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final hoh competition

Final HoH Competition Live Thread

final hoh competitionIt’s going to be a long night tonight.  It’s the final HoH competition, and it’s a 3-part endurance challenge where all three will compete in the first.  The winner of the 1st round will advance to the 3rd round, with the two losers competing in the 2nd round.  The winner of the 2nd round will face the winner of the 1st round to see who will be guaranteed at least $50k.   If history is any indication, this could be a pretty long competition, but if this season is any indication, it will probably be short.


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7:09 BBT – Feeds back up, no update yet, all three still hanging in there.


7:11 BBT – Porsche said she’s trying not to puke, she ate a lot today.  Not a good competition for her to be in, could be a sign of an early exit if she starts yacking.

7:15 BBT – Adam already complaining about his legs hurting him.  He’ll easily be the first one out, it’s just a question if he can last more than 30 minutes or not.

It's been about 20 minutes, time for Adam to pass out

7:21 BBT – It’s been 6 minutes since Adam started complaining, new record?  However the feeds went to trivia so he may have jumped off.  Find out in a minute

7:25 BBT – Feeds still down.  My guess is Adam jumped, or they’re yelling at him for potential live feed sales they lose when he’s in an endurance competition.


7:27 BBT – Feeds back up – Adam is down

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7:35 BBT – Feeds went down again, but back up, Porsche looks like she’s ready to blow.  She may be next.

7:39 BBT – Feeds down again, Porsche looked like she was done, we’ll see.


7:42 BBT – Feeds up, it appears Porsche jumped down and Rachel won round 1 and will advance to round 3.   Adam vs Porsche in round 2

That’s all she wrote for tonight. Rachel is in the shower, and I’m hearing part 2 could be around Saturday or Sunday.

Rachel wins round 1.  Porsche vs Adam in round 2

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Here is the likely HoH winner confirming it’s likely over for the night..


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  1. Avatar

    Porsche likely would have smoked Jordan in this challenge… because you know, Jordan is useless in challenges.

    She will still be in it if she can beat Adam in part 2, but as you said last post she likely made a mistake. I don’t think she had a chance against Jordan, but she could have gotten her out this week after she won HOH. If she doesn’t win it it likely won’t matter.

    I hope she pulls it off. Despite her bad moves she has played a great social game. Not thrown people under the bus when she could, not let others bait her into fights that would serve no benefit, and has won when her back was against the wall and is really not far behind Rachel in competition wins and up until recently was outperforming Rachel big time once she was done with the golden key.

    And might I add she has done this with no one throwing competitions to her, and no producer interference to “help her out.”

    I truly think Porsche deserves to win. Rachel has had a good game these last two weeks, But she has been terrible before that. And she gave up because things weren’t going her way until production delivered a convenient Pandora’s box that only benefited her and Jordan, then a bunch of competitions that just happened to heavily favor her.

    Prior to that she was playing a horrible game, and the fact she stepped up after production saved her ass from certain doom doesn’t impress me.

    I do think she is the most likely one to win, but I don’t think she is the one who has truly earned it.

    Hell part of the reason she has such a good shot is she had an alliance with three guaranteed votes. But she didn’t create that alliance, it was hand delivered to her on day 1 when the vets all came in together.

    • Avatar
      Bobby Joe (19 comments)

      Porsche kept Rachel because she believed Rachel would likely take her to the final two and Jordan wouldn’t. Why put your fate in the hands of someone else? Why keep someone that you know will beat you in physical competitions? Keep the person you know you can beat and win so nobody gets to decide your fate.

      She was stupid when she opened Pandora’s Box, nobody forced her. She was stupid when she kept Rachel and that was just proven.

      I don’t think any of the three had a great season but if I had to pick one I would pick Rachel.

  2. Avatar

    Boy are you a fan of porsche. Are you serious saying that she won “almost” as much as rachel? And if production had a hand on in… wouldn’t you say, or at least blame porsche for opening pandora’s box when everything was going their way? The truth is she made a mistake for 5,000 dlls. She wasn’t even counted in her own alliance. She may have won a few competitions recently but her greatest mistake was evicting jordan instead or rachel. In other words, she is the usual dumb blonde. She is counting most people hate rachel and would vote for her to win… but she will be surprise how many jury members who “respect” the game will have no choice but to hand rachel the prize. you’ll see.

    • Avatar
      COZI711 (4 comments)

      I’m with you TB!! I wonder what show Dan is watching?? Porshe special! She’s a twit!! I guess he doesn’t recall her stealing and hiding things that belong to the other HG!! Putting stuff in their drinks!! Acting like she is high school!Idiot!!! She definitly hasn’t won as many competitions as Rachel!! She should have hit the door a long time ago!! Rachel is a winner!!

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      Personally I want Rachel to win, I think she’s faught harder then the rest to still be in the game. I do love Adam too, and for all I know, he might have just been sitting back for most of the game until he had to play to win.
      I will give Porsch one thing, since she’s been playing (since she didn’t for the first half of the game with the gold key) she’s been doing pretty well. She came in 2nd what… 4 times before winning anything. Granted that does translate to she couldn’t beat the people who at that time were in the house, but they (other then Rachel) are all in jury now, so she outlasted all of those. But all in all, she has stepped up her game.

  3. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    I want Adam to win. I think he’s played one of the best games I’ve seen. He knew he couldn’t win competitions consistently, and also knew that winning a lot just makes you a target. So he made himself the short blade of grass, was genuinely nice to people, and was able to float back and forth without pissing people off. He definitely got the most mileage out of what he had.

    Rachel won the most competitions, but I can’t get over what a bad loser she is. It’s all a game when her side is in control, but when the shoe is on the other foot, she crumples into a corner and cries about how the world is against her.

    Aside from the bad decisions, Porsche is just forgetable. (Can we please dispense with the ad hominems? She made really bad decisions, but do we have to make it personal?)

  4. Avatar
    Amanda (1 comments)

    Rachell Played a amazing game she deserves to win this!!!!!Good Job RACHELLLLLL:)

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