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Sunday Afternoon Live Blogging

August 7, 2011 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

So it’s a boring rainy Sunday afternoon, and what better thing to do than watch the Big Brother live feeds and blog about them!

Right now Rachel is outside chatting with Shelly and Adam, bashing Daniele of course.  Rachel claims that outside the house Daniele works in bars, drinks a lot, sleeps around, etc.. I guess Rach forgot her days as a cocktail waitress in vegas?

Then she goes on and bitches that Daniele threatened her and Brendon that if they went after Dominic, they would be a target.  Again, does she forget they have been doing the same bully tactics since day 1?   I am tired of the ‘poor me’ act she’s putting up.

11:07 AM – It’s almost fascinating to watch how careful Adam is in preparing his bacon.  Watching him flip each strip and line them up properly like he has an OCD is still more interesting than listening to Rachel go on and on about Brendon.

Adam loves his bacon

11:12 AM – Brendon told Rachel he wants to wait about 4 years to have kids, likely to finish college.  What are the odds they’re still together in 4 years?  Definitely take the ‘under’ if you have to bet.

11:20 AM – Feeds on ‘We’ll be right back… FU FEEDS!’

11:22 AM – Porsche awakens!

11:27 AM – Jeff and Jordan are waking up, Rachel and Shelly still outside talking about Brendon.. awesome.

11:34 AM – Whoever is controlling the feeds is extremely pissing me off this morning.  First they cut it because Adam sang “oh so pretty”, then they quickly cut it when Porsche mentioned how the live feeds will say Adam’s Birthday today.  (which they’re not, as of yet).  Oh, cut away again because Porsche mentioning how they’re going to supply the cake for his birthday.  Seriously, fire whoever is handling the feeds today.

11:42 AM – Rachel telling Jordan, Jeff and Shelly how she’s on a magazine cover with Steven Tyler, and she had to mention how “Brendan and I have it framed in our apartment”  Come on, do you HAVE to freakin mention Brendon in everything she says?

11:45 AM – Rachel, still talking about herself, told the group she got to introduce KISS at Sturgis (bike gathering), to 100’s of thousands of people.   Meet your 2008 Miss Sturgis:


Meet your 2008 Miss Sturgis

for those wondering, here is the picture of Rachel Reilly with Steven Tyler…

Rachel Reilly with Steven Tyler11:53 AM – June 5th, 2009, Jordan got her implants… fyi, and Rachel got hers around the same time (I’m guessing after her Tyler photoshoot).  Also, Jordan went to high school with Brooklyn Decker.   #themoreyouknow

11:57 AM – Rachel STILL talking about herself.  I love when Jordan tries to talk and Rachel cuts her off to keep talking about herself.   Real fun to listen to.

12:00 PM – Now it’s just Jeff, Jordan and Rachel in the back yard.  Rachel asked if she should talk to Daniele and made a play to stay in the house, but the two shot it down saying it’s probably a bad idea but go ahead if you want.  Rachel basically wanted to do some slight bullying telling Daniele even if she’s voted out that she’ll be back and should work with her.   And now back to talk about Brendon… PUKE

12:08 PM – Shelly trying to talk to Jeff about how good of a cook he is, how he can take anything in the fridge and make something good.  Rachel jumps in “Brendon is a really good cook too!  His mom blah blah blah blah”  Rachel… STFU ABOUT BRENDON.  We understand you miss him, but mentioning him every time you talk doesn’t help.  Fuck!

12:38 PM – Rachel confronting Porsche about how she’s acted lately.  Have a drinking game, how many times will Rachel call Brendon her “Fiance” during this talk.

12:44 PM – Rachel still talking to Porsche about how people don’t understand why she’s sad. In between mentioning how he’s the “love of her life, they’re going to have kids together, blah blah”,  Porsche mentioned how Shelly has been away from her husband longer.  Rachel’s response:  “Shelly knew what she was getting into when she joined the game”.   Are you fucking kidding me with this?

Is Rachel that dumb or delusional?  Even when Porsche surprisingly was smart enough to mention Rachel should have expected it too, Rachel’s response of “We fully expected to make the jury together” doesn’t even remotely fly with me.  First off, Rachel has been in this game before, she should know it’s absolutely stupid to expect you’re going to at least make jury. Secondly, the jury starts real soon anyway, so even under that situation, there is still a good chance they could have been separated for a few weeks even WITH the jury aspect.  I’ll probably cover this portion on a post of it’s own because some felt me making fun of this situation was me ‘not being in love’ or heartless, but it’s just that Rachel is acting like an immature clingy psycho right now.

12:50 PM – Adam getting shaved for his birthday!  He’s know known as Phillip, the “every day” business man

Jeff calling Adam’s new look “Phillip”, it’s hilarious listening to him talk to Adam about it.

Adam “Should I put the piercing back in?”

Everyone “Noooo.. Phillip doesn’t wear that.  He’s a business man!”

Jeff “I can’t even talk to you, I need to get to know this Phillip person”

Going to close this thread now and do some stuff around the house, it was a fun live blog, and I am glad to have seen the introduction to Phillip, the new house guest!

Remember, the show is on tonight at 8pm on CBS, but you can always catch the live feeds here for free (3 days).

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