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Big Brother 25 – Final Friday Feed Updates! 11/3

November 3, 2023 | 58 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

We did it! It’s the last week of the Big Brother 25 season and we’re still down to 4 players instead of the usual 3. Don’t worry, however, as we’ll be down to 3 on Sunday night as there is a special eviction episode that night. I’m not sure how ‘live’ it will be as evictions on nights other than Thursday are usually pre-recorded ‘live’ events, but maybe this one will be different.

What we do know is they’re speeding this week along as they already have nominations last night (Felicia and Matt) and are likely playing the veto comp today. They may even have the ceremony tonight, although tomorrow is more likely depending on the ‘live’ schedule. If the show really is live on Sunday, they’ll probably just have the ceremony tomorrow.

Now, how did Matt end up on the block? Well, other than the obvious that he was picked by Bowie, he thinks it’s because Bowie had a number-guessing game and he was wrong. What he doesn’t realize is that Bowie and Jag rigged the game ahead of time so Matt would always be wrong. It’s like having a shortest straw competition against someone who knows the size of the straws.

Stuff like that is why I am starting to think that they really may just take a shot at Matt on Sunday (if they have a chance). If Matt doesn’t win veto today, I think there is a real chance that Jag could Xavier him out of the game. By Xavier, I mean boot him like Xavier did to Kyland.

And honestly, that’s probably the best game move for Jag (or Matt, if he flipped the script against Jag). Right now Jag or Matt are likely winning this game if they’re in the final 2, so evicting the other not only secures their resume, but it removes their competition. Bowie has 0 shot against either guy and Felicia may have some shot, but her resume is just not great. She would only be winning because of her age which I just don’t think would be enough to beat a comp beast or a deaf person. Felicia would almost certainly beat Bowie, though.

We’ll know more tonight when we see who won veto.

Feeds are down for the veto comp already so let’s get to updates..

Live Feed Updates For 11/03/2023
11/03/23 09:48am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Good morning, HGs.

Mama Fe sits by herself in the Comic. Bowie, and Jag lay in the HOH bed. Jag says Fe complained about being a pawn…but what did she expect. He says people have to earn things. He wasn’t sure what Cirie did to earn not being a pawn so many times. He says after the Izzy blowup happened, things changed for Cirie.

11/03/23 09:53am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Felicia hangs her face in her hands. She finally gets up and moves to the Scramble.

Maybe she is studying? She just stands and looks.

11/03/23 09:57am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Matt comes in from DR.

The 3 of them talk about The Professors. Bowie said she got stuck with the wro g crowd. The guys say Hisam said he didn’t want to be stuck with the old people.

11/03/23 10:02am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Fe eats mixed fruits. She cam talks.

She says the biggest move would be her winning the veto today! She says it will solidify her win for sure. She hopes it is something she can do! She says she is winning. “Don’t ask me how…but I’m winning!” She wonders who she trusts more…Matt or Jag?

11/03/23 10:07am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
She says she would think she could be enjoying the peace.

But it doesn’t feel good to be disregarded. The one she is going to keep is going to be the one that shows her the most regard. She says the other 3 are afraid to let each other have a one-on-one with the other.

11/03/23 10:11am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
HoH group talks about how Jared lied about Jag and Matt/Cory believed him at first.

Jag says Jared told him that there was something about him that makes people not trust him. Jag asks, “What about me makes people not trust me?” He says that was Jared’s own internal shit.

11/03/23 10:15am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Animal feeds are up! Time for the Veto comp!
11/03/23 10:16am (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Feeds down likely for veto comp!
11/03/23 12:33pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
And the winner of the power of veto is…. You guessed it… Jag
11/03/23 12:34pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia plays cards alone at the kitchen table
11/03/23 12:37pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag and Matt in the scary room

Matt said he made scrambled eggs for jag this morning which helped him win.

11/03/23 12:53pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Jag’s veto win means the week is over until Sunday.

No need for a veto meeting now. Jag will now decide if he wants an easy $750k or wants to risk it in favor of loyalty

11/03/23 01:18pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie and Matt in the HOH still raging on Felicia

Bowie says Felicia has been saying the problem with the evicted people is they worked with too many people, Bowie says “no that was her.” Bowie also says that they always made fun of her for crying when she was only crying because she (Bowie) didn’t have any friends

11/03/23 01:22pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Just updated the stats for the season. Felicia with 8 noms. Jag with 9 comp wins. Bowie tied Cameron for most HoH.

