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The Final Round Of The Head of Household Is Set

Adam and Porsche played in round 2 of the 3-part head of household competition tonight, and the only thing that has come from it is that it’s now known that Adam will not be competing for the final HoH.   As I’m writing this, it is unknown exactly what the type of competition it was, but it did sound something athletic as they were timed.  My guess is it was a timed puzzle with something involving going underwater.

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So Porsche won round 2, and she”ll be facing Rachel in the final competition where the winner is guaranteed at least $50k by earning a spot in the final 2.  It’s really hard to figure out who’d each girl take with her to the finals, but it’s possible they could take each other, so this could have sealed Adam’s exit.

Round 3 will be Rachel versus Porsche, and it will likely take place on the live finale this Wednesday night after Survivor.

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  1. Comments (216)

    Why would that take each other? Right now, Rachel and Porsche each have 3 solid votes in the jury house, which means that if they take each other, it all comes down to Adam. And whoever makes the choice will have put him out of the house.

    If you take Adam, you have three solid votes, the other 4 are up for grabs, and you only need to win one of them.

    Why on earth would you send Adam out?

    • Comments (1276)

      That is just what I was thinking. From what I’ve seen so far, it sounds like Porsche and Rach are planning on taking each other. I think that both would be better off against Adam too. I’m hoping that if Porsche wins she takes Rach, and if Rach wins, she figures out the votes and therefor take Adam. Rach could even use the excuse that Porsche already got some money (Pandora’s box) so she’s taking Adam. But I have a feeling that the final 2 will be both girls.

    • Comments (406)

      Well, Porsche may be going for the hat trick of poor moves this summer 🙂 Both would be smart to take Adam, and that’s why he probably should be rooting for Rachel to win.

      I think Porsche will easily fall for the “If you don’t take me, I guarantee Brendon, Jeff,Jordan, and I will vote for Adam” line.

      • Comments (1276)

        agreed. but, if she really thinks about it, all of them will vote for Rach anyways, so the only difference there would be Rachel’s vote. I think Dani, Kalia, and more then likely Adam will vote for Porsche. Brendon, Jeff, would all vote for Rach. So really the only votes up for grabs would be Shelley’s, and since she isn’t a Rachel fan, Porsche probably has her vote. But if Porsche doesn’t take Adam he’ll probably vote for Rachel.
        Porsche’s best option would be Rachel winning round 3, and then once again she’s the one with blood on her hands. That is of course under the assumption that Rachel actually plans on taking Porsche. She might choose to take Adam and then it’s going to come down to if Dani really wants the strongest competitor to win or not. I have a feeling she’s going to vote on who she likes more, not who deserves it. And again, more then likely, Kalia will do as she says.

      • Comments (5)

        If you guys watch AD Adam made it easy for Rachel. He told her if she wins final HOH and takes Porsche that he’ll vote for Rachel. Rachel wins HOH she wins the game. Go Rach!

    • Comments (1)

      Adam had said whoever wins the final Hoh deserves to win it all. wouldnt he vote for that person?

      • Comments (5)

        He wasn’t as definitive with Porsche. He told Porsche if she won final HOH it would heavily inluence his decision but he told Rachel he definitely would vote for her if she won it. I think likely he would vote for whoever won it but there is a slight chance he might still vote for Rachel either way because she had to fight all season

      • Comments (216)

        That begs the question of whether he’s still playing the game.

        I haven’t given up on the guy yet. If he’s paying any attention, he knows that if the final HOH winner puts him out, he can then deny her the thing she needs to win — a fourth vote. Thus, if he’s really try to win, he’ll keep playing this game until after the final HOH. Then he will pull the winner aside and say, “if you kick me out, I’m giving her the 4th vote.” At that point, if the final HOH winner can count to 4, she has to keep him.

        But I’m not sure Adam has that in him. Has be been playing the nice-guy routine to a tee, or is he just a bumbling nice guy that lucked his way through? What he does after the final HOH will reveal which one it is, in my opinion.

  2. Comments (48)

    Rachel has said she prefers to be up against someone who is more competitive – that may be why she would take Porsche over Adam. I, myself, hope Rachel wins the final HOH and takes Adam.

  3. Comments (19)

    Adam needs to go for the 50K. Adam should convince Rachel she could lose if she takes Porsche but she will beat him easily. He should tell Porsche she has no chance against Rachel.

    How many votes would Adam get against either of them? What are these girls thinking. On AD it sure looked like it is a done deal that the girls are taking each other.

    • Comments (216)

      I agree with that, except I’m not sure why he would have to “convince” Rachel or Porsche she’s better off taking him. If he’s on the jury, then it sure seems as if Rachel (Jeff, Jordan, Brendan) and Porsche (Danielle, Kalia, Shelly) each have three votes — thus Adam decides who wins. All he has to do is promise to vote against the winner if she puts him out. At that point, she can evict him out of spite, but he can then pay her back by giving away her $450K. If she takes him, she only needs to win one of 4 votes, and none of the voters will have an especially strong tie to Adam.

      But I don’t know if Adam’s that Machiavellian.

      • Comments (1276)

        I could be wrong, but I’m thinking that the final HOH might loose a vote either way. Lets say Rachel takes Adam to the end, Porsche could do the same thing and say since Rachel didn’t take her, she’s voting for Adam, and Adam could do the same. It’s all going to come down to if the last person out is going to vote on a personal level or on a game level.

        Also, I’m still not convinced that Dani won’t vote based on the game. Now that she’s had a little time in the jury house, unless she’s going to go against what she’s said the entire time (that she want’s a competitor to win) then she’d have a hard time voting for Adam over Rachel. So again, that’s another vote that will come down to if she decides to vote on a personal level or a game level. I would hope (since I’ve always liked Dani) that she will vote like she said she would, but we’ll have to see.

        If the votes are based on game, Porsche and Rachel should both take Adam to the end. They both have a much better shot against him then each other. But from the way they’ve been talking, they are both going to do a dumb move, possibly costing themselves $450,000. I would think Rachel is a bit m ore strategic then that, and will take him. But Porsche, well, I still haven’t seen enough of her game play to know which way she’ll go.

      • Comments (216)

        “Lets say Rachel takes Adam to the end, Porsche could do the same thing and say since Rachel didn’t take her, she’s voting for Adam, and Adam could do the same.”

        I fully agree. In my view, the difference is that Rachel and Porsche each have three solid votes, and Adam doesn’t. So a threat by Adam to vote against the person who puts him out of the house is much more serious than a threat by Rachel or Porsche because Adam’s ability to decide the winner is pretty clear. If Rachel or Porsche makes that threat, the other can say “yes, but what are the odds the other three people in your alliance vote for the ultimate floater to win?” Again, if Rachel or Porsche is against Adam, she just has to pick off one vote. If it’s Rachel v. Porsche, then Adam clearly decides.

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