, really making him doubt his own nomination.  The conversation went fairly well for the pair nominated, and in addition the wheels were in motion for a wild night ahead…

Shane tells Britney what he did to clue her in.   The conversation is brief as it’s now her goal to clear things up with Frank and Boogie.

On her own, Britney approached Frank and Boogie in the shoe room while they were clearly still upset.  She essentially jumped into the lions den to try and make amends.  The conversation didn’t go as smooth as Britney anticipated as both were hammering her for what seemed like a solid half hour.  They called her out for manipulating Shane’s votes this season, and basically controlling his game (she is).  In order to get out of the situation, Britney ends up throwing Dan under the bus.  This makes the conversation turn a bit more civil as they all discuss how Dan is really controlling the game right now and they should get him out.

That conversation breaks up and Britney heads into the arcade room to vent to Danielle.  Frank and Boogie head to the kitchen to eat while still being angry at Dan now.

Shane comes into the arcade room, Danielle leaves and promptly runs to Dan to report everything Britney was saying.  Meanwhile, Britney lectures Shane for a very long time.  She continues to act innocent when he finally asked “Why am I the one getting blood on my hands for you guys” (or something similar).  She just throws out how she left her job, left her husband and joined Big Brother but didn’t expect this blah blah blah.  I’m guessing her thing for the rest of the season was the innocent coach who (pushed the button) was thrust into the game and now has to play.

Britney is not too happy with Shane

In addition to that, Britney completely mistakes being told she’s been controlling Shane to being told she’s some Big Brother super genius.  Through the rest of the night, she goes off on rants to anyone willing to listen making fun of her own season in BB12 while acting like she sucks at the game.  Of course, she continues to mock how people think she’s a genius controlling every aspect of the game, and she also controlled BB12 and just wanted to go home in 4th place.  Little does she realize, just because she was played in BB12 doesn’t mean she couldn’t improve her game this time around. Everyone agrees she was bad in BB12, but that doesn’t mean she’s not making Shane get blood on his hands now.

Needless to say it was a wild night in the house.  Between the nominations, and those thrown under the bus, we went from a quiet week or two with floaters being picked off to the game back at full speed.  “The Silent Six” is no more, and I doubt “The Quack Pack” is either.  Dan is trying to figure out how he’ll get out of this situation, Britney is losing her mind, Shane feels alone, and Boogie/Frank plan to hound Shane into nominating Dan should one of them win the veto.

If Frank, Boogie or Shane win the PoV tomorrow, Dan may need to hire bodyguards to surround Shane because it’s going to be a full onslaught by Mike and Frank for 48 hours.    Watch the feeds, they sucked last week, but they are great now.

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  1. Comments (60)

    This is by far the best move the HOH could make. Make Boogie/Frank finally work to save there lives. Boogie is the one who has been manipulating Franks game and controlling the out comes,not so much Dan or Britney. Dan and Britney are doing what they have to do to keep themselves in the game.

    this big move will be awesome as long as who ever wins veto does not use it. Take out Boogie and you cripple Frank, take out Frank and Boogie has no strong players to rely on. He sucks at challenges because his ego is to big

  2. Comments (5)

    One of these scumbags has got to go this week. Frank or Booger. Does not matter. I don’t know why Brit, Dan, and Shane are making such a big deal about it.

  3. Comments (3)

    i hope a part of froogie actually leaves. and that dan gets pov, so they cant manipulate shane into putting up dan. poor dan and brit.

    • Comments (216)

      Poor Brit? She wanted to go after Boogie and Frank, only tried to engineer it so that Shane would take the fall and she could profess innocence. I don’t think the fact that her puppetry was discovered makes her especially sympathetic.

      As for Dan, this was the war he started when he targeted Frank behind Boogie’s back. While it was unfair that BB saved Frank with the reset twist, Dan would have avoided detection had he not told Boogie that Frank was going home. That was just dumb. (As dumb as Frank telling Dan he considered backdooring him.)

      I don’t really have a dog in the fight; I am biased towards good TV. But I’m not seeing how Dan and Brittany are innocent victims here.

