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Monday Feed Updates – Veto Ceremony Results 9/18

September 18, 2023 | 60 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Monday in the Big Brother house which means it’s the last day of the week until eviction on Thursday! By last day, I obviously mean the last day of any official activity by production. If you’re new, once the veto meeting ends, the players just sit around until eviction night unless they are given a twist (which none will be happening this week).

Today is a big day for Cam and he almost certainly will find himself on the block by the end of the meeting. Jag is almost certain to use his veto and Jared will almost certainly put Cam up as the replacement. He tried really hard to prevent that from happening yesterday as he pulled anyone with ties to Jag/Jared aside, but his pitch just didn’t stick. It really wasn’t that good, so it’s no surprise.

As you saw him pitch to Jared on the CBS episode last night, he used a lot of personal stuff how he had to make it to jury for his daughter and while I’m sure people understand, the reality is they all want/need the money. Honestly, I’m not even sure what pitch Cam could have given to remain in the house. He also tried the ‘America and Cory are dangerous duo’ pitch, but most still think he’s more dangerous.

The reality is that Cam went after a close ally of a tight group and one of the members of the tight group won the next HoH. When that happens, it’s just bad luck and there isn’t a whole lot you can do.

Alright, here are the ceremony results – Jag saved Cory. Cam is the replacement

Live Feed Updates For 09/18/2023
09/18/23 09:34am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Good Morning Houseguests

Bb let the players sleep in a bit this morning. Bowie and Cirie doing some stretches in the yard.

09/18/23 09:40am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag and Matt in the have not room

Jag tells Matt that Felicia asked him to tell her everything that happened last week. Jag said he told her all the events of the flip. Felicia said people (Jared and Cirie) told her that she had their votes and she was straight up lied to. Felicia said there was a shift that happened and she needs to sort a lot of stuff out. Jag invited her to chat anytime. Jag is excited because Felicia no longer trusts Jared/Cirie. Matt says he’ll try to chat with her today.

09/18/23 09:44am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag and Matt talk about how they aren’t comfortable working with Meme because they can’t trust her to vote with them.

They agree they need to talk to her more. (Jag tried to talk with meme last night, but in my option he thinks too highly of the outcome. Meme didn’t give him any information and Jag just reiterated how they should take “a big shot” next week.”)

09/18/23 09:47am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag and Matt agree that maybe they shouldn’t throw the HOH comp (great idea)
09/18/23 09:56am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Meme and Felicia in the comic room

They discuss trusting their gut. Felicia says she has felt 3 times that Cirie has been trying to sabotage her game. Meme says that Cory and America are down to flip on Jared because they are noms and Jag is down because Jared used him to start the big fight last week. The girls talk about the Red vote and how Cirie tried to flip them last minute. They talk about how they never wanted to get all these people in a room and talk because they were lying.

09/18/23 10:02am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia has joined Cirie and Bowie in the workout
09/18/23 10:05am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Matt and America in the bathroom

Matt tells America that Cirie is saying Cory/America created the FRFR alliance. America says that it was Cirie and Izzy and Matt believes her. Matt shares what Jag was saying concerning Felicia’s trust. America warns Matt not to believe anything Cam says this week as she stays on the block.

09/18/23 10:18am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
America and Meme in the bathroom

America says she is okay being next to Cam on the block, but is still a bit nervous. She warns meme that Cam has already been campaigning for the veto not to be used and saying Cory is a big competitor. Meme says she feels like she is on an island after last week. America tells Meme how Felicia approached her and Jag in the bathroom last night. America says all she can do now is tell the truth. She tells Meme how the fight started because Jared just lied about Jag flipping. Meme clears up that she wasn’t the one that told Felicia (it was Cam).

09/18/23 10:22am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Meme and America make fun of Cam for calling Izzy “classless” after all the stuff he has said in the house
09/18/23 10:26am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Matt and Jared in the HOH room

They joke about us Jared doesn’t put Cam up today Jared should just help everyone pack their bags. Matt says he wants to win HOH so bad next week.

09/18/23 10:34am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia and Bowie in the comic room

Felicia asks Bowie if Red called Felicia a liability. Bowie said she never heard it that way. Felicia says she has had a lot of conversations this week that Jared/Cirie was never on her side and the whole argument was based off on Jared being upset they were keeping her. Bowie adds that someone (Cirie) is making rumors up. Felicia says she is starting to believe Cirie/Jared are manipulating conversations. Felicia says they were never going to tell her about the vote. Bowie says that why she was so upset and she can’t believe anyone. Felicia says she doesn’t know what she is going to do.

09/18/23 10:37am (5 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Felicia and Bowie in their room

Felicia says she now realizes she has to take what others say to her with a grain of salt. (Duh!) She says she was just believing what people were telling her. Cirie tells Bowie she has always trusted Bowie. They are thinking all the distrust has been coming from all the lies. Mama Fe says she is now starting to trust Matt and Jag.

09/18/23 10:39am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia says she trust Matt,Jag, Meme, Cory and America

Cirie walks in. They change the conversation to Cam campaign

09/18/23 10:48am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Veto ceremony should be soon. BB just provided a time warning
09/18/23 10:53am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie tells Bowie that everyone has been talked about at some point in the house. She says Bowie was the “stalker” or the “popper upper” in every conversation
09/18/23 11:02am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Blue and Jared by the pool table. Jared had a dream about Blue cheating on him with his friend

Bowie and Jag in the lounge area.

