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Nomination Ceremony Results

August 12, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Adam the pawnSo the very strange week in the Big Brother house continued with a strange nomination tonight by Daniele.  Honestly I feel like I’m watching a different game than these people are playing at times.  First the Lawon thing instead of Jordan, and now this?    Tonight Daniele decided it was her best decision to put up two pawns (Shelly and Adam) in order to get out her real target, Brendon.

Her theory is that this will get these two to play, and try to win veto to try and take themselves off.  This way when they do, they put up Brendon.  He goes home.  Right?   Wrong.

What confuses me is that Daniele forgets that she doesn’t have the votes for this move.    Shelly will probably vote for Brendon to stay, and Adam probably would as well, I think.  Either way, when you have an alliance of 4 against you, and it really doesn’t matter which of the 4 go home, you do what you did last time Daniele was HoH, you put up 2 and replace with another if one wins veto.   Kalia majorly screwed up her week, but now it seems it’s rubbing off on Daniele.   I said Daniele was the smartest player in the house on twitter, but now I’m regretting it.

7:19 PM – Shelly and Rachel kind of going at each other now.  Rachel is calling out Shelly on stuff she’s said. Brendon steps in and calms down the situation… screw you Brendon, we want drama!

7:25 PM – Shelly left and Rachel instantly starts going off on not trusting Shelly.

Porsche rocking that sexy jumpsuit

7:36 PM – It sounds like things aren’t all happy-go-lucky in the fab four alliance right now.  I think Shelly’s house of cards is crumbling around her between both alliances, but she may have worked up Rachel in the process.   I am hearing a ton of talk about Shelly tonight by both sides.

7:41 PM – Rachel said Shelly has been talking all types of ‘mean shit’ like she has no self esteem. Sounds like she’s speaking the truth.  Brendon came out and said she (Shelly) has been playing both sides this whole time, while Jordan keeps saying she’s ready to leave the house.  Reason #1 you don’t bring in former winners, they don’t have the same desperation to win.  Jordan comes out again with her America’s Player theory she’s mentioned a few times.  It’s pretty funny to hear her mention it a lot.

Feeds down because they are talking about the show and speculating on whether or not those newbies actually knew each other and stuff.  Hate when feeds drop so often, so I’m going to take a break, eat something and watch a little tv. I’ll update this thread when I return!

9:07 PM – Back from a break but nothing really happening right now.  Adam chatting with Jeff and Jordan about random things and Kalia, Daniele and Porsche are still up in the HoH room chatting.  Porsche did say something about how Brendon and Rachel are trying to get her bed so they can be together but she’s not giving it up.

9:11 PM – Daniele just found out that Brendon heard about the good-bye messages will make things even more awkward between them all.

The feeds just went whacky for a little bit and showed Shelly breaking down to Daniele, wow she’s not doing well at all.   Kind of feel bad for Shelly but not only did she choose to become a 5th wheel, but then decided to try to play all sides of the house.  Daniele is having a bad game, but Shelly may be worse.

Feeds appear to be back to normal, and Kalia talking about Rachel and Brendon having sex in random places of the house, while they claim they’ve only done it in the HoH room.

9:20 PM – Kalia said she went outside and saw Rachel and Brendon laying in the hammock with him sleeping and her just staring at him.   When he woke up and saw that, she said “I am just so happy you’re back.  We were separated but America loves us and wanted us back together!”  so now the girls are making fun of how he was only gone a week and she acted like he was dead.    Now they’re watching him in the kitchen eat all the food, and saying they want the whole thing to just be an episode of punk’d.

— On a strategy note, Porsche just asked what is going on.  She confirmed the plan is that whoever gets off the block votes out Brendon (assuming one of ‘their side’ wins PoV).  I am still not really buying it, especially if Shelly wins PoV.  I can’t really see her going against her buddies.

9:26 PM – Brendon and Rachel are really trying to steal Porsche’s bed because they can’t possibly sleep in different beds for a few nights.   However, Porsche said no, so now they’re going to ask Kalia to sleep with Porsche so they can have her bed.

9:31 PM – Now Rachel wants to sleep in bed with Porsche and Brendon.  She’ll really do anything so she can lay next to her wonderful FIANCE!

I’m heading to bed, I hope for some good drama to wake up to tomorrow!  Night junkies!

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