  4. Comments (5)




  5. Comments (1276)

    What I’m still trying to figure out is while part of the core alliance of 4 (Dan, Dani, Shane and Brit) through Ian (the clear 5th wheel) under the bus. I’m not saying that they should have, but wouldn’t it have made more since to target him, since he actually is the one that has given them the most information against Frank and Boogie?
    And in general I like Brit, except when she’s negative Nancy, but last night, oh lord she was getting under my skin. Shane seemed spineless, but at least he was upfront with her instead of letting her get blind sided. But the way she was playing the poor pitiful me card was driving me nuts. I just don’t get why, if they weren’t going to at least hint that it was one of the other members of the house giving them the info that got B and F nominated, why they couldn’t just say that it was a game move. That’s it. Pure and simple, it’s a game. Boogie would have still gone for blood, but at the same time he would have known it was a samrt move, instead of 1 or 2 people controling everything. He would have looked at it as he was the obvious target, being a “BB Great” and all, and could have still been talked to.
    I’m hoping Dan gets the POV, and at this point, I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing Brit go home next week, you know, since she didn’t even try to get HOH, and went for Safety (another sign that she had no intention of getting any blood on her hands).

  6. Comments (17)

    Shane did the right thing. Boogie and frank would go after shane. I’m sorry but Dan hasnt won anything why should Dan or boogie win another half a million dollars. Now danielle is talking bad Shane. He did a big move to like she did. Gooo shane and I hope he brings Brit

  7. Comments (4)

    I was trying to follow the tweets and now this recap from last night and I still can’t quite figure out if Shane throwing Brit under the bus was a shrewd move on Shane’s part (he intended to divert Frank/Boogie into thinking something that wasn’t true) or he really was being swayed into being controlled by Frank and Boogie (ultimately, he’ll take one of them off the block, should POV be played).

    I just have a hard time thinking Shane’s capable of playing the game to his advantage over being directed by someone like Brit who makes decisions for him.

  8. Comments (1)

    Dumb move – he should have put up Joe and Frank. Tell Frank he is safe and they are just trying to disguise the alliance. Then vote Frank out instead – they control the votes and could have done whatever they wanted.

  9. Comments (1)

    WOW, Shane makes a great move then screws it up by throwing one of his own alliance members under the bus? He shouldn’t have caved in to that “not so secret showmance” (that’s my general opinion) of Boogie and Frank. Shane’s alliance basically controls the votes this week and im p retty sure most of the house wants them out anyway. I’m not sure what stopped him from calling the nominations the “general concensus” of the house, giving Frooger the reality check middle finger, and wishing them luck in the PoV.

  10. Comments (1276)

    They keep calling Dan the “snake in the grass” and “a wolf in sheeps clothing”, but is it just me or is it really Brit? I’ve been going back over the live feeds and it looks to me like she has mastered the poor little girl being wronged by men thing. Just listen to her guilting Shane. And then to hear her tell it, she refused to turn on anyone, but she so tossed Dan under the bus! And she’s wanted Frank gone the whole time, she wasn’t swayed by Dan in any way. She didn’t even try to win the HOH, she doesn’t want blood on her hands, she wants to hide behind Shane, Dan, or whoever else she can.
    I don’t want Boogie to win, he doesn’t need it, he just wanted the title. I don’t even want Dan to win, he’s been there done that, but I wouldn’t mind him gettin 2nd place. Danielle isn’t happy with Shane because she has no plans to turn on Dan (yet) so she doesn’t get why Shane would on Brit, if that’s what he did. And everyone, Boogie, Shane, Frank, Danielle, and even Dan are looking at poor little Brit who’s been hurt, when she’s willing to lie to all of them (ie, thowing Dan under the bus, but lying it about it to her “alliance”).
    I’d like to see Shane pull down Boogie, as a game move, put up basically anyone but Dan, and getting rid of Frank. (I’d put up Ian as the pawn, so he can’t vote to keep Frank). Then next week I’d target Britney. She is fun to watch, and can be funny, but i’m sick of the act. Just my opinion.

  11. Comments (1)

    With the double eviction, doesn’t that mean that if the POV is not used that Frank and Boogie are both going home? I think that is the best move ever, because Shane is basically killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Congrats to him. As for him throwing Brit’s name under the bus, I think Frank&Boogie just took what Shane said differently then what he actually meant to say,

    • Comments (1276)

      I’m having a mental block on this one too. @stevebeans, how would the double evict work. If say it’s still Boogie and Frank up (which I doubt it will be) would both of them go home with a double evict? I know if it’s a fast forward then we would see the eviction, then an HOH, a nomination and another eviction (on the same night?), but for some reason I can’t remember… grrr

      • Comments (123)

        @jasmine….No, a DE doesnt mean that both HG’s on the block go home…and @christina, u almost got it right, lol…

        Basically a Double Eviction is really a Fast Forward nite…where they do as u said…its the same thing…so after the first eviction, we will see a whole week in 30 mins then a second eviction…a fun nite with lots of action for sure…☺…

      • Comments (1276)

        thank you. i didn’t think it would be both, but like i said, i just couldn’t remember.

