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Shelly Is Not Going Down Without A Fight

So Shelly spent the better part of the morning having a very long talk with Rachel, and it’s very clear she’s not going to just go out with a whimper.  My guess is that she sees a partial opening with Rachel due to the fact that both know deep down sitting next to Jordan in the finals is a bad thing, yet neither want to come out and say it.

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Does this mean Rachel is going to betray her bond with Jordan?  At this point it seems unlikely, but at some moment our fiery red head is going to sit back and realize there is a big difference between $50k and $500k.  Rachel is a fierce competitor, and badly wants to win it all. She has to know her chances aren’t good with that final 2, but she also knows she has to be extremely careful because doing the dirty work herself will definitely lose her votes that she badly needs.

It’s very difficult to figure out what’s going on in Rachel’s head right now.   It’s beginning to become clear that Jordan want’s a pet named Adam, while Rachel wants a pet named Shelly.  Trying to figure out why is the difficult part.  Rachel was basically gushing to Shelly about the game she’s played, and she’s right on some levels.  Out of the remaining houseguests, Shelly’s name would come up as someone who has tried to play the game, unlike say Porsche or Adam.   That being said, wouldn’t that be reason enough to want her out of the house?  If I were Rachel, I think I’d rather be sitting next to Adam than Shelly if it comes down to it.

That brings me to my original point.  I think keeping the reason she wants to keep Shelly is she is more likely to get out Jordan in the long run than Adam.  She hasn’t said it, and based on the reactions of fans to Shelly after her betrayal of Jordan, Rachel is probably better off not saying it even if it happens, even to the DR.

In the end though, I am beginning to think Rachel really thinks she can beat Jordan in the finals, and she may just generally have a distrust for Adam.  I don’t blame her there either, Adam flips to whatever side is in power very quickly.  As far as beating Jordan, the more I think about it, the more I think that Rachel would actually get the votes there.  Jordan’s done very little in the game except ride Jeff’s back, while Rachel has won HoH’s, and won the most important veto of the season.  Not to mention the fact that Jordan has already won which will likely be in the back of the minds of the jury.

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  1. Comments (19)

    I don’t think Rachel has any choice but to stay with Jordan until the end and take her chances. If she doesn’t she may not get there.

    Shelly would vote out Rachel, or Jordan, without a second thought. Would Adam do the same? I don’t know.

    • Comments (26)

      absolutely agree. What really amazes me and maybe it’s the time they spend together that “anyone” would talk to Shelly after what she did to Jeff. It’s one thing to play the game, but she lied to people and I cannot stand that in this game. She played Jeff and Jordan like a fiddle until she got 3/4’s of the way thru the game, then turned and told secrets about them like the Cornhole game to get their own alliance against them. Fine if she wanted to move on but she tried to turn Rachel on them too. She’s just a skank of a player in my opinion, and she did not play she rode on everyone’s coat tails playing the older person. Then she actually got mad and tried to make it like they had a nerve calling her out. I cannot stand this woman. I don’t agree with people threatening her family when I read that I thought that’s just crazy. However, I can understand if people cannot stand her. I know I can’t. I thought she was “done” with Jordan and Rachel. Now that Rachel has power, see how she turns?

  2. Comments (65)

    hello …..Porsche and Kalia are still very much in it!!

    and Kalia can should and deserves to win it all.

    Porsche really hurt herself with opening pandora.

    but, she is here baby and aint going away!

  3. Comments (26)

    we wish they both would go away. Kalia is a non stop talking idiot who only won the first one by luck because she was up against Jordan who I love but i cannot stand her pulling her hair anymore what is up with that people! Porsche she’s ok, but she thinks she’s a lot better than she actually is. Her best thing was the snake game, and big deal she won because Rachel dropped the ball and the rest of them can’t win anything. What is up with Adam, he can’t win anything talk about skating by. Maybe he deserves it because in the end he’s played everyone and NEVER been called out, unlike his loser partner Shelly

  4. Comments (26)

    you know I also hate to defend Jordan on the player part because she really is a bad player she can’t win anything. She can pull her side bangs though all the time what is up with that it’s starting to make me crazy. But in all honesty I don’t think she got that HOH handed to her, even though they threw it which they shouldn’t have, they should have let her win fair and square. I doubt anyone would have beaten her score she did quite well on that one. You know what’s hysterical, motor mouth Kalia said I can’t wait to read the blogs to see what people say about me. I wonder if she’ll have her mouth stitched after she reads how many people find her painful to listen too.

