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And The Nominees Are….

July 10, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

It’s Sunday night, and you know what that means!  We get to (officially) find out who the pair nominated for eviction this week are!    We also get to see Dick’s last actions in the house before he mysteriously disappears, and after watching tonight, the show is really going to miss him this summer.

The episode started with some basic strategy talk, and the newbies looking cute trying to form their own alliance.  Dominic gets a boner when he even names themselves “The Regulators”.  There really is nothing worse than a forced alliance, and you can always spot one when they give themselves a name 2 minutes after agreeing to be one.

Gooooo Fail Alliance!

In addition, tonight’s episode was all about Rachel.  Whether she was doing her annoying laugh in the diary room, showing off the HoH room nobody cared about, talking about plastic surgery, trying out her acting chops by (horribly) reading from a card, or announcing the nominations at the end.  If you’re a fan of Rachel (why?), this was definitely an episode for you.

As I touched on earlier, this episode was also about Dick basically doing what he does best, playing the game.  Right away he started pulling people to the side and instantly created dissension among the noobs.  First he got into Porsche’s head, then worked on Adam, both played it off cool but deep down got a little turned on being pulled aside by the great Dick… that sounds wrong. Again, I hate that he left the game, I really do.  There is nothing more refreshing than someone who says the things I think about like “Who cares about the HOH room?”.  I always hate when they pile around the door to kiss the head of households ass.

Keith looks like he's done this before. Dominic too

Tonight was all about the “haves” and “have nots”.  This is a competition where the losers become “have nots” for the week, and are forced to sleep in a white padded room with light on 24/7, while living off of slop, and the “haves” get to eat well, sleep well, and pretty much have a damn good week in the house.   The competition was fun, and kind of creepy to watch as half the time we watched as Keith basically dry humped both Adam and Dominic.    All the “fuck me eyes” paid off for that team, however, as they were the second team to finish forcing Kalia, Lawon, Cassi and Shelly to enjoy a fine sleepless week of slop.

Finally, it was time for the nominations, and if you’ve been following the spoilers on this blog, or the live feeds, you already knew what was happening, but for those who didn’t, team Keith and Porsche were officially nominated for eviction with the intent of sending Mr Dry Humper home while giving Porsche the golden key.

Who will be going home this week?

The show on CBS resumes this Wednesday at 8pm est, and they will likely give a brief explanation of Dick’s departure, but we will probably hear the better reason by Dick as he also gets to promote his website in the process.   Speaking of, based on his title, should I walk around calling myself “Website CEO”?

If you want to find out exactly why Dick did leave, make sure you follow me on Twitter or Facebook because I’ll be posting it as soon as I hear something.

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