If Bowie wins the final HoH – which is very possible since round 3 is memory / mental – she will surprisingly have the most HoH of the season. What a wild turn that was

11/03/23 01:33pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Felicia is telling Jag the reality that I said earlier.

Jag basically has to choose between a sure win or friendship. While it’s likely Jag would beat Matt in the finale, the chances of Matt winning are significantly higher than Bowie or Felicia beating him.

11/03/23 01:37pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Fe and Jag in the scary room

Fe says she is tired of feeling irrelevant. fe said that Bowie doesn’t make people feel included and she doesn’t want to see her in the final 2 chairs. Jag says she needs to give Bowie more credit because she hasn’t seen the block. Jag says everyone is playing their own game because it’s brought them this far.

11/03/23 02:04pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Fe just walked out of Scary and said, “I don’t have no reason to lie.”

Then Jag said DAMN DAMN DAMN to himself. Going back to hear the convo now!

11/03/23 02:08pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Time stamps are not correct here: Fe tells Jag she has never made up lies to tell others things Jag said or did.

He just says hmmmm

11/03/23 02:26pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Jag tells Fe when she talks to him, he wants to believe her. Then he will talk to Matt and believe him.

He brings up the time Fe told him that Matt told Cirie he would target Jag. He says either she lied to him or Matt lied to him. Jag asks why Cirie would tell her that about Matt and not just come to him herself? Fe explains how Cirie always had other people doing the dirty work. (which is true) Jag tells Fe that Cirie SWORE on the bible that she did not tell Fe that Matt said he wanted Jag out. Fe says WHHHAAATT???? She is shocked! This is the convo that I came in on late. Fe told Jag before she left the Scary that she will get together with all of them and talk about the truth. She says she has not lied.

11/03/23 02:40pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Jag goes to talk to Matt in HOH.

He tells him Fe is throwing him under the bus…and even Cirie again.

11/03/23 02:55pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Bowie joins the boys.

She asked Jag if Fe has said she would target Jag? He says no. Bowie says, “She wouldn’t dare!” LOL I would pay to see a Fe vs FBJ cat fight!

11/03/23 03:00pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag: if there’s one person who just happens to stumble here (to the final 3) it’s her (Felicia)

The three of them are in the josh listening to Jag retell the Felicia conversion (with attitude). Bowie continues to say they’re all just sticking to the plan. Matt says he doesn’t want to look at Fe. Bowie says she doesn’t want to speak to her.

11/03/23 03:11pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Bowie tells Matt Jag won’t turn on him. Matt says he hopes not. They both giggle.
11/03/23 03:17pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Matt.says they talked about Jag delivering a Mafia speech.

He can tell Fe she is their final shot.

11/03/23 03:22pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Matt asks Bowie to steer Jag back if he starts to sway away.

Bowie says she will. Bowie says it “wouldn’t be a proper win if not.” Good job, Bowie!

11/03/23 03:44pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Fe tells upstairs “okay what’s everybody doing??”’

No response and no one comes down

11/03/23 03:49pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Fe goes up to the HOH

Jag is in the DR. Fe asks Bowie if she has any coffee drinks. She says yes, but she is saving them for the days there are comps in the house. Bowie goes to count how many she has

11/03/23 04:21pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Fe back in the comic room playing solitaire. Matt and Bowie continue to suck up to each other upstairs
11/03/23 05:12pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Felicia is sleeping in bed now.

Jag and Bowie are in the HoH bed and Matt chats from the couch. Matt can’t win Solitaire.

11/03/23 05:16pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
We are with ya, Mama Fe.


11/03/23 05:21pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Bowie is doing the math…”say we spent 24 hrs together for the last 2 weeks”
11/03/23 05:33pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
FBJ and Jag are falling asleep in the HoH bed.

Bowie is covering her nose with her sweatshirt. The cameraman is having fun zooming in and out, scanning back and forth between the two.

11/03/23 07:58pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Jag, Matt, and Felicia around the kitchen. Slow night as expected
11/03/23 08:14pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag, Matt and Bowie still in the HOH together

Bowie is saying maybe they’ll get alcohol tonight (she’s obsessed lol). They are clearly preventing each other from having individual talks today

11/03/23 08:40pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Fe dozing off in the comic room alone, with a picture of her family on the end table

It’s just sad they won’t even talk to her at all or leave the HOH room. Just ask her about the weather or something, she’ll still human!

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