    • Comments (2)

      Hey Keg! SO happy to find someone with whom I can totally agree! Jordan – on a personal level – seems to be an absolute SWEETHEART and has definitely shown some spunk recently that I’ve never seen in her before – but you are so right about her “game playing” (or lack thereof!) and the CONSTANT playing with her hair makes me wish I was there to smack her hand every time she reaches for a strand! And if I WAS there I probably would have shaved her bald in her sleep! Daniele was another one with the hair fetish and even Rachel (who is and always has been my personal favorite) does it a lot. And don’t even get me started on Kalia, who IMO, is
      THE to
      single ever play
      most person the
      ANNOYING game!!!!!

      • Comments (2)

        That is: single most ANNOYING person ever to play the game!!!! Don”t know how the message got so f’d up the firet time I sent it!

  5. Comments (11)

    racheal will stay loyal to jordon thats just who she is. i believe no matter who would be in the final with rach. rach would win even if its jordon. this girl has been through hell and back in the big brother house. the last two years and everyone hating her. i would vote her the money even if i didn’t like her. dani would.

  6. Comments (65)

    oh yea dave , rachel is so loyal..she never says crap about anyone…oh please.

    and Keg I do not think Kalia is annoying in any way….alot of people speak like her. but if you havent gone to college yourself….then you wouldnt get it.

    • Comments (19)


    • Comments (1276)

      So… going to college makes you like Kalia? Nope, sorry, not the case. Or does going to college make you try to outdo everyone, and talk over everyone? Or does it make you say “like” every other word? I’m thinking nope again to that one.
      Again with the nasty attachs, and assumptions about people. Now, even the fans are getting some insults. All I can say to that one is WOW.

      • Comments (3)

        If people who have gone to college spoke as Kalia does, then I would have locked myself away in my room. I’m afraid it has more to do with environment and narcissism than education. I sincerely hope that my college education does not make me speak in such a manner. I know with many individuals without degrees who can hold better and more intelligible conversations than Kalia. Very flawed and insulting commenting from the above poster.

      • Comments (5)

        I agree what’s up with this dude woops, guess I’m not college educated I said dude. maybe I should say “like” dude

    • Comments (11)

      What does going to college have to do with the fact that she is a non stop motor mouth who talks over people and goes on and on and on until I can’t stand it anymore, I talk a lot, she talks a lot more, lol. Anyway, doesn’t have anything to do with her being smart or well educated, has to do with her being full of herself and thinking everyone is hanging on every word she is saying. geeeze, watch BBAD last night. she wouldn’t let adam get a word in, he finally got up and left.

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks Robyn. And that is when she annoys me. If she didn’t do that, I might like her. I think that is why people have a hard time liking Kalia, just a guess, but that’s why I do.
        But it appears that unless you have a degree, then you might be “trailer trash” or “white trash”. I’m starting to think some people think being a blue collar person makes you whatever kind of “trash” they can think of.
        I just don’t get the deal with how nasty people get. I’m starting to think that Class and Trash are becoming dirty words, but again, that’s just my opinion.

      • Comments (5)

        so funny and so true, if she just stops, last night she was talking to Adam and he couldn’t finish a sentence, BB doesn’t even bother putting the camera on the other person talking because they know in two seconds Kalia is gonna jump in. Watch just watch, the last word of every sentence she finishes for people. She’s just someone unfortunately you love to hate

    • Comments (26)

      Mike what are you a relative of Kalia’s or something…I have a college degree and guess what they didn’t teach me to say like you know Like you know like like and follow what other people say. Kalia doesn’t shut her mouth and thinks she’s so perfect, she has a rude awakening, someone should tell her then not to read these blogs, maybe you should warn her since you like her so much. I respect that you like her, I don’t mean to insult your opinion, but pal you’re the one that’s attacking everyone else and throwing out education. Any educated person knows not to knock another person’s mentality and verbage. So you’re an idiot just like Kalia.

      • Comments (216)

        Mike has been consistently posting Kalia rah-rah pieces, so I highly suspect he’s a relative, friend, or S/O. If so, I don’t hate on him for pulling for his buddy in the house. But he’s definitely in the tank. Anyone who thinks Kalia has played the best game hasn’t been watching or isn’t objective. I’m not hating on him; if my cousin/friend/wife were in there, I’d probably do the same thing. But I think you have to take Mike with a pillar of salt.

    • Comments (5)

      I guess David isn’t allowed an opinion unless he agrees with you Mike212?

