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War Of The Robes Feed Updates 10/25

October 25, 2023 | 29 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house which means it’s typically campaign day for the nominees. However, it feels like it’ll be more than that as tensions are really starting to boil over now as Blue has not yet been told the plan and the war of the robes intensified last night.

There has been some discussion this week on splitting the vote to force Jag to break the tie and show his cards. It was actually a smart idea by Cirie, but Felicia ran and told Jag about it. Jag decides to spin it in his favor somehow by realizing that the bridge has been burned with Blue so this will help prove his loyalty to America, but as we saw last night on CBS, America will still be going after Jag if she gets the chance.

His logic didn’t make a ton of sense, but that’s Jag

Meanwhile, last night Matt went to Cirie and told her that Jag found out about the split vote plan which naturally pissed off Cirie. She immediately knew her robe partner had to have told Jag because she didn’t and Felicia was the only other one who knew. This is good for Cirie as it gave her some time to come up with something, and she did just that.

Cirie went and spoke to Jag about the whole situation and said it was Felicia’s idea to cause some trouble and she’d never think of doing anything like that without talking to Jag first. It’s a good effort, but I really doubt Jag believes this as Felicia has proven numerous times she has been honest with Jag regarding Cirie lately so the chances he actually believes the whole ‘it was her, not me’ line is slim… then again, it IS Jag, so you never know.

I have a feeling today is going to be pretty interesting on the feeds and fortunately, I have nothing to do but work! That means I get to listen to the feeds all day in the background while I work.

Let’s get to updates…

Live Feed Updates For 10/25/2023
10/25/23 09:52am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Good Morning HGs!

After a somewhat eventful day yesterday, today may determine if Matt/Jag continue to work together or target each other tomorrow! Will America tell jag she heard about the split vote? Will Felicia wake jag up again… we’ll see!

10/25/23 09:53am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Blue asks Cirie to tell her if she hears anything about a vote flip
10/25/23 09:58am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Cirie asks BB for the gas masks back as she enters the bathroom after Felicia
10/25/23 10:25am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie and Cirie chat by the chess board

They chat about why cam had a thing for America. Cirie says she wants to be out of there and with her husband. She says she is over everyone’s shit. Bowie says their 4 is good. Cirie agrees she feels good with the guys

10/25/23 10:26am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia and Blue chatting in the living room talking about family member names
10/25/23 10:30am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie starts talking about Fe being annoyed that she hasn’t been on the block. Bowie says “it’s so annoying. We aren’t taking turns here.”

Jag comes in and gives morning hugs

10/25/23 10:42am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia and blue in the scramble room tucking Matt/Jag into the bed together
10/25/23 11:00am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia tells Matt and jag not to tell anything to blue until tomorrow “so she can have a good day today”

Jag says he is going to chat with Cirie and try to get the vote back to unanimous instead a split vote

10/25/23 11:20am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia and blue start cooking breakfast. Cirie, Matt,Jag, Bowie count things in the scramble room
10/25/23 11:28am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag tells Cirie Felicia’s plan to try and get an unanimous vote

Cirie says she talked to blue this morning and she is starting to feel a little nervous as she packs. She reiterated how Bowie is solid with the 4 and mentions that Bowie isn’t saying anything crazy to Fe.

10/25/23 11:36am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie and America talk about the middleman rumor and how they’ve always felt on the outs of their own alliances

Bowie says she is over Fe and it’s too late for her to try and fix anything.

10/25/23 11:39am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag and Cirie in the comic room

Jag rehashes all of Felicia’s plans for the day. Jag says the last thing fe wants is a 3-1 vote because it makes Cirie look better to the jury

10/25/23 11:45am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
America tells Bowie that she would have her vote to stay if she ends up as a replacement nom next week

(Too bad odds are both Matt/Jag stay after the double)

10/25/23 11:57am (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag tells Cirie and Bowie not to study too much about the jury until there are more people there

America gives herself a pedicure in the bathroom

10/25/23 12:02pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Bowie and Cirie have the same conversation about Felicia

Bowie seems to be enjoying bashing Fe. She just goes room to room and starts the conversation.

10/25/23 12:14pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
America and Jag in the bathroom

America tells jag that Cirie is saying Fe wants it to be a tie vote. Jag said he talked to them both and is trying to make it unanimous. He says he doesn’t think it will be a tie. America asks what his plans are up for next week? America says for her Felicia would be the target. She doesn’t want to go up again as a pawn. Jag lies and says he doesn’t know what people are expecting him to do next week. America says that realistically if they (Cirie/fe) can’t get Matt and jag they’ll go after her and Bowie

10/25/23 12:14pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Breakfast is served
10/25/23 12:43pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Jag does Americas nails. Bowie joins

Cirie sitting alone in the living room

10/25/23 01:51pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Most of the house hanging out in the pool room

I’ll be getting dinner ready, but checking back in soon for “updates” ha

10/25/23 01:55pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Blue and Jag in the HOH room

Blue says she got paranoid when America wouldn’t study with her. She also says that Felicia won’t “talk trash” anymore which is making her so worried. She says she’s been replaying all the conversations she has had this week … feeds cut to pool room

10/25/23 01:57pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Blue says she needs to talk to Cirie, but Felicia is just making her so nervous. She says that she notices Bowie has been talking to America and she’ll leave everytime blue enters a room.

