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big brother 14 britney danielle and shane

Big Brother 14 – The Tables Continue To Turn

big brother 14 britney danielle and shane


This is one thing for certain that Big Brother has over other shows like Survivor.  In a week to week basis, you really have no clue what’s going to happen and how the feel of the house will be after Thursday night’s HoH competition.  Last week may have been one of the biggest switches in momentum I’ve seen in a long time, but last night may be right up there as well.   Shane managed to win the ‘crapshoot’ HoH competition (although to be fair he was practicing the longest), and all but like 3 people in the house were stunned.

Because of the way teams were set up this season, alliances have been switched back and forth based on the coaches decision, especially on Janelle’s team.   I have no clue how Ashley, Joe or Wil would have survived this long without the backing of a strong leader.  They would be the definition of floaters if not for the fact that Janelle corralled them up and gave them direction every vote.

That being said, there is a 99.9% chance the coaches will become players on Thursday night which will shake up the entire game (note: I know they’re having you “vote”, but let’s be real, it’s happening regardless of the voting outcome).  I think Janelle is still going to try and keep her herd in line and form a pretty weak but big 4-person alliance.  Danielle and Shane have already made a final 2 pact, and that will become airtight once she breaks free of the team aspect of the game.


The rest of the house, I’m not really sure what I see happening.  In addition, a lot will depend on who goes home this week.  While Shane did try to form some type of alliance with Frank, Mr. Blinkies could be the #1 target this week followed by Wil.   Will both of them be on the block at the same time, or will Shane spare one for the backdoor option?  That is yet to be determined, but I do know after nominations, the live feeds should in fact be very entertaining once again.

The Willie hangover is long gone, and it’s time for people to start playing the game again. It’s extremely unlikely that both nominees will simply roll over and play dead like last week, so I’m expecting some entertainment from here going forward.  When the coaches enter the game, that will be another massive twist that will shake up the entire strategy of everyone paying the game.

When the nominees are announced, I will be making a post, but until then feel free to watch the live feeds for 3 days free!



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  1. Avatar
    Vonnie (8 comments)

    Yes, the Coaches are coming in and this voting thing is a ploy to justify it! .. It is NOT fair. Some players have told coaches ther strategies, etc!… BB14 Sucks!!!- I love the Vets but I am tired of them… unless its aan all-Vets season!- The Vets had their turn! .. I want to see NEW people!! ,, and STOP all the twists! .. Twists are just Chances for BB to CHEAT, as in *coup d etat* ..n hoow they cheated for Rachel n Jordan last season!-. The game is great in its Simplicity. Natural interactions of the players make the game interesting! – BB14 has too much manipulation from BB directors! .. AND BRING JODI BACK and give her a CHance! .. It was NASTY to get rid of a player day One!!

  2. Avatar
    Tyler G. (5 comments)

    As much as I voted, “No” to the coaches returning, I agree with in knowing that the producers of this show will make the coaches return in some fashion no matter what. It fills up the missing weeks and everything will work out.

    However, I think CBS will take one more crack at Willie today. Remember voting for the Have-Nots this week? Well, one of the options happened to be cereal and salmon, which I believe (and voted for) will be the food the Have-Nots will receive. Why? To poke fun at Willie once again and the major argument in the backyard when Willie was all concerned about his Fruit Loops (aka the cereal part of the Have-Not food) and when Boogie was telling Willie that he (Boogie) was going to worry about his salmon (aka the salmon part of the Have-Not food).

    I think this will be one funny and memorable Have-Not food choice. Can’t wait to see their reactions.

  3. Avatar
    Mike L. (1 comments)

    It really is “unfair,” even by big brother standards to put the coaches in the house. Essentially, they had a free walk to the jury. At least on the past season’s they could be voted out at anytime from day 1. While I love past legends, it’s time that we get to see new ones. Unless it’s an all-star season, it’s time for the vets to stop playing.

  4. Avatar
    D. Snapple (4 comments)

    I’ve only been following the show a few seasons now. If the coaches aren’t brought in as players, is there a chance that they could switch up that it’s no longer the coaches leave with their last player, but instead there’s a week all players are safe, and the coaches eliminate one another? Flipping the tables, so to speak.

    It would have a similar effect to the coaches being players, just not competing with current players. This would extend the number of weeks they have to shoot. Perhaps the jury could be made up of players so the coaches have to deal with players to earn their votes.

  5. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the coaches back. But, I would like to see Dan stay with Danielle. Shane is a good ally for her to have, but seeing that he did vote for JoJo even knowing she was on her way out, well, I don’t know if he really has her back. She seems like a sweet girl, but I don’t get the nurse/teacher lie. She’s my current Jordan. 🙂

  6. Avatar
    Carter (15 comments)

    I can’t wait for the coaches to enter the game, just to see how the house guests react to it. I just started watching Big Brother this season, thanks to a coworker at Dish for recommending it, and this week can easily be the most dramatic. I won’t be able to watch tonight’s episode live, but my Hopper will record it with PrimeTime Anytime so I can watch it with Auto Hop and skip the commercials. Thursday is going to be extremely entertaining; I can’t wait to see that huge smile on Boogie’s face when they announce the coaches are entering the game.

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