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Reminder: Early Bird Sale Ending Soon

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Look, if you’re a Big Brother fan you’ve probably seen the offer a billion times over.  Every site is begging you to sign up to the live feeds through them for the simple reason that it helps support that site.  We get a cut, and that’s why some spam the crap out of the live feeds… I’ve been guilty at times.

Many bloggers do this as a near full time job and I’m one of those people (is that sad?).  I’m going to be watching those feeds till my eyes bleed and keeping people up with the latest spoilers and what not.  While I have a sugar momma that chips in, I still do need money to pay for the ever increasing website costs, and my daily cups of coffee to keep me going.  I’m not going to beg all summer, if you want to sign up to the live feeds, look around my site and you’ll find a banner for them.  I won’t be creating begging blog posts (like this) probably after this.

With that said, the reason I’m making this post is because there is literally about 50 hours to go before the 25% savings expires.  I received an e-mail today telling me that the offer ends on July 11th at 10pm (est or pst, not sure which one).  That doesn’t mean you can’t sign up to the feeds after that, it just means you’re no longer an early bird and you’ll be paying full price all summer.

Honestly, it’s not that much anyway.. $15/month gets you:

  • Complete access to the live feeds 24 hours a day*
  • Complete access to the archived feeds.  Pick a day/time through the season and you can watch recorded feeds.
  • Free access to the feeds with your mobile phone / pad **
  • McAfee anti-virus software
  • Real Player Plus
  • $10/month in music downloads from the Rhapsody store
  • Additional shows like “Rumor Control” that discuss the events inside the Big Brother house

* – the feeds do go offline during competitions, but spoilers generally follow shortly after
** – data rates apply, check your cell phone package

Really, when compared to other entertainment out there, it’s an incredible value.  However, if money is tight, this blog is and will always be free.  I will be providing spoilers throughout the season, screenshots of the feed and posting about anything interesting.  I have a ball blogging, tweeting, or updating facebook about Big Brother so if you’re not watching the feeds be sure to follow my updates!

So my final reminder before the show starts:

Sign up to the live feeds here and save 25%!

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    I signed up through you today! I started reading your site just last year (previously a Dingo follower) and want to show my support! Excited for the season to start, THANK YOU for all you do for us fans!

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