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A Carnival Game Is Only Fitting For Tomorrow

August 24, 2011 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Right now the house is practicing their new toy given to them by the Big Brother house today, and it will likely be used at some point tomorrow night during the double eviction episode.  I suppose this game is fitting for a few reasons, first it’s a basic carnival game that will fit right in with the fast paced episode that will happen tomorrow night.  Secondly, with Jeff sitting out and Daniele likely gone, the house probably feels they need to give the house guests a challenge that a 10 year old can compete in.. so this means anyone from Adam to Shelly has a legitimate chance to win… that’s assuming they both don’t throw it because they’re scared that Jeff will get mad at them for winning.

It appears they’re going to be practicing this all night, which will give Jeff’s ass a nice break from Adam’s lips, at least for a few hours.   Based on a few comments tonight, Jeff sounds like he’s tiring of Adam, so it will be funny when the choice is made for the final three and Jeff chooses Rachel over Adam.    I kind of feel bad for Adam, but he’s really digging his own grave in this game, so it’s his own fault when he’s in the jury trying to decide between Jeff or Jordan.

I’ll update this thread if anything exciting happens but like I said, right now they’re just practicing their new game, so that will keep them busy for a bit.

8:21 PM – Jeff talking with Rachel and Jordan about Shelly and Adam floating.  He said he told Adam that he has to pick a side.   This further proves how critical of a mistake it will be to side with Jeff tomorrow because Rachel has picked a side from day 1 and hasn’t swayed in Jeff’s mind.

8:23 PM – Jordan found Brendon’s little ducky in the HoH shower, so she ran and told Rachel who isn’t very happy about it.  They’re blaming Porsche, Dani and Kalia.

Rachel is on the warpath now, looking around for stuff to hide, trying to find more hidden stuff.  She’s not too happy a camper right now.  This is like high school shit.

So now she just hid something of theirs in the back of the public toilet.  This could get interesting as things are quickly deteriorating in the house.

Rachel looking for something to hide

… and now I heard a flush from the bathroom.

8:31 PM – Shelly asks what Rachel is doing “trying to find a tampon”, and now they’re talking about how she’s not having a heavy flow.  wtf.

8:34 PM – Now she’s in her room popping a pill.. xanax perhaps?    I can almost feel her rage right now..

8:38 PM – Rachel lets Shelly in that she found “quackles” but won’t say where.  She’s now mainly searching for her puppy, seems to have calmed down a bit, but still very upset.   I have to say, hiding stuff in general is a dumb thing, and whoever started the whole thing is stupid.   It’s very childish… not to sound all mature.. ugh, maybe I do sound old.

8:42 PM – Rachel called to DR, I hope they have enough time to squeeze in that DR session tomorrow.   Probably one of the only times I’d actually WANT to see her in the DR

8:48 PM – Sweat suit in the bathroom talking to Shelly about game talk.  Shelly told Porsche that Rachel found the duck, and she seemed a bit surprised by it.  Porsche knew where it was hidden, and is probably a bit nervous now.     Shelly said that they should give back the dog, but sweat suit said no.

8:56 PM – It seems like Shelly is fully siding with the girls, but in typical Shelly fashion, she’ll probably still try to play both sides.

9:00 PM – Ugh, listening to Sweat Suit and Shelly talk is painful.  They just keep talking over each other.. kill me.

9:11 PM – Porsche chatting with Dani about boring stuff.  Dani wrote a speech that is two parts, with the second being after she gets evicted.  I bet its’ going to be weaksauce.

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