Bowie is the only person who hasn’t grantees her vote

10/25/23 02:01pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Blue says that Felicia came into the scary room checking to see if she was in bed

(She was actually looking for Cirie)

10/25/23 02:04pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Blue approaches Jag about the weirdness she has been feeling and Jag is still making her feel safe.

Terrible jury management lol. They are totally going to blindside her it’s like watching a train wreck

10/25/23 02:09pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Blue camtalks a bit and says ‘If I go home against America…… ‘ She is in panic mode
10/25/23 02:10pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Blue cam talks. She says she can tell by jags reaction that he and Matt want her to stay


10/25/23 02:28pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Blue and Fe talk in the livong room. Fe says Matt doesn’t know how it feels to be otb.

Blue helps her count. She says she woke up feeling uneasy. She says it is hard to talk on-on-one with people bc everyone is in groups.

10/25/23 02:28pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Blue says she wants to talk to everyone again. She will keep Jag for last so she is the last one to get into his head.
10/25/23 02:32pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Looks like Cirie is on bathroom cleaning duty today.

She told America she can’t just sit and look at people anymore. America says the same “I am bored” conversations are happening. They both agree they are over it!

10/25/23 02:40pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Blue recaps her conversation with Jag to Cirie.

Jag tells her he has to talk to the mamas again. He is still acting like she is good. Blue says she threw Fe under the bus a little. But Blue still tells Cirie she feels like she is good. I am good. She kept repeating it.

10/25/23 02:41pm (7 months ago)
By: BBbigfan
Felicia tells Cirie she can’t lie to Blue anymore about tomorrow

She says that “her spirit just won’t let her do it” so she is on the way to the HOH to tell jag he either has to break a split vote or Fe is telling Blue she is leaving tomorrow

10/25/23 02:41pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Blue is spiraling and approached Felicia about how she doesn’t feel good and asked for her vote

Felicia listened and then after Blue left, she approaches Cirie and tells her she (F) has to do the right thing and tell Jag either they’re doing a split vote and he decides or they tell Blue she’s going home because she isn’t tolerating it the way it is right now.

10/25/23 02:42pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
As soon as Blue leaves, Fe comes in all breathing hard.

She says her spirit is telling her she has to tell Blue the truth. She is headed upstairs to tell Jag the lying is not working for her.

10/25/23 02:43pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Jag won’t make eye contact with Fe.
10/25/23 02:50pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Jag is saying now that he isn’t going to warn Blue because it would be selfless of him.

He says it would only make him feel better. He would be doing it for himself so he doesn’t feel bad. Fe says she will let him choose. Fe tells her she isn’t ok for tomorrow or she will tell her she has her vote. He says the better choice is for Fe to tell her she is voting to keep Blue. Then the vote will be 3-1.

10/25/23 02:51pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Jag and Felicia say they won’t say anything until tomorrow? BOOO We need drama TODAY!
10/25/23 03:08pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Blue whispers to Cirie retelling all the recent conversations.

As soon as Blue walks out, Cirie says, “I can’t bring myself to tell you nothin!”

10/25/23 04:28pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Blue chats in HOH with Jag and Matt.

I think she is the new Cam during Bowie’s HOH.

10/25/23 04:31pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Looked as if Jag fell asleep sitting up…but as soon as Blue left, Jag popped up! LOL

He tells Matt about Fe’s ideas on telling Blue. Jag says he and Matt need to tell Cirie that the vote should be 3-1. Jag says if Cirie makes it 2-2, then her ass is on the block next week.

10/25/23 04:55pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Jag goes to chat with America.about Fe’s “ultimatum.”

America says Fe has only come this far in the game because “we let her stay.” lol maybe…

10/25/23 05:34pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Felicia came into the room with Jag and Cirie talking and said that she is just going to stick to the plan

She is just going to vote out Blue and apparently not tell her. She wanted to tell her but realized Blue wouldn’t really know she voted to keep her

10/25/23 07:07pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Slow night in the BB House!
10/25/23 07:19pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Bowie is teaching America how to speak with an Australian accent.

Bowie lays in the Scramble a lot with America since Cory has left. Bowie can do an American accent pretty well…better than America’s Australian accent

10/25/23 07:48pm (7 months ago)
By: Steve Beans
Felicia talking to Cirie and says that Blue deserves to stay longer than America

Why? What makes someone deserve it more?

10/25/23 08:13pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Cirie fixes her bun before the DR.

Matt and Fe watch her. She said her bun is too big. Matt asked how long it took to grow her hair out that long! She giggles and says she will tell him when she gets back. She left the room and Fe explained to him it isn’t all her real hair. He had no idea! lol

10/25/23 09:02pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Matt tells Fe that letting Bowie win the 1st HOH tomorrow will ensure that she can’t play for the 2nd one for next week.

Fe loves it. (I am pretty sure he and Jag have talked out this already?) They tell Jag and Cirie. They all know they have to watch to make sure America doesn’t win…but if the coast is clear, and Bowie is still in, they are going to throw HOH to Bowie.

10/25/23 09:08pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
10/25/23 09:16pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Fe and Ci alone again. Fe asks what if he guys are talking them into letting Bowie win, and then she puts the mamas directly up otb.
10/25/23 09:19pm (7 months ago)
By: hillaryd
Matt tells Bowie directly after.

He tells her the real plan. It is close…but the final 4 will be Mag, Bowie, and Cirie. Sorey Mama Fe! Matt says Fe is all in on letting Bowie win.

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