    • Comments (2)

      Mike212–how embarrassing for you. I’m supposing your college education has not taken you far–it is “a lot” — not “alot.” Actually, this is grade school 101. Did you miss that day? Careful before you attack others.

      And, Kalia is painfully verbose. This has nothing to do with a “college education.” She is arrogant and has an unfounded sense of self importance.

      I am very well educated yet well understand it does not give me the right to be so arbitrary in everything I do. This is something she does NOT get. Education never has ANYTHING to do with much, other than your career. IT’S A GAME!

  7. Comments (65)

    Christina why are you attacking me???? what did I do to you!! its not fair!! Why do you hate me???

    (that was my Rachel immitation..you like?)

  8. Comments (65)

    Christina the real question is why are you white supremists so against Kalia and cannot acknowledge her skills in the game? Look inside yourselves.

    • Comments (1276)

      Are you kidding me? Where the hell did that come from? There you go assuming, again, that you know about someone. Do you honestly think you know about me or who I am? You are proving my point.
      I have only responded to what I’ve seen, by you, as attacks. I have not shown hate, by doing things like name calling, and acting as judge and jury to everyone on the show and off. Anyone that could be assumed to be a “white supremist” would be totally hateful, nasty, and assume they are better then EVERYONE else. Sorry Dude, “MIKE212”, what you just said, along with all of the other insults you have dished out to half of the people on here, the people on the show, and now me, are the actions of someone with the attitude and arrogance to be a white supremist. Not me.
      I don’t need to look inside myself, I’m a good, kind, and generous person who tries not to think I know more about people then I do. While you… on the other hand, seem to love hate. Maybe you should look in the mirror. Personally, I’m happy with what I see… are you?
      Again, for the record… I am not against Kalia. I would love for her to show that she can play this game without someone havign to tell her how. If she does, then she will deserve to win the game. That being said, I do find her annoying at times, but I certainly do not hate her.

    • Comments (11)

      Again, has nothing to do with color…Why are you assuming that Christina is white?

    • Comments (26)

      Mike you’re real educated, you spell it White Supremacist, not supremists, and I think you need to move on. You’re insulting people calling them racial names, I think you have some real issues.

      • Comments (1276)

        thank you, good lord, i must be tired. i knew that didn’t look right, and i spelled it that way too. lol

    • Comments (216)

      Okay, I left my last post before I read that. Someone’s taking a TV show a way too seriously.

    • Comments (154)

      mike why do you have to throw the race card?

  9. Comments (1276)

    BTW, talk about judgemental, and full of hate… check out what MIKE212 said earlier, this proves my point.

    “MIKE212 says:
    August 30, 2011 at 9:57 pm
    Umm like, her shirts are from Spellman, that is like a college you know?

    its not Spell , Man, spell!


    what trailer do you guys live in ? Glad to see you get television and the interweb”

    • Comments (26)

      Christia, all this guy can talk about is education, he has some real issues, don’t even respond to him. This is about the big brother game, so you don’t like someone, he has no right to call you the things he is. He’s obviously needs to go back and get his own GED

      • Comments (1276)

        I just couldn’t keep biting my tounge. But you are right, no point in getting worked up over that. I’ll try to ignore that sort of thing, but honestly, I can’t promise anything.
        This is about the game of BB, and no matter who you are rooting for, personally, I love this season.

    • Comments (26)

      the guy has major issues if he’s a guy girl, indian who knows

      • Comments (65)

        But its okay for you to disrespect Kalia and root on evil Rachel?

        not acceptable!

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m trying to figure out where and when I disrespected Kalia. Are you seeing something I’m not?

      • Comments (2)

        Don’t even bother with him. I’m sure his community centre closes soon so he’ll soon no longer have access to a computer or the Internet. You’ll all be safe from his debauched attempts at intelligence.

  10. Comments (2)

    I find it funny that everyone is attacking mike about judging the individuals who comment. Isnt that exactly what everyone else is doing towards the contestants on the show. Using words such as I cant stand and calling kalia an idiot. Im sorry do we.personally know them? As viewers maybe we should stick to game.play and not personal character. Also to take such personal offence to what shelly did to jeff is absurd. Its a game people. More viewers need to be reminded of that.

  11. Comments (3)

    The best person for Rachel to end up in the bottom two is Porche. Porche won’t beat Rachel and I really think they won’t give another 500K to Jordan either. Let’s face it since week one Rachel has been a target in this house if she makes it to the last two she deserves to win the 500K.

  12. Comments (1)

    What kind of Big Brother site is this?

