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Big Brother 13 Starts Off With A Bang And A Thud…

July 7, 2011 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Big Brother 13's Cassi Shocked


Big Brother 13 started off really strong tonight with a solid episode, but also a thud.  What was that thud?  Well, it could be Keith’s jaw hitting the floor over all the girls, Adam possibly punching a wall, or perhaps Jordan’s brain when she’s trying to think.

A bunch of things were revealed, and they weren’t really kidding when they talked about twists, it seems like every minute Julie was throwing something new at these poor noobs.   I’ll run down the twists in a minute, but first off, let me share my thoughts on the episode:

  • No HD?  What is this, 1992?
  • Kalia calls herself the Carrie (from sex and the city) of the show.  Does this mean she has a horse face and no talent?
  • Porsche was well ahead of the pack for the most annoying person on the show, until the new people arrived.
  • Keith has got to get laid.  I don’t care if he’s a minister or pastor or w/e. The guy is a walking hard-on…..
Eye's Up Keith

Eye's Up Keith

  • I posted it earlier, but I still can’t get over how much Cassi looks like Olivia Wilde.
  • If Dominic is a virgin, than I’m George Clooney.
  • I like Daniele with dark hair

Brown hair up top AND down below this week

Ok, with my thoughts out of the way, let’s recap the first set of twists this season (I’m sure they will add more if things become stale)

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  1. This twist was well known from the start.  Three pairs of former houseguests were to enter the house, but they were a mystery to many except me.  (yes, pat me on the back please)
  2. The original eight members had to pick a partner that they will be aligned with for the rest of the season.  At first I thought it was lame because alliances always happen anyway, but then they revealed more twists to the pairs, it make sense.
  3. Challenges will be pairs against pairs, and the winning head of household member shares the room (I assume) with their partner (Keith just got instant hard-on again).  However, the actual winning person will be the one to pick those nominated for eviction.  The catch, they must pick a pair, who will then campaign against each other to stay in the house.
  4. This means one of the pair will leave the house, while the other remains.  The person remaining will get a nice bonus, they will be handed a golden key which will allow them to stay safe until there are 10 people remaining in the house, which I then assume will result in pairs being re-shuffled and that aspect started over again.

The current pairs are:

Keith and Porsche
Shelly and Cassi
Adam and Dominic
Lawon and Kalia
Brendon and Rachel
Jeff and Jordan
Dick and Daniele

The teams were quickly put to their first blur-filled challenge where each pair would hop on a giant banana that made Rachel giddy like a 14 year old girl hearing the word penis for the first time.   It was pretty amusing to see Adam try to stick his head up Dominic’s ass, Dick and Daniele own the challenge but hand it over to Rachel at the last minute, and the fact that CBS would show a girls panties very clearly in one shot but then practically blur out her entire back the next angle like her bare ass was hanging out.

Like mentioned above, Rachel was handed the first Head of Household title where she is now going to not only decide who may go home, but who is going to get a free ride to the top 10.  Interesting choice, and you can see who she picked if you want spoilers by clicking here after 1am EST.

See who Rachel picked by joining the live feeds!

The twists and the cast should really make for an interesting summer in the house.  Overall I felt many of the people were annoying, but on the annoying level where you love to hate them.  That’s kind of been the Big Brother casting personality in the past many seasons now, so not much has changed there.


I will do my best to keep you updated with whatever info I can, so let’s have a great summer!

More images will be  uploaded to my facebook fan page, so make sure you follow it for the latest screen grabs I didn’t add here.

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