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Big Brother 25 – Friday Feed Updates

September 29, 2023 | 53 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Friday in the Big Brother house and we’re finally back to normal. We have an HOH, we’ll have noms, veto, etc. And we’re going to need a lot of those in the next few weeks because we’re pretty behind in evictions so I expect another double eviction night and a double eviction week at some point.

For reference, the difference is, double eviction night happens in one night as we know. Week means they typically squeeze two evictions in the same week. When they do, they typically have an eviction on a Tuesday and have the feeds down until after the live show on Thursday.

Anyway, as you know, Cameron has won HoH and is officially in the jury. That also means Bowie is in jury, and almost certainly Matt and Jag. While Cam is saying his target is Felicia, this is the same guy who literally fooled everyone by pretending Jag and Blue were his noms last time he won HoH.

So, while we’re ‘supposed’ to see Felicia and Meme on the block today, just don’t be surprised if it’s two entirely different people. A Cirie and Blue or Cory and America are the other two options.

Live Feed Updates For 09/29/2023
09/29/23 07:44am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Good Morning houseguests

Cirie and Felicia in the bathroom speculating about Cams plan. Felicia tried to put together who Cam has talked to the most last week

09/29/23 09:13am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
I think Cirie went back to bed. Felicia cleaning up the kitchen everyone still sleeping
09/29/23 09:52am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Cirie up and in the kitchen, talking into her mic alone

She talks about how she misses Jared already. Sh says “Cameron, please go after Cory. I will pack his bags for you.” She said she could go happily after that…then she mumbled something about Felicia.

09/29/23 09:57am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Cam comes down.

Cirie says whatever he decides…she doesn’t have a pitch. He tells her she doesn’t need one.

09/29/23 10:01am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Felicia joins Cirie and Cam in the kitchen.

She compliments his new HOH hoodie he got, and starts complaining that she “didn’t get no hoodie.”

09/29/23 10:14am (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cory today!
09/29/23 10:14am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Happy Birthday Cory

I had it’s not bad luck like all the other ones in the house 😂

09/29/23 11:15am (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Cam talking with Felicia

He tells her she is the greatest persuader in the house and she denies it and says it’s Cirie (she’s right)

09/29/23 11:22am (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Felicia keeps pushing Cirie to him
09/29/23 11:36am (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Cory is now up in the HoH room. Cam is praising Cory which means him and America probably won’t be the sneaky option this week
09/29/23 11:56am (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Talks have broken up for now and Felicia is re-telling her conversation to Cirie (minus the throwing her under the bus part)
09/29/23 12:29pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Fe and Meme in the bathroom

Felicia says Cam told her she is going on the block. Meme says he told you that?? Well, Fe went up there saying her gut is telling her she is going up. Cam says “your gut has never been wrong.”

09/29/23 12:31pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Mama Fe says maybe this time she is his real target.

She hopes Cirie is next to her. She says she can make a campaign against Cirie. Meme has not said a word…just mmhhmm and hmmmm. Fe thinks she can get Blue. Meme finally says “oh, I don’t think so on her.”

09/29/23 12:39pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Fe says that Cam told her that she has been in the midst of all the plans in the house.

Meme says this is all gonna be a mess. She doesn’t say much. They wonder if Cam knows about the Cory/Am thing, but they are hearing that Cory is telling people Fe approached them about it. Fe says they all say “Felicia this, Felicia that.” Meme is going to get in line to talk to Cam.

09/29/23 12:45pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
America is in Comic with Cirie

America thinks the next comp will be Otev. Cirie asks what happens in Otev. America explains it pretty good. Then they talk about things to do for Cory. Cirie suggests having a debate or everyone give little speeches. America thinks he likes low-key stuff. Maybe debate why or why not Cory is a fly guy.

09/29/23 12:57pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Meme in HOH with Cam

She tells him as a fan of the show, he should be damn proud of himself. He says, “This whole house loves Meme.” He says she is good. He wouldn’t make “this move” if she wasn’t going to be good. Her scenario (him hinting she will be a pawn) will be ok, and for her to not get a weird feeling.

09/29/23 12:57pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Meme up in the HoH room

She asks him the vibe and he says he thinks she knows the vibe. He tells her she’s not in danger but it’s just a situation

09/29/23 01:13pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Oh god here come the fake tears from Blue. She’s talking to Cam in the HoH room
09/29/23 01:35pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Fefe makes her way back into the HoH room and asks him his strategy. How he sees himself getting to the end
09/29/23 01:38pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
She asks who he trusts in the house and he says that’s a weird question he won’t answer

She asks if he trusts her, he says he doesn’t trust anyone

09/29/23 01:40pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
She asks if he trusts her enough to play a game with her and he flat out says no
09/29/23 01:40pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
She asks if he trusts her enough to play a game with her and he flat out says no
09/29/23 01:45pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Felicia keeps telling him there is a bigger target this week. She says she’s is going to be very frank with him and hope it stays between them

and FEEDS CUT. Ugh. Yea we can’t have all the information.

09/29/23 01:48pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
I’m done with the feeds until noms. That really annoys me.
09/29/23 02:32pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Just cut to animal feeds.
09/29/23 03:34pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Feeds return with Cam, Jag, and Matt prepping food so I’m guessing no major shocker at noms
09/29/23 03:38pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Sounds like Meme and Felicia nominated as expected

I liked when Cam surprised everyone last time

09/29/23 04:36pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Matt and Blue on the hammock

Blue says as long as Cam is here, Matt and Jag are probably safe, but in the same sentence Cam will stay in too and HE IS GOING TO WIN!

09/29/23 04:42pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
cirie and FeliCa at the patio

Fe telling Cirie all the questions Cam asked him. Cam never told Fe that he was putting up Meme. Fe said she told cam after the noms that she doesn’t understand why he would pick Meme. Cam told her now she knows what it’s like to sit next to a friend.

