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The “Someone Has To Win” Update Thread

So the live feeds are expected to be back up tonight, and hopefully sometime before I go to bed so I can update this thread and give you all the latest juicy bits of gossip I can provide. (most likely who is nominated and possibly a veto winner).

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Until then, I’m going to babble a bit about tonight’s episode if you don’t mind.  Although the sources were correct on who went home and who won the hoh, we didn’t get to hear about the little bits of the show until we watched it tonight.    So, wasting no more time, here are my thoughts on tonight’s episode….

  • Upon eviction, Kalia revealed she had a chess piece the whole time.  I hate the whole “hiding stuff” routine. If I were in that house, and chess was one of the like 3 things to do all summer and someone hid the queen until they were evicted, I would have picked it up and threw it at her head while she walked out the door.
  • Jeff’s attitude with Shelly really shows how great of a social game Adam is playing this season.  He made fun of her for wanting to go back to Jordan and Rachel, when that’s exactly what Adam did.  Sure, he’s winning challenges now, but to be fair, his competition isn’t exactly Jeff, Brendon and Daniele out there.  As far as a social game though, Adam is rocking.
  • I heard a rumor Jordan was nominated by Adam (possibly true), but also heard she won the veto.  That will shock me if true. As fit as she is, I’m really shocked at just how freakin awful she is at these competitions.  How in the world did she make it to at least the final 4 twice? (winning at least once)
  • Finally, Rachel… Seriously, YOU are going to make fun of someone for crying after losing a competition?  You??  This is the same person, right?

With that, I’m going to sit here and wait for the live feeds to come back up, maybe play a little xbox in the meantime.  If I hear anything, I’ll be updating this thread, and updating my twitter and facebook, so make sure you follow!


9:00 pm BBT – Live feeds are back up!  Listening for updates now.

9:04 pm BBT – Adam pretty much repeating his HoH blog post word for word.  I am jealous he gave hamsterwatch a shout-out, but I don’t even think he knows me yet

Playing cards in the HoH room

9:15 BBT – Adam said “If Jordan leaves tomorrow”… which pretty much squashes her veto winning rumor.

I’m trying to analyze Adam’s comments but by the way he said it sounds like anyone but Jordan could be holding the veto right now.

Rachel said to Adam and Porsche “You guys don’t have to pack until next Thursday”, which gives it about a 98% confirmation that….

Porsche won the POV

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  1. Comments (1)

    porche just said she won the veto

  2. Comments (19)

    It does seem like Porsche won the veto and Jordan will be next to go.

    By the look on Kalia’s face when she was evicted it seemed to me like she expected to stay.

  3. Comments (216)

    If Porsche won the veto, she has to send Rachel out. Positioning yourself to win the final vote won’t work if you lose the final HOH and get kicked out. So the key is improving the odds for the final HOH.

    Knocking out Rachel seems the no brainer.

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