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Big Brother 13 – In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

In like a lion out like a lambIt’s that time of the year again.  The leaves are changing colors, kids are back in school, football is starting, and Big Brother is nearing an end.  This was my first summer blogging Big Brother, and it’s been a great year.  I’ve been able to meet tons of fans that follow my facebook and twitter page, and want to thank each and every person for reading along this year!

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Big Brother 13 is not over yet, but there is little to blog about, and probably will be for the next few days.  As it stands right now, Rachel won the 1st part of the final HoH challenge, and Adam will square off against Porsche in part 2 most likely tomorrow.  Even when those results are in, there still will be no strategizing because we don’t know who wins the head of household until the final challenge, which very well could be on the final show of the season, Wednesday night after Survivor.

This season started off with a ton of potential with 6 returning houseguests playing against 8 brand new people to the game.  You had “America’s Couple” in Jeff and Jordan, one of the best players in BB history in “Evel Dick”, and one of the most animated and popular players in recent history with Rachel Reilly.

After only 5 days, Dick had to leave for personal reasons which quickly changed the dynamic (and excitement level) of the show.  Jeff was suddenly the most entertaining person of the season, and while he is quite a character to watch, he is no Dick (well to some people he’s considered a dick, but not the Dick).  Daniele spent all season trying to get out of her fathers shadow, Rachel spent the entire season talking (or crying) to or about Brendon, and the rest of the cast tried to find their place.

Some were quickly forgettable (Keith who?), while others spent most of the game floating along until sometime near the 2 month mark when they were finally forced to pick sides.  Choosing sides either went real well, like in Porsche and Adam’s case, or really bad, like in Shelly’s.   Shelly was seen as the worst villain to ever play a reality show when she betrayed Jeff and Jordan, including receiving death threats, while Adam perfected the role of king floater until he actually needed to win.

Poor moves were also made by a good portion of the house at one point or another (sometimes twice).   Kalia ended up nominating her own alliance member, Daniele played the game far too hard and too soon, and Porsche not only opened Pandora’s Box which crippled her remaining alliance, she also then took one of the strongest endurance competitors to the final three, knowing there was an endurance challenge.  (Not surprisingly, Porsche lost that challenge)

While some have criticized the season, and it has been pretty slow at times, overall it still was a pretty entertaining season, despite some pretty weak competitors in most challenges.  You had your fights, yelling, alliances, betrayals, shifts in the balance of powers, etc. Everything you could ask for in a reality show was there, except for the fan favorite – Jordan – not being in the finals.  That’s not surprising, however, as most reality shows end up booting out the fan favorite near the end anyway.

Adam and Porsche may not be considered “deserving” to be in the finals, but both of them played a pretty similar social game, and both won more competitions than any other “newbie” in the game, and even some veterans.  To be able to make it to the finals means they did something right, so they both deserve it, as does Rachel.

Anyway, before I ramble on much longer, this post was just to get in a thanks to my new followers before they pack it in for the winter and forget about Big Brother until sometime in the spring when anticipation will build for Big Brother 14.  I’ll still be posting updates this year, but I know as soon as Wednesday hits, people will be gone and I won’t get a chance to properly thank you all for reading me all summer.  I’m still going to be blogging this winter at Survivor Junkies, and may introduce some new blogs in the future (taking suggestions!).  So follow me there if you like the show, if not, I’ll see you next summer.

Again, this isn’t my last post of the year, so don’t worry!

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    I will follow the Survivor blog! Loved your comments this summer-you kept me up to date, and I appreciate it!

  2. Comments (6)

    I will absolutely be following the survivor blog Steve! Thanks for all the work you do for us fans out here! I didn’t find your site until very late in the season but religiously checked here to the point my significant other was asking me whenever I came back from the comp “what’s Steve got to say now?” Again thank you for the time it must take you to keep us all informed!

  3. Comments (22)

    You did a great job keeping us posted. Look forward to next time. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. Comments (1276)

    This is by far my favorite BB blog site. You are so good at what you are doing, and we all love coming on here to get your perspective on what’s going on, as well as what we might have missed. Before getting on here I had never gotten the live feeds before, but I just had to get them this year, and a big part of that was because of you and this site.
    I love that you “Zing” everyone if they deserve it, but also stand up for most of the players at some point. I can’t swear that I’ll be following the Survivor blog, since I stopped watching it years ago, but I’ll admit, I am considering watching it, which is due to you and your blogs. So, more then likely I’ll be seeing more of your posts soon, and will without a doubt be right here next year for you, BB14 and the best BB site out there.
    Thanks for your time and work, we all love you!!!!!!!!!

  5. Comments (48)

    I cannot believe I only discovered you this week. How could I have missed this. I would like to commend you for your updates here and on the junkies. You deserve a note of thanks. Wonder if the bicycles will play a part in the 2nd or final round of competition. Those bicycles must be in the BB house for a reason. I am sure I will follow your Survivor blogs.

  6. Comments (4)

    Steve your the best!! You are a delight!! I appreciate your time!!

  7. Comments (16)

    Cool Beans, Steve! Reading your posts is a blast! You’re on my “Favorites” bar and I have to get my fix as soon as I turn on my computer. Now that I know you blog Survivor too, you’ll not get rid of me.
    Thanks for a great summer and get some sleep!

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