  13. Comments (65)

    I do not know Kalia personally, I just am a fan of her game and her ability to still be in it – you have to respect anyone who made it this far..I guess that includes Rachel and Jordan.

    I also do not like the personal attacks on her – and to you show you how painful it can be, I attacked you people and you felt hurt and yet we are all anonymous. Imagine how the contestants will feel reading this stuff. Remember they are not movie stars or politicians – they have no training on how to cope with such public scrutiny.

    • Comments (1276)

      Again, for the record, what I’ve had a problem with are there personal attacks you have made on fans and cast, such as calling people trash, uneducated, and so on. I haven’t even dropped to the level of calling you countless names, even if we were asked “what trailer park” we were from.
      I’ll also go back, I think the personal side of Shelly’s “betrayal” is what bothers people, it’s never good to see a nice person (Jordan) get hurt. As far as the game play goes, it might have been the best move for her, I just wish she hadn’t tried to flip it all onto Adam.
      I hope we do start seeing some game play from Kalia, all we’ve really seen so far is Dani telling her how to play. If I see more out of her, I might change my mind about rooting for her, but that won’t change my mind about finding some of what she does annoying.
      I will also say I would like to see the final 2 be Jordan and Rachel (I don’t think it will happen, but still). I would love to see Jordan make it to the final 2, just because she is a nice person, and like I’ve said before sometimes it’s just nice to see the good guys win. And I’d love to see Rachel with the $500,000 because in my opinion, she’s played as hard as she could the whole time she’s been there, unlike most of the others.

  14. Comments (65)

    eat me troll lover

  15. Comments (19)

    You guys make me laugh….thanks

    • Comments (65)

      maybe we will be cast for next season 🙂

      Also, Tina: Danielle has been out of the house AND Kalia got out JEFF after.. ! that is some good game playing + she has been doing more then fine without Dani.

      I will admit Danie was the best player of the season who got voted out so far.

      • Comments (1276)

        That would be Christina, not Tina, thank you (I don’t know why you would take the time to get my name right, when you haven’t done the same for the cast… it’s Daniele, with one 1 not 2). And seriously dude, I’m so over dealing with you. You get mad at anyone who has a negative opinion of Kalia, but go way overboard with the comments, which I won’t rehash. I have done what I could to stay above saying anything childish like “eat me” (btw, did you learn that one in college too?).
        We are all entitled to our opinions, but apparently you need to go back and read comments before you keep singling me out. I have not attacked Kalia in the way you are acting like I did. I simply said the way she talks, sometimes in a very abrasive manor is annoying. I also said that they were doing as Dani wanted them to. Dani wanted Jeff and Rachel out, and the same night Dani was evicted, that is what they did. If Kalia shows that she can navigate the rest of the game without Dani’s coaching, as I said, I may even end up rooting for her. But so far, I just don’t think she has played the better game.
        I am guessing you are either someone who goes on blogs just to annoy people, to young to be on a blog, or just a jerk, but that is only a guess, I am not going to pretend to know all about you. No matter which the case may be, I’m here because I love the show and love getting to hear what others think. I am not here to deal with someone like you. Again, no name calling on my part, or personal attacks, I simply think you could learn a little bit of restraint and possibly learn that it doesn’t make you stronger, smarter or in anyway better then others to be so nasty. You are playing a bully and a victim at the same time, pick which you are and stick to it.
        Again, sorry for this everyone. I just needed to get that out. Hopefully this will be the end of this nonesense.

      • Comments (65)

        you have the last work Xtina

      • Comments (65)


  16. Comments (1)

    Not a Shelley, porche, kallia fan they all have free rides thanks to everyone else. I wish that in BB the strong will get rid of the weak EARLY in the game. I’ve seen this happen too many times. The strong beat up on one another… Not paying attention that the weak are the ones who end up being the last one standing…. It makes no sense to me why Adam Shelley khali Porsche are still there they were the worst players in big brother history. If I were Jordan or Rachel I would have not said one word to shelly man made looking bitch. The trust is gone they should have told that bitch to pack her fuckin bags in the name of your family you FUCK UP when you turn on them plus your a liar. I would be ashamed of myself to let my daughter see me lying the way that she did. Having said that I know some of you are going to say it’s just a game…… Bullshit and Fuck that it’s a game Shit It’s about the money……..

  17. Comments (65)

    dang Kenyatta. how do you really feel? ^

  18. Comments (12)

    Love her or hate her, Shelly is playing the game with all she has. Which is more than can be said for Adam. I also think Kalia has played a far more honourable (I’m English before the spelling nazi’s start) game than Shelly.

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