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Porsche Gets A Second Chance, Will She Blow It Again?

Now that the dust has settled, we have confirmations on where the house stands.  Here is what happened since Adam won HoH:


Jordan and Porsche were nominated

Porsche won the power of veto

Because Porsche won the veto, this means tonight on the live show, she will use the veto to save herself, and then (according to her) evict Jordan from the house.  This is where Porsche stood last night, and her reasoning was because “Jordan won before”.   Things can change over the course of 12+ hours, and for Porsche’s sake, she should hope so.


It’s almost a fact that tonight’s HoH competition will be some type of endurance challenge, and to keep Rachel in the game over Jordan will rank up there as one of the most foolish moves in the game this season.  I’d actually put it higher than opening Pandora’s Box, mostly because she somehow survived that and is still planning on making another dumb move.

While Porsche still may end up winning HoH, she’s clearly choosing the bumpier road to get there.  If this is a result of Rachel getting it in her head that she needs to go up against the best to be the best, it’s yet another reason Rachel should win this season if she’s in the finals.  Rachel hasn’t even practiced what she preaches, yet Porsche can’t see that and is still taking her?

We’ll know for sure what happens during the live show, and tonight appears to be a long tonight, so make sure you’re following on facebook or twitter to receive updates through the endurance challenge, or watch it on superpass yourself (free for 3 days)


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  1. Avatar
    Robyn (11 comments)

    That is what I was thinking! WHY would she not take Jordan. I really don’t think she would win over Porche, but if she keeps Rachel, then she is likely out. As much as I want Jordan to stay, I think Rachel deserves to be there.

    • Avatar
      john darocha (3 comments)

      Rachel does deserver it but bb is about who has the most respect in the end and rachel’s character with brendon their has been questioned but with out him she’s awesome. Adam might actually do this (i can’t beleive how brutally short endurance has been) because he doesn’t need endurance to win it all! no boby knows more about the show than me and adam. Adam will kill the skills and cruise to a f2 with rachel and win 4-3 votes!
      i love rachel and Toronto!!
      bb13 rocks! next year new cast tho no choice!
      I will be on it this first toronto native!
      Might have to gain weight to look useless so i can float all year lmao!
      If the vets stayed together or dick never left this show would of had a more deserving f3!
      thank you dani for choosing to get brendon out twice! then joining him right after! if you slay the dragon u become the dragon get slayed like you and jeff and shelly all did! always make sure theres a bigger target or targets than you in your alliance! key to bb! superfan buff im out

  2. Avatar
    john darocha (3 comments)

    P has no choice but to go with her gut in this case. Rachel might actually bring p to the final 2 because they have actually rekindled their friendship.J voted for p to go home and she remembers that, every time they bring up the veto or who p wants to vote production continuely shuts them down, resukting in countless pointless conversation about bacon…J has won everyone knows that, I’m shocked they waited this long to use it against her. R has 3 vet votes for sure and all she needs is one more from a newbie shockerrr!!! J simply doesn’t get it done when it counts and eveyone else did(or did she already get it done bb11)andshe also looks depressed in the house>misses jeff<! either way j will go home because p has a reason to send her home simple as that no blood no harm!
    Racheal all day (likely finishes in 2nd tho) shelly may decide it all because that comment racheal said about her playing the best game really boosted morale as illustrated when she used it against Jeff in the jury house.

    Dani was this years sabatour or doesn't it almost seem that way no heart and alot of insecurities.

    fast fact 5/7 girls in the house have implants!
    Rachel and brendon have won 15 comps and $0 on the show
    Britney still thinks she played a good game last season lmaoooo… Ya your in a house with 6 guys and you know one red kneck ummmm ya ur gettin played!

  3. Avatar
    john darocha (3 comments)

    LMAO k tried to make f4 deals when there’s 5 people left! She also votes out adam and then tells him to make a big move! well cowlia i love my big girls, but not when they have big mouths for only talking!lol if you know whatI mean… Dick got sik guldbladder or something(pleas mind my spelling long night)! Dani never would of switched if dick never left. JR should have kept shelly cuz porche did brutal in the questions! p is a good competitor at times when shes not stuffing her face with face food! her pants berely fit . best moment was dani being called a bitch by rachel classic! most embarrassing competitor was monet lol hater of the year award winner for sure!(thank god she sucked at comps and got elimanated easily)
    go R Go
    later bb addicts
    buff bb superfan

  4. Avatar
    Rachel (6 comments)

    I’m sorry but is anyone else having trouble following the last three comments? I read all three of them with my brow all puckered. Made my head hurt! God bless you for writing comments but I feel like they were all over the place.

  5. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (19 comments)

    I agree that Porsche would be an idiot to keep Rachel and get rid of Jordan. She would likely win any physical challenge against Jordan and Adam, while her chances against Rachel are slim.

    What can she be thinking?

    • Avatar
      Qtown (5 comments)

      I think Porsche believes that Rachel and Adam would both take her to final 2.( I think she’s right)
      Therefore if she truly believes that than taking Rachel assures her of final 2 no matter who wins. If she takes Jordan( and remember Jordan has on a final 3 HOH before) Jordan would take Adam to final 2 and Adam might even take Jordan. So, basically if her belief is correct( and again I think it is) taking Rachel gives her 100% chance at final 2 as opposed to a 33 or 66% chance. I think evicting Jordan is the correct move for her. I hope she does and I hope rach wins it all

      • Avatar
        Faust (216 comments)

        I’m not sure I’d be so confident that Rachel would take me. Porsche and Rachel each have three solid votes in the jury house. So if Rachel takes Porsche, then it’s a toss-up for Adam’s vote.

        Adam, however, doesn’t really have a coalition in the jury house, and Kalia certainly isn’t going to feel any alliegance towards him. So if Rachel takes Adam, there are 4 votes up for grabs, and she only needs one of them. If Rachel takes Porsche, she has to go 1-for-1. So I think Rachel will take Adam if she gets the chance.

        No idea what Adam will do — probably takes Rachel or Jordan.

        Jordan probably takes Adam over Porsche for the same reasons as Rachel.

        So the deck is probably stacked against Porsche either way. Or at best, there is a lot of mystery out there. Her only safe route is to win the final HOH, and kicking Rachel out is a no-brainer on that.

      • Avatar
        Qtown (5 comments)

        I don’t disagree with you too strongly, but either way I do think Porsche thinks Rachel would take her and if that is her belief then evicting Jordan would make sense.

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