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Big Brother 25 – Double Eviction Night! 9/21

September 21, 2023 | 147 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s Thursday in the Big Brother house and it’s time for an eviction! Wait, not one eviction, but TWO!

That’s right, it’s double eviction night in the house.. but will the evicted players actually be leaving the house? That’s the question of the week as there are a lot of hints of a battle-back style competition that may allow one of the evicted players to return.

I covered it earlier today, but basically there have been a few clues that lead us to think that there will be some twist where one of the two players will have a way to return back into the house. However, considering it’s happening on a night of a double eviction almost certainly means it’ll be a situation where the players don’t actually leave but end up possibly in the nether and competing to return at a future time – either throughout the week or during next week’s live episode.

My guess is it’ll be next week’s episode because they probably don’t want it spoiled so they’re unlikely to have them compete and return randomly throughout the week. This would mean two people would actually leave the house next week and then they begin the jury.

Again, this is all just a guess, but based on my time at Big Brother University (not a thing) and the extensive studies I’ve run on the game (not true), it’s my best logical guess.

Okay, time to publish this as we go live in 5 minutes!

Updates –

  • Oh yea, Julie instantly hints it and says ‘will their games be done for good?’
  • We jump right in!
  • Jag – Cameron
  • Bowie – Cameron
  • Matt – Cameron
  • Meme – Cameron
  • Cirie – Cameron
  • Blue – Cameron
  • Felicia – Cameron
  • Cory – Cameron
  • Cameron has been evicted – for now!
  • Cameron is a Big Brother Zombie. But no I’d have to completely change the code in the header to fix that, so that’s probably not happening. Maybe next year I’ll make a misc column to have these weird twists
  • HoH time!
  • Meme chooses Bowie to face off first
    • Meme wins that round
    • Blue choose Felicia
    • Blue wins that round
    • Jag chooses Cirie
    • Cirie wins that round
    • Matt chooses Cirie
    • Matt loses, Cirie wins that round
    • Cory chooses Cirie
    • Cirie loses, Matt wins that round
    • America chooses Blue
    • America loses, Blue wins that round
    • Meme chooses Cory
    • Meme loses, Cory wins that round
    • Cory vs Blue – Cory wins HoH!
  • It’s going to be Jared and Cirie or Jared and Blue
  • Jared and Blue it is!
  • If you’re wondering why not backdoor Jared, my guess is Cory is worried about a situation where Jared is picked to play and wins and saves Cirie. I guess Cory is more confident that Cirie can’t win if she is indeed picked to play?
  • Matt, Jag, and Meme were picked to play
  • Matt wins the veto!
  • Noms stay the same
  • Alright, second round of votes:
    • Jag – Jared
    • Bowie – Jared
    • Matt – Jared
    • Meme – Jared
    • Cirie – Blue
    • Felicia – Jared
    • America – Jared

Now, details of the zombie thing –

Both will be living in the house and 1 will be resurrecting their game next week

No HoH, no noms, no veto.

Upcoming schedule

Sun – 10pm
No wed episode
Thur – 9pm

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