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Twas The Night Before Big Brother….

Big Brother 13 crew with Dick Donato

Twas The Night Before Big Brother

A poem written by me! If you enjoy, make sure you re-tweet, re-facebooklike, re-anythingelsethereis.  🙂  (also, this is also hoping Dick really does enter the house!)

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Twas the night before Big Brother and all through the house

Not a bra had been removed yet, not even a blouse.

The pictures were hung on the memory wall with care,

With eight houseguests entering with little to fear.


When through the front door there arose such a clatter,

The guests gathered around to see what was the matter.

Staring at the door and acting very brash,

Little did they know there was about to be a clash.


With his daughter leading the pack, a thin blonde chick,

They knew who appeared next was going to be Evil Dick.

He said the Big Brother house was his to reclaim,

And anyone in his way will be fair game.


Now Adam! Now Keith! now Kalia, and also Cassi,

On Dominic, On Porsche, On Lawon and also Shelly.

You are new to the game, make sure you have some gall,

Whether you like it or not, I’m in for the long haul.


He went to the yard like a heat seeking guided missile,

Calling his daughter to his side with one loud whistle.

While the rest of the house is in such a fright,

With Dick back this season, everything will be all right!

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