09/29/23 04:42pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Felicia, Meme, and Cirie lounging in the backyard

Fe says Cam told her that Meme knew she would be OTB. Fe says she hates Meme was dragged into this. Cam told her he was on the block with his friend. Fe says it is all revenge.

09/29/23 04:43pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Fe recounts how Cam told her he didn’t trust her and wouldn’t tell her who the noms would be or that he doesn’t want her to be in jury
09/29/23 04:56pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie tells Cam she’d rather host the veto than play in it.

She says she doesn’t want to play because it will show her skill set “unless she is shit.”

09/29/23 05:04pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cam tells Bowie that Fe wanted to know who he trusted most in the game and he wouldn’t tell her.
09/29/23 05:07pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cory and Jag on the hammock

“This is not me saying we need to target blue next week but it’s kind of me saying it” -Cory talks about how Blue will win any endurance comp and is the biggest threat next to Matt/Jag/Cory/America (aka corys biggest threat)

09/29/23 05:12pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cory tells Jag that Blue wants to go to the end with women
09/29/23 05:33pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag and Matt in the HOH room

Something must have stuck, jag is trying to convince Matt that if they don’t take out blue soon, she’ll try to back door them.

09/29/23 05:40pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Feeds are cutting every few minutes

They are making snacks in the kitchen. Jag and Matt still in the HOH room

09/29/23 06:34pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie and Amer in the scramble room

America pitches an alliances with Cory,Matt,jag and Bowie. She trellis her that blue and cirie have been very close for the last two weeks.

09/29/23 06:36pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
They switch to talking mg about calories in a sweat tart rope

Bowie says she wants to bring one to her mom

09/29/23 06:41pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Alright, let’s see what’s going on with the feeds after a little nap

Blue upstairs being Blue with Jag, Cam, and Cory.

09/29/23 06:44pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Fe tells Cirie she doesn’t want to bullshit no more and doesn’t want to play

She says the hypocrisy and people just running upstairs makes her nauseous. He says next week no one will want to have a conversation with him because he (Cam) doesn’t naturally connect with people

09/29/23 06:49pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Most of the house hanging out with Cam in the HOH room sharing snacks
09/29/23 07:15pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Meme is making rice for the house(?). Seems mushy

Cirie and meme are hanging out downstairs

09/29/23 07:30pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie outside playing pool with the boys

Cirie still sitting alone in the kitchen

09/29/23 08:06pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Bowie, Jag, and Matt outside talking about how they want to just skate by in the middle of the Blue/Cory thing
09/29/23 08:09pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie, Jag, Matt by the pool table

Bowie tells the boys that America pitched an alliance together and said Jag was already on board. Jag says he is annoyed because he never really indicated that, but he just wants America/Cory to tell comfortable. He says they just need to be careful how they talk to people because they could put up anyone next week. Jag calls it a triangle of trust. (They are just assuming this week is over and moving on. Let’s hope they keep Felicia this week and vote of meme)

09/29/23 08:09pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
They all say they are “indifferent” to Cirie
09/29/23 08:12pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Note Cam finally has his hair in a single pony tail. Why does he not do this more often?
09/29/23 08:23pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
To summarize

Jag tells Matt and Bowie they really need to gun for HOH next week in order to take out Meme or Cirie. After that, they should let Cory or Blue win and take shots at each other. That way, another week in, they can win the next HOH (assuming my because they get more physical comps and they’re physical men) and take out whoever is left.

09/29/23 08:24pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Blue tells Cam that Fe and Meme have already asked if they can pick her to play in the veto
09/29/23 08:36pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Cory to Cirie in Comic

He is talking about “threats.” He says the one that has won 3 HOHs. (CAM) He says to move forward, he isn’t going to put Matt/Jag up next week. He is hinting the person that stays this week will be one that was put up by Cam.

09/29/23 08:40pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Dinner is ready. Everyone says HBD to Cory as they serve themselves.

There is some steak and some oxtail. Cirie helps Cory to know how to eat this…”gravy on the rice.”

09/29/23 08:46pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
“They are going to get Felicia Raw this week.”

Mama Fe whispers to Cirie…they sat in the living room to eat. She said she sat and watched all the guys suck up to Cam. She said she is “let them know!”

09/29/23 09:18pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
LOL..Cory and Cam out in backyard

Cory is using strategic talk on how BB twist, past seasons, etc etc. Cam just said he was play the game. He said BB doesn’t care…they make all these decisions just to make money. “They are just out here to make money.” – Cam Mr. Big interrupts with “You are not talk about production.” LOL

09/29/23 09:23pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Felicia overheard Blue telling Cam that she wouldn’t take her down. And now Blue is kissing some ass because she realized Felicia was nearby
09/29/23 09:24pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Blue tells Felicia she will take her down if she wins the veto.

Fe overheard her telling Cam she wouldn’t use the veto. Blue followed her to the Comic bedroom to say sorry she heard that, “but girl…you know I got you!”

09/29/23 09:28pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Fe says there are 6 females in the house and 4 males.

But she says Bowie is never gonna roll, and America isn’t gonna roll.

09/29/23 09:32pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Matt says he doesn’t ever do legs (weight training) the day before veto.

Be ready and stay ready, Mattie Ice!

09/29/23 09:49pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Cory walked out of the kitchen leaving Cam, Jag, and Matt.

Cam whispered, “Kids gotta go. He is driving me nuts.”

09/29/23 11:42pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Feeds have been down for about an hour or so. So, I’m off to bed! Big day for Felicia tomorrow
If you would like to see more feed updates, Visit our feed update page here
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