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The Early Bird Gets The Peeps!

Big Brother 13 early bird dealThe Early Bird deal for Big Brother 13 is officially live right now!!  This means 2 things… 1) Big Brother is right around the corner now, and 2) You get to save a chunk of money if you sign up for a season pass now. $39.99 $29.99

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Be the first to witness some chick (pun intended) get nude on camera for the first time, or the first fight that would never air to the home viewers.   Know who wins challenges first, who wins head of household and a lot more well before everyone else does.  If you’re a Big Brother fanatic, this is a great option for you.

In addition:

I am also told that this year they will be introducing some new features for you.  Apple products will be supported this year (ipod, ipad, iphone, centipad?) for an additional $10.  This will allow you to take Big Brother 13 with you wherever you go and you wont’ miss a thing!  It will be pretty sweet to be in the park or on the beach still enjoying the summer while keeping tabs on all the drama that unfolds in the house.


note:  I know the peeps candy thing was lame, but it’s the first thing I could come up with!  Just make sure to click the link above if you are going to get superpass so you can support Big Brother Junkies through the summer long blogging session I’ll go through!

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