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Hold On To Your Horses – Eviction Tonight!

July 28, 2011 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means?  It’s live eviction night in the Big Brother house!

It’s been a very entertaining week in the house, easily the best so far, despite what CBS has aired for you to see.  Despite what you had to witness on Sunday night’s episode, the house is actually not the Brendon and Rachel show.   Our annoying love birds took a back seat this week to the bombshell that was Daniele vs Jeff.

It all started when Daniele forgot to realize that people actually talk in that house.  See, she tried to forge this plan to get Brendon and Rachel to backdoor their day 1 allies Jeff and Jordan, and in Daniele-land, her plan did make a lot of sense.   Split up the former winner and her strong boyfriend, all while keeping her ally in the game (Dominic).  What she didn’t expect is that Brendon and Rachel want to come in 3rd and 4th behind Jeff and Jordan, so they ran and told them which set off the fireworks.

Jeff, not really known for his words, pretty much went off on Dani quite a few times this week.  A lot more than the episode will show tonight, if it shows it at all.  He was pretty harsh, but at the same time, he’s a funny bastard so it’s hard to bash him on it.  He’s blunt and always has be cracking up when he gets pissed, so it’s actually enjoyable to me, but probably not so much to be on the receiving end of it.

Yesterday afternoon, the house got together to try and get along again, but that seemed to blow up a bit as it turned into a Jeff bashing Daniele session, in addition to all the secrets of the house just getting out in the open.   Shelly’s partnership with the vets,  Kalia siding with Daniele,  Jeff forming alliances to get into the final 8, etc.  It took everyone by surprise, but I don’t think it really changed the house dynamics, despite what was felt after it was over.

Daniele approached Dominic and told him she had Shelly’s vote, and they needed to work on Porsche to try and turn the tide in the house.  Needless to say, Dominic spent the last 24 or so hours giving his best Keith impression by trying to ‘woo her’, but last reports indicate that it is still failing.   Either Porsche is a super strong player and has some elaborate plan I have yet to figure out, seduced by Rachel’s beautiful voice (gah!), or is too stupid to figure out that sticking with 2 real life couples will get her 5th place at best.   I’d like to think it’s the former, but logic is telling me it’s the latter.. and I certainly don’t mean Rachel’s glass cracking voice.

Here is how I see the house right now:

In Control

Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel


Porsche, Shelly

Soon Be Talking To Julie

Dominic, Daniele, Kalia

Floaters Content With Jury

Adam, Lawon


Here is how I see the vote going tonight:

Jeff:  Dominic
Jordan: Dominic
Brendon:  Dominic
Porsche: Dominic
Shelly: Dominic
Daniele: Adam
Kalia: Adam
Lawon: Dominic

Not voting:  Rachel, Adam, Dominic


Is Porsche stupid and cannot see she has no chance siding with the veterans?  Yes

Why would Shelly vote for Dominic when she said she wouldn’t?  Is she stupid?  I don’t think she’s stupid, she at least realizes she’s not going to see the money with the vets, but she has no chance other than to vote for him tonight because Dominic simply doesn’t have the support for Shelly to put her neck out there.

What about Lawon?  Why would he betray Dominic?  Floaters gotta float!   Same reason as Shelly, he’s not going to become a target for the sake of Dominic.

Fact of the matter, in order for Dominic to stay in the game, it would take Porsche.  That’s not going to happen.   She’s super best friends now with Rachel until she’s back-stabbed, and I think Porsche is at the point where she’s just happy to be where she is.   Like Cassi, she got her exposure, it’ll increase her earning potential when she leaves the house, and you never know, she has the chance to make more outside the house than actually winning it.  (Playboy, etc)

Winning Head of Household:

This is one of the biggest head of household challenges the house has seen so far this game, and it may also be the longest.    There are many rumors it will be an endurance challenge that will likely last longer than the live show, so if you want to see the results, you can see it live by watching the live feeds (click here for the feeds).

If this is indeed an endurance challenge, history in most shows I’ve seen ends up favoring the women.  The fact is, women have less weight to hold up, and the girls inside the house (minus Kalia) are pretty strong, so I’d fully expect a woman not named Kalia to win tonight.  That means Jordan, Daniele or Shelly.   Daniele knows she has to win, and is fantastic in endurance challenges, so my guess for the next head of household:

Daniele Donato

Julie also said there will be another twist tonight, which I expect is more than the keys being taken away.  My guess is that teams are split up and possibly re-shuffled.  I’d like to think they’d stay solo after tonight, but I’m strongly leaning towards a reshuffle and you can not have your former partner.

Live Feeds:

My Thursday ramble is done, again, tonight is likely an endurance challenge so if you want to see who wins, you need to pick up the feeds.   Here is what you get:

  • 3 days free access
  • $10 music downloads a month from Rhapsody
  • Access to clips from any point this season.  Just enter a date and time, and you can see anything that’s happened.
  • Live shows talking about Big Brother a few times a week

Really, I thought I was going to wing it and not pick up the feeds, but I am very happy I did.  They are great if you’re a Big Brother fan, and I know you are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!

Pick Up The Live Feeds Here


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