  12. Comments (34)

    While I’m not surprised by the nominations … I am amazed that people buy our daaahling Britney’s act. She left her job and family? What about all the other players who have played in 14 seasons of Big Brother? I guess none of them ever have right? Unless she had it handed to her has Britney ever won anything? She reminds me far too much of a girl back in my high school days. This one would snap at you if you offered her help programming the computer. But if she was stuck it was instant sweetness and batting of the eye lashes and pwwwwwease can you help me. Until the day I stood up in class and told her if she didn’t want my help an hour ago well her helpless act now wasn’t going to get it either (its a much longer story but I cut a lot out)
    Britney is a crap player. She sucks at contests, doesn’t understand half of what’s said to her (did anyone else catch the dig Dan took when he was getting into the shower just after the PoV last week… B: will you win Hoh, D: Its not in the foreseeable future making a joke on her screwing up what Ian told her about not putting up Shane way back when) whines ALL the time yet seems to think she is this amazing mastermind.
    She back stabs everyone except Shane so far. Then is all Miss Innocent.
    Dan is a snake in the grass. He is playing the same game he did when he won Wil saw it, Dan has even said it. Hide and get other people to do his work.
    I’m lost as to why people are hating on Frank and Boogie. Yes Boogie’s ego gets him in trouble. No he never came back to play so sure he’s taking the money. I’m disappointed he didn’t try for HoH to protect Frank. At the same time he came in for the chance to win 100k. If he truly didn’t expect to play I can see why he’s going for the cash since he knows he won’t win again.
    Can anyone explain to me why its okay for the Q-pac to betray their alliance with Boogie and Shane but if Frank thinks about backdooring Dan he’s a lying back stabbing dumbass scum bag? BUT Shane made a deal with Frank way back when and has betrayed Frank time and again and that’s alright? Why is Frank fixated on Dan? Well I’m guessing he sees Dan as the force behind getting rid of him. As a fan he knows Britney is useless and doubts Shane is stupid enough to listen to her (guess he is LOL), Danielle is all fatal attraction/scary stalker on Shane, Jenn is trying for the part of the Invisible Woman on the next reboot of the Fantastic Four, Joe … well is Joe, Ashley is floating on her back thinking its a win, Ian is pretending to be on his side while running back to his master’s for another dog treat. Although I think Ian is playing a smart game. He can’t win a lot of the physical challenges so he’s playing the sneaky game and so far doing it well.
    Frank is stupid for not getting rid of Dan last week, but would have been scum had he done so. The poor guy can’t win with the fans. Yet he’s been fairly honest with people (big brother fairly honest lol). He’s been the target constantly despite the fact he hasn’t won a lot. Yet Dan and Britney lie, back stab, win nothing and are everyone’s daaaaahlings.. I don’t get it…

  13. Comments (102)

    I honestly don’t think Boogie cares if he stays or go. He didn’t want to play the game. I don’t think he believes he’ll make it to the end, either. That’s why he’s grabbing as much money as he can before he gets the boot.

    From a game POV, I’d vote Frank out. Both of Frank’s HOH nominations were about paying back people he felt wronged him. He’s not a good strategic player. And admitting he was going to backstab a member of his alliance proves he can’t be trusted, either.

    Boogie’s big mistake was in not forming an alliance with Wil, Jenn and Ashley. Then with Frank he’d have a five voter block. With Ian the rat, they could have had a strong six member voting block. Wil in particular would have been a valuable member because he had an uncanny ability to read people when they were BSing him. That’s something neither Boogie or Frank were able to do when everyone was lying to them about Frank being safe.

    If Frank had been smart, he would have put up Britney and Dan for eviction. Get rid of those two and you cut off Shane and Danielle at the knees.

    If these newbie plays were smart they would have banded together to get rid of all the coaches, but they didn’t, and are still letting their coaches pull their strings still.

    The coach twist really messed up this season of the show.

    • Comments (7)

      Frank’s dilemma in putting up members of his alliance, be it either Dan as a backdoor or Dan and Brittney to begin with, is he might not have had the votes to get them out. There is no strategy saying Franks grievance with Dan was due to him being a coach, just payback that Dan had tried to engineer his own departure. Also, he waould be in the position of appealing to members of Janelles old team to further his and Boogies game after Boogie had just saved his skin by ousting Janelle. I think the strings that the coaches pull are very hard to break here for all the newbies.

  14. Comments (5)


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