09/18/23 11:04am (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Animal Feeds
09/18/23 12:01pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Feeds Back

Felicia tells Bowie she think this week will be a double eviction

09/18/23 12:03pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Everyone getting ready for a pool day

Cirie and Meme chat outside. Cirie is telling Meme that America/Cory were the reason Felicia didn’t have the votes last week before the flip. Cirie says the Meme knew about everything including all the alliances she wasn’t in. Meme said she “didn’t know know” but she knew people joked around. Cirie says “wow I swore you knew”

09/18/23 12:06pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag and Matt in the scary room

They talk about connecting with meme and Felicia again. They talk about how the pitch should just be about building trust with who is left in the game

09/18/23 12:11pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie tells that she “knows shit about everyone of these mo-fos” but she isn’t going to move like that.

Cire tells meme she has to win HOH or everyone is going to target Jared

09/18/23 12:12pm (5 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Cirie and Meme outside

Cirie says how bad she wants to win HOH. Meme agrees saying they are going to have to drag her out of their comp. Cirie admits she didn’t really want to win in the beginning. Cirie says she knows things about all the HGs she could lay out on the table, but she won’t. Felicia joins them. The 3 of them talk about one of them need to win HOH Thursday.

09/18/23 12:18pm (5 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Cirie, Meme, and Felicia count votes

Seems as if Cam is on the block with America. (not verified yet) because Cirie says she won’t believe it until he is out on that stage. And while they count votes, they do not count America.

09/18/23 12:47pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag used the veto on Cory. Cam is the replacement nominee
09/18/23 12:53pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Matt, Jag and Jared in the HOH room

Matt listening to music. Jag eating snacks. Jag speculated that Cam is going to go crazy this week to stay.

09/18/23 01:02pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie and America lay by the pool

Bowie is asking America about the middle man alliance. They both are so confused.

09/18/23 01:05pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
America says they can’t be roped back in with Cirie. She says she feels good with Bowie.

Bowie says she feels the same way and another week of voting together will really help things.

09/18/23 01:17pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cory and America hang by the pool
09/18/23 01:23pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cory tells Jag and America

He says Jared is just covering his own ass and wants to work together. Cory said he asked Blue, but she didn’t add much to the conversation. Cory says he is going to try and backdoor Jared (bad idea). He says he’ll do Cirie and Felicia. Jag tries try’s to warn against it.

09/18/23 01:26pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cory- “I’m starting to agree with Jag. Maybe I should just do Jared and Cirie.”


09/18/23 01:33pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cory throws out the idea of convincing Cirie to throw the HOH.

It’s jag, America,Cory and blue outside. They want to convince her that she wouldn’t be the target- but they at least realize she’ll probably see right through it.

09/18/23 01:53pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia tells America that she appreciated when America told her the truth when she didn’t have the votes

Felicia- “how do we move forward?”

09/18/23 02:08pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia tells America and Jag they need to target C & J next
09/18/23 02:16pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
America tells Cory and Felicia how Izzy told her directly “she (Izzy) didn’t need her vote” hours before the vote.
09/18/23 02:24pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Stepping away for dinner

Large group pretending not to nap outside in the lounge chairs while Blue, America’s, Jag hang by the pool. The yard closes tonight at 7 so they’ll likely be outside the rest of the afternoon.

09/18/23 02:44pm (5 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Nap Time outside lol. Meme also passed out
09/18/23 02:55pm (5 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Jag talking with America by the pool and they say that Cirie is a snake
09/18/23 02:56pm (5 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
He asks her ideal squad and she says her, Cory, Jag, and Bowie
09/18/23 03:41pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag and Cam chill in the lounge chairs

Cam jokes that they didn’t have to go through such theatrics to get America out this week.

09/18/23 05:00pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Blue, Jared, and Felicia making dinner

People still sitting around outside

09/18/23 05:02pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
What do you think?

Every year I feel like we are set up perfectly for the double eviction. The whole house has a target, but the target (or their mom) wins the HOH. Will we get the Cirie/Jared nom next week?? Am I excited for nothing?

09/18/23 05:29pm (5 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Group fun

Everyone is outside! They are joking and laughing. Cory’s birthday is on the 29th. He said he wants a perfect reenactment of Red’s birthday. Felicia says she will give him a lap dance! Ha! Bowie’s birthday is after Cory’s. Someone mentioned Matt in a speedo for her lapdance. She said she would take that for sure!

09/18/23 07:01pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Feeds have been down for a while

Right before the cut Felicia sitting outside with Cirie. Cirie apologized to felicia for not standing up for her as a friend before the vote

09/18/23 07:03pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag, Blue, and Matt in the scary room

They talk about throwing HOH again. Blue says if they throw it, they are guaranteed jury. Blue wants to target Bowie as a “wasted HOH” so they can get to jury and not show their cards

09/18/23 07:12pm (5 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Blue says if anyone takes out Jared she wants it to be her. Sure.
09/18/23 07:13pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jared and Cirie in the HOH room

Jared says they have to get Jag out next. Cirie agrees and says he is the connection to everything. Jared says Meme needs to win. Cirie thinks she doesn’t try

09/18/23 07:15pm (5 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jared thinks Jag and Cory will be going after Felicia soon

He thinks Jag is going after Cory and then Jared

09/18/23 11:23pm (5 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Checking in before bed. Feeds have been down a lot tonight. Not sure what is going on. They come up for a bit but go back to the BRB message
09/18/23 11:37pm (5 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Feeds return and Jared in kitchen. So, not sure